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I intend to make this Torrez market review extremely detailed and transparent. We’ll talk of the available products, payment modes, security, search-feature, and everything else that the marketplace is made up of.

In other words, you’ll know every little detail that there is about Torrez market by the end of this review.

Did you read stories of people buying drugs, software, viruses, fake money off the internet with complete anonymity? Well, those are just some of the products Torrez market facilitates the trade of.

In fact, some of you may even be searching for Empire Market alternatives given its recent exit-scam? Well, here’s an option.

Before starting this Torrez market review, let’s get you introduced?

Torrez Market in a Nutshell

For the absolute beginners it’s a darknet market (obviously). It’s basically an e-commerce market on the Tor network as you probably already know.

Anything and everything which is either illegal, or hard to come by is available on the marketplace.

The market today is exactly 290 days old. It boasts nearly 21,000 customers, and 382 vendors. These numbers may not be exceedingly impressive, but are sure pretty positive.

Here’s an overview of the marketplace before we start:

Torrez Market Mirrors

These are the functional Torrez market mirrors for now:

Although, it’s recommended to always verify mirrors yourself by clicking on the “PGP” link at the marketplace footer.


Torrez market is a dark web market. Most, if not all products on it are either illegal, or illegally obtained.

Also, anyone can apply to be a vendor on the market. Hence, we aren’t sure if all, or any vendor(s) on the market are legit/trustworthy.

Due to these reasons, this  Torrez market review is only to be used for “research” and “educational” purposes.

Using it to buy/sell/trade on the market may be illegal on your part. You acknowledge that doing so will 100% be your own responsibility. You wouldn’t hold us liable if you’re scammed, or land in legal trouble.

Our stance is “do not trade on any darknet market”, period. But, you sure can “learn” about them.

Security tip:

If you use NordVPN, it’ll be nearly impossible to trace you (or your actions) on Torrez (or any other dark web market). Because, NordVPN proved via an independent, third-party audit that it truly doesn’t keep logs. Moreover, it offers “onion over VPN” servers exactly for activities like these. And then, it’s Panama-based. The complete privacy package.

Available Products

Regardless of which marketplace you’re on, you’d find that the product-list is more or less identical.

Sure the actual products vary depending on the vendors. But, the product-categories largely remain the same. The same is true for this Torrez market review as well.

Here’s a graph breaking down the primary products and their stock:

Currently, it has 2245 listings in the “drugs” category. The category has product-subcategories which include Stimulants, Opiates, Cannabis, Psychedelics etc.

Fraud” is the category with the second-highest number of products (1141). It holds products such as personal information, accounts, CVV & Credit cards etc.

Tutorials and E-books” are the third most product-rich category. They offer tutorials on hacking, drugs, money etc.

Hacking, carding, hosting and other services can be ordered directly as well. Other, less product-rich categories include listings such as  “carded items”, “counterfeit items” etc.

All in all, the marketplace has 4876 listings as of today. It’s not a very impressive number but certainly is acceptable.

4 Cryptocurrencies Accepted

Payment on Torrez market isn’t a problem. Don’t like Bitcoin? You can pay with Monero, ZCash and even Litecoin.

Note that some Cryptocurrencies may not be accepted for some products depending on the vendors. They’re the ones who decide which Cryptocurrency to, or not to accept for their products.

Direct payment (Wallet-less) & Centralized-wallet payments

I personally prefer wallet-less payments. They’re closest to the clearnet payments that we make on e-commerce sites. Without advance deposits required, buyers can only pay the exact amount required for each order.

Although, Torrez also flaunts centralized wallets!

So, if you wish (yes, it’s completely optional) you can also deposit funds in advance to one of the 4 available marketplace wallets. This does increase risks of an exit-scam, but also makes things easier and faster for those who’ll be spending frequently on the marketplace.

(Do not confuse the “Ledger” option in the screenshot above with the famous Bitcoin hardware wallet. The “Ledger” here simply means “transaction history”.)

Security features

Torrez market obviously paid a lot of attention to security. The following security features are currently offered:

  • 2-FA via PGP
  • 2-FA via TOTP (time-based OTPs)
  • Mnemonic code
  • Security PIN

2-FA via PGP is the most commonly available  2-FA mode on dark web markets. You enter your public PGP key on the market, the market then asks you to decrypt a PGP-signed message using the same key on each login.

On the contrary, 2-FA via TOTP is just as rare, uncommon and exclusive for dark web markets.  You can configure other apps which will show you your OTP (always valid for 30 seconds).

The mnemonic code is a bit of a speciality here. It obviously helps recover the account and PIN. But, what’s special is that it’s offered in 5 different languages. It may not make a lot of difference, but, it’s still I’ve never seen other darkweb markets offer.

The security PIN is an additional security measure against withdrawals.

 Escrow and Multisig transactions

Escrow obviously is normal on all darknet markets. However, Torrez market also offers “mutlsig” transactions.

2 of 3 multisig transactions are what Torrez employs. You obviously get to choose when to, or not to use Multisig.

Do not that not Monero wouldn’t let you initialize multisig transactions. It’s the only Cryptocurrency which has this limitation.

Vending fee & commission

Torrez market lets users start selling for just $250.00. How does this compare to other markets? Most markets charge $500.00 or more. I’ve even seen marketplaces charge $1000.00+ for the bond.

As is traditional, the fee isn’t required if a vendor can prove his repute and trust on other marketplaces . Torrez requires 200 sales on other marketplace(s) for the bond to be waived.

Additionally, Torrez market has a fixed 4%-5% commission on each sale. Most other established darknet markets have a rank/sale-based commission, which decreases with more sales. Torrez seems to disagree.


The market seems to have “the” most filter-rich search functionality  I’ve seen till date. I’d not say much, here’s a glimpse of all the available filters:

The first filter is a “sort by” filter. It lets you sort your search results based on price (low to high or vice-versa) and vendor rank (low to high and vice-versa).

Then, the “product-type” filter lets you select from physical/digital or “auto-delivery” goods. The shipping filters let you choose a source and destination for the products.

The “payment” filter not only lets you choose a Cryptocurrency, but also the “mode”. Meaning, you can choose between multisig and standard escrow for your products.

The “vendors” filter lets you select “verified only” vendors if that’s what you want. The pricing filters are for a minimum-maximum price-range.

What’s unique is, it’s the only darkweb market which seems to offer a “min/max shipping day” filter. So, you can choose a deadline for your products’ delivery time.

The F.E (finalize-early) and category filters are the last. All in all, there truly isn’t any other dark web market with better filters than Torrez.


Torrez market claims to be a “community-driven” marketplace. Meaning, most of its features are implemented (or removed) based on “votes”.

The optional, centralized-wallet which was just recently implemented is a result of one such voting session.

So, while it’s not a “feature”, it certainly advocates and promotes a democratic and desirable mindset.

Final Words – Torrez Market Review

Torrez market is nearly 300 days old today. Considering that, its product-stock clearly isn’t impressive. I’ve seen less-recent marketplaces with double the products.

But then, those other markets mostly do not support multisig transactions, 4 Cryptocurrencies, or wallet-less modes.

Considering all that, we probably can grant Torrez market a bit of leeway. Even from a vendor’s point of view, $250.00 for a vendor-bond is pretty cheap, isn’t it?

I’d rate it a 4/5 for the purposes of this Torrez market review .Come back in a month or so to see if we increase/decrease the rating, and if the market makes any mentionable changes.