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Deep web forums links, yeah I know that’s what you’re here for.

Well, Deep web forums are on the deep web for a reason. That reason is primarily because the content they publish, share or allow isn’t always legal.

If and when the content is indeed legal, it’s not very “ethical/moral or traditional”.

Sexual urges, drug use, hacking tutorials etc. are the most common content on these deep web forums links. Let’s get started?

How to secure yourself before visiting these deep web forums links?

These Tor forums may at times contain content which may be completely illegal.

E.g. underage porn.

None of us (hopefully) are searching for that. But, you can’t control what is and isn’t on a forum, can you?

So, the best tactic is to secure your device and connection before proceeding. Here are the steps to do that:



We’ve paid special attention to make sure no illegal/underage porn forum is included.

However, we can’t possibly check every single post on a forum.

Neither do we know what the forum may post in future.

At the time of compiling this Deep web forums piece, none of the .onion live forums listed below had any illegal content whatsoever.

As for the “sale” of illegal products, we do not encourage/support or promote such activities.

We do not know if the products are really sold on these forums, or are just scams or marketing gimmicks.

All in all, never engage in any trade on any of these deep web forums links. Do not buy/sell products.

And, if at any time you see any illegal content (underage porn/ sale of weapons etc). and you’re sure it’s not just a marketing trick, send us an email at, we will remove the link at the earliest.

Important: This article is solely and exclusively for educational purposes. Any and all of your actions on any of these deep web forums, and everywhere else on the internet ,are solely and exclusively your own responsibility. We can’t be held responsible for your actions.

Best Deep Web Forums Links

Here are the 20 best deep web forum links which are live and working.

bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onioneducational forum & marketplace – BreakingBad – The forum started out purely as a forum to educate people on chemicals and drugs. Today, it’s both a forum as well as a marketplace. The marketplace mostly sells drugs. Escrow is optionally available. The charges are 5% or $10.00 whichever is higher. A Wiki page exists if you wish to educate yourself on drugs. Multiple groups can be joined to learn more about drugs, trade or for any other reason. It’s extremely active with over 10,000 + registered members (it’s huge considering that registration is optional).

worldrmuxgp5qbmxbr27sgmau6wma75l2vx7brsiftyibaaejfqot4qd.onionDNM Forum – World Market forum – It’s the official forum for World Market. Registration is mandatory, even for users who’ve already registered on World Market. Doesn’t allow trades or transactions. Also holds giveaways and contests. Carding, tech, and reviews on almost all the market products are popular topics of discussion. Doesn’t allow threads of content related to illegal porn or terrorism. Also can be used as the most trustworthy source for World Market mirrors. Scams and bugs too can be reported using the forum.

avengersdutyk3xf.oniondeep web forumDNM Avengers – Stands for “Darknet Market Avengers”. A “legitimacy and trust verification” forum. Can be used to verify the legitimacy or vendors/products and marketplaces. Reviews and feedback also shared. Also acts as a marketplace, has a “verified vendors” thread, those who verify themselves there are allowed to promote their own products. Basically, one of the few Darknet forums which is dominated and used by the more experienced and serious Darknet users. Can only be accessed after registration. Users are also allowed to send physical, real samples to a legal EU drug-testing lab for quality-testing.

qr5rw75na7gipe62.onionCarding deep web forumGlobal Carding – As the name suggests, it’s a carding forum. Claims to be the “best carding forum” since 2011. The stats do seem to agree, has 522,488 registered members, and 7,649,125 messages which is pretty impressive. Is primarily used as a marketplace. Has threads such as “money transfers”, “accounts for sale”, “Blackhat universe” etc. Travel vouchers, Giftcard codes etc. are some “less evil” threads. Some content is available for the free accounts, however, most is restricted and requires premium accounts which cost $199.00/year.

http://ezdhgsy2aw7zg54z6dqsutrduhl22moami5zv2zt6urr6vub7gs6wfad.onionOfficial Event forum – DEF CON Forums – DEF CON is arguably world’s biggest and most popular hacker conferences out there. It’s the official forum and hence has dates, albums, articles and everything that you need to know about DEF CON. Has entertainment threads to talk about games, music and basically other non-hacker things.

http://zoovillez7yc3pa3.onion/Animal Porn – Zooville – It’s a forum that’s dedicated to Zoophilia however also has threads about animal health and well-being. With its 73,000+ members and nearly half a million messages, it’s pretty active. Has dozens of posts every hour. Also has a “meetup” thread, custom-tailored for many different countries. Animal sex, animal sex toys, bestiality are some of the most active threads.

http://altcoinexpx3on26hpsbu4b5ipojqetyla677xva66jnidyxhrxrizqd.onion/Darknet & Cryptocurrency – Alt Coins Explain – The threads include titles such as Coin Desk, Coin Journal, News & Rumors (about Cryptocurrencies) etc. However, the actual posts in these threads are from vendors trying to sell any and all illegal products. Registration is optional, posts can be browsed without registration. Only making new posts will require registration.

http://bombsjy5lsgehdyuevxu5kt3zdw22bfqrhbanc32evab3o3j3dvc7cid.onion/- Random Forum- ShitPosting– It’s a random forum without any specific goal in mind, or, does have a more “random” goal to be more specific. It’s for posting about anything and everything you want to. The posts are generally pretty detailed and maybe even controversial. Isn’t very active but does have about 500 registered members.

nz53a6eqr3jchq5g.onionDeep web forumNZ Darknet Market forums – Not the most active .onion darkweb forums, yet is a forum on the Tor network nonetheless. Currently, has 2,489 members, who have posted 4,111 messages in 811 threads. Inclines more towards information than sale. Threads include product reviews, vendor updates, product sourcing etc. Also has a vendor help and buyer help sections which offer tips and tricks on how to stay safe, detect scams and basically use the Darknet better. It’s fully accessible without registrations, however, participation requires registration.

suprbayoubiexnmp.onionProduct forumSuprbay – This is the official Piratebay forum. Everything related to Piratebay can be found, discussed and shared. Topics include help regarding accounts, requests for movies and shows etc. The majority of the topics however are “genres”. Direct links to games, TV shows, software, etc. are available. These links aren’t always torrent, they may also be direct download links, or links to third-party streaming websites. Users share their favourite shows, sometimes even spoilers. Is pretty active. Averages 95 posts and nearly 12 new registrations every single day. Total member count stands at 29,906. For some reason, its most popular thread is “Ebook requests”.

tumbachegvyaadyq.onionRussian deep web – Tumba is a Russian Tor forum. It’s based around anonymity, free speech and censor-free internet. Discussion of any and everything is allowed (except illegal porn). I believe a number of you visiting these Deep web forums links understand and speak Russian? If you do, this is exactly the forum for you. More than a forum, it’s an image-board. No registrations are required to view or post content. I didn’t see any nudity/sexual content. Horror, theories and ideas seem to be what the users focus on.

thundersplv36ecb.onionSexual forumThunder’s place – The forum has nothing to do with “thunder”, not the normal thunder anyway. It’s a penis enlargement forum cum blog. Is pretty active, every few hours a couple new posts spring up. Some of the available topics include “Penis enlargement”, “Penis hangers”, “Penis enlargement pumps”, “Penis enlargement cream” etc. Over 5,000,000 posts seem to be available. Individual sections for Italian and Spanish languages also available. Long articles (replies) from members, and fortunately with references and research is common.

start.jungswtfwgjwile2.onionPhoto – If you’re into photos of boys, this is one of the deep web forums links which provide it. I didn’t find any illegal content despite the photos being of underage boys. No explicit nudity or sexual posts shared or allowed. The forum isn’t in English, and rather in German. A total of 528 registered members have created a total of 21, 451 posts so far. Has a separate “gallery” dedicated to photos of boys. Access is granted without registration, as long as you’re not creating posts.

answerszuvs3gg2l64e6hmnryudl5zgrmwm3vh65hzszdghblddvfiqd.onionQ&A forumHidden Answers – This is the definition of a Darknet forum. Every question that you dare not, or would not (due to moral or ethical reasons) ask on the clearnet, can be asked here. Or, you can answer questions from others. Which is the best drug? Should you trust a certain software? How to obtain counterfeit documents? What’s the best penis size? These are just some of the available questions. Has nearly 30,000 posts. Categories include health, scam, jobs, depression, security, technology and everything else. No registration required, not even to post questions or answers.

xfmrla2fbsy426fj.onionEducational forumImperial Library – As the name suggests, it’s a library forum on the deep web. It’s primarily made for ebooks and knowledge-sharing. I found some books related to health, science and even comics. As of today has 1707 registered members, 1019 posts and 507 topics in total. Also has a “Garden” which is basically for everything which doesn’t go in any other thread, this may include politics, social topics etc. Being a darknet forum, it also has books titled “Racist books” and others of the like!

realpissxny3hgyl.onionSexual forumRealPiss Voyeur Community – A deep web forum which gives “darknet” its meaning. It’s a forum which shares real “pissing videos” of girls. If those videos are consented or not, isn’t known to us. Fortunately, you can’t join by paying any amount of money. The only mode of joining is if you can submit your own videos for the community. There does exist a separate “donor pack” which can be obtained via donations. It’s basically a share and receive forum. Beware, if those videos are real and not consented, those may be illegal.

onionlandbakyt3j.onionDeep web forumOnionLand – One of the most popular deep web forums with 14030 registered members, 9664 posts and 2424 individual topics. Discussions on almost everything related to the darknet are allowed. Some topics I found include arrest reports, vendor reviews, market discussions, Cryptocurrencies etc. A few “for sale” posts still exist, however they are few in number. For the most part, it’s used for legitimate discussions and feedback.

ocu3errhpxppmwpr.onionDeep web forumAnonGTS – This forum could very well be on the Clearnet, that’s just how legal all of its content is. Topics include 3D renderings, Manga and Hentai, Drawing and comics, etc. Does seem pretty active, The last post was less than a day ago at the time of writing. Most posts have 50K+ views as well. The forum is nearly 8 years old. There’s nudity, sure, but it’s all animated and I don’t suppose that’s illegal (except in some very conservative countries). Requests too are allowed.

tiptop4ei5ivrfyl.onionRussian Hacking/Carding Tor forumBTT Forum – BTT forums seems to be dedicated to carding/hacking/ cards/dumps etc. Even if you don’t understand Russian, it has a “Marketplace” section which is in English. Services such as Escrow, hacking materials (software/tools etc.), bots and information packs are available in the marketplace. A total of 3,093 members registered so far with a total of 11,560 messages. Professional, color-coded interface for easy navigation. Registration optional for viewing, mandatory for posting.

cebulka7uxchnbpvmqapg5pfos4ngaxglsktzvha7a5rigndghvadeyd.onionPolish Tor forumCebulka – An old, established and popular deep web forum 2020 in the Polish language. Not 100% sure, yet I found a “Bazar” section, which means marketplace. The section listed a number of products and also that the sellers of the items accepted Escrow. Product-categories included drugs, banking, information, weapons, education etc. Has as many as 17, 412 users and 36, 149 posts so far. Trading here may be illegal.

satfn52gzhfwpyk7.oniondeep web forumПодлодка – I’m not entirely sure what the forum is about. It has a logo of a submarine on the top-right corner. The topics include something about “signals”, “broadcasts”, “satellite television” and so on. Did I mention that this Tor forum is in Russian? That’s another reason why I couldn’t understand it properly. Does seem active, has as many as 8335 users and 103390 posts.

vdkraqdnx2nlpt5v.onionDarknet forumJean Valjean forum – These are one of those deep web forums links which are based around security tips. The tagline is quite literally –“ All about security tips”. Not very member-rich, has only 70 members so far. Yet, seems active. A total of 2100 posts are currently available. Topics include “drugs”, “hacking”, “credit cards”, counterfeit money”, “money transfer”, “shipping” etc. The supposed “security tips” are regarding how to use the Darknet shops and marketplaces safely. Unfortunately, is spammed to death with for-sale threads.

vzmvdyzj6nzknn7s.onionDarknet forumTforum – The perfect definition of what deep web forums mostly are. It’s a forum cum marketplace. Shares (supposedly) safe methods to order drugs and other goods off the dark web. Has sections for carding (both physical and digital), fake documents, and also counterfeit notes. It’s not just “informative”, sure guides and tutorials are provided but also facilitates trades. Gift card carding and hacking, reselling electronic devices, etc. are some other available topics. Registration mandatory.

4gj66ltkilkyutyw.onionFinancial .onion forumATN Reloaded – A darknet forum dedicated exclusively to carding, hacking and making money online. Available topics and products include PayPal accounts, credit cards, socks, premium Netflix and other accounts, Cryptocurrencies, earning schemes, porn etc. Does allow trades and has a “Verified carder” feature offering them vending privileges. Does facilitate trades as well. Extremely active, has nearly 200 users online at any given moment. Note that buying/selling on this forum may be illegal.

iwlxv4lbm33n6ue3.onionDeep web forumNo scam – The name quite literally says “No scam”. It’s made with the goal of filtering the scam darknet sites from the legit marketplaces/shops/vendors. As of today, has 737 members, 781 messages and 475 threads. The T&C clearly states that no vending/selling/buying is allowed. The two primary threads are “No scam” and “scam”. Each have topics, comments and proofs which prove why a certain shop/vendor is either legitimate, or a scammer. Can be viewed without registrations. Also has a “top trusted vendors” thread.

babbtreybjtvcqccmrivygoti7avhksrltmhft6ds73r54ep2dpwn5ad.onionDeep web forumBabylon forum – A simple Tor forum without any specialities or impressive metrics. Only has 69 registered members so far. A total of 543 posts are available in the 118 threads which are available. Topics are all related to the Darknet, such as safety tips, arrest reports, etc. Also has PGP, Hacking, Carding and other such guides available for free. I didn’t find any for-sale threads so far, however, they probably do exist. Registration isn’t allowed for viewing the threads, but it is for replies or posting content.

http://wtj5psom5zufu4yo.onion/Forum – CFM v2 – The abbreviation stands for “Criminality French Market”. So, yes, it deals with everything on the dark web that’s illegal, including drugs, and yes it’s in French by default. Can be changed to English. This darknet forum has a total of 17,718 messages as of today and 1722 members. Access is only allowed after registration.

http://lfbg75wjgi4nzdio.onionForum – Raddle – It’s a Reddit-like forum but for the darknet. Topics of discussion include everything illegal (drugs, shoplifting, law-breaking etc.), Anarchism, Fascism, technology etc. It’s extremely active with hundreds if not thousands of posts everyday an in every thread. Registration isn’t required to access any post or thread. Multi-user editing allowed.

http://tenecck4b4nk24yl.onion/Forum – TENEC – It’s a forum which is in Russian by default, does have a languge-selector for English, which doesn’t work. Content is varied, from PSD templates to hacking services and bank account data everything seems to be available. Has nearly 18,000 members who keep the forum active. Not much use unless you understand Russian.

Final Words on the best Deep web forums links 2020

Those were the best 20 deep web forums links.

Bookmark us, and come back a couple weeks later. We’d update this piece with more links, and remove the dead ones (if any).

As of today, every single link is working and live.

And finally, only you are responsible for your actions on any of the links. We can’t be held responsible if you commit a crime (so, don’t).