Best Deep Web Weapons Store Links

We’ve listed the deep web weapons store links.

Each one of these claims to sell weapons of one or the other kind.

Mostly, limited to Assault Rifles (ARs) and Pistols.

However, you may also find scopes, backpacks, ammunition and other products on some of these Darknet gun shop links.

Note that quite a few of these Tor gun shop links are “clones”.

As in, they look and feel exactly like some other links on this list.

At times there may be differences in products or pricing.

However, identical links exist as well.

That’s so because scammers try to steal your Bitcoins by creating these clones of other successful gun shops on the dark web.

Some sites may accept Escrow, most others don’t.

Also, Bitcoin is the only mode of payment on almost all of these darkweb gun links (with a few exceptions).

How to protect yourself on the dark web

Guns? Extremely illegal.

The folks selling these guns?

Probably mafia.

You can’t just copy one of these URLs and start browsing away.

That’s extremely unsafe (even with Tor browser).

For utmost anonymity and security, follow the security steps mentioned below, exactly in the order they’re mentioned:

  • Download NordVPN (I do not trust other VPNs. They’re not as secure, or fast).
  • Launch NordVPN and connect to its “onion over VPN” server.
  • Either download TOR, or update it to its latest version.
  • Increase TOR’s security (Menu > options> security >safest).
  • Use black tape to mask your mic and webcam.
  • Done

While some of these steps may seem extreme, well, “guns” aren’t exactly mainstream now, are they?


These deep web weapons store links are shared here purely and solely for educational purposes.

Browsing them isn’t illegal (best to my knowledge).

Ordering /selling guns on the dark web is illegal.

Do not do so.

Moreover, we haven’t verified any of the claims that any of these websites make.

We aren’t affiliated with any of these gun shop links/ their administrators or teams in any way.

The descriptions are purely based on these unverified claims.

They may be true.

However, it’s more likely they’re scams, and pranks.

Hence, any and all profits/losses, financial or otherwise that you incur will solely and exclusively be your own responsibility.

Note that even Escrow-accepting shops may be a scam, in partnership with the escrow companies.

In a nutshell, do not trade on any of these (or any other) darknet shops.

We will not be held responsible for any of your actions.

Best deep web weapons store links

Most other .onion gun shop links you’ve visited were offline?

Well, these aren’t. They’ve 100% live as of 2020.

http://darkgunweeep2epr.onion/Gun shop – The shop has nearly 10 different types of guns and their ammunition listed up for sale. Everything from SMGs to AR rifles seem to be available. Payment is only accepted in Bitcoin. Shipping costs an extra $50.00, although is free when 5+ items are ordered together. Also offers additional multi-package shipping for $150.00. Items are shipped in parts, on different days. No registration required. 100% payment in advance.

http://2kka4f23pcxgqkpv.onion/Tor gun shop linkEuro Guns – A semi-automated gun shop, has exactly 3 products listed for now, all of which are pistols. Ammo for each of these can be purchased separately as well. Ships from Netherlands and Germany. Registration is mandatory in order to make a purchase. Funds need to be deposited to the account in advance. The guns aren’t stolen, they’re completely new, just unregistered. BTC payments only.

http://topgunsj5ixpfyln.onion/ – Buy guns dark web link – Top Gun Market – The name is very clear, they sell guns, period. They’ve listed snipers, full automatics, semi-automatics, pistols, shotguns, revolvers and most other gun types. Drugs and fake documents are some other items the site sells. All products are claimed being tested multiple times. Ships within 24 hours. Even a replacement policy exists. Semi-automated orders, a “how to order” guide is sent to mail after making the full payment, in advance.

http://yibhdid4wssp4rly.onion/ – Tor network gun shop – UK Guns and Ammo Store – The site uses one of the most common site templates for darknet gun markets. Has just 2 products listed, the Glock and the Walther. Ammo sold separately. Charges a 5GBP fee for shipping. Ammo can’t be bought without the gun. Only Bitcoin accepted. Requires mandatory registration.

http://firearcmgmdbbmneswpuoifbag5phya6n7njkvoewpaj5cisyocrhzyd.onion – GunsFirearms 72 – This site has a number of weapons and ammunitions listed. Doesn’t ship globally though, has a few country restrictions such as North Korea (obviously), Iraq, Egypt and a few others. Orders can not be placed automatically, require e-mailing the admin. No registration is required. The team even helps pick the best weapon depending on the requirement. No payment policies mentioned, probably accepts BTC and a few other cryptocurrencies.

http://darksei2hj6fojdhqfpyps7xm3h5qeu2wggox3vxsao3drjyuyjg44qd.onion – WeaponsDrkseid – Is a single-vendor weapons market on the dark web. Product catalogue includes SMGs, Handguns, Rifles etc. Seems to have a large stock, allows bulk orders. No registration required. Requires advance payments, claims the wallet is “escrow”, not verified by us. No other cryptocurrency except Bitcoin is accepted.

http://wnfnquf7ffoe75ad3u7ix4bdmig7fqgr3desr7zq7zn32asjpwddq6id.onion – Weapons Ammo Bay – This is a weapons site on the dark web. It sells everything from guns, smokeless powders, to ammunitions. Automated purchases. Even has a professional refund policy. Is controlled by a single admin and doesn’t accept third-party vendors. Even has a reviews page, the reviews may or may not be legit.

http://qbbiczdj4ldi2ovt.onion/.onion gun shop link Euro Guns – Another darknet gun site which is rather limited when it comes to stock. It sells the Walther, Desert Eagle and the SIG Sauer. Registration is mandatory, orders can’t be placed without registering. Doesn’t charge any additional shipping fee. Source of the guns is stated to be Netherlands and Germany. Ships worldwide, however, guarantees successful shipping only within EU. Accepts only Bitcon for payments.

http://lhoktmc7tzo5khl65uj5nnr3qauxozngktt2spa6ovq5dceheludyhyd.onion/- Marketplace – Black Market –  It’s a full-fledged market which sells almost all the darknet products, surprisingly allows weapons as well. Has a “Guns for sale” category where the products can be found.  Currently has 9 items listed, these are mostly pistols with a single assault rifle listing. Payments can only be made using Bitcoins. Is wallet-less. Requires a valid e-mail ID for signing up. Note that this compromises your privacy and security.

http://tp4xfwwziyvcd75tpiyceohsqpshsz64arbotbzzbj5w2ksnps5fftad.onion/ – Darknet gun shop – Para Bellum –  This is a single admin site, dedicated exclusively to guns. The serial numbers are wiped off and the guns have never been used before. It has pistols, snipes, SMGs, and ARs listed. Is wallet-less, no registration required. Purchase details are sent to an e-mail ID after making the payment. Doesn’t accept Bitcoin and is limited to Monero.

http://armoryoimwdhr3do4eonbqppq63cjvlzrhvd4lhbgbng6ablytbp35qd.onion/ – Tor gun shop –  Armory – The site grants access only after registering, it’s free and instant. Listed products include high-tech snipers, shotguns, and Assault Rifles.Is not wallet-less, requires advance deposits. Only Bitcoin is accepted. Is single-admin and doesn’t allow other vendors to sell. Does consist of a support staff.

http://markethphla6dglv.onion/Darknet gun shop linksBMG – Stands for “Black Market Guns”. Seems to offer 50+ products. I noticed everything from M416s to the simpler Beretta being listed, even Colts. Ammunition is sold in bulk as well. Completely automated order-process. Accepts both BTC and LTC. 100% payment required in advance. U.S deliveries take 1-3 days, for other countries, 2-4 days may be required. Assembling instructions shipped with the package.

http://drksefgigt7reygx.onion/catalogue.htmlDarknet Gun ShopDrkseid – The name probably stands for “Dark Side”. The site sells handguns, rifles, ammo etc. Currently, 8 products are available for purchase. Even though mostly Pistols, I did find a couple SMGs as well. Paper-notes proving the legitimacy of the photos are available with the product-thumbnails. The order-process isn’t automated, mail required after sending payment to share the shipping details. Tracking number provided. Only BTC payments.

http://ijr246luczc74cgm.onion/Darkweb Gun store linkUK Guns and Ammo Store – The site has exactly 2 products listed, a Glock 19 and a Walther P99. Ammo for both the guns too can be purchased but only with the gun. Registration is mandatory. Funds need to be deposited in advance. Quantity of the guns/ammo can be manually specified. Accepts only Bitcoin. Requires an additional 5GBP shipping fee. Ships from the UK.

http://5xxqhn7qbtug7cag.onion/Darkweb Gun ShopBMG – Another site with the same logo and name as the earlier Black Market Gun site listed above. However, different interface and products. Only Bitcoin payments accepted. Multiple photos for each product available. Extremely detailed product-descriptions (calibre, length, weight, capacity etc). Also sells sights, scopes, and ammunition. A contact form is available, to be used after making a payment. Pistols, ARs, SMGs, and even Shotguns listed.

http://pistolcqex2ecr5r.onion/Gun shopEuro Guns – The site is almost an identical clone of another website listed above. However, we do not know which of these is the legitimate darkweb gun shop. The products too are exactly the same, and all of them are pistols. Registration is mandatory and it too is a Bitcoin-only darknet gun shop. Shipping is completely free. The guns are supposedly shipped from Netherlands and/or Germany.

http://armoryohajjhou5m.onion/login.phpBuy gun Darkweb linkDeepweb Gun Store – It’s one of the few deep web weapons store links which only grant any access to the site after registration. It however is free, anonymous and instant. 12 guns listed for sale. Pretty hardcore, no pistols or SMGs sold. Is limited to Snipers and ARs. Offers 50 bullets for free with all purchases. Ships worldwide. Replacements offered. BTC only, advance payments required.

http://drkseidwayn6uc5x.onion/Darkweb Gun ShopDrkseid – Sells handguns, armours, rifles and even body armours. Probably is owned by the same admin who owns the previously listed Drkseid shop, or may be a phishing attempt altogether (or, vice-versa). Tracking number provided. Only BTC accepted. Ships globally. Up to 5 of the same products can be ordered. 8 products listed. Payment required in advance. No escrow.

http://luckp47s6xhz26rn.onion/Tor gun shop linkLuckyP 47 – The full name of the site is Luhansk Counter Kiev Partisans. Probably the most product-rich store on this entire list of the deep web weapons store links. Nearly 75 products available. Extremely hardcore, even RPGs and hand grenades available. Pistols, Rifles, Snipers, available as well. Ammo and scope available on request, for returning customers. Payment required in advance. Manual e-mail required for ordering.

http://gunsganjkiexjkew.onionGun shopGuns and Ganja Private Club – Access to the site is only possible after registration. Pretty product-rich. Over 40 products listed, nearly categorized in categories such as Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, Ammo, Optics etc. Even backpacks and silencers available. Deposits required to centralized account-wallet. Withdrawals allowed. Only BTC accepted. Completely automated order-process. Also shows number of sale and feedback for previous sales.

http://gunsdtk47tolcrre.onion/Gun shopUK Guns and Ammo Store – The name and interface may look identical to another gun selling Tor site listed above. However, even the products are the same. However, the pricing differs. Shipping is free (pre-included in the product pricing). Bullets sold for both the guns as well. Registration is mandatory. 100% of the funds need to be deposited in advance. No Escrow accepted.

http://gunstry2lzpvf47i.onion/Darkweb gun shop linkGun Shop – Registration mandatory to view product-listings. Paper-notes included with the product-thumbnails, however, are clearly fakes and computer generated. 6 products currently listed including SMGs, ARs and a couple Pistols. Completely automated. Refunds offered if and when problems arise with the transaction. No wallet, however advance deposit to a BTC address required. 30-minute window provided for payments.

http://gunshopzpqbe4kgl.onion/generic.htmlDark web gun store linkGun Shop 2020 – The shop has 17 products listed as of today. Says they deliver from 10 different countries. Primarily stocked with Pistols, however a few rifles too available. Absolutely no automation. Orders can be placed via E-mail Wickr and surprisingly even via Whatsapp! Order details, payment information and everything else is supposedly shared upon further communication.

http://walkeryjiuzluicrmo3oikbfwcp7h7evl6fhovtk52rzxgbbpk3tk6ad.onion/Gun for saleWalker’s Gun – It’s not alike the other deep web weapons store links on this list. Someone supposedly named Walker has listed a single Beretta M9 for sale. The serial number has been scrapped off. 7 19mm bullets offered with the gun. A note says “Auction Expired” but I’ve seen this site for nearly a year now, hence, I’m guessing the e-mail ID that’s shared can be used to procure other guns.

Conclusion – Deep web weapons store links

Those were the 15 best shops on the dark web which claim to sell weapons.

I’d just like to reiterate that buying/selling guns without a license is extremely illegal.

You aren’t allowed to use any of the links above to engage in any real-life activity (including but not limited to, buying and selling guns).

By doing so, you assume 100% responsibility of your actions.