Empire Market Alternative Links

Everyone is searching for Empire Market alternative links because Empire Market exit-scammed (duh!).

With Empire Market gone, users need other websites like Empire Market which facilitate the same things.

Quite a few fake/phishing links are available over on Reddit, forums and websites, being paraded as Empire market alternative links.

Using one of those links will only get you scammed, period.

It’s easy to simply create a .onion site which looks like Empire Market, and ask users to deposit BTC/LTC and XMR. You can’t go to the cops if you’re scammed either. See now why it’s such as ripe target for hackers?

At the least, even if not fund-deposits, hackers trick users into entering their login credentials on the fake sites, and then use those credentials to empty out the wallets.

These were some of the Empire Market alternative links which aren’t currently working. Please do not use these.

  • http://4jx6xy4yckbxez2zjfg76rz7z7546sa4z2g3dy3i3lhpj2fkmlpbc4yd.onion
  • http://kn6uxdmgsczdv63ujaq5sqbswhwzfex7tbx4yprjun37ta7nve3x6pad.onion
  • http://luurtvnno3tpnn2ber37xkmn7oplkd6xldbjdyzrhnxysprka2ngjcid.onion
  • http://hjwwqzwb2fghl37pfazhknw7vwebj6vzepart5aknif43oueetoe6oyd.onion
  • http://oz3jlxp4oymxt4rzuzm266fvc357fnmwzvm7iigjmntxim2w4m43s2ad.onion
  • http://bdzfjm5einqsfdws72cn7uenq3zc46ybf6o3qrr5ijippkatbd3hvvqd.onion
  • http://fvqgc2radss6ana42qs3z6mzaje5biler4tbpa6ve3trrknjzxf5ezad.onion
  • http://hywolt5i2fec5i3bt3xoiieuomb73ci4ffah5zaucecedb7cwvcmilqd.onion
  • http://uvkxwkpeemv4frvju6ks5wveec5bxljfibknuioejpjkl3oq2up55lyd.onion
  • http://erj7kwqkdkl73ewsuq6stztehx2tehk2aidxlex3btrfnjqax3ucvgyd.onion
  • http://xwvebxe7atbs6pr6w2rep2onjet6yzbzef6xwd5gwa42cvykosrhwqqd.onion
  • http://fx4jlraqwccfi45sv6v52ofqlomlihpvkbizsbtukmvhqadvfxqpglid.onion
  • http://le2bmntde3x53t45xtbfnrkcjk6klh56vixclvwedl2vv65chewmxhqd.onion
  • http://i5kjii2y2jumlye6etmouksvdhech357urmj4txctrneedl4vkfjbsqd.onion
  • http://6ye3exf73vcfc6daso4kuofq3ntmw4myr4vkas33fdto2a7nxgyjhbid.onion
  • http://jdngaeorgbpflr2uqfy4orefp7itydaonnix2vv5e6gb2hsv3qs6sxqd.onion
  • http://46aucm56o7sgmshwqimumyvftipw6pw75whc5epudgskylv6guii2xyd.onion
  • http://4fw7yrrudxgl2zif5pr5s6ftmg7oz2cwhwfbdrmu664cy3tuul5ys7qd.onion
  • http://igoz2dm6vqo3nuweg3vztqszxprugx2lb6xxbrmz2tkec37gc2vkd5yd.onion
  • http://vg43c6zaobirjlm3g25v7l7qw5huxuom2b5ksdh247fz3c2uv4gsnzad.onion

Empire Market alternative links

So, if Empire Market links aren’t working, what can you do? Well, you can visit one of the many legit & alternative markets in existence today.

World Market

Tor Link:  http://worldehc62cgugrgj7oc76tcna45fme47oqjrei4d4aa7xorw7fyvcyd.onion/register_now

This market was launched in November, 2020. It’s currently experiencing vendor and product-growth at an unbelievable rate. Nearly 100 new listings seem to appear every single day. This probably is because of its low vendor-fee which costs just $50.00.

Buyers have the option to pay via Bitcoin. They can also choose to pay via Escrow, or via Finalize-Early trades. Registrations are mandatory. Accounts can be secured using 2-FA for login. During registration, a security PIN too can be set, also, a mnemonic code is auto-generated upon registration for account recovery.

It isn’t wallet-less. Withdrawals cost 0.5%. Requires 2 confirmations for deposits. Has officially partnered up with a third-party Bitcoin tumbler for cleaning withdrawals.

The vendor-transparency is pretty impressive. Similarly, the search feature too is one of the most feature-rich filters in the industry.

Alternative Mirrors:

Torrez Market

Torrez Market is one such market. http://yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd.onion/

It has over 5,000 product listings today, and is the only darknet market which offers both a “wallet-less” and a “centralized wallet” modes. User chose their preferred mode of payment.

It even accepts a plethora of Cryptocurrencies. Users can pay using Bitcoin, Monero, ZEC, and Litecoin!

The search-feature, security features, and everything else is just as impressive. And, being wallet-less, it can’t exit-scam like Empire did either.

Alternative Mirrors: 

You can read our detailed Torrez Market review here.

Dark Market (Seized)

Tor Link: http://darkmarketsomqvzqfjudpd6t5eabgvvpplrbtzq6prervyogenlrlqd.onion

Dark Market is another wallet-less marketplace. I’m including wallet-less markets because these are the least likely to exit-scam.

Dark Market may be one of the most product-rich markets in existence today, with nearly 60,000 active listings. The vendor-bond is pretty expensive as well (priced at $500.00 )which keeps scammers off the platform.

Payment modes are a bit limited, only BTC and XMR accepted. A detailed Dark Market review can be found here.

Do note that you can and should verify the legitimacy of the URLs you find for darkweb markets using their PGP keys.

This helps verify the authenticity and legitimacy of those links, just to be sure.

Empire Market being advanced enough also had an auto-redirect feature. At times, when the link you’re currently on suddenly goes offline, I’ve seen it auto-redirect to a live Empire Market mirror link.

It’s best to always verify URLs using the marketplace PGP key, regardless of where you obtain them from.

And make it a point to only obtain links from .onion domains, and not clearnet sites. They (the clearnet domains) may be honeypots (set by law enforcement agencies to collect your login credentials, IP addresses and a lot more).

It’s just my belief that for maximum privacy and anonymity, you should abhore all clearnet domains altogether.

Never, ever, trust Empire Market alternative links from Reddit/ forums/or social media pages.