Deep Web Fraud Documents Links | Passport | ID | Driving License

Need the best deep web fraud document links?

Searching for a new passport/license/Identification/Visa/degrees?

That’s exactly what these deep web fraud document links claim to offer.

Note that the products may either be physically shipped, or delivered digitally.

And well, there are different types of passports a buyer can purchase.

Meaning, the passport can either be real, fake, or a “double/cloned”.

The real passports are officially entered in the govt. database. Primarily a result of corruption.

The “fake” passports are simply the papers. No digital databases know of their existence. Or, the chips do not contain any data.

And, the “doubles” are basically real passports, altered with your photo and info to be “yours”.

Now, let’s secure ourselves before proceeding with these deep web fraud document links?

Security Precautions

One major problem with these deep web counterfeit document links is that most of these  require extensive personal information.

They’ll need your photo, age, address, and name. And, the nature of the service demands that you only share real information.

That is literally a privacy-suicide.

And, there’s not a lot a buyer can do to prevent the privacy-invasion.

Only those who share fake information, and follow the following security tips may truly remain safe:

  • You need a good VPN. (I trust NordVPN. It’s fast, secure and has proven its no-logs policy).
  • Launch the VPN> connect to a server/country.
  • Download Tor browser. (.onion links can only be accessed with Tor).
  • If you already have Tor, update it to the latest version.
  • Increase its security to the maximum (Enter this in the URL bar: about:preferences > Privacy and security > security > safest).
  • Now, use a black tape to mask your mic and webcam.
  • Close all the programs (first Tor, then NordVPN).
  • Re-launch Nord, and then Tor.

Now, you’re ready.


We do not encourage/support/allow/promote the buying/selling or use of fraud/counterfeit documents.

Most of these deep web fraud document links are probably a scam.

We have not /will not verify the legitimacy/authenticity of these sites and their services.

Using fake documents is illegal.

The site-descriptions below are put together based on what the website claims to sell/offer.

We do not know if that product/service is actually sold.

This article is only to share the “existence” of these sites. So, you get to know the Darkweb better (purely for research purposes).

Browsing them isn’t illegal. Using them (selling/ordering products) is.

Any and all of your actions on these deep web fake document links will solely be your own responsibility.

This also includes any and all financial profits/losses you may incur.

We may not be held responsible for any of your action, neither in full nor in part.

Deep web fraud documents links

Every single dark web counterfeit document link mentioned below is live as of May 2020.

Do not enter any real information on any of these sites.

http://fobgemanrtpvbxok.onion/- Dark web fake documentForge Master – The site claims to offer “legally and officially issued” U.S passports. Claims having a contact in the passport office. 3 services offered. Passport book, Passport card or both bundled in a package. The card costs $835.00, the Passport book is priced at $935.00, while they both when purchased together cost $965.00. A form is used to share name, height, and other physical features.

http://passport26orbmhr.onion/- Tor fake passport serviceUS and UK service – As the name suggests, the site offers passports for both the U.S.A and U.K. Also offers USA Citizenship. US passports cost $1000.00, while UK papers cost $1100.00. The USA citizenship costs $2250.00. Registration required. BTC-price is nearly 6% more than the market price. Displays a number of testimonials, well, they seem and are probably fake.

http://scant5xpeodjzgno.onion- Online, automated fake document generatorScan Generator – Doesn’t offer “physical” documents. Rather, digitally rendered documents which can be uploaded or used digitally. Can be used to generate everything, for almost all the countries. These documents Passports, utility bills, invoices, bank statements, proof of home etc. Enter the data you need on the document, and it’s generated within seconds. Preview free. Downloading the image requires payment in Bitcoin.

http://abbujjh5vqtq77wg.onion/- Fake document Tor linkOnion Identity Service – Offers 3 types of documents, namely, Passports, ID cards and Drivers’ licenses. Passports are available for Britain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Canada and Denmark. ID cards for Czech, Netherlands, Denmark, France and Lithuania and finally Drivers’ licenses for UK, Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway available. Passports start at $1250.00 ID cards and licenses have a fixed price between $500.00-$550.00. Registration mandatory, only BTC accepted.

http://xfnwyig7olypdq5r.onion/- .onion fake document site linkUSA Citizenship – Sells USA “Citizenship”. The package includes SSN + Passport + Drivers’ license + Birth certificate and other required papers. It costs $3000.00 in total, however, only demands $1000.00 in advance. The rest after photo and video proof of the document is provided. A separate package for financial needs such as bank account and cards can be purchased for $1000.00 as well. Registration required. Payment only in BTC.

http://74eyqusdwdsbfkeb.onion/- Dark web fake document linkGerman Passports – As the name suggests, the site offers German passports exclusively. Completely manual order-process, no forms, e-mail communications required. The admin(s) claims to be a group of officials at the German Embassy. $500.00+ $1500.00  advance deposit required. The final and remaining payment of $500.00 is to be made after receiving photo/video proof of the document. Says the document can be readied in 4 weeks.

http://docsmetno3maevnk.onion- Darknet document store- Real and fake documents for sale- This is a document-exclusive store. It sells drivers’ licenses, ID cards, residence permits, fake bank notes and almost every other kind of fake document out there. Offers support via e-mail and Telegram. Orders aren’t automated and require manual e-mails. Do require photo/signature and real name for order completion. USA/UK/German and Canadian passports available.

http://3wcfsib5e4q32pw7qkbnqww5aldxske2xvfeckcadqpbg2t5vkkov6ad.onion- Bills and documentsBank Bills & Docs Sale– As the name suggests, the site sells fake counterfeit notes and documents. Finland, Canada, and Austria passports primarily available. Single-admin site, doesn’t accept vendors. Also sells ID cards and driving licenses. Surprisingly, has a support system via Whatsapp! Not automated, orders placed via Telegram or e-mail.

http://45ujtcpuvpw4rsu4.onion/- Fake documentsKuganzo shop endless destinations– This is a darknet site that sells ID cards, licenses, complete ID packs, Passports, Residence permits, etc. What’s surprising is has dozens of “proofs” uploaded, both images as well as videos. Does share tracking ID after receiving payment. Nearly a dozen country-options available. Both real and fake documents available. Payment accepted via BTC and half a dozen altcoins.

http://77oxqa24eyjbsfkhya2r6y2krj26ouaxxbczdp4y2xjjguzzrli4fcqd.onion/Dark web user data linkDeep Web Data Bank – This isn’t exactly one of the deep web fraud document links. Rather, it sells “data dumps”. User information, e-mail addresses, databases containing details of magazine subscribers etc. Accepts BTC, LTC, ETH, XMR and BTCH. Information from 76 magazines adding up to 8,431,323 subscriber-info available. Average price is around $37.50/database.

http://fakeidjgjmadhyr6.onion/- Dark web fake document serviceFake ID – Offers two fake document services. Your passport can either be a blank passport, filled with your details, or it can be “cloned” from someone’s existing passport matching your appearance and life. Does offer driving licenses and ID cards as well, but they must be purchased along with Passports. Not sold individually. Passports cost around €500-€700.00. License/ID card add-on adds just an extra €100.00

http://ukpasspprmwaqrsd.onion/- Buy Fake Passports Dark Web linkUK Passports – This is one of those deep web fraud document links which limit themselves to one country, and one document only. In this case, Passports, for U.K. Claims that the passport will be legally issued, with entry in the official Passport database. These are priced at 0.5648 BTC. Registration mandatory in order to place the orders.  BTC payments only, docs shipped from the UK.

http://probitvssfw557c3.onion/passports.html- Dark web fake document serviceProbit Exchange –  4 doc-types offered. First being, “Real passports”, obtained via investments and are 100% legit and govt-approved. Then it offers “double passports”, which are real and govt-issued, but to someone else. The photo is changed with yours. Then there are fake passports, written on blank documents, these do not have RFID info. And finally, fake Visas are sold. Most expensive of all these deep web fraud document links on this list.

http://fakeids5bps3l6qb.onion/- Fake US drivers’ license serviceUSFakeIDs – Partially automated service which lets users order fake US drivers’ licenses. Licenses for 16 U.S states available. Prices is fixed at 0.0283 ฿ regardless of the state. Registration mandatory. Claims these licenses have laser engraving, original holograms and are scannable. Shipped physically within 48 hours. No additional shipping fee required.  Date, address and license # can be manually specified

http://countcjx75l4q2xkqoc6o2zmxvk2clxzlk625rajltvpjmwax4ju6bad.onion/Counterfeiting Centre – One of the most “anonymity-offering” deep web fraud document links. Allows using random/untrue data for name/D.O.B/ address etc. Only demands that the photo be real. Passports, ID cards, VISAs, and Licenses primarily offered. Additionally, offers a “start a new life” package (includes all the documents).  EU/Mexico/US/New Zealand/ Australia/and Canada primarily covered (other countries available for the “new life” package). Payments accepted only via Bitcoin.

http://the777.torpress2sarn7xw.onion/forums/topic/buy-a-degree-ukanonymousforumprotonmail-com/  – Fake documents linkEvilweb Forum – No, it’s not a forum. Rather, an individually-owned site, has an extremely-basic, blog-like layout. An “article” explains that documents such as licenses, ID cards, diplomas, degrees, Passports, death certificates etc. are sold. Claims being able to produce document for almost all the countries. Orders can only be placed by manually emailing the admin.

http://getnewidtxmupvef.onion/- Dark web fake document shop –  Get New ID – The site doesn’t sell fake passports. But, it does offer fake documents such as birth-certificates, drivers’ licenses, and ID cards. Birth certificates cost $500.00, ID cards are sold for $1000.00, and Drivers’ licenses cost $1150.00. The one problem is, you can’t “specify” your credentials. They simply offer real, officially recognized documents which match your physical appearances. Over 5% price-differences to Bitcoin’s price.

http://kug4nzok5fdxrxke.onion/- Fake Document marketplaceKuganzo Shop – Sells documents for 4 different countries, including Australia, Canada, France and the USA. Available documents include Passports, Drivers’ Licenses and Identification packages. “Fake”(not officially registered d in the database)  and “Real” documents can be ordered individually. Registration mandatory. Seems to be a single-vendor marketplace. Provides over a dozen “proofs” (not just photos, but also videos) of the documents it sells.

http://r74gs5cowo75smo4.onion/?product_cat=docmentsTor Fake document linkBestshop – Bestshop is a marketplace, and sells many other products, but it’s still a single-vendor marketplace. Passports, ID cards, SSNs, and even GRE, TOEFL, EmSAT results. A bit more expensive, double passports cost $5500.00 while registered passports may go as high as $11000.00. Registration mandatory. Advanced, automated interface. Only BTC accepted for payments. Claims to be established and popular on the Darkweb, however, no verifiable data provided.

http://elfq2qefxx6dv3vy.onion/fakeid.phpFake Identity Info GeneratorForsaken – This site differs from all the other deep web fraud document links on this site. It doesn’t offer physical, or digital “documents”. Rather, it lets you create a new “identity”. Purely to be used on forms and the Dark web. The identity is complete with everything that there is to a person’s identity, this includes Address, SSN, Passport #, Hair colour, eye colour, height/weight, blood-type , religion, passwords, car, license for the car etc.

Conclusion – Deep web counterfeit links

Note that we’ve only shared these links here for you to “browse” them.

You shouldn’t pay or order any of the services.

You’ll either be scammed, or will be committing a direct crime.

Either way, this article should only be used for educational and research purposes.