Samsara Darkweb Market Review

It’s impossible for anyone who has ever seen Dream Market to ignore the resembles between Dream and Samsara Market. It may lead to many misconceptions and doubts, those are what we aim to clear throughout this Samsara Market review.

We’d be approaching this  review from a user’s perspective, step-by-step. Acting as completely new users ourselves, and reviewing each aspect of the marketplace’s as we progress from the registration to checkout.

Here’s how this Samsara Market Review would progress from top to bottom:

Note that we’ve never used Samsara Market (or any other Darknet Market) to actually “trade” in illegal goods. We only scribble these reviews down “as is” (based on whatever is presented to us on the websites). It’s illegal to trade on Darknet Markets and we do not support/promote or encourage it in any way.

Samsara Market in a Nutshell

The primary features or requirements on the marketplace have all been enlisted here for your convenience:

  • Onion Link: 2skidbptsjf6gwul.onion
  • Number of Products: 35244
  • Vendors: Accepted for 0.1 BTC.
  • Registration: Required.
  • Not Wallet-less.
  • Payment Modes: Bitcoin only.
  • Escrow: Yes
  • 2-FA: Yes

Let’s get started on the marketplace from the first required step to the last.


The first step to get anything done on Samsara Market is to get registered. It’s not one of those “no-registration required” marketplaces. The registration form is short, the process instant and free.

The required data is pretty basic, such as a username, password, and a withdrawal pin.

Compared to almost any other marketplace, it’s no different, neither is it longer nor privacy-intruding.

Activating Security Features

The second step once a user registers on a Darknet Market is to strengthen the account’s security. So basically this section will help you understand the kind of security measures provided by the platform.

Remember the “Withdrawal PIN” we set during registrations? That’s one of the first, auto-activated security measures. It’s like your ATM PIN, and is used to control most finance-related activities on the marketplace. For e.g. Withdrawing funds.

Apart from that, a user can set 2-Factor authentication for his/her profile. Obviously it requires basic knowledge of PGP but if you’ve that this is one of the most secure methods to secure a Darknet Market account.

Finally, there’s the automated Inbox Encryption. Once enabled, it auto-encrypts a user’s messages  on the platform using PGP. While not as secure as independent Encryption, it’s still something better than nothing here.

Another basic yet useful security feature is its “Last Login information” which is displayed on a user’s dashboard as soon as they login.

Enabling all of these options will get a user the maximum level of protection possible on the marketplace.

This displays the Date of a user’s last login, as well as the amount of time which has passed since the login. So if you haven’t logged in for 10 hours, and you see the notification saying your last login was couple hours earlier it’s a red-flag.

It simply helps users identify unauthorized access and upgrade/change the security protocols for their account.

Once this is done, we can move on to the next level of using Samsara Market, i.e. Searching for products.

The Products

This Samsara Market review section deals with the available products, and the process required to search for the right products.

A total of 35244 products have been listed so far in the following categories :

  • Digital Goods
  • Drugs
  • Paraphernalia
  • And Services.

The rather short-looking list is actually a hidden treasure. Clicking on any of the above-listed category reveals a long list of sub-categories. For e.g. “Digital Goods” offers sub-categories which include products related to Hacking, Security, Software, Fraud, Erotica, E-books etc.

Similarly Drugs can be expanded to reveal Benzos, Opioids, Stimulants and so on. A number of services related to fake documents, money (carding, cashing out funds etc.) can be found on the marketplace as well.

The user can start with simply clicking on a Product-category from the left-sidebar. Or  if you’re not window-shopping using the left-sidebar, you can employ the search-functionality available on the marketplace to find more specific products.

The search-functionality is filter-rich, and would let you filter the minimum-maximum price-range you’re comfortable with, the source as well as destination for the product, Escrow/No Escrow, and even specific vendors.

Note that, it’s arguably the only Marketplace in the industry selling “Fentanyl”, moreover it also allows the sale of self-defence weapons which too is unique and rare, even for Darknet Markets.

In a nutshell, finding products on Samsara Market is no rocket-science. But simply finding your product isn’t enough, you also need to verify a seller’s legitimacy before making the payment, don’t you?

Verifying Seller Legitimacy>

Generally, marketplaces which offer vendor-transparency have a higher rate of success as compared to those which don’t. Vendor-transparency is simply the amount of data a marketplace shows about each vendor.

The simplest way to verify a vendor’s legitimacy on Samsara Market is to check the number of sales/transaction, and the overall ratings of the vendor (shown next to their name on a product listing).

For more detailed insights, you can click on the vendor’s username. It would take you to their Profile and reveal the following information:

  • Total Transactions.
  • Ratings
  • Date of Joining.
  • Number of likes and dislikes.
  • E enabled (indicates a trustworthy Vendor when shown enabled).

Anyway once a user has found their product, and have found a trustworthy vendor they’d like to go with, it all comes down to payments, doesn’t it?

Making Payments

This is one of the less-impressive aspects of the marketplace. The marketplace seems to be in love with Bitcoin, but that’s its only love-interest.

In other words, no other payment option except Bitcoin is available at the moment. Additionally, the payments are made to every user’s Bitcoin wallet on the marketplace.

The payments need 3 confirmations before being credited to the user account.  Once deposited, these funds can be used to purchase any available products and the leftovers remain on the wallet to be used later, or withdrawn at will.

The marketplace does provide “Proof of Address ownership” which prevents the marketplace from denying receiving the funds and scamming users.

Withdrawing Leftover Funds

Leaving funds on a marketplace is an open invitation for exit-scams, isn’t it? Well, Samsara Market obviously supports Withdrawals but more interestingly, also offers an in-built mixer to be used while withdrawing funds.

Using the mixer-withdrawals costs an extra 0.001BTC+ 2.5%, but if and when it’s used the coins are mixed with other coins from the market’s source-pool, and hence they can’t be traced back to being linked to the marketplace in anyway.

There are multiple withdrawal speeds possible, depending on the network fee a user chooses to pay. The slowest withdrawals costs 0.00035 BTC, the medium-speed withdrawal costs 0.00062 BTC and the Fastest is priced at 0.0015 BTC.

There’s an additional 0.5% fee on top of the network fee which the marketplace charges for withdrawals. The minimum possible withdrawal is 0.00264 BTC.

Selling Products on Samsara Market

By now, we’ve covered registrations> security > searching products > making payments > withdrawing leftovers. That does cover the journey for a normal buyer.

But what of sellers? Well Samsara Market is currently accepting new vendors for a vendor-bond of 0.1 BTC. This is refunded to them after 31 days of the vendor’s last order, if the account is in good standing.

Vendors aren’t allowed to trade:

  • Items related to under-age porn.
  • Items/Services intended to, or derived from harming/killing others.

Samsara Market Pros and Cons

For the last section on this Samsara Market review, let’s sum up the Pros and Cons offered by the marketplace!


  • Quantitatively product-rich.
  • Escrow
  • Secure


  • Not Wallet-less.
  • Most often is under DDoS attacks and is either extremely slow, or inaccessible.

Final Verdict:

Wrapping this Samsara Market review up, I’d say if you’re okay with the not-so-impressive servers used by the market, and are okay with wallet-less deposits, the marketplace isn’t a disappointment.

Compared to other marketplaces, the product-numbers are actually much better. The security features too are acceptable, and the User-interface being exactly alike like Dream Market has already been proven to work in the community.

In a nutshell, the marketplace probably has a future in the DNM industry if it maintains its quality (of vendors, dispute resolution, and servers). That’s all for this Samsara Market review folks, hope you leave us with your feedback and suggestions in the comments?