Tor Chat Room Links | Deep Web Chat Room Links | Chat Room Onion Links

Nearly 20 Tor chat room links is what we’ve compiled throughout this list.

These are the most anonymous, private, censor-free dark web chat links out there.

Contrary to popular belief, Tor chat room links aren’t used only for illegal purposes.

In fact, every single one of these .onion 2020 chat rooms listed below is completely legal.

They’re where like-minded individuals go to discuss everything they wish to, without any restraints whatsoever.

Some common topics include Politics, or even direct hatred for certain leaders, thoughts on religion, conspiracy theories etc.

Legal dark web chat rooms often list their rules on the homepage.

This is what can be used to ascertain the legalities of these .onion chat links.

Even though most of these deep web Tor chat room links require registration, it’s generally free, fast and anonymous.

And while there’s less chance of you being scammed (because these are not marketplaces), scammers still exist.

Hence, our next section.

How to Secure Yourselves on Deep Web Tor Chat Room Links

Not just Tor chat rooms, you should follow these security precautions even when you’re simply browsing the Darknet:

  • Download a VPN. You can use NordVPN. It’s the best, fastest, the most secure and one of the cheapest (Only $3.49).
  • Launch your VPN. (Do not proceed to the next step without launching a VPN and connecting to a secure server.)
  • Download Tor browser bundle. If you already have Tor, update it to the latest version.
  • Increase Tor’s security to the “safest” level.
  • Seal-off/mask your mic and camera (if any).
  • Close all other running applications. Make sure only the VPN and TOR is running.
  • Never click on any “links” on these chat rooms. They’re mostly keyloggers, viruses or phishing links.
  • Never buy/sell or make payments to any individual on any of these Tor chat rooms.

If you’ve followed steps 1 to 6; and will follow 7 and 8 when you’re on these Tor chat room links, you’re all set.


Tor chat rooms are completely legal.

You aren’t in any legal trouble for browsing them, or even actively participating in chats.

We’ve very cautiously eliminated any and all illegal Tor chat links. Such as those promoting or even allowing underage porn.

However, you never know what the other person/people on these .onion chat rooms may start offering or posting.

Know that, posting, sharing, or even viewing (consciously) any link which promotes illegal/underage porn is a crime.

Never do so.

Any and all of your actions, including all the clicks, and messages you send are your sole responsibility.

We at no times bear any responsibility over your, or any other user’s dark web chat room activities.

This article should only be used for fun, learning, discussing, or having a healthy, conversation.

Tor chat room links 2020

Every single one of these links Tor chat are live and working as of May 2020.

Do follow the security precautions, and disclaimer before accessing any of these links.

r2j4xiyckibnyd45.onionTor chat room linkBoychat – Boychat is a deep web tor chat room link which is made for those who love boys. Especially, if you’re a boy and love another boy, or boys in general. Fitting for the deep web, considering how the world is still not completely liberal towards the LGBTQ. Has a “Treehouse” section which is primarily used for one-liners and real-time chat. No illegal content allowed. Registration mandatory. Chat-interface like a form and not just a keyword-box.

wbi67emmdx6i6rcr6nnk3hco3nrvdc2juxrbvomvt6nze5afjz6pgtad.onionDark web legal chat linkMadIRC – It’s claimed to be a hand-crafted IRC server. Completely legal. Doesn’t even allow illegal words to be typed. Primarily encourages talks about computers, privacy, politics and ideas. Basic, instant and mostly auto-filled registration required. Chat-boxes available, simply type your message and hit enter to chat. Additional options allow you to “ignore” specific users, or direct message them. Pretty active, nearly 25-30 users online 24X7.

doggyfipznipbaia.onionEncrypted private and group chatCryptodog – Allows private chats with your partners. Rooms/lobbies can be created, and shared with others who can then join the room simply by entering the name of the room. Completely encrypted chat. The room “lobby” is where group chats happen. Basic registration (nickname only) required. I didn’t see any illegal chat/content posted. Sexual? Yes. controversial? Totally. But not illegal. 10 or so users online at all times. Encrypted P2P file-sharing allowed.

jitjatxmemcaaadp.onionAnonymous Tor chat linkJitJat – JitJat’s tagline says “Anonymous instant messaging” which is exactly what it offers .Registration is mandatory, instant and free. No logs stored. Messages do have a 2-week retention period and are deleted permanently after. Account-based chats. No group chats available. Enter the username of the user you wish to chat with, and send messages directly. “Friends” can be added for finding them easily. No rules available as such.

re3r5nfdl2liq3ossnle7yslll2mw5qh3patg2uceaj427wgbfa52zqd.onion.onion social networkWoWonder – It’s not exactly a Tor chat room link, rather a social network. However, direct, P2P chat is one of its primary features. Registration is mandatory. Once registered, you can search for any user, and initiate a chat directly. Facebook-like chat interface. People can be followed/befriended or blocked. Other social-media features available such as Profile photo, status updates, notifications etc. available.

tetatdtrjtpa665b.onion.onion chat room linkChat with Strangers – This Tor chat room which allows chatting with strangers, as well as P2P chats with friends. Extremely active as well. 100+ users can generally be found online at any given moment. No group chats allowed. The site is available in 4 language, Russian, Dutch, Spanish and English. No registration required. The site interface is a bit slow though.

notbumpz34bgbz4yfdigxvd6vzwtxc3zpt5imukgl6bvip2nikdmdaad.onionTor chat room linkAbleonion – One of my favourite Tor anonymous chat rooms. Allows Tor chat with strangers, or group chats. No registration required, simply set a username and you’re set. The command “/ignore” can be used to mute users. No illegal content/chats allowed. In my experience, the users are extremely friendly as well. Primarily a free speech Tor chat room. 30-50 users online on average.

pfpmd7dd5ijt4add2sfi4djsaij4u3ebvnwvyvuj6aeipe2f5llptkid.onionDark web chat room linkpfpmd Chat – Arguably the most straight-forward of these Tor chat room links. Visit the site, and start typing your messages. No registration, forms to filled. Most users seem to be Russian, however I did find English speakers as well. Not extremely active. No illegal content found so far. Third-party images allowed, however can be disabled at will. Also has a forum-like chan, each thread can be replied to individually.

ruv6gkdi2p42juij.onionTor chat linkRestroshare Chat Server Tor – Retroshare is an app which creates encrypted and decentralized chat servers. It’s completely open-source, and supports freedom of speech and a censor-free world. Can even be used for mails, file-sharing, channels, forums, all decentralized and completely anonymous. Setup requires some technical skills. The Retroshare certificate needs to be generated, pasted and shared with others for communication, but worth it.

rp5ttf5uvuz4s3zpbg3z7zwsa22ku2fy6t7nfdn6mi3wq2ehbwv4s3qd.onionAnonymous Dark web chat roomOnion Link – The official tagline says – No registration required, so that’s settled. Simply choose an username, click on a checkbox saying “I agree to not do anything stupid” and you’re in. No individual, P2P chats allowed. Only 1 lobby available, a group chat, every member uses the same lobby to chat on this Tor chat server. Additional rooms can be manually created.

6vqvjpv7yi52jltfqzwpqwpmzpcp3mvggx2dadkv3cbixinxxffdpbyd.onionInvite-only dark web chatDN Chat – It’s the only link one of this Tor chat room links which “can’t” be entered. The mystery is what makes it all the more special. It’s “for members only”. And, I’ve no idea how to become a member. No registration option available. It’s available in over 10 different languages. DN probably stands for “Dark Net”, although I’m not sure.

coronanmefrl4q2itzzx6m4wa4nnslxwhiqms4bpxvttx5pyvzwt32yd.onionAnonymous .onion chat room linkNerve Centre – Another one of the simpler .onion chat rooms without a lot of fuss. Simply land on the site, and start chatting. No registration required. Supports HTML tags so you can make animations happen and text change colour if you’re into those things. Not very active. Username is set at “Anonymous” by default, but can be changed to anything else. Quite a few promotional posts (legal) were spammed.

http://ejaculatelqqkdhpjvjzhjpuldfuup2q37cfgmf6eknikq5xkliep4yd.onion/– Tor Chat- Semen Alert– Despite the sexual name, the chatbox is actually filled with random comments, from random people who’re completely anonymous. “Officially” it’s supposed to be a way of recording/sharing with the world the time of your last ejaculation. It’s 100% free, anonymous and offers advanced features such as replying to others, tagging people or sending multi-line chats.

http://blackhost5xlrhev.onion/chat/– Anonymous chat- Black Host– It’s a very advanced Tor darknet chat website. You can choose any username (and set a password for accessing your chats later). A preferred color can be selected for your chats as well. Messages can be sent to individual users, or to the public chatroom. Refresh rate, timestamps, background color and other settings too available. Individual users can be blocked as well.

http://deu35fwnhn4ormal.onion/- Tor Chat- German Chat– Despite the name being “German”, it actually can be used in a dozen other languages, including English. The only rule is it doesn’t allow discussions related to illegal porn. No accounts mandatory even though a username and a password have to be set, they’re “temporary”. Permanent registration available and optional. People can be blocked, individual replies allowed.

6zwctlqtpilbkl47.onion – Tor live chat room link – Piratenpartij – The site’s text is in Russian, so I can’t understand much of it. The interface however (settings/ options etc.) are in English. The homepage has auto-filled username and a nickname, simply clicking on “Start” takes us to the Tor chat room. 20-40 users generally online on an average. A pretty simple interface. Individual users can directly be contacted, or ignored. If you’re an English-speaker, you may not get a lot of response.

hiddendsw3qqh2if.onionTor chat room linkHidden Chat – The interface resembles that of DN Chat, however, fortunately, no invites are required in this case. Registration required. It’s fast and anonymous. Simply enter a nickname, a password and you’re all set. Probably one of the most active and popular Tor chat room links. Averages around 500 active users at all times. Completely legal. No pornography of any kind allowed, even “respecting” other users is a requirement. Colour-coded usernames for easy recognition.

34vnln24rlakgbk6gpityvljieayyw7q4bhdbbgs6zp2v5nbh345zgad.onionDark web chat roomCGI IRC – CGI IRC doesn’t require any registration whatsoever. Simply asks for a nickname, or you can click “continue” and use its auto-suggested username. Not very active, 10 or so active users at a time. No rule-list found, yet, nothing of illegal nature seems to be available (so far). Basic interface, no personal messages or mutes allowed. Does have multiple channels though.

zoolakku5picz4pnyfnmmxsgesakgsiszhhj2t537vkx4u5v56rf4ayd.onionAnimal sex chat roomZooland Chat – Probably the most deep web chat room ever. Is made explicitly for Zoophilia. No non-animal-sex content allowed, unless you’re posting nudity or masturbation. Exactly what you’d expect from a Darkweb chat room. Doesn’t allow snuff and hardcore though, making it pretty legal. Basic registration mandatory. Requires a 20-second wait-period after registration. Is pretty active as well, I’ve always found over 50 online members at any given moment on the site.

fncuwbiisyh6ak3i.onion/blog/keybasechatEncrypted Tor chat software – KeyBase has launched their own end-to-end encrypted chat client. A very modern, sleek and advance interface is what’s offered. In many ways it’s claimed to be better than Whatsapp. The software needs to be downloaded, but, Keybase is pretty reputed. And, the software is open-source as well.

infantilefb6ovh4.onionDeep web chat roomInfantile – Despite the name, no this dark web chat room doesn’t support illegal chats or content. The admin makes it clear that he had no idea that the word “infantile” has any illegal implications. It’s not your traditional chat room. Rather, this website can be used to create and delete anonymous XMPP and Jabber accounts. Gajim or Chatsecure are two of the apps the accounts can be used to chat on.

chatobbpwe37uhar.onionDeep web chat linkOnion Community – A completely legal .onion chat room link. Requires registration (even asks for real-name, best not to disclose it). Has “lounges” and “channels” you can connect to. Much like Telegram channels. The “connect” button currently seems to be having some problems. Freezes once clicked.

http://comment2dp3uvzxb3rhvjfwrojc5gimyynffir6va6eyfdf5mdo47dyd.onion- Tor chat room Semen Alert – A weird chatroom, seems to keep record or ejaculations. Can be used to chat with strangers on the darknet with complete anonymity. Also supports replies and hashtags. It’s not exactly real-time, more like “comments” which appear in a public chatbox. Pretty active.

http://tetatl6umgbmtv27.onion/- Darknet chat – Chat with strangers – Anonymous chat site on the Tor network, can be used to chat with random strangers or even friends. An anonymous direct link generated for chatting with friends. On average, at least 100 users online at any given time. Doesn’t require registrations. Does require JavaScript to function properly.

http://blkhatjxlrvc5aevqzz5t6kxldayog6jlx5h7glnu44euzongl4fh5ad.onion/Darkweb chatroom – Black Hat Chat – An anonymous chatroom with slightly more advanced UI. Has option to “ignore” users, set refresh rate, font colour, background colour and other advanced settings. Anonymous nicknames can be picked, passwords can be set for future logins. Doesn’t allow illegal porn/spam or any other illegal content. Replies can be public, or for specific individuals. Multi-line chat allowed.

Final Words on Tor Chat Room Links

Despite our best efforts, it’s not possible to monitor, track, report and eliminate all illegal users/conversations from these chat rooms.

So, we’d urge you to not involve yourself in anything illegal, no matter how minor.

Futhuremore, if you do see a link which encourages, promotes, or even allows illegal/underage porn, send us an email at We will remove the Tor chat room links ASAP.