Deep Web Social Media Sites Links

Looking for the best deep web social network links?

I’ve got as many as 9 of those here for you today.

All of these links are live as of June, 2020.

Security tips before accessing these deep web social network links

You never know what the other person’s intention is on these networks.

Hence, it’s common for users to share malicious files, try to hack into systems, send you to illegal links and so on.

Be sure to follow the steps listed next to ensure you remain safe.

Else, the unrestricted-environment of these social networks may prove to be a cause of concern to you. 

  • Download a VPN. (Our personal recommendation: NordVPN).
  • Launch the VPN and connect to an IP address. (If you’ve NordVPN, you’ll get an “onion over VPN” option. It’s ultra-secure and made for the Tor network, connect to it).
  • Download /update TOR browser to its latest update.
  • Make sure your mic and webcam are blacked out (you may use black tape to do so).
  • Done

[Bonus tip]: Never download anything from any of these darkweb social networks.


None of these Tor social network links are directly illegal.

At least not to the best of our knowledge.

However, we (or you) never know what any other user may post from his/her end.

Hence, it’s totally possible to get exposed to illegal content.

Note that it’s not our motive or intention, to get you access to anything which is illegal.

Neither is it in our control.

If and when you do see something illegal, close the tab and get off the site.

Secondly, because we do not control the actions of others, we can’t promise everything is “safe” on these deep web social network links either.

Viruses, backdoors, scams etc. are abundant.

We won’t be held responsible for any of your actions on these deep web social networks.

Neither can we be held liable if you’re scammed, or for any other kind of loss, be it financial or otherwise.

This is just a deep web social network link directory.

What you do there, or what someone else does on these darkweb social media platforms isn’t within our control.

Just be sure to not click on any links.

Specially those which claim to be “selling” something.

If you do download a supposedly legal, legitimate file, run it only on a Virtual Machine or a Sandbox.

Best Deep Web Social Network Links

These social networks on the dark web offer most of the features that the clearnet networks do.

This includes comments, shares, pokes, connections/friends, and everything else.

However, there’s much less, or almost no restriction as far as the “type” of content goes.

These networks do not ask for any identification details.

You can use any name, any address, be anyone you wish to be and these networks do not mind.

In other words, these darknet networks offer a lot more anonymity and privacy than their clearnet counterparts.

There’s almost no censorship as well. Your posts won’t be taken down out of the blue.

No matter what you post, the other users do expect a bit “non-traditional” content anyway.

Moreover, every single user on these social networks is someone who values his/her privacy, freedom of opinion and expression etc.

Hence, the negative comments too are either non-existent, or very few in number.

Let’s get started then?

https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/  –  Social Network –  Facebook – This is the official .onion version of Facebook. The clearnet Facebook version obviously is literally one of the biggest privacy-risks on the planet. The .onion version is supposed to be more secure. Fully-featured alike the clearnet version. Even though may not be 100% anonymous, is comparatively more private than the clearnet version. Best if you create a new account and do not use your clearnet Facebook account.

http://socialxnedgivnc4.onion/Social networkOnion Social – Onion Social is pretty famous on the Tor network. Registration is 100% free. After login, an optional photo can be uploaded. The Onion social admin, or team is auto-added to all requests. Does have pages, groups, and also hashtags. Group chats are allowed as well.  Also supports direct mic-records, gif and file-uploads for the chat.  Additionally, has a marketplace, products, pokes, games, jobs sections.

http://galaxy3bhpzxecbywoa2j4tg43muepnhfalars4cce3fcx46qlc6t3id.onion/Tor Social NetworkGalaxy 3 – Another social network, the interface may not be as impressive as Facebook or Onion Social, but has the features. Supports, groups, files, Bookmarks, Polls and even Files. It looks like a forum, but you can view profiles, check files and polls uploaded by them, comment on their feed and so on. Most of the posts and users there seem to be interested in carding, cloning, phishing etc.

http://diasporaaqmjixh5.onion/Social NetworkDiaspora – One of the oldest, most anonymous Darknet social networks. Clearly mentions that 0 real-life details or data is required. It’s completely decentralized and uses “pods”. Some pods don’t even require registration. Sharing control offers the ability to choose who gets, or doesn’t get access to your posts. Also mentions that any shared data remains private and isn’t ever shared with third-parties.

http://socioy66d3s57eax.onion/Social NetworkSociety – Again, not the best of interfaces. Does try to mirror Twitter’s. “Groups” can be created. There’s a link to find popular content directly as well. No registration required for browsing/accessing the site. Beware though, quite a few adult posts found. After login, optional display pictures, location and other such details can be set. Complete user-stats (joining date/ daily average posts /total posts etc.) are displayed.

http://connectkjsazkwud.onion/ Tor social network link Connect – As the name suggests, “Connect” lets us connect with others. Registration is mandatory to view posts or publish your own.  The “admin” gets auto-added on creating a profile. There are pages, groups, private messages, a pretty advanced search filter, hashtags etc. You can post photos/videos/hashtags/documents and even music! A lot of self-promotion found, primarily for weapons and drug sales. Isn’t very active though.

http://dwhw644j7erriemh.onion/Darkweb social network linkFreedom Book – The interface is almost identical to Facebook’s. However, the content isn’t. Quite a lot of talk of illegal porn was seen. Although fortunately, no actual content was visible to us. Probably a darknet social network you should stay away from. Not very active either, the last post I saw was 25 days old. (All actions are your own responsibility).

http://society44nlbxqdz.onionDarkweb social networkSociety – A darknet social network which is a clone (or vice-versa) of another site mentioned above. The content does seem like a mirror of the other “Society” darknet social network. Most of the content is text-based, however, photos and links too seem available. Private groups can be created. Some available groups include hidden cams, darknet market links etc. Registration not mandatory for accessing the public timeline.

http://secushare.cheettyiapsyciew.onion/Anonymous social networkSecushare – Securshare is still not fully done. However, the concept is the most unique, anonymous and privacy-respecting. It’ll allow for 100% private and anonymous communications, as well as file-sharing, and no one will be able to gain access to the data. It’ll utilize GNUnet, in other words, even the helping peers wouldn’t know who they’re helping or what’s being shared. It has received funding from major corporations across the globe.

Final Words on The Best Deep Web Social Network Links

Yes, we do agree “9” isn’t a lot of options.

But hey, it’s still enough, isn’t it?

We tried to only list the 100% live working darkweb social network links.

We also made an attempt to ignore networks which were outright promoting 100% illegal content.

Need more links?

Simply bookmark us. We promise to update this deep web social network links list in the next 15 days or so.