White House Market Review

White House Market is one of the newest marketplaces in the industry. What are its prime agendas, its take on products, vendors, anonymity and everything else is what we’ll talk about in this White House Market review.

It’s public knowledge that Dream Market shut down, so while there are still a few trusted marketplaces in the industry , Dream did leave that void which these new marketplaces are rushing to fill.

From the first looks, White House Market doesn’t seem to be inspired from any existing marketplaces in the industry and has its own identity.

Although because it’s just starting out, I’d urge you to give it a bit of leeway when it comes to the products and features.

Throughout this White House Market review, you’d learn all the details and the steps regarding:

Disclaimer: Article solely for educational and comparative purposes. Do not replicate/employ any of the steps/information to actually trade on the marketplace.

White House Market Overview

Here’s the marketplace in a nut-shell, all the primary features which it boasts of summarized in this list right here before you get dirty with this White House Market review:

Let’s answer some of the most basic questions about the marketplace then.

How to Register on White House Market?

Unlike some other marketplaces, White House Market doesn’t need invites. Anyone can access and register on the marketplace if they have the right URL.

It has a “Sign up now” link which can be used to get to the registration page. This is the registration form:

The marketplace is pretty anonymous and doesn’t ask for any verifications. It’s one of the shortest registration forms we’ve ever seen.

What are the Products on White House Market?

Anything you’d expect one such marketplace to sell, except Child Porn, Terrorism, Tutorials, Weapons , Killer-for-hire related products/services. It’s so liberal that it even allows the sale of Fentanyl!

The primary available products are:

  • Drugs
  • Fraud
  • Software
  • Services
  • Forgeries.

Extending Drugs reveals categories such as Cannabis, Benzos, Opioids, Stimulants, Tobacco etc.

Fraud items include Cards, Drops, Dumps, Bank logins, other personal information etc.  Software is for Exploits, security related software, Botnets and so on.

Services may include any service which is illegal, and allowed on the marketplace. Then finally “Forgeries” is for a knockoff version of everything you can imagine.

How to Find Products on WHM Market?

As a Darknet Market, any platform has to ensure that finding products is easy for its customers.  Well a user on White House Market can employ various methods to land on a desired product.

Once a user logs in, they get to find products using three different ways. The first being the left-sidebar. It has a neatly categorized list of all the primary products, and then sub-categories for each of those products.

Or, a user can use the provided search-panel to find products. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can simply key-in the keyword, choose a category and optionally also choose the country you wish to get it shipped to and from.

Or you can take a more casual route parallel to “window-shopping” in the real-world. A user may scroll down on the screen and choose a product from the displayed list.

Bottomline, it’s no harder than finding your products on clearnet e-commerce websites.

How to Place an Order on White House Market?

This section on this White House Market review deals with the  steps required to order products on White House Market. These aren’t the smoothest in my experience, but they get the job done.

In a nutshell, a user first finds the product he/she needs > checks its price > goes to the wallet  and deposits funds > comes back to the product page > orders the product.

Every product page displays the price of the product at the very bottom. A buyer would be required to note this amount down, and click on the “go to wallet” option.

Then deposit the funds in their wallet.

These funds then need to be applied to wallet once they’ve received sufficient confirmations, and then the user can use them to order products.

Note that the marketplace only accepts Monero payments for now. So do not send Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrency to the provided address.

Additionally, all other wallet functions (deposit/withdrawal) are frozen up until one transaction completely goes through.

These addresses are discarded after each use hence sending multiple payments to the same address will result in a loss.

What are the Security Features on the Marketplace?

Once a user Signs up on the marketplace ,they’re forced to enable PGP and 2-FA for their accounts.

Hence there are no additional “steps” required to secure a user account (apart from the initial PGP setup ofcourse).

The marketplace however does provide users with a PGP-signed and verifiable mirror-list on the homepage which lets them verify their URLs and ensure they aren’t on a phishing website.

Escrow too is available which ensures fair trades for both the involved parties.  There is an extensive Security Guide which explains PGP and other security precautions to users as well.

It doesn’t keep logs or sensitive information on its servers either. Moreover, all user funds are stored in a cold-wallet hence they can’t be hacked.

How to Get a Seller Account and What are the Rules?

In order to get a Seller account on White House Market, all a user has to do is login to their account and click on “Become a Seller”.

Then they simply need to click on “Become a Seller” link again on the next page to confirm their choice. The change/upgrade from a buyer to a seller account is instant.

The seller profile instantly lets a user add listings and products to the marketplace. The primary listing rules a seller needs to follow are all listed here:

As is evident, no extra fee needs to be paid for that vendor account. It’s completely free as long as a vendor pays that 5% commission on each sale.

It most certainly is. Infact it’s one of the only marketplaces which is. The currently available I2P mirrors are:

  • eeej5nynwa5pe4slg6ny66l2rck37m2rtaglair53cff56xmssaq.b32.i2p
  • q3cyf7fa6hwf5jex5e6h6jsewvloc4znovwbjolna2lp2x3kpjea.b32.i2p

Make sure you verify these mirrors on your own from the marketplace’s homepage.

How to Contact the Support Team?

The Marketplace does offer a support-team to resolve disputes and answer all other questions.

A user simply needs to select “Support” from the very top-bar and send their message in!

Obviously it’s a requirement to PGP-encrypt the message. The support is offered not only in English, but also in Spanish and French so that’s an added bonus.

Wrap Up- White House Market Review

That’s all I had in my arsenal for this White House Market review folks. So far, we talked about the marketplace’s registration, its products, security features, vending rules, payment modes and everything else. I do hope that encompasses everything that there is about the marketplace?

Obviously it doesn’t weigh much if and when compared to some more established marketplaces, but I’d say who does? Especially when they’re just starting out.

For now, it’s exactly what it should be, a new budding darknet market which isn’t perfect, but is on the right path.

Do let me know if you agree with what we think, do you agree with this White House Market review? Or you’ve got your own thought-train on the tracks? Let us know.