Sinbad Bitcoin Mixer Review

This is a Sinbad mixer review. If you’re in the market for a Bitcoin mixer that mixes your coins and makes them anonymous, this piece may be worth your while.

The mixer, like all other mixers, claims to be the best in the industry. Why should you believe the claims? You shouldn’t.

Hence, I encourage you to go through this Sinbad review and then make up your mind. Do note that I’ve been brutally honest throughout this piece. Don’t believe me? If you scroll to the bottom there’s a section dedicated just for what the platform is missing!

Even if this is your first time with a mixer, I’ve included a step-by-step guide (with screenshots) at the bottom of this piece.

Let’s begin. This Sinbad mixer review is my honest opinion about the mixer and here’s how it goes.

Sinbad mixer at a glance

There are things I love about the mixer, and there are things that I’d like to see included. So, here’s an overview of what you’re getting and missing with the mixer:

What you get:

  • No registration/signup
  • 8 output addresses
  • 0.5% minimum fee. Manually adjustable fee.
  • You set the time delays for every single address.
  • You also set the fund distribution for every single address.

What you don’t get:

  • Multiple deposit addresses*.

*More details on this at the bottom of this Sinbad mixer review.

For now, let’s get you a closer look at Sinbad?

8 output addresses

Every unclean deposit at Sinbad can be cleaned and sent out to 8 different addresses. You can simply add all the addresses you need and the mixer breaks your output into the no. of addresses you set.

This results in you receiving a very different and lower amount in every single address than what you deposited. This is primarily because the total is now broken down + there’s the “fee” that Sinbad will deduct for the transaction.

100% controlled time delays & fund-allocation

Let’s first define what these are?

“Time delays”- These are delays you set between your initial deposit and you receiving the coins in your output address. This is you telling the mixer to wait X no. of hours before you get your funds.

Fund-allocation” – This is basically just the amount/percent of funds you send to each of your output addresses.

The “100%” I put in the heading has special value. It means you truly can control these aspects for “each of your addresses”. This isn’t common. Most mixers do not offer this level of control but Sinbad does.

So, I’d recommend setting a high (longer) delay at least for your first output. You can then set the other delays close to each other, obviously, longer is still better (no pun intended).

Similarly, I’d recommend “randomizing” your funds for each address as much as you possibly can.  Meaning, if you’ve got 5 addresses, it’s best to set 10%/20%/40%/5%/25% for the addresses instead of 10% x 5 addresses.

Once you set your delays and distribution, what you have is pretty epic! You get funds in multiple different addresses, very random amounts, sent at random times. For any spying party, it would be next to impossible to prove this is linked to your original deposit.


I’m certain you didn’t expect Sinbad to be free. It’s not.

So, it demands what most other mixers in the industry ask for mixing your coins. 0.5% of your total mixing amount. I personally think that’s fair, don’t you?

Obviously, you get the option to pay higher if you want to. This helps break the 0.5% fee-pattern that emerges from the mixer. It also helps you receive your coins faster (higher the fee, faster your payout).

For each extra address (1+) you pay an additional 0.0001 BTC fee. This too is expected and is at par with industry standards.

Mixing code & LoG

I’m a big fan of definitions, so let’s do those again?

Mixing code”- It’s a code you get during each mix. This code is assigned to your specific coins that you deposit. You’re supposed to enter this code the next time you mix your coins on Sinbad. This will tell Sinbad that you’ve previously used the platform. It will also help them identify the coins you previously sent and it’ll ensure you don’t those same coins this time.

LoG- Letter of Guarantee. This too is provided for every single mix. It’s a PGP-signed letter that helps you prove your deposit if you ever need to. It’s still 100% anonymous and helps you retain accountability.

Sinbad offers both of these features which isn’t a “wow” feature yet something that I most definitely want in any crypto mixer.

How to use Sinbad?

Using Sinbad doesn’t need you to be a rocket-scientist.

Everything you need to do can be done on a single page. It requires less than 5 clicks in total and absolutely no complex steps.

So, here’s how to mix your Bitcoins using Sinbad:

Step 1-> Launch Sinbad using either Tor browser or a clearnet browser.

Step 2-> Enter the Bitcoin address where you’d like to receive your clean funds. You can also click on the “add address” button to add more than one address.

Step 3-> (optional: This step is only shown if you’ve added more than one addresses. If you’ve only set 1 output address, just skip to Step 5).

Click on the blue tab to set your time-delay. It can be anything between 0-24 hours.

Step 4: (This step too is only required if you’ve 1+ addresses. For single addresses, simply skip to the next step).

Now you need to add your “fund distribution”.

I’d recommend you zoom out your browser so you can see your addresses + the distribution slider simultaneously.  This helps you adjust the distribution better as it’ll show you the % of funds you’re sending to each address.

Step 5: Finally, all you need to do is set your fee. This too is optional. If you do not set/change your fee, this is set to the default 0.5%.

Step 6: Done. Simply click the “mix coins” button at the bottom. You’ll be taken to the deposit page. This is where you’ll get the address where you’re supposed to send your funds in. Just make your deposit to the displayed address and wait. You’d receive your coins depending on the delays and fee you selected.

Minimum deposit: 0.001BTC.

Optional important steps: These steps are completely optional but I highly recommend you follow them.

On the deposit page, you’d see a “download” button.  Download this. It only needs a single click. This would let you download the “Letter of Guarantee” so you can claim ownership of your coins lest a dispute arise.

Similarly, if you scroll down on the same page, you’d see a “mixing code”. Copy this as well.

This will let you avail the benefits we discussed earlier.

The missing link – Multiple deposit addresses

The single feature that Sinbad seems to be missing is “multi-deposit addresses”. It’s an extremely rare feature anyway and most mixers I’ve been with do not offer it. So, let me be fair and say that it isn’t a deal-breaker in any way.

However, I’ve used at least 2 mixers which did offer multiple deposits. Now, I mention this only because I want this Sinbad review to be fair, honest and unbiased.

Multi-deposit addresses are exactly like multiple output addresses that Sinbad is offering. However, instead of “outputs”, these are used for “deposits”.

Meaning, this feature, if available, would’ve let you send your unclean funds in multiple installments, to multiple addresses. That obviously adds this extra layer or privacy to your transaction.

However, it does rake up the fee so it’s not something I cry over anyway.

Sinbad mixer review – final opinion

I’d rate the mixer a 4/5 for the purposes of this Sinbad mixer review. The reasons are pretty clear.

It offers everything that I want, except one single feature. While the missing feature still isn’t a deal-breaker, a 5/5 rating looks more like a promotion anyway, doesn’t it?

The features it does offer are outright impressive. The fee is very affordable and the minimum deposit limit caters to everyone’s needs. The interface I’m sure couldn’t be any easier.

It clearly isn’t the best mixer “yet”, and that’s only because of its age. As far as features go, I doubt it missed a lot of marks there.

So, that’d be all for this Sinbad review folks. Go clean your coins.