Deep Web Stories (Disturbing and Creepy)

Deep Web Stories: The Deep web is full of conspiracy theories, history alterations, and facts that gives us the creeps no doubts. If we’re to believe everything that the deep web says, I’d say everything we know about the world as it is, would be challenged. But these deep web stories do exist, either we believe them or not.

That’s the reason why I’m scribbling this Deep web stories article right here. Well before understanding the Deep web stories, you need to understand what the Deep web is, how credible their stories are and if it’s worth your time at all.

What are Deep Web Stories?

I assume you’re on this piece because you already know what the deep web is and how to access the deep web, because no one would read an article that’s titled “Deep web stories” unless they know what the deep web is.

So as you already know the deep web is basically the “hidden” part of the Internet. Infact researchers even say that the “surface web”, meaning the web that we access in our everyday life is like the upper, visible part of an ice-berg, where the invisible part comprises of the Deep/Dark web.

Now there’s quite a bit of difference between the Deep web and the Dark web, but that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here for the Deep web stories and that’s what I’ll get you.

So basically the deep web stories are stories/articles on sites which are on the deep web. At times there are data, number and dates to back these stories up, at times there aren’t. But they exist all the same.

How Credible Are the Deep Web Stories?

So basically you know that the deep web isn’t the “normal” web, it’s not on the surface, it’s not liable to any govt. and it just almost doesn’t exist on a normal level of existence.

So how can you trust or take into consideration anything that the deep web says? You can’t! But then again you can’t stop but wonder that there always is a iota of truth behind every single lie, even if just a pinch.

Well do know that the stories I’m describing below didn’t happen with “me”, but they’re just famous deep web stories and are the experiences of other people.

So let’s have a look at some of the best deep web stories that there are.

1. I’ll Snap You

I’m placing this at #1, because this is THE MOST CREEPIEST STORY on this list of the deep web stories, atleast for me.

What happened was, our guy was on the deep web, he gets hungry. (Everyone gets hungry!) So he goes out to a restaurant named “Five Guys”, and orders a burger.

He eats his burger, gets back on his laptop! Guess what, there was a picture of him, eating the burger at Five guys just couple minutes ago!

If that doesn’t creep you, you’re on the wrong planet!

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2. We See You

To understand this, you need to go back couple decades when the “Internet’ was not as you know it today. Instead it was basically just pure HTML and geocities back then,

So when our story-teller was browsing through geocities, he/she (I’m still confused about the identity, but for the scope of this article let’s consider it as a “she”.) came across web-page, which looked way ahead of it’s time. Because well it was a HTML only age, and the web-page was pretty advanced.

And from what it felt like to our narrator, it was as if a lot of people were exchanging secret data and messages. While our narrator was still confused, he/she found a bunch of IP-address hidden inside a Javascript code.

So she did exactly what any curious mind would do, she started pinging those IPs. Well most of the IPs came up as “university” routers and having warning messages like “This is a secure Server” etc.

It was only when she came across a web-server that had a lot of TIFF images (its an image format, just like JPG) and HTML files. When she ran a DNS lookup, there was nothing that could give a solid lead so as to whom the server belonged, and then she ran a “visualroute trace” which ended giving up the position as “colorado”.

What was in the files?

The stumbling upon strange IPs and reaching university servers wasn’t the strange part! The strange part was the HTML and TIFF files she found.

The HTML files seemed records of “psychologists” or someone who worked in the “mental health” department.
While the TIFF image files were that of “Fax machines”, both personal as well as military grade.

What Happened After

So after she found the files, she browsed back from the subdirectory to the parent directory.

The strange thing is, once she came back to the parent directory, she found that there was a new file which was named something like “HelloThere.html”.

She opened it, and there was a message there written exactly like this:- we see you

If you aren’t scared or creeped out yet, don’t get comfortable because you might not be a computer nerd so let me tell you that the “hellothere.html” file couple appear the way it did only if someone uploaded in real-time, exactly when it appeared, meaning someone did it when she was looking at those other directories and photos.

So well someone watching what we do on the Internet and that too almost 1 and a half decade back when the technology wasn’t developed enough? Yeah this definitely is the winner of my “#1 creepiest Deep web stories award“.

3. “You Better Start Running”

So our narrator was browsing the TOR (that’s what you browse the deep web on.) Suddenly he went all beat-mode on the clicks!

He landed on a wiki page that was part of the Deep web, and he hit the random button couple times. (Well, maybe couple times, and then some!).

The next page that was supposed to open up took a lot of time to load. And when it finally did, in bold letters it was written :- YOU BETTER START RUNNING!

Was it just a scare-page? Or did it mean something? Well that’s up to you to ponder over.

4. The $255,000 Job Opportunity

Would you leave everything you identify yourself with, your home, town, relatives and friends for 6 months and spend it abroad a ship for $255K?

That’s what happened with our narrator in this case. He was on the deep web and he saw a job posting.
Services Required:-

1). RN Credentials and Combat Experience. (RN can mean quite a lot of things, but as far as my knowledge goes it meant Nursing License in this case.)
2). 6 Months on a ship abroad.
3). Out of communication with the rest of the world!
Well they were paying quarter of a Million dollar, and well back then its value was more than a million dollars as it is today.

I’d say something does smell fishy, don’t you?

5. “Open Sesame.”


If you didn’t get the phrase, let me tell you it’s from an Indian folklore where “Open Seaseme” is a voice-code that opens a secret passage underneath a mountain. And well, it’s world-famous too.

It’s not associated with deep web stories, but I did associate it with that phrase because it’s relevant, well there’s this incident on the Deep web that has happened with over a hundred different people.

They just stumble upon web-pages from the deep web where there’s nothing except a very basic HTML page, that has a “username” and “password” section and nothing else!

And well there are hundreds of these pages. Don’t you want to know what lies behind those credentials? Maybe who killed Kennedy! Or maybe when the world will end? Well till you figure out the credentials, good luck.

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6. Wizard Radio Station

A Reddit user reported that he found this link on the Deep web which had people talking to each other in real time!
Well the strange part is that, they all thought they were WIZARDS!

Were they real wizards? Because later when our guy went back to the radio station, it was nowhere to be found.

7. Make Your Own Bomb

Another famous story among the deep web stories is the fact that there exist (and I can confirm to that) articles, detailed, illustrated, step-by-step articles on How to make your own bomb!

And I’m talking “terrorist” level bombs just not just fireworks! So well the next time you’re accidentally on the deep web, make sure you click the close button as soon as something even smells like a bomb-making article!

8. The E-Hitman

We can order electronics, books, and pretty much anything we want these days online isn’t that right?

What if I tell you that there exist deep web stories where people claim they landed on “Hire a Hitman” websites?

Well yes, a Reddit user says that he once landed on the deep web and found himself on a website which was reportedly selling E-hitman.

Meaning you could hire a hitman to take anyone out, and you could pay in Bitcoins! (That’s pretty smart, because you can’t trace bitcoins! So he won’t be caught taking the payment!)

What did it Cost?

You wanna eat a burger you pay for a burger, you want a Pizza the cost goes up. Well similarly, our E-hitman too had a menu that depended on who you wanna take out.

The pricing gradually increased, starting from civilians< police < politicians <children.

It’s actually more disturbing because the guy had placed “children” as the most expensive option out there. I mean who on earth KILLS CHILDREN!

9. Hi There Mr. X

A random user, comments a random comment on a random video on the deep web. Well minutes later, there appears a reply to the comment saying “‘That is very astute of you Mr. (insert my last name).”

And well the user claims that his last name isn’t anything common, so well that does creep the hell out of me knowing there’s someone who can miraculously get my name right!

10. How to Cook Live Women Meat


What if I told you there actually existed a website which taught people how to cook “Human” meat! Although I don’t know why the website felt like a “sexist” website to me, cause it explicably was teaching how to cook “woman” meat and not that of a male.

And it wasn’t just some lines of normal meat cooking, it actually had a pretty detailed article on the types of meat you should be choosing, the angle of the cuts and other details as such.

And what worries me more is, the website wasn’t talking about cooking a “dead” woman! (As if cooking a dead woman was normal!), instead it was explaining how you should be delicate with the cuts and the specified angles so that the woman lived as long as possible while her flesh was being COOKED!

If you’ve ever seen one of those “saw” movies, I’m pretty sure now we both know how the directors get these ideas. Was it just a random article? Or did the writer actually cooked live women? Think about it!

11.Cicada 3301

This piece just can’t be complete without talking about the Cicada 3301 puzzle. While most consider it one of the most sophisticated Puzzles on the internet, others consider it a recruitment project.

Whatever it is, it sure was creepy for sure. The first message was seen on 4th Jan, 2012. A series of images appeared, each hiding a puzzle within.  Solving the puzzle required users to Decipher text, go to random locations  and even picking up calls which at random phone booths.

Clues were hidden in Mayan images, and GPS coordinates hidden within these images. Although what makes it one of the creepiest Deepweb stories is the fact that, the creators are still unknown. The same holds true for the “result” of the puzzle as well, there’s no definite proof as to what happened to those who solved the puzzle.

I completely understand if you’re craving for more information on the same. We’ve  got an extremely detailed  guide on Cicada 3301 Puzzle.

12. “That is very astute of you”

I’ve said repeatedly, TOR isn’t secure. Even TOR says that. Well, no one listens.

You probably will start using a VPN along with TOR if you don’t already.

So there was this user who was watching a video, over TOR (ah, pretty secure, private and anonymous, or was he?)

He commented something on the video, and forgot about it.

He goes back to the video some time later (maybe minutes, hours, days, weeks, I’m not sure).

Anyway, this time, there’s a reply to his comment, which says- “That is very astute of you [ his last name].

On his Reddit post, he also insists that his last name isn’t a common one.

Common or not, a person being identified, singled-out, despite TOR sure is creepy, isn’t it?

Even the user says he “didn’t Internet for weeks”.

Bottomline? Get one of the best VPNs and only then connect to TOR. It truly isn’t safe.

Final Words:

So well yeah those were the creepiest deep web stories I’ve ever come across folks. If you’ve got your own deep web story as well, just leave them down there in the comments, if it’s creepy enough (and really honest), I might add it here on the list as well.

And just in case you’re wondering, the “deep web” isn’t as bad as most people label it to be. It’s just a place where you come across govt. secrets and things you don’t see on the surface web, nothing worth killing you for.

So you can calm down and go out there on TOR, just make sure you’re not using a normal browser or your real IP.

Disclaimer: – This Article on Deep web stories doesn’t in any way encourage you to visit the Deep web and do anything illegal there (or anywhere as a matter of fact), any activity apart from “reading this article” is your responsibility.