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Searching for the deep web rent a hacker links?

As many as 20 of those, all working and live as of May 2020 have been listed right here.

Note that the rent a hacker deep web links we’ve listed aren’t “marketplaces”. Rather, individually-owned Darknet hacker shops.

There generally is a single admin, or a group of admins. These people (claim to) sell their hacking skills on the Dark web.

However, at times, some of these deep web rent a hacker links also sell courses, tools and other such products.

Payment obviously is in Bitcoin (and sometimes in other Cryptocurrencies).

Before we proceed, let’s make sure you can’t be traced?

Security Tips : Anonymize yourself first

Browsing these rent a hacker deep web links is 100% legal.

However, making sure you can’t be traced never hurts.

Especially because, if these individuals/groups really are good at their job, you wouldn’t want them hacking into your systems now, would you?

Follow the following steps and you’ll be invisible both to the site owners, and the law enforcement:

  • Download Tor. If you already have TOR, update it to the latest version- Click on the three horizontal lines on the extreme right of the URL-bar > help > about Tor browser.
  • Terminate all the running applications on your systems.
  • For extra security, mask your webcam and mic with a tape. (For hackers, these are the easiest of targets.)

check out complete step by step guide how to access the deep web.


We do not promote, encourage or support illegal hacking.

The provided rent a hacker links may only be used for legitimate purposes (if you forgot your password, lost your own device etc.)

Remember that, we’ve neither personally used, nor verified any of these services/products ourselves.

We’ve only described what these sites “claim” to offer.

It’s possible that they’re scams and you end up losing your money.

We advise you against making any payments whatsoever on any of these sites.

Doing so will completely and solely be your own responsibility.

Rent a hacker links

20 of the most popular hacker for hire links on the Tor network.

All of these services can only be purchased with Bitcoins.

If you wish to hire a hacker on the Tor network for legal, legitimate reasons, and completely at your own risk, you may purchase Bitcoins anonymously from here.

zjuhnrnaz573362iwpqm2peoozwd37yfeohyzdymmn2xlewr5li3zpqd.onion – Hire a hacker Mitnicklens Hackers – A very basic-looking hacker for hire website. It lists services which include hacking websites, databases, school records, phones etc. Mentions availability of custom services regardless of what’s mentioned on the website. Prices depend on the exact task/job. Data isn’t shared with other parties. Payment is accepted via Cryptocurrencies, other modes may or may not be negotiable.

huomyxhpzx6mw74e6jfxtj5kmxov6wdmc62ylk6oc7feht5gntuawaqd.onionRent a hackerHacker’s Bay – The website claims to be a group of hackers. A pricing-list is made available, and includes services such as PC hacking, social media hacking, grade-changing, DDoS attacks etc. The minimum price is stated to be $350 (social media hacking) and goes up to $3500 for PC hacking. A better, custom, upgraded version of the services can be ordered as well. Protonmail provided for contacts.

http://luckypcavqahylcd.onionHire a hacker – CyberClaws -The site has a very extensive list of possible hacks. Everything from emails, social media accounts, databases, to websites and everything in between seems to be listed. Orders can be placed fastest via Telegram, or a contact form/email. It’s 100% anonymous and accepts payments via Cryptocurrencies. Javascript mandatory to use the site better.

http://va23hkvbjs67xxuyp2unhuqp55pznzmg4ul7gwhjrxeddxje6muklbyd.onion/- Rent a hacker – Hire a Hacker – The site offers computer hacking, social media hacking, device hacking, hacking into bank accounts among a few other services. The best part is it offers manual budget selection. The form requires only an email ID (and a name, which should be fake), proposals and quotes are sent to this email.

http://m26hbhcbee73o42wyltb7dcog6d5jjzelbib64ojcew6cso625tpxwqd.onion – Darkweb hacker – Cyber Team – A very basic looking site with a simple list of available services. The services include placing illegal files on someone’s computer, hacking, Android and Windows/Linux payloads, and even encryption services. Prices start at EUR 100.00/hour. PGP offered for encrypted communications.

zsyvom262oiaoc6es7bgg66xieyil6nqkh7jn5ntraghpqgudbcl3vad.onionHire a hacker deep webBesa Mafia – The group primarily offers deep web hitman services. However, hacking services too can be ordered. No specific prices mentioned, yet the available hacks include E-mail hacking, social media hacking, IP tracing, DDoS attacks, cell phone hacking to name a few. Orders can be placed via Wickr, or anonymous email. Also accepts hackers willing to provide their services on the dark web.

nfs6e454oyvajfro.onionHacking ServicesDHS – DHS stands for Darknet Hacking Services. It offers its own services, and accepts other individual hackers who may be interested in offering their services through DHS. Mostly concentrates on corporate jobs, such as database hacking, lead information, insider information, competitor information etc. Jobs such as social media hacking may not be accepted. Claims being popular on other marketplaces. Comments and feedback from previous clients displayed as well. Orders can only be placed via e-mail.

http://5s5jtxvvxuovpfgtjgioc3lgct4khff5q62k2khhk2eh6bf2ymp55fqd.onion/ –  Darknet malware shop – Pathfinder – It’s a RAT which offers full device access, upload/download control, keylogging, call recording, mic recording, real-time cell-ID level GPS tracking, SS7 exploration and a lot more. $490.00 demanded in Bitcoins. A web-based version for you to control, and an application to install on the device is provided. Completely automated order process.

http://t3jtdr5v4mf5mwvoo3xaa2zod5g36l6kbvolsblrc2jdqwwnaozxtxyd.onion/ –  Dark web whatsapp hacker – Whatsapp Account Hack – If you wish to hack someone’s whatsapp account, this darknet site may help. They do not offer any direct access. Rather, downloadable files, messages, photos from the account are offered in exchange for Bitcoins. After payment, manual e-mails required for further sharing of details. Claims delivery within 24 hours.

http://nonzcywlhuamswjuotyfxdz436qg6kf4fdxusdaybor4bpdusof5tlyd.onion/ –  Rent a Hacker NONZ HACKERS – This darknet site hacks Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Android/iOS devices, and is also capable of performing DDoS attacks and offering full server access to websites. Orders placed via e-mail. Prices start at $150.00 going up to $400.00. Payment mode not shared publicly, probably accepts Bitcoin, few other Cryptocurrencies may be negotiated as well.

hackerrljqhmq6jb.onionLegal hacking servicesHack Group – Very rarely do I find “legal” hacking services. The website has fashioned its content so that, only “your own accounts”, devices, and platforms seem to be accepted for hacking services. In other words, if you lost your account, laptop, need to access your system remotely, need proof for divorce, the group helps you out. Special/custom services offered as well. Automated orders. Price-list available.

5sx37odgvfk2zd3kckfntqbpxzkb3xbzy26bxsderphdz7puh4rqjrid.onionDark web hacker serviceHire Hacker – The most professionally-designed rent a hacker link on this list. A form is presented, buyers need to entire their name and e-mail (false identities, obviously), and then select from one of the available services. These services include website hacking, bank hacking, PC hacking, Website hacking etc. It then allows selecting a budget. The minimum being $200.00 with the maximum being $1500+. Simply send this form over, and the team will contact you with further instructions.

hackerracyqku2w2.onion/product-category/hacking-services/Hacker marketplace dark webHacker Services – The site looks like a full-fledged marketplace, but isn’t so. It’s a single-admin shop and sells any and all products related to hacking. 3 types of hacking services available, DDoS attacks ($19.00), Social media hacking ($199.00) and website hacking ($399.00). Hacked products can be purchased directly as well, such as hacked PayPal accounts, cards, databases etc. Completely automated order-process. Only BTC accepted.

hackermxtctwka4d.onionDeep web hackerHacker group – Colombia-based hacker group. 13 hacking services sold, these include social media hacking, Skype hacking, web hacking, phone hacking, Email hacking etc. Hacking courses are also sold. Even “tailored/custom” services provided. Prices differ for each service, e-mail hacking can be as cheap as $150.00. Discounts offered on bulk orders. Prices increase with complexity and for “corporate” accounts. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum accepted. Orders can only be placed via Protonmail.

anonymousi3wogza.onionRent a hacker linkHacker anonymous – The site has 6 hacking services listed up for sale, these are social media hacks, phone hacking, website hacking, e-mail hacking, and even background checks. Prices displayed transparently for each service. Prices range from a minimum of $200.00 to a maximum of $500 depending on the exact service. The BTC-price however is way lower than market prices, nearly a 5% extra is to be expected.

2ogmrlfzdthnwkez.onionDark web hacker for hire linkRent a Hacker – This is the oldest rent a hacker site on the Tor network that I know of. However, I’ve seen mixed reviews and hence didn’t list it at the very top. The hacker isn’t a group, but an individual. There also is no “exceptions list”, clearly says he’ll destroy someone’s life purely for money. Has small/medium/large packages, ranging from 250EUR to 900 EUR. Only Bitcoin payments. Semi-automated orders. Registration required.

hackerkon5seou74.onionTor hacker linkHacker for Hire – The services seem to be copied directly from “Hack group” (or vice-versa). In addition to hacking social media accounts and cell phones, the site also offers background reports which include court reports, properties, marriage records, address history, phone numbers etc. Price-list available. Social media hacks are the cheapest, starting at $250.00, web servers hacks being the most expensive and are charged at $700.00. No automated orders, e-mailing required.

4jmznqla3you3svkjeq7a7shnmq4xg62xd23jsftvaqpuu7etx5sncqd.onionInstagram hacking groupInstagram Account Password Hack – It’s a single-page which claims they can hack any Instagram account, for a price, ofcourse. Interested individuals can pay 0.01BTC in advance. The hacked info contains the password, IP-address and even the cookie-session! E-mail communication required after email for finalizing orders. Currently, Instagram profiles are the only accepted targets. No escrow supported. Does display a “verified & secured” seal, however it’s probably just a gimmick.

vscvkdcnjpwkdumrrnxsfhmx5shkztqzehnkvelpfrzj7sqkra7bcjid.onionDeep web hire a hackerPundit Hackers Group – Using a single page website, the group lists a number of services they supposedly provide. This includes hacking into everything, including, social media, e-mails, school databases, cell phones, websites etc. Custom services offered as well. Completely manual order-process. A Protonmail e-mail is offered and is the only way to order services. I couldn’t find a verified-seller PGP, history or anything to suggest their legitimacy.

ytteyiazq2xyazjws45lxjpqie5krxdcoe4nr5vysldu54olnbtrg5qd.onionDark web hacker groupPseudo Harmer Hacker – Claims to be a group capable of infiltrating both private, and corporate databases. Offered services include DDoS protection, live location tracking, email hacking, social media hacking etc. No price-list available, says the prices will differ based on the jobs. Orders can only be placed using a Protonmail ID. The word “carelessly” is mentioned, suggesting there probably isn’t an exceptions list and they accept any and all kinds of target.

haut7clhtygz6b4u.onionHacker for hire servicesRent a Hacker – The site literally calls itself “Rent-A-Hacker”. It’s also one of the more professional sites. As in, users need to register in order to purchase services. There also is a FAQ which basically lists a number of exchanges which can be used to buy Bitcoins from. Quite a few “skills” listed, including C++, Web languages, Bots, DDoS, Social Engineering etc. Has three job-categories each with its own pricing. Even a “faster reply” add-on is available for 200 EUR.

h7aqxt33tabxej7ecsv347ydaq2thbrobd2ulku3utcphuzxv5ai5ead.onionHacking servicesHire a Professional Hacker – This is a single-page website. The admin claims to be a Pentester, Social engineer, Cybersec consultant, Digital Forensic expert and so on. Every imaginable hack possible is listed on the site as a possible service. No info regarding payments, Escrow, refunds, or custom services available. Orders can only be placed via Protonmail. The site is a couple years old though and I don’t see a lot of negative reviews for it.

https://sojab3crqc6sssoqx65ugwthy4zahu4fddjc45ipgj5d3pwigntsujid.onionRent a Hacker MarianneFrench Hackers This hacker for hire site is primarily in French, however, it’s also available in English and other languages. It’s pretty basic and on a single page lists all its services such as social engineering, social media hacking, DDoS attacks, phishing attacks, debt cancellation etc. Orders are placed using Bitcoins.

http://hsf54xidzxm5k3lf4t2oro7hsn7o7rycb5lzqjhff6jpierpvvvh5nid.onion  – Hire a Hacker Hacking Services – The site offers services which include social media hacking, website hacking, e-mail hacking, IP tracing, SERP manipulation etc. They even offer custom hacking services and teach hacking paid the right price. Price for each service is displayed transparently before you place an order. Accepts BTC and ETH. Orders are placed manually.

http://hacking5mluxn45hj5xj5xjbbdq6rxs7s4v5unz3si6tycckcqjb5mqd.onion   – Learn Hacking –  Hacking 5 –  It’s not a hacker for hire site rather it sells hacking courses. Attack vectors, cloud computing, web apps, custom challenges and a lot more if offered. A total of 5000+ pages of content is provided with 20+ modules. Payment is only accepted via Bitcoin and the package is priced at $99.00. Automated payments.

5jx3swrgtlpk6rkmjmhzhncr2fysxnyvypaxn5xp7orn35guuxupsqad.onionHacking servicesH4ck3r – If you do not need a group, but an individual hacker offering hacking services on the dark web; H4ck3r may help. Payment is only via BTC. A “minimum” $120.00 requirement for any job is mentioned, the maximum will depend on the exact target. PGP available for encryption. Orders can be placed either via e-mail, or Jabber. A service-list available, includes every possible hack known to man.

hacker5quf443wtg4n7hi6m3l4xpcyasknjvhhrb6pcbgakhu7bblhad.onionDark web hacking servicesHacker Services – It’s one of the more professional Rent a hacker links on this list. 12 services listed so far, these include grade hacking, password recovery, DDoS attacks, PC hacking, website/e-mail hacking, social media hacking (including Whatsapp). Custom malware too can be ordered, starting as low as $30.00. The maximum price for the services is $200.00. Orders can only be placed via e-mails. Isn’t very popular, has less than 300 total hits so far.

3owltxmhom32ya2o.onionRent a hacker Tor networkProfessional Hacking Services – The site claims to sell the “cheapest and most reliable” hacking services. However, we haven’t verified those claims. Primarily centred around social media hacks. Facebook and Instagram hacking cost $120.00 each, while Gmail is priced at $180.00. Also sells “hacking tools” for $450.00. Other non social hacks available as well, such as database hacks, RAT installation, SQL injections etc. Orders are placed via Protonmail.

wynnxfwh3ll3mck2.onionSell your own hacksOneDium – This is the most unique site on this entire list of Rent a hacker links. They do not “sell”, rather buy exploits and vulnerabilities. If you have a working, exploitable hack/vulnerability, and if the same can be proven you get paid. It’s not a marketplace. Either an individual, or a group of people are responsible for the site. The intentions of these folks may not always be ethical (and hence, their presence on the dark web). Protonmail e-mail provided for contact.

ehzvitdr2sl25lcr5a2dvxdgntz43xdgxmjfof7i7jqn2m4v73fow3qd.onionHacking courseEthical Hacking Training – It’s one of those hire a hacker links which don’t offer hacking services, but (claim to) make you a hacker. Over 5 GB of tools, 20 modules and 340 attack vectors are claimed to be available in the course. The course costs 0.016 BTC and the order-process is automated.

http://gelkefrhygdvepx25t3fi5tpn7kvydglf3qcsih4bwbj7fbxoxuazbqd.onion/- Hire Hacker – DeepWeb Hacker Team The website has no additional information except a list of “skills”. They’ve listed Instagram hacks, credit card hacks, Whatsapp & e-mail hacks on top of the ability to destroy someone’s life and DDoS attacks as some of the possible options up for purchase. Orders can only be placed by e-mailing the team.

http://hacker2twpebqewz.onion/Hire a darkweb hacker – XHacker – The owner claims to be an independent hacker. A list of skills is listed, it includes C++, Java, HTML, Python and many others. Clearly mentions having no reservations against anything, including govt. targets. No prices are mentioned. Orders are placed manually.

http://chjjo7df5flha62f.onion/- Marketplace – Counterfeiting Center – This darknet site sells many things, one of those is hacking services. Available services include wiping criminal records, steal data off govt. databases, recover stolen Bitcoins etc. The prices are mentioned beforehand. Accepts Escrow. No registration needed.

http://piratec4cdgbjqzny6sykeqeylarm67teyhroxez3y5fmszrr5lmbgad.onion  – Hire a Hacker PirateCRACKERS – It’s a hacker for hire site on the darkweb. The group claims to be functional since the last 15 years. Available services include PC hacking, changing grades, DDoS, BTC hacks etc. Pricing differs for each service. Only Bitcoin is accepted for payments. Orders aren’t automated, users send funds and then an e-mail detailing the job.

http://evsoaebzfasqxnw5osvmupehnw6rsc5ophv43yokajhrpgavfwan7tyd.onion  –  Rent a Hacker/ Forum Private Hacking Forum – The literal name of the forum says that it’s a “private” hacking forum, as in, it requires a $125.00 membership fee. In addition to being a forum, it’s also a hacking marketplace. Users can buy sell exploits, hire hackers and post job offerings. Some of the offered services include RATs, custom malware, social media hacks etc.

http://hackingsehlh2l24.onion/ – Rent a Hacker Hacking Services –  They sell hacking services on the dark web (obviously). Almost everything from Search Engine hacking, Skype hacking, Website hacking, Cell phone hacking to custom hacking jobs are accepted and available. Professional interface but it’s not completely automated, manual e-mails required to place orders. Even offers “30-day warranty” on password changes!

Final words on rent a hacker links

Renting a hacker isn’t illegal.

Not even on the Deep/Dark web.

As long as it’s for “legal” reasons. And, if it doesn’t cause any problems or issues to any other third-party (such as the company/ website you’re hacking).

However, the legal lines are pretty blur and it’s best to stay away from the dark web rent a hacker links.

If you don’t, and choose to proceed with hiring a hacker, you’ll be doing so completely at your own risk and responsibility.