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Anyone on this World Market review clearly is seeking a new marketplace, and, that includes you. Why you do that is totally your personal choice, but “should” you use World Market? That’s something we can help with.

If you go through this World Market review, you’ll get an idea of the market in utmost detail, and it’ll cost just a few minutes of your time.

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Let’s dive deeper then? But hey, first, an overview?

World Market at a glance

We’ll definitely answer the questions above, but, first let’s form an idea?

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Enough wait, we get you. Let’s get straight to the point.

Does World Market require registrations?

Yes, World Market, alike most other darknet markets, is a registration-only darknet market.

The registration form is pretty short and privacy-respecting though.

A user only needs to enter an username, a password, and a 6-digit PIN code. Done! There’s no wait-period, verification mail or anything of the like. The account is activated instantly, pure and simple.

After the account is registered, a mnemonic code is displayed. It’s shown “one time only”. It’d do you good if you save the mnemonic at a very safe place, you’ll need it.

And, it may not make a lot of difference, but, World Market’s captcha system is one of the easiest and least-frustrating captcha verifications we’ve seen.

What can you buy on World Market?

World Market currently has 543 listings if we’ve to be exact. The number was much lower just a day ago, this indicates constant growth.

Products are currently available in the following categories:

Each product has its own sub-categories. Clicking on “drugs” brings up a list which shows options such as Benzos, Steroids, Cannabis, Stimulants etc.

World Market Products

Similarly, “Fraud” will get you CVV, dumps, cards, SSN/DOB etc. You can buy botnets, malware, exploits etc. from the “Digital Goods” category. Basically anything which can be delivered “digitally” is found in this section.

It also has a services section. This section doesn’t sell “products” directly. Rather, it offers services which someone else carries out for the buyer, for a price. E.g. hacking, carding, creating fake documents etc.

The number of products in each sub-category too is displayed on this drop-down menu.

Is using World Market hard?

It’s not. In fact, the market uses one of the most traditional interfaces on the planet when it comes to darknet markets.

There’s a bar on top with important links. There’s a left-sidebar with product-categories, profile stats, search panel and currency conversion rates, and the center screen displays both products and vendors.

World Market 2021

Even if you’ve never used a market before, World Market has made itself very easy to work with. You login, select a product-category, find your product, and make a payment. It truly couldn’t be any simpler.

Even the product-pages tell you the total number of sales, shipping source and destination, vendor level, payment modes at a glance. This makes it easy to pick the product most suited for a buyer’s preferences.

What can’t you buy on World Market?

People often consider darkweb markets to be for “anything and everything”. That’s not true. These marketplaces too have a few restrictions no matter how few those are.

For starters, World Market doesn’t allow the buying/selling of prostitution. Other more severe restrictions are for trade of items related to weapons, or killing services.

And, the last restriction is for items related to underage porn. In our opinion, these restrictions are totally required and keep buyers from crossing a few lines.

What is the World Market autoshop?

Once you login to the market, you’d see an “autoshop” option on the left-sidebar. Most of you probably already got an idea. If you didn’t, well, it’s an “automated shop”.

By automated, we mean your purchases are finalized and dispatched instantly. No vendor needs to approve/ship your products.

Because of the nature of the shop, only cards and bank accounts can be bought on the autoshop. Both the products offer a 1-hour verification period. You don’t even need to spend money on a checker. There’s a free checker in-built on the market.

It checks and decides the status of the card automatically. In case a card is dead, it automatically initiates a refund.

What are the payment policies on World Market?

By payment policies, we mean everything that you need to know about making a payment on World Market.

This includes the accepted Cryptocurrencies, transaction modes, fees, and everything in-between.

So, the market is a Bitcoin-only market. To our surprise, the Bitcoin price on the market is exactly what or any other exchange gives us. Meaning, the market isn’t trying to make money off deposits.

Also, the deposits are 100% free. They’re generally confirmed in around 20-30minutes.

What may itch on this World Market review is the lack of a wallet-less transaction mode. All deposits must be made in advance. Products can only be paid using the marketplace wallet and no direct deposits using third-party sources is allowed.

To anonymize withdrawals, the market has paired up with Mixo. It’s a third-party Bitcoin mixer. The withdrawals (excluding any mixing/tumbling fee) are priced at 0.5%/withdrawal.

If you go through any of our other darknet market reviews, you’d see how this is a cheaper and fair price compared to most other darknet markets.

Does World Market store logs?

No, it doesn’t. If it did, you wouldn’t be reading this World Market review because we do not review markets which keep logs.

The market stores deposit and withdrawal logs for up to 7 days. This is done in order to provide support for faulty transactions. After which, these are permanently deleted.

Similarly, vendors too aren’t allowed to store any buyer data permanently.

However, from our end, we’d suggest you to always PGP-encrypt your address and other communications with a vendor. (Do note that we are against ordering illegal products off darknet markets. You can and should only order products which are legal, legally obtained, or are authentic services which do not cause any harm to any third party.)

Who can sell on World Market?

Any individual, with or without any prior vending experience can start selling on World Market. The fee for a vendor account is just $250.00. This fee once paid will not be refunded.

However, if you’re a reputed vendor on other marketplaces, you’re eligible for a free vendor account. This reputation must be proven before the vendor account is provided for free.

The vendor fee too can only be deposited via Bitcoins.

Does World Market offer Escrow?

Obviously. That’s the whole point of the market’s existence. It doesn’t sell any products on its own. Rather, it acts as an Escrow service for vendors and buyers.

There’s no additional fee for this escrow service as far as buyers are considered. Whatever fee is charged, is paid by the vendors and is included in the product-price.

Do note that Finalize-Early too is available. However, it’s only available to select vendors.

What are the security features that World Market offers?

When it comes to security features, World Market isn’t a disappointment (however, it’s not impressive either.)

The standard 2-FA via PGP is offered. On top of that, there’s the security PIN. And, remember that mnemonic code you got when registering? That too is a “security” feature, isn’t it? It can be used for recovering accounts.

Now, we sure have seen some marketplaces offer TOTPs and a login phrase. Both of which World Market seems to be missing. However, the basic security features are all there.

World Market Pros and Cons

We get it, this World Market review has dragged on a bit. Let’s wrap it up? Here’s a list of its primary pros and cons:


  • Acceptable no. of products
  • Officially partnered up with a Bitcoin tumbler.
  • Very cheap vendor fee.


  • Not wallet-less
  • A few security features need to be added.

Ensuring anonymity on World Market

World Market is completely anonymous on its own. It doesn’t store any logs and being on the Tor network, does guarantee IP-anonymity. However, not completely. There still are technical loopholes which can be exploit to backtrace your TOR route back to your original IP.

Isn’t it better to go a step further and ensure with full confidence that you’re 100% anonymous? That’s where a VPN comes to the rescue. But, which VPN should you trust?

Well, NordVPN got its “no log policy” vetted by independent, third-party agencies. Nord also offers a specialized darknet protocol called “onion over VPN”. It’s based out of Panama, a safe heaven when it comes to digital laws, isn’t it?

Tor also messes with your speed, doesn’t it? NordVPN also is arguably the fastest VPN in the industry. These are just some of the reasons we love NordVPN. (It costs less than your monthly pizza, there’s this massive 68% discount!)

Obviously, you can also go with other VPNs. Just make sure the “no log policy” is independently verified.

Conclusion- World Market review

We’ve tried to be a bit lenient throughout this piece because it’s a new marketplace. First, let’s talk of everything that still needs improvement?

A few more payment modes, more security features, and a wallet-less mode could totally amp up the marketplace.

But then, it does a lot of things right. For starters, the registration is anonymous and free. Then, it accepts vendors for a very low fee. Furthermore, it has the autoshop for instant purchases.

The Escrow and no log policy make sure trades remain secure, as well as anonymous. Overall, like everything else, it still has areas for improvement.

So, it’s not the best darknet market yet, however, holds the potential to be there someday. That’s it then folks, this is us signing off this World Market review then.