Deep Web Image Hosting Links

These Deep web image hosting links will let you upload images on the Tor network.

Being on the TOR network, these can also be called uncensored image hosting site links.

These truly are uncensored. You can upload almost anything, without any restrictions whatsoever.

Well yes, even illegal content. (This is why you should pay special attention to the disclaimer on this article.)

Let’s get started?

Security Tips and Precautions for Dark web Image Uploading

When uploading a picture on the dark web, you’re granting the website access to your system.

It’s of utmost importance that you secure yourself before accessing these links.

Also, if you upload controversial, illegal or objectionable content, it’s important you remain untraceable, right?

Well, let’s make you untraceable then? Here are the exact steps on how to achieve that:

  • First, download NordVPN. You can also download/use other VPNs. NordVPN is just the most secure and fastest in my experience.
  • Launch your VPN, and connect to a secure server.
  • Download TOR browser. (Skip to the next step if you have TOR already.)
  • Increase your TOR browser’s security level to the “safest”.
  • Close all the other programs on your system (except your VPN and TOR.)
  • Use a black tape to cover your mic and webcam.*

*Try not to avoid this, when dealing with file-uploads, it’s mandatory you block all ports of access.

Now, you’re ready to upload files anonymously on the dark web.


These deep web image hosting links will let you upload any image on the dark web.

But, that doesn’t mean we’re encouraging, supporting, or endorsing the sharing/transfer/or viewing of illegal content.

If anything, we oppose it.

These darkweb image hosts should only be used for legal purposes.

E.g. When you wish to avoid censorship, or even when you’re exposing corrupt officials or for other similar purposes.

But, definitely not for illegal purposes.

Also, we aren’t responsible for the kind of images/other content you get access to via those links.

We do not have control over these sites, neither on what’s uploaded to them, nor on the ads they choose to display.

Hence, any and all illegal encounter should be terminated at the point of contact. Just close that page, and use any other link from this page.

In a nutshell, any and all use, of any of these links is 100% your own responsibility.

We can’t be held responsible for any of your actions.

Best Deep Web Image Hosting Links

All of these deep web image hosting links have one common ground, they all allow anonymous image uploads.

However, they differ by quite a lot as well.

For starters, some uploaders have a self-destruct time-limit. After which, the files are auto-deleted.

In other cases, you get a “delete-URL”.

Most uploaders however do have a maximum file-size limit. This varies for each of these platforms.

Some even allow password protections, view-limits, bandwidth limit on hotlinks etc.

Anyway, here are the 12 onion image uploaders.

http://fkfovz7toscmyexm.onion/Image uploadA pretty neutral, anonymous image hosting site. It currently hosts 3397 public images and 2095 hidden images. Anyone can upload images, no registration required. You choose if you wish the image to be public or private. Pretty basic, no advanced features offered. Accepts donations but that’s optional and it’s completely free. The images, when made public can be accessed by anyone.

http://uoxqi4lrfqztugili7zzgygibs4xstehf5hohtkpyqcoyryweypzkwid.onion/Darknet Image uploadImage Hosting – The site allows uploading files up to 3MB. No illegal uploads allowed, copyrighted content can’t be uploaded either. Doesn’t require registrations. Images are never deleted. Also allows a description to be set for the uploads. Provides links which can be shared on forums, blogs and other places. No limitations on the number of uploads.

http://imageflutgtjxfrn.onion/- Image hosting  – OnionLand Image Hosting – The site allows uploading photos up to 32MB. It not only generates a link, but also BB Code, HTML thumbnails. Porn (even legal porn) isn’t allowed. Images never expire. No illegal content is allowed. The site doesn’t require registrations and can be accessed by anyone. Also supports a drag & drop feature in case you do not wish to use the”upload” button.

http://hostxvivwx3lzvfdnof2muv7q5fkcovkfa3nexlnl5zrelif2mawxkad.onionAnonymous Darkweb Image hosting – Host X- Host X is a free, anonymous image hosting dark web portal which doesn’t require registrations. Images are live forever, and only deleted if they’ve not been accessed for 120 days. Most image formats, even including BMP and PSD are accepted. Some formats are auto-converted to .png after uploading. Hotlinking allowed, 1GB/month/image bandwidth. Maximum allowed file-size is 10MB.

http://teenxxxbtl7wsllp.onion/Adult contentTeen XXX – The site allows uploading anything, but primarily prefers adult content (based on the name and current gallery) It doesn’t log your IP address, doesn’t store logs on the server, and doesn’t require registrations. You can upload directly from your local drive, or remote uploads too are allowed. This lets you upload directly from a URL. A description too can be set for the image.

http://uppy4t4ogdxugac2pf53xk77jnqkxfhaw2rgfiawxrkx4olwjwlnqbid.onion/Image/File UploaderUppy – It markets itself as a darkweb image file uploader, meaning, both images and normal files can be uploaded. However, it’s a “proxy”. Meaning, you can upload files to clearnet file hosts using Uppy. While all the options can be used to upload images, its “Easy Image Upload” is specifically an image host. Note that the files are uploaded on the clearnet hosts, this just keeps you anonymous.

http://3b6clio4syptsnvvtzyxifqvtizyazgyowpp3v5f7dj3mzmfhyoy4iyd.onion/Image hostHDDORO – HDDORO is a darkweb image host. It only allows JPG and PNG files. The maximum file-size is 40MB.No advanced options, just a direct link to the image provided. Preserves 100% of the image quality. Files probably has a self-destruct time, but it’s not mentioned. No registration required. Doesn’t support bulk uploads, images are to be uploaded individually.

http://pic2torxpvv5qxqp.onion/Russian Image hostPic2Tor – The site is completely in Russian. It says any kind of pictures are allowed regardless of the subject. Images are stored forever, unless, they aren’t requested (visited) for 60 days, then, they’re auto-deleted. JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP images are allowed. Also has an in-built size-adjuster. Probably has a 20MB limit (I’m not sure but I did see something indicating the same.) Also has a clearnet version.

http://matrixtxri745dfw.onion/Image UploaderMatrix – Another one of the darknet image hosting links which allows uploading images. Files up to 5 MB can be uploaded. Downloads limits can be set. The only link on this list which also allows password protection. Metadata can be optionally removed. Time-based self-destruct can be set as well. Also has a “premium code” although I’m not sure what that is.

http://xt6zo6bcjbrrjyvr.onion/image/Darkweb image hosting linksAirian Photo Gallery – Advanced image host, has an in-built size-adjustor. Images can be made private or public. Descriptions too can be set. Says “adult images” aren’t allowed, however, the gallery is full of exactly such content. Also supports remote image uploads. Multiple links, for multiple image-sizes for every upload are made available. Each hotlink is valid up to a bandwidth of 1GB. Delete-URL available. Max size: 10Mb.

http://5figq755l7c55eopjphypkpfj5b4ap5nm6rvie2tygcwtafbjhv3p3id.onionBulk/Album uploadPedoBum – Allows uploading multiple photos at once ,perfect for album uploads. A name can be set for the album. Thumbnail height can be manually set, maximum size: 800px. Hotlinks work temporarily, direct links are forever. Doesn’t claim copyright on the uploaded images. No registration required. Allows advertising for 0.2XMR/week. Claims 5million+ traffic/month. Allows the upload of any and everything.

http://oju4yn237c6hjh42qothvpreqecnqjhtvh4sgn3fqmsdvhu5d5tyspid.onionTor image hostEasy Image Upload – A site with a basic interface and functioning. Does allow batch-uploads. Maximum 50 MB photos can be uploaded, in a go. For multiple uploads, each image gets its own link and not one link for all the images collectively. Is 100% free and anonymous. No registration or personal information required. No delete option, or self-destruct information available.

http://felixxxboni3mk4a.onionTOR Image UploaderFelixxs – Felixx offers many tools, and one of them is darkweb image hosting. Allows JPG, GIF and PNGs. Maximum 5MB files are allowed. Images are self-destructed after 30 days. Doesn’t require registrations, but, a captcha needs to be solved. Download links can be hotlinked without any limitations. For some reason, displays multiple errors before letting you upload a file successfully.

http://xpk4nkhydzh23rlwmj5h33f5e7crazutarwogxz6iy57oneqgja5hvid.onion/Darkweb image uploadPedo Gallery – The name sounds illegal, the content doesn’t have to be. Can totally be used for legal uploads. Uploads can be put in “categories” such as Jailbait, PTSC girls, PTSC boys, PTHC girls/boys etc. Also has an “explore” option, lets you view uploads by others. I did find a number of photos of underage kids, yet, they were fully legal, of kids sleeping or playing, fully covered.

Final Words on the deep web image hosting links

I get it, the list currently isn’t very long.

That’s simply because not many legal anonymous darkweb image hosting sites are currently live.

Check back in a week for more? Although, I’m sure these will more than suffice.

Either way, that’s all for this Deep web image hosting links folks, go get back your privacy!