Deep Web Hitman Links | Dark Web Hitman Link | Hitman Tor Links

Deep web hitman links are 100% real. We’ve listed as many as 22 of them in this piece.

These Tor hire a hitman sites offer services such as killing, kidnapping, torture, beating, acid attacks etc.

Fortunately, most of these are fake and pure scams. Probably all, but we aren’t sure.

You’ll almost always be asked for an advance upfront, and that money never comes back. Neither are any services delivered.

What can you do?

Going to the cops saying –“I ordered murder services on the dark web and was scammed, can you help me please?” wouldn’t exactly work now, will it?

That’s one of the reasons why we’ve compiled this deep web hitman links list to begin with.

Because, in our opinion, these are just pranks, games and trolls. We’d never willingly or consciously direct you to legit darkweb killer service.

Let’s begin.

Security Precautions

These may not be as illegal as deep web porn links, yet, they’re not exactly always legal.

Hence, it’s a good idea to make sure no one can trace/track or follow your dark web activities.

Follow these steps, exactly in the sequence they’re listed:

  1. Download the best available VPN. (NordVPN is what I’d suggest. Costs less than $3.50/month, extremely fast and most secure).
  2. Download Tor browser. Or, update it to the latest version if you already have it.
  3. Increase your Tor browser’s security. (Preference> security > safest.)
  4. Close all the running applications on your system.
  5. Mask your camera and mic with a black tape (optional).

For detail information, you should check out how to access the deep web guide.

Now, you’re ready to explore these .onion killer service links.


Please make sure you read this disclaimer very carefully, and agree 100% to it.

We’ve listed these “links”. These “links” are what we know exist. And are real.

We don’t know if the services/products these links are offering are real or just scam.

We’ve never paid any Hitman site or individual, and have absolutely no chance of ever doing so.

This article is purely based on what the site “claims” to offer.

No part of this article is our personal “experience”.

As far as we’re concerned, the sites may simply be games or pranks.

Browsing these deep web hitman links may not be illegal. (Because, you or we do not know if the products are actually offered.)

But, if you make a payment, or order services, that’s an illegal act.

This article can only be used to access these “links”, and purely for research and educational purposes only.

Any and all of your actions on these sites will completely be your own responsibility.

We can’t be held liable for any of your actions. We do not encourage, support, or promote any darkweb activity, including but not limited to ordering any illegal products/services on the dark web.

Also, if you do find a site which may actually be “real” and legit with its services, please email us immediately at , the link will be removed instantly.

If you do not agree 100%, do not proceed with this article.

Deep web hitman links

As far as pure “links” go, here are the 22 best Tor hitman links which “claim” to offer these services.

assassinuyy7h425.onionHire a hitman serviceAssassination Network – Without doubt, the most professional-looking deep web hitman link. Has a portfolio showing a number of assassinations, and claims being responsible for them. Hits on targets below 16 years of age, ultra-wealthy individuals, and cartel bosses aren’t accepted. Accepts BTC and even Escrow. Requires a mandatory “consultation” session, priced at $250.00 before the actual hit order. Is even hiring hitmen, the profits are split 25% (network), 75% (hitman).

vanettirrjkqgoth.onion –  Hitman and KidnappingThe Vanetti Mob – Offers its own services, and also accepts individuals willing to offer their services. Payments can be made via BTC, LTC and XMR. Offers multisig Escrow from its own end. No registration required. Has a long list of available services. Shooting costs as low as $1500.00 while extremely illegal services such as sex-trafficking is offered for $100,000. Also accepts custom orders. Acid attacks, mail bombs, crippling targets, poison etc. are some other available “services”.

darkmambawopntdk.onionDeep web hitmanDark Mamba – Claims to be a private military company, comprising of ex military and special forces. Offered services include killing, kidnapping, stealth work, bombings, or  simply injuring victims. No fixed prices mentioned, vary depending on a case to case basis. Custom orders accepted. Only Bitcoin accepted. Does need an advance, however escrow is accepted for the advance. Orders can be discussed/placed via Secmail.

ygrqgcnoodnqdmlc.onionHire a hitman linkHitman Connect – It’s one of those deep web hitman links which display exact prices for their services. These “services” include Assassinations, “Wreck a life” or “Hit Attacks” etc. Prices may range from as low as $2000.00 for a beating, to $45,000.00 for “torture to death”. They may vary depending on a number of other factors. Requires 55% advance deposits, payable in Bitcoins only. Does accept third-party Escrow services. Doesn’t accept vendors/contractors yet.

hitmenb7tvinpyf7.onionInformative deep web hitman guideHitman reviews – Is an informative dark web hitman site. Lists all the supposedly legit, as well as scam hitman services on the dark web. Has categories such as real cases, fake cases, facts and stories etc. Also can be used as a dark web hitman links directory. Provides links and articles proving the legitimacy of some of these services. Note that the guide may itself be a scam in partnership with the “legit” hitman sites.

sinaloajbzogpkeu.onion Hitman and murder marketplaceSinaloa Cartel – It’s a full-fledged marketplace and hire a hitman service is its primary commodity. Additionally, Kidnapping, beating, arson  etc. offered. The only exceptions are Presidents, or influential targets with military protection.  Acts as an “Escrow” service itself, and connects potential customers to contractors. Also sells drugs and guns. Prices start at $5000.00 for drive-by killings, and go up to $40,000.00 for sniper kills. Users get to chose contractors manually.

hydramaj6kn52vsv.onionTor hitman serviceHydra Hitman – Alike most other deep web hitman links, Hydra Hitman too markets itself as the #1 Hitman service on the dark web. 3 very real photos have been uploaded as proofs. Even has a testimonial from a BBC journalist! Claims to demand no advance deposits, however, it probably is a marketing gimmick. Prices start at $5000.00 and go up to $200,000.00. Only BTC accepted.

marak2kjeehrao5s.onion – hitman marketplaceMara Salvatrucha Marketplace – Some deep web hitman links act as marketplaces, connecting buyers and vendors, that’s what this .onion murder service link does. Vendors can join and offer their services to the buyers on the marketplace. Has a centralized wallet where advance deposits need to be made before ordering a hit. Only BTC accepted. No price-list as such is available. Registration is mandatory (so the wallet can be created).

anef4nmepadzpby2n6afkm737uzhwqdcwl74sovmlece2licogrocyyd.oniondeep web hitmanCyprus Hitman – Most other dark web hitman links on this list claim to be a “group” of people. Cyprus hitman on the other hand is an individual. A single-page site with contact information is what’s available. Photos too are uploaded, but most of them stock and fake. No payment/escrow information available. Does offer proof in the form of photos and videos once the task is completed.

lhtdjyznq4jpbfyatgzls2rbfoeofsddmms6nanzf5hfdvqrgqqfaiqd.onionTor hitman linkThe Loyal – Is a single-admin .onion hitman site. The admin claims to be an ex-military personnel. Payments are only made in BTC, and in 3 parts. An initial 1% of the price as a show of trust (I suppose), 30% after job-execution proof is provided and the 69% after completion. No prices mentioned. Orders placed via anonymous emails.

hitmanalfc6c75hj.onionMurder service dark webMurder Incorporated – It’s one of the oldest deep web hitman links I keep seeing. The prices range from $5000.00 to $100,000.00 depending on a number of factors. Only BTC accepted. It accepts individual contractors willing to offer their services. Profits split equally between both parties. It even accepts hits for extremely well-protected individuals, for $80,000+. Hits for children aren’t accepted.

hitman4hire.torpress2sarn7xw.onionTor hitman siteHitman 4 Hire – Another supposedly ex-military personnel gone rogue. Claims being able to operate in all the countries. Says he/she won’t accept unachievable hits, but all accepted hits are 100% completed. Bitcoin is the only mode of payment. No prices mentioned. Says they’ll vary depending on the target. E-mail contacts possible. Claims having 15+ years of experience. No hires/independent contractors accepted. Nothing of refunds, proof or escrow has been mentioned.

e6zalzh2446osqi5se4kh3qmiptwquurpbgdybbbo424qmws4ibar2id.onionDeep web hitmanThe Responsive Hitman – Even for deep web hitman links, generally some moral exists and there’s an “exception” list of targets which aren’t accepted. Not on The Response Hitman. Clearly mentions that children, women and old people are all treated as targets, no exceptions whatsoever. Priced depend on target location, importance etc. Some advance is required, the rest paid later. Proof provided after job competition. No information regarding accepted Cryptocurrencies have been provided.

2xb3jnepwuaikz77r4etc3oc3thgigx55nyyyttdukenmpfoyyzpxiqd.onionDeep web hitman linkFury Hitman – A single-admin Tor hitman link. The admin publicly admits not being mentally stable. Only BTC accepted. Listed services include Kidnapping, killing, Assassination etc. Kidnapping costs $2000.00, while Assassination is priced highest at $8000.00. Hits on children and celebrities not accepted. Requires 100% of the payment in advance. Shows a number of photos of people being tortured, killed or abused. No escrow or refunds mentioned.

zsyvom262oiaoc6es7bgg66xieyil6nqkh7jn5ntraghpqgudbcl3vad.onionDark web hitman marketplaceBesa Mafia – I termed it a “marketplace” because it accepts individual contractors, and helps them offer their services. Another reason being it also (claims to) sell drugs and poison.  Claims to be the Albanian Mafia. No registration required. Prices start at a low $2500 for beating, and go up to $100,000.00 for killing. Orders can be placed either via emails, or Wickr. Additionally, also can be used to hire hackers.

bzsntuqpvfk7innoezi4jasgqjo2sbv7bhr3rvb76ibr6znzte5ehcqd.onionOnion network murder serviceMilitary Hitman – Probably the only site on this list of deep web hitman links which accepts “video calls” with clients! (That’s, weird.) Claims being a sniper and that he has been shot in his left-eye! Markets himself as a “one shot killer”.  Mail and Jabber are the mode of communications. There doesn’t seem to be an “exceptions” list either. Does offer proof after job completion.

kaemjpwhjtvn2f5ehjgpbjtzjhdflwkzshry3fkojvi5vaqq3gzi6qyd.onionTor HitmanPhotographer Hitman – The hitman claims having over 50 successful hits to his credit. The site says the admin has 20+ years of experience. Also that, he only uses the most advanced and high-tech equipment. The site displays a number of photos, categorized into sections such as “death bodies”, materials” etc. Website visitors would need to click on “contacts” to display the contact information, which are basically two email IDs.

aoozskj746hkjxycovyj2ogrkn7yslj26lzn6meytt5ctnjxfbvh7zid.onionDark web hitman marketplaceEx-Intelligence Hitman – The site mostly is in first-person, however, the admin says he’ll “assign” a killer when a hit is ordered, hinting that more than one contractors are available. Arguably, one of the most gruesome deep web hitman links. Clearly mentions having previously killed newborns, and slit people’s throats.  60% advance required for hits. Has a “chat” feature which doesn’t seem to work. Can also be reached via email.

3o4m4b6vfa2ah7mk4klra2txoav3g4ts3sjyjwnj4j6p4lkxe2ki5eqd.onionTor hire a hitman linkUndercover Hitman – The hitman claims he/she can be in a number of countries (pre-listed) without delay. Every other country is reachable, but those probably take longer. Clearly says he’ll do “anything” and that makes it another one of the most unacceptable dark web hitman links. Prices pre-listed, cheapest service being “scare” which costs $1000.00, while poison attacks going up to $45,000.00. Many other services such as beating, crippling, bio attack, torture, kidnapping etc. offered.

lnmj53nrnnx34qwylq56lakvp5mlbkltgj66krumt7ou4xykggeih6qd.onionHire a Hitman serviceEuropean Hitman – To me, it looks like a legitimate prank. A photo from the internet is posted and the admin claims that the photographer is of him. Then, it shows a map of Europe and Middle-East which probably mean that’s where the hits can be ordered for. A number of images (even one from some Horror movie) are displayed. No information on pricing, type of hits, escrow, payment or anything else available. An e-mail is provided for contacts.

6fum7nmdlbkrir24.onionDeep web hitman informationHitman Nws – The site doesn’t have a name as such, but its email says “Hitman news”. Doesn’t offer services directly. Has guides on “how to hire hitman on the dark web?” and “how to avoid scams”. Lists a number of deep web hitman links. Displays a number of seemingly real photos of hitman (people wearing marks with guns).

fqzkobzpp3i545nzjexvhbrzvi3cardxo27q7ytgyu7ha4j5ku36buid.onionDark web hitman servicesSuper Hitman – It’s another deep web hitman service, however, there’s no contact information available. The admin claims being professional and secure and all those things. Security tips are offered as well. However, how exactly to place an order? I’m not sure (and that’s good thing).


That wraps it folks.

Do let me know how you find these sites?

Again, do not actually “order” any of the claimed products/services.

Also, make sure you have TOR + a good VPN before even accessing these deep web hitman links. You never know what you land on.