Elite Market Review – New Darknet Marketplace Link 2020

This is an Elite market review, period. No beating around the bush. Why do we have it here today? Because we encountered atleast two unique, exclusive and never-before features.

This review isn’t praising or supporting the Darknet Market’s activities. Those are illegal. We sure do love the novelty and innovation which the marketplace has brought with itself and that’s what we’ll primarily be discussing.

Here’s an overview of everything you’ll be able to find throughout this Elite Market review:

  • Products & Services.
  • Anti-Scam Measures.
  • Account Security features.
  • What’s unique
    • API
    • “Buyers Request” feature.
  • Support
  • Vending Requirements
  • Payment and shipping.

Elite Market outline

This section will help you understand the market in a fizzy. If you like what you see here, you’ll love the rest of this Elite Market review.

Elite Darknet Market Mirrors

In case the primary link is down, these can be used to access the marketplace.

Product and services

The crux of any Marketplace, both Darknet and clearnet ones is their products, isn’t it?  Regardless of the features, without the right products any marketplace would fail.

Elite Market seems to have aced product availability for starters. In a nutshell, everything else except the following products is available:-

  • Weapons
  • Under-Age/ Illegal Porn.
  • Prostitution.
  • Fatally harmful chemicals.
  • Murder-for-hire services.

The products are neatly numbered and categorized-

On top of the primary categorizations, we also found sub-categories for the products.  For e.g.

  • Drugs > Benzos, Cannabis & Hash, Ecstasy, Opioids, Prescriptions, Stimulants.
  • Guides & Tutorials > Drugs, Fraud, Hacking, Security & anonymity.
  • Counterfeit > Money, Clothing, Fake IDS, Jewellery (fake)
  • Digital Items > Database, Leaks, Game keys, E-books, Legit software.
  • Jewels & Gold > Gold, Silver, Other.
  • Security & Hosting > RDP, VPN, SOCKS , Hosting etc.

There sure are a couple more categories, but we’re sure you’re getting the idea? The total product-listing on the product is over 1200.

Account Security Features

Just “Passwords” aren’t enough, they never were. Especially when it’s the Darkweb you’re dealing with. To make sure hackers, govt. agents, or any other third-parties can’t get into your account Elite Market offers a number of security firewalls.

Anti-Phishing firewall

“Login phrase” is the most basic yet pretty effect anti-phishing firewall offered. Users set a random phrase/sentence as their login phrase during registrations.

This phrase is then displayed on the user’s dashboard/homepage everytime they login. If this phrase is shown, it indicates you aren’t on a phishing website.

Phishing websites can only copy the “look and aesthetics” of a website. They do not actually have the “Database”. This login phrase is stored in one such database hence if it’s absence it means the site only “looks” like Elite Market but is a sham.

Secondly, Elite Market only works if your JavaScript is disabled. So in case you find your version of the market allows access even with JavaScript enabled, it’s a phishing website.

2-FA and Security PIN

These two factors protect accounts against direct attacks on the account. The 2-FA when enabled would require users to decrypt a PGP message in addition to the password for logging in.

It means even if your password is compromised, hackers can’t get into your accounts. Much like any other 2-FA but instead of phone numbers and E-mails, DNMs use PGP.

Security PIN is a 6-digit number again set by the users while registering. It’s required when ordering products, making a withdrawal or other most finance-related activities.

This ensures that when your account is totally compromised but not the Security PIN, attackers would not be able to cause any financial damage to your Elite Market wallet.

Anti-Scam Measures

Darkweb is literally the place for scammers. In our reviews, we unfortunately encounter more scam-reports than positive ones. However, Elite Market seems to make an effort to limit scam-activity quite a bit.

For starters it offers in-built Escrow like most other Darknet Markets and allows “disputing” orders. It also focuses heavily on profile-transparency. In other words, the buyers get full access to  a vendor’s previous records.

How many sales have they made, how many disputes have they won/lost, what do other buyers say about them? The same is the case for buyer-profiles. Vendors can see the total number of orders placed by the buyer, date of signing up and other such details.

It also doesn’t allow Finalize-Early unlike most other similar DNMs. It totally ensures that vendors wouldn’t be asking for funds before dispatching a product.

All of this combined together does offer enough insights to filter good users from scammers.

What’s unique

We mentioned two features which aren’t common in the earlier sections of this Elite Market review, didn’t we? The features are:

  • API
  • And “Buyers Request” feature.


The marketplace offers APIs so users can check their notifications without having to log-in!

Despite sounding “technical” and only for geeks, it’s not so! All a user has to do is, simply copy-paste their API link. Whenever you wish to check notifications, simply paste this onto your browser and all your notifications can be accessed, no Sign-in required.

“Buyers Request” feature

Using this feature, buyers can request any products they wish to purchase manually. So you do not have to inbox vendors, rather just request products using the feature.

Another positive outcome is that, instead of dealing personally with an individual vendor you may get cheaper, better offers.


Support on Darknet Markets makes a huge difference. If there’s no easy or fast way to contact moderators/admins, it becomes a breeding ground for scammers.

Fortunately, the marketplace does offer “Tickets”. They can be created from the “Support” tab. No history is kept for tickets which have been closed the details are auto-deleted in 2 days.

In order to get in touch with vendors, there’s a special “MailBox”. It not only hosts the messages from vendors, but also from buyers and guests.

Vending Requirements

Elite Market isn’t made only for “buyers”. The actual Elite Market team probably doesn’t sell anything at all. Rather, it allows and accepts third-party vendors to sell on the marketplace.

Users can get a vendor account by depositing a one-time vendor fee of USD $150.00. It’s one of the very few marketplaces which treats both established and new vendors alike. In other words, all vendors must pay the fee regardless of their reputation.

Even if they’re established on other DNMs and even if that can be proven, the vendor-bond is mandatory. From an economical perspective, this is something that may hurt the market in the long-run.

Payment and Shipping

Down to the final section on this Elite Market review, how do users make payments and what are the shipping options?

Well, each profile has a “BTC Wallet”. This is where you can deposit Bitcoin for your purchases.

As for shipping, it really depends on what you’re purchasing. However as many as 4 shipping options were found for some products.

The shipping methods available may differ based on the destination country, the speed and other factors. The additional pricing too depends entirely on the type of shipping you’ve selected.

Closing words on Elite Market Review

Let’s wrap this Elite Market review up. We’ve tried to bring up most if not all the features on the marketplace. Technically, the features are more than impressive.

If we compare it to any of those other big marketplaces on the Dark web, product-quantity is the only aspect Elite Market would probably lose on.

So we’d say the marketplace may have a future. Although you do not have to agree with this Elite Market review. Sure letting us know what you think won’t hurt though.