Seldom do I cross paths with a mixer which ticks every single box on the “Best Bitcoin Tumblers” checklist. Smartmixer is totally one of those mixers and is the subject of this Smartmixer review.

Being honest, I believe Smartmixer is probably the most feature-rich Crypto tumbler I’ve used, ever! I’ll tell you why- absolute control. Every inch of the mix can be customized according to your budget and needs. And it even has multiple coin-pools. To top it all up, it allows mixing BTCH as well as LTC in addition to BTC!

Although note that do not let this Smartmixer review “influence” you. Just go through the features, and only if you feel the mixer suits your needs, budget and requirements should you go with it.

Here’s everything I’ll be covering throughout this Smartmixer review:

Smartmixer overview

Here’s the mixer in a nutshell before getting deeper into this Smartmixer review:

Does Smartmixer require registrations and does it keep logs?

No, Smartmixer alike most other best Bitcoin tumblers doesn’t require you to register. You can simply land on the website, deposit your coins, and collect your output.

As for logs absolutely none are kept. That would defeat the entire purpose of mixing your cryptocurrencies, wouldn’t it? All transaction information, including incoming and outgoing addresses is automatically deleted 48 hours after a successful transaction.

Comparatively, this is much sooner than the standard 7-day retention policy most other best Bitcoin mixers have. But that’s not all. You can delete the logs manually any time you wish as well.

And there are no IP logs considering how the mixer offers a Tor version. The IP isn’t logged even on the clearnet version either.

Is Smartmixer interface easy?

One of the easiest and the most colourful. It also brought in a couple new indicators to help new users attain adequate anonymity.

Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like:

The first thing you’d notice is the colours, and then the sliders. Every aspect of a mix is controlled using sliders. This includes fee, distribution, and time-delays.

Each colour corresponds to an output address specified by you. All you need to do to adjust an aspect of the mix is to increase/decrease that address’ colour-share on the slider-scale.

This gif should explain things better:

There also is a “Mixing strength meter”. This one’s unique. Even if you’re totally new to crypto-mixing, this meter tells you how anonymous your mix overall is. You can adjust the aspects of the mix to increase the anonymity-strength if you wish to. Or, simply click on the “improve” button at the bottom-right. It auto-adjusts the parameters for maximum anonymity!

All in all, the interface is very user-friendly.

What are the Smartmixer coin pools?

As the name may hint, it’s the pools from which your clean outputs are sourced. Now while even the best Bitcoin mixers out there only use one coin pool, i.e. the pool comprising of funds from other users, Smartmixer instead uses 3 different pools.

So the mixer uses three pools:

  • Standard pool.
  • Smart pool
  • Stealth pool.

The Standard pool model is what most other mixers use. It’s made up of coins sent by other users. So for your unclean coins, you receive clean coins which were owned by someone else, not linked to you or your coins.

The “Smart pool” is the better, more anonymous coin-pool. It consists of coins from other users, but also coins from the company’s private reserves and from its investors.

If you need maximum anonymity, you can opt for the third pool, the Stealth Pool. This comprises of no coins from any other users. All the funds you’ll receive are from Smartmixer’s own reserves and from its investors.

How much fees does Smartmixer charge?

Everyone loves a low fee, but what I love more is the manual-control over said fee. Fortunately, Smartmixer does offer us the choice to set the fee manually.

The lowest possible fee is 1% while the highest being 5%. Comparatively, the lowest fee is higher than most other best Bitcoin mixers in the industry.

The fee can be set using the slider on the mixing-page just like you set anything else.

The amount of fee you select decides which pool you get the clean coins from, or vice-versa. In other words, if you select a better pool, you’d get cleaner and better coins and the fee would be higher. Or if you select a low fee, you’ll be in the lower-pool bracket.

Here’s the fee breakdown according to its pools:

  • 1%-2%: Standard pool.
  • 2%-4%: Smart pool.
  • 4%-5%: Stealth pool.

How many additional addresses does Smartmixer support?

Additional addresses are one of the easiest ways to mask your crypto transactions, aren’t they? Why send your clean coins to just 1 address, when you can send them to as many as 8 with Smartmixer! Well yes, that’s the total number of output addresses supported by the mixer.

8 isn’t the highest number of addresses we’ve seen, no. There sure are other Bitcoin mixers which offer as many as 10 output addresses. But then again, majority of the mixers only offer 5. Compared to that, I’d say 8 is a pretty good number.

What are the time-delay options with Smartmixer?

While tracing and tracking 8 individual Bitcoin addresses is pretty painful already, if the payout to each address is delayed at different intervals, it sure would be a demotivation for your trackers and spies.  That’s what this next section on this Smartmixer review is about.

Smartmixer doesn’t just offer time-delays, but offers immense control over the delays. For starters, you can control the exact delay for every single address. So you do not choose just one “starting” delay or one final delay within which all your payouts are completed.

Rather, you choose how many hours and even minutes later each specific address receives the payout.

The minimum time-delay possible is 0 hours and 0 minutes, which essentially means no delay and instant payouts. The maximum possible delay with Smartmixer is 72 hours.

What are the fund-distribution options with Smartmixer?

Again, the amount of user-control offered to us is what appealed to me. While quite a few mixers offer “random” delays, Smartmixer doesn’t.

Just like the fee or the time-delay, you get to manually specify the exact amount of funds for each address. The lowest possible share is 1% while the maximum obviously 100%.

Does Smartmixer provide a letter of guarantee?

In case you aren’t aware, the Letter of Guarantee is a kind of anti-scam measure. The mixers makes it mandatory to download and verify the later before transactions. (Although sure you can choose to skip it and risk losing your coins).

It’s also required to be uploaded when contacting support.

What is the smallest/largest amount I can mix with Smartmixer?

I’ve been with quite a few of the best Bitcoin mixers, but none could offer a maximum mix limit as massive as Smartmixer! It allows mixing up to 3823.19 BTC as of writing this Smartmixer review.

Although note that  no verification has been provided that the mixer does really own as much fund.

As for the smallest possible amount, it’s 0.001 BTC. This makes it a pretty good bet to test the waters.

If you mix Litecoin, the minimum requirement is 0.01 LTC. And for Bitcoin Cash its 0.01BTCH.

What is the “SmartMixer code”?

It’s a code assigned to each mixing transaction. Because there are no registrations involved, and no logs are kept it’s the only way to associate a mix with a user, without actually identifying the person.

It’s used to tell the mixer that you’ve previously used the mixer. Hence, you own the code. When it’s entered during a mix, it shows the mixer your last mixing transaction. Hence, the mixer doesn’t send you your own unclean coins from the previous transaction and rather you get clean coins, completely unrelated to you everytime.

This code also tells the mixer that you’re a returning customer. This eventually enables you for a lower fee.

Wrap up- Smartmixer Review

So is Smartmixer the best Bitcoin mixer out there? Maybe not, I don’t believe in ultimate supremacy. But, there aren’t a lot of hurdles it didn’t jump over now, are there?

Sure the fee is more expensive, but considering the features I’d say it’s acceptable. And then it allows mixing Bitcoin cash as well as Litecoin. That surely gives it an edge over its competitors.

The mixing pools are the most unique and anonymity-adding features. The user-control couldn’t be any better. All in all, I’d say Smartmixer totally could be one of the best Bitcoin mixer without doubt.

But hey, you needn’t agree. Why don’t you let us know what you think of this review and the mixer’s features?