Deep Web Software Links | Dark Web Software Links

Here you’ll get 20 deep web software links.

“Software” doesn’t mean cracked/leaked/pirated software.

Rather, all (except one) of these links offer unique software not found anywhere else.

Some of these links may offer downloadable software.

Others may offer browser-based programs which let you do something specific.

Again, “software” also includes viruses and malware, doesn’t it?

Some of these links code and sell their own custom ransomware and other malware.

While most of these are direct software, some links may also be “informative”.

As in, offering information about specific software, their current condition and so on.

Either way, I’m sure you’ll find something of interest sooner or later.

Security Tips Before Accessing These Darknet Software Links

Being “software”, these links often warrant downloads.

Downloading anything off the darkweb is extremely risky.

There are quite a few FTP directories, or even direct software which you can download off these links.

Now, you can’t be sure of the intention of the authors.

Any of these links/contents may be virus/malware or other kind of malicious code.

Or, they may be designed just to trace/track you.

Hence, follow these security steps exactly in the given order to prevent that from happening:



As mentioned earlier, these links may offer downloadable software.

Or, they may be web-based programs.

We have absolutely no control on either one of these.

We do not claim or guarantee these software/programs to be legitimate or authentic.

They may very well be malicious.

Also, we do not promote/support or encourage piracy.

Any of these dark web software links, if and when offering pirated content, should be avoided.

We do not know if the software being offered will work.

Similarly, some of these Tor software links may be complete scams.

As in, you may not receive anything in exchange of your payment.

In a nutshell, we (anyone involved with this site) are not responsible for any loss, be it financial, technical or in any other form, which may be a result of this article.

Any and all action on any of these links is 100% your own responsibility.

20 Deep Web Software Links | Dark Web Software Links

These links will get you to websites “claiming” to offer one or the other kind of software.

You should find password generators, ID generators, encryption programs and many other similar services/apps.

http://darkcorqvqcj3p3g.onion/Virus/MalwareDarkcode, The Shop– The admin claims to sell viruses/malware, primarily for Windows. Source code of the files provided for customization. Does provide demo video for proof. Even accepts EMI-payments. Additionally, allows the use of Escrow. Accepts Monero and ZCash for payments. Add-ons include an automatic building script, access to the binary file, “malware review” add-on etc. The entire code is claimed to be from scratch.

http://ranionjgot5cud3p.onion/RansomwareRanion – Ranion is one of those virus selling deep web software links. “Ransomware” to be more specific. It also provides a C&C dashboard. IP tracking, offline encryption, Crypter, Unkillable process, Dropper, Clone, etc. are some of the available add-ons. Has 3 packages, a 12-month package priced at $900.00, a 6-month package which costs $490.00 and a 1-month package priced at $120.00 USD. No extra fee-share demanded.

https://secrdrop5wyphb5x.onion/WhistleblowingSecureDrop – One of my favourite deep web software links. Have data which can expose politicians, govt. officials, institutes or powerful people? SecureDrop lets you anonymously share data with leading media outlets such as The Guardian, The Intercept, The Washington Post, Apache etc. No identification required. A “secret key” provided for further communications. Extremely easy to use. You can also setup SecureDrop at your own organization.

http://privacy2zbidut4m4jyj3ksdqidzkw3uoip2vhvhbvwxbqux5xy5obyd.onion/Security toolsPrivacy Tools – This is an informative-directory. It lists websites and tools all enforcing, increasing or supporting privacy in one or the other way. Some of the available categories are web browsers, extensions, OS, privacy tools, software etc. Options for all devices and OS such as desktop, Android, iOS etc. are available. Ad-blockers, hack-blockers etc. and many other similar tools available. In-built WebRTC leak tester too available.

http://stormgm7blbk7odd.onion/VPNCryptostorm – Is a VPN service. Is open-source and can be reviewed by anyone. Uses “tokens” instead of personal information of users hence 100% anonymous. Based out of Iceland. Costs $6.00 weekly for 4 devices. Or, pay $52.00 for a year’s worth of subscription, for 4 devices. Many other plans available. Supports Wireguard. Is available on Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android and routers. Not as good as NordVPN though.

http://stormgm7blbk7odd.onion/VPN Cryptostorm – One of the very few VPNs which supports WireGuard, as a result offers lightening fast speeds. Claims of not storing any logs. Even publishes its server-side configurations publicly. Functions out of Iceland. Even allows multihop for added privacy. OpenVPN is primarily used. A total of 663 IP addresses currently available. Does allow BitTorrent. Kill-Switch available.

http://airvpn3epnw2fnsbx5x2ppzjs6vxtdarldas7wjyqvhscj7x43fxylqd.onion/VPN AirVPN – Primarily an OpenVPN-based VPN run by hactivists. Doesn’t store logs (as per its claims). Does provide forward secrecy. Allows 5 simultaneous connections. No limits on server switches. No personal details required for purchasing the VPN. Supports most devices including iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, Linux etc. BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, BTCH and credit cards too supported for payments.

http://deepwebvpnvvotmw.onion/VPN DeepWeb VPN – This is a weird VPN. Doesn’t provide much data on the website. Lets us choose from a single or a double VPN tariff plan. The duration is then to be chosen. The VPN can even be purchased for a single day. Anonymous registration required for purchases. BTC, ETH, XMR, Z-CASH, DASH and LTC payments accepted.

http://z3yt5342g77gfb3h.onion/Software MarketDarkset – It’s a marketplace which exclusively sells software. Available products include Photoshop, illustrator, VideoStudio, AutoCAD, 3DS, MS Office, Windows, Autodesk etc. The admin(s) buy data dumps, write cracks, basically obtain the license, or unlock these programs and then sell the unlocked program for a cheaper rate than their original price. The marketplace has been online since 2016. Payment can only be made via Bitcoins.

http://ic6au7wa3f6naxjq.onion/Privacy toolGnuPG – It’s basically an encryption algorithm/code, which has been packages like a software. This seems to be the official website of GnuPG. The popular Gpg4win PGP-encryption program is its Windows version. It also has a number of other programs including Hockeypuck, Pinentry, MacGPG, Keylookup, enigform etc. Some of these are extensions, keyservers, encryption tools for Mac etc. Also shows how to check the integrity of a new gnuPG installation.

http://bitcoin7diygaoju7klqpamlbkv2jgnfdhjrp7vrdqmm47yyminnq6id.onion/- Generate BitcoinsBitcoin GeneratorA very convincing Bitcoin generator. Has a live-chat where people are always saying they got free BTC. Also a real-time feed shows how much each user is getting. Is anonymous. Runs 10-second timers after which they’re reset. Even allows manually selecting the amount of funds you wish to generate. Doesn’t need to be downloaded.

http://rqef5a5mebgq46y5.onion/Tor download directoryIndex of/ – Basically a directory listing all the Tor versions. May not be trustworthy, potential viruses/ransomware and other viruses may be shared. Files going as far back as 2008 available. There are other folders such as exonerator, collector, onionoo etc. Basically can be used to download older version of TOR and other related software. Being a FTP-directory, one-click downloads possible.

http://pgpkeysximvxiazm.onion/KeyserverOpenPGP Keyserver – A Keyserver hosting public PGP keys. Also allows submitting your own keys so it can be found by others. There’s also a clearnet version however that may or may not be linked/affiliated with this onion version. The search-feature is advanced, you can choose to include fingerprints, regular/verbose indexing, full-hash keys etc. The database is more than impressive with over 6026760 keys available as of today.

http://smspriv6fynj23u6.onion/Buy phone numbersSMS Privacy – You may need a new number for various reasons. SMS Privacy lets you buy real (not virtual) phone numbers for 0.0015 BTC/day. No E-mail ID required, simply choose any username, deposit Bitcoins and you get your number. Not even the company knows who you are. Currently only GB numbers (+44) available. Seems to be a legitimate project, identity details of the owner have been transparently mentioned.

http://rougmnvswfsmd4dq.onion/InformationTor Metrics – Tor Metrics shows various stats about Tor and its network. This includes the number of users, relays and bridges, amount of traffic going through and the total capacity, the speed of the network at the time of test, number of unique .onion addresses (both v2 and v3) etc. All of this data can be downloaded as JPG, PNG and even a PDF file.

http://vktxjxkqbjsw2izm.onion/Password generatorEasy Type Password – It’s a Tor service which generates passwords which can be remembered, yet are extremely secure. Simply select the number of words, numbers, and language. It can generate passwords in English, French and Chinese. No registration required. It’s best to add a few of your own characters to the generated password just to make it more secure.

http://nz544wppkixoqajp.onion/SoftwareTrueCrypt – Truecrypt was one of the best disk encryption software, however, was officially discontinued in 2014. This deep web software link is like an archive which lets us download Truecrypt. Truecrypt lets us encrypt drives, create hidden partitions, encrypt removable storage and do much more. It also supports hardware acceleration, pipelining, parallelization etc. However, this may be a virus/malware/backdoor. It’s best to use Veracrypt for encrypting disks.

http://4qt45wbulqipigwa.onion/Encrypted sharing softwareKeyringer – It’s a software which lets us create PGP keyrings. It uses a command-line interface. Allows keys to be paired in groups for added privacy. Group-access can be provided so more than one user has access to the same repository. It’s extremely powerful, but does need basic understanding of commands. Is 100% free, anonymous and private.

http://gnhak6mkynullju4.onion/SoftwareOwl’s Cage – It’s a website which offers many products, however, its “Spotify Bot” and ransomware/malware listings are what got it listed on this .onion software links list. The “Spotify Bot” is supposed to make you money (and famous) on Spotify. On the other hand, the Wannacry ransomware is extremely popular and supposedly can be bought here. ATM-Malware sold too. Only BTC payments. 1 hour payment window.

http://elfqgwgvrloe52lp.onion/fakeid.phpID generatorFake ID Generator – This website generates the most complete Fake ID. You’ll get a name, address, father/mother’s name, phone number, card numbers, vehicle numbers, zodiac signs, birthplace, hair/eye colors, religion, political preferences, favourite season, tax-details, owned cars, license and everything in between. Details are virtual, not related to any real individual. 100% automated. No registration required. One-click generation of new IDs.

http://passwordyjmvxdhz.onion/Password GeneratorSecure Password Generator – It’s a password generator. You get to choose the case of the letters, inclusion/exclusion of digits, punctuation, the initial character of the letter, and length. Claims that passwords are never stored. Completely random passwords, not easy to remember. Also available on the Clearnet. No signup/registration required. Completely server-side infrastructure, keeps you and your passwords safe.

http://satod3y35whwm7ww.onion/File HosterSatoshiBox – An anonymous file-hoster, used by darknet sellers and marketplace. It basically lets you host any file, completely anonymously, and receive payments for downloads. Charges a 6% fee on all received payment. You can enable/disable reviews. Custom thank-you URL can be set, or you can directly type text. Easy to use, form-based interface. Enter name, description, price, image and done. Also allows a “sale price”.

http://generator3ro6cek.onion/Accounts – The website lets you buy premium access to software and services, such as VPNs, streaming services, other software for a fraction of their original price. Some of the services include Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, Grammarly etc. Completely anonymous. No “subscription” required. Both “shared” and “private” accounts available. Starting as low as $0.1. Seems active, other users can be contacted using the live visitor chat on the platform.

http://scant5xpeodjzgno.onion/Graphic ID GeneratorScan Generator – Scan Industry – It’s an online software which generates real, professional-looking mock-ups of custom documents. This includes licenses, passports, invoices, proof of homes, bank details, credit cards, etc. Simply select a country for which you need the document, select the exact document you need, enter the required data (name, D.O.B) etc. Preview generated instantly. Final versions can be bought using BTC.

Final Words on deep web software links

The only aspect we’ve verified, and claim to be true for any of these links is their “online status”.

Each of these links are live as of June 2020.

Nothing else is claimed, guaranteed or verified for these deep web software links.