Grey Deep Web Marketplace Review and Mirror

If you’ve heard of Grey Market, haven’t heard of Grey Market, are an experienced Darknet trader or a first-timer, regardless this Grey Market review will help you out if you’ve the remotest interest in Darknet Markets.

Or, if you’re just a budding Crypto enthusiast rather than a DNM lover, it may be news to you that Bitcoin probably wouldn’t exist as we know it today, had it not been for Silkroad, the most infamous Darknet Market of all.

Anyway, for this review I shall share with you what this new Grey Market is, its registration requirement and process and just about everything concerning the Marketplace.

Also, while we’re at it why not share the steps required to get basic things done? So yeah, we’ve also included those in this Grey Market review for the absolute first-timers.

What is Grey Market?

Grey Market is a Marketplace launched on May 1st. It currently boasts 2228 Users, 101 Vendors and 739 products in its short existence-span of 3months.

Its current statistics and data:

  • Tor URL: http://greymtqdzxqec5ox.onion
  • Mirrors: greymtqdzxqec5ox.onion
    • greymtjdnzgc2ok7.onion
    • greymtfzg7d5jdrk.onion
  • Products: Drugs/ Fraud / Services. Total: 739.
  • Registration Type: Free and Instant.
  • Currencies: BTC / XMR.
  • Escrow: Yes.
  • Finalize –Early: Yes
  • PGP & 2-FA: Yes
  • PIN: Yes
  • Mnemonic Code: No

How to Register on Grey Market?

Grey Market can only be accessed after registrations. The registration process is pretty easy, here are the steps:

  • Visit the primary URL >
  • Click on Register >
  • Enter Data (Username / Password / PIN >
  • Done

The entire process takes less than 60seconds (I did time it). It’s completely anonymous. No invites needed. No payments asked for.

What Products can you Find on Grey Market?

Does Grey Market sell what you’re after? If you’re not looking for Weapons, Child Porn or Fentanyl, the answer is probably yes.

It sells Drugs, Services and Digital Items. Be fooled not, these three basic categories have a plethora of sub-divisions and each of those divisions further have hundreds of individual listings.

The Drugs listings alone amount to nearly 500 products and they sell just about every kind of Drug.

The Digital-Goods are no less, amounting to 200+ individual listings. You can find everything from hacked accounts to  Credit cards.

Although the “Services” category isn’t that well-populated so far. They have less than 20 listings. But then again, it’s just months old marketplace.

As of today, the total listings on the marketplace amount to just near 800.

How to Find Products on Grey Market?

Once you’re logged in, the next thing you’d probably want to do is find products. And you may notice that there’s no product-selection sidebar on the marketplace.

Well that’s because Grey Market products are included in its “search-feature”. Simply click on the “Category” to specify which category of products you’re looking for.

Although, the marketplace makes your product-hunts much faster and allows for a number of additional filters.

These filters once applied help users land exactly on the product they’re looking for.

Here’s the full search-feature:

This ensures that whatever product you find, completely matches your needs. So you won’t have to find a product and then realize that it doesn’t accept your currency, or doesn’t ship to your country or maybe doesn’t accept Escrow?

How to Order on Grey Market?

Once you’ve found your product, simply specify a quantity, and choose a shipping method. Most products offer multiple shipping options. You can also choose from a payment method. Finally click on “Buy Now”.

One the next page, simply enter your Address and click on “Encrypt”. This would encrypt the address using the vendor’s PGP key, so that only the vendor can access the address.

Although note it’s a much safer bet to manually encrypt the message using a third-party tool rather than using the in-built tools on Marketplaces. This is how Hansa was used as a honeypot for months.

Anyway click on the “Order now” button.

On the next page, you’d need to wait a couple minutes before the deposit-address is generated. Once it is, make the required amount of payment to the provided address.

Note that the payment-window on Grey Market is 2 hours. If a payment is not done within this window the order expires.

In a nutshell, no complications or technical difficulties encountered so far with the order-process.

How to Become a Vendor on Grey Market?

Grey Market resembles Amazon, eBay and other clearnet e-com sites, and hence it allows other individuals to sell on the marketplace. In other words, it’s just a platform to let buyers meet vendors, and vice-versa.

In order to become a vendor, first ensure:

  • You have PGP on your account.
  • You have set your BTC and XMR refund addresses.

Once that’s done, go to your account-settings, and click on “Become a Vendor”.

Then, either choose a payment method to pay the vendor-fee of USD $99.00 or go with the Free option.

If you’re using the Paid methods, a BTC/XMR address will be generated, make the payment there and click on “Paid” on the page.

Or, you can apply for the free account, which is only provided to:

  • Vendors with “Trusted Vendor” status on other marketplaces.
  • 500+ sales.

Does Grey Market have Anti-Scam Measures?

Yes, Grey Market offers anti-scam measures both from the Vendors, as well as the Marketplace itself. Meaning neither of the two can scam users.

The marketplace markets itself as a “Wallet-less” marketplace, so users pay in real-time for individual orders. This ensures there are no leftover deposits in any user accounts and hence the marketplace can’t run-away with what doesn’t exist!

Secondly, the vendors may try and scam users, to prevent and minimize that Grey Market offers transparency both for Vendor profiles as well as their products.

A vendor-profile includes all the data about a vendor such as:

  • Total orders.
  • Closed orders.
  • Disputes
  • Level of the Vendor.

Reviews from other customers of the vendor are displayed transparently as well:

As for orders, the total quantity of sold product is displayed, a high-selling product generally indicates a good/trustworthy product.

Obviously it also offers “Escrow” services, absolutely free. The Escrow controls who gets the funds and when, in case of a dispute it acts as the Judge and decides the outcome of the transaction.

Are Grey Market Accounts Secure?

The above anti-scam measures deal with the “authenticity and legitimacy” of the marketplace, trades and vendors.

However protecting “accounts” from hackers and third-parties is a marketplace’s responsibility as well.

Grey Market starts off by offering PGP encryptions. These encryptions are used to encrypt communications (as seen in the “How to Order” section of this Grey Market review), as well as for 2-FA.

It also offers that password recovery PIN we set during registrations.

Another security measure is its “address-change” notifications. In case a user account does get hacked, and the BTC refund addresses changed; the marketplace displays this notification for the next 48 hours on the user’s dashboard.

This allows the user to change the refund address so payments aren’t reverted back to some unauthorized addresses.

Does Grey Market Accept Bitcoin?

Yes, Grey Market is a Darknet Market and I’ve probably never seen a Darknet Market “not” accept Bitcoin.

Although Bitcoin has its own problems, for e.g. the transaction fee is slightly higher than other currencies. The transaction time too is longer. Although it still is the most reliable (in terms of anonymity) coins out there.

I don’t have Bitcoin, Can I Purchase on Grey Market?

Yes. Bitcoin because it’s the most popular Cryptocurrency, also faces a lot of regulations, restrictions, and other issues.

Hence, Grey Market also accepts Monero (XMR) as a payment mode. The transaction fee as well as time is comparatively lower with XMR as compared to BTC.

However note that, not all vendors accepts both the currencies. Hence even though the marketplace supports both, their acceptance is really dependent on the vendor and the product.

Too long? It’s time we should be done with this Grey Market review.

What is My Verdict on Grey Market Review?

Summing up this Grey Market review, I’d rate it a 4/5 overall. The wallet-less deposits are the most impressive, followed by complete transparency.

The product-quantity is adequate for now, and the vendor-bond too is reasonably priced.

The fact that it accepts XMR in addition to BTC is an added cherry on the top. So all in all, I didn’t find a lot going south with the marketplace for now.

Did you? Why don’t you jot down your two cents on this Grey Market review? Also let us know if the steps above were clear and explanatory enough?