Deep Web Gadgets Links | Dark Web Gadgets Links

These deep web gadget links show you the marketplaces selling devices on the dark web.

Every kind/brand and type of device seems to be available.

Be it the latest iPhones, iPads, Cameras, Macbooks, Smartwatches, TVs or anything else.

In most cases, these devices are offered at extreme discounts as compared to the original pricing.

Most of these devices are claimed to be unlocked, however, that’s not guaranteed.

Also, most deep web gadget links do claim that the device guarantee is still intact. However, that may or may not be true.

And finally, some of these Tor device shops offer the choice of looks and storage-options, while others only list specific products without additional options.

Security Steps Before Accessing These .onion Gadget Shops

This being the darkweb, you must secure yourself before accessing any of the links mentioned below.

Follow these steps exactly as mentioned to ensure maximum security:

  1. Close all running programs on your system.
  2. Launch any browser (preferably Brave browser)> download NordVPN.

(You can also download other VPNs, NordVPN is just the most secure, fastest and cheap).

  1. Launch the VPN, and connect to a server.

(With NordVPN, you get the extremely secure “onion over VPN servers, connect here if you’ve got Nord).

  1. Now, download TOR browser. If you already have it, upgrade it to the latest version.
  2. Increase your TOR browser’s security to the “safest”.

(Enter this on the URL-bar “about:preferences” > Privacy and security > safest).

  1. Make sure no other programs are running (except NordVPN and TOR).
  2. Use a black tape to mask your webcam and mic.
  3. Go browse these links.


No, wait! Do not skip this. It’s important.

Note that buying/selling items on these deep web gadget links may be illegal.

We do not know the “source” of these items.

They may be carded/stolen or obtained via other illegal means.

They may also be legit, but then, why the massive discounts?

Either way, you are not to buy any item on any of the links given below.

If you do so, it’ll 100% be your own responsibility.

You also have to make sure, from your end, that the device you’re buying is obtained legally.

We’ve mentioned the device-sources (when available) for each of these sites. Avoid all sites which publicly accept carding, stealing or other illegal sources.

This Darknet device link list is only to show you that sites like these exist on the darkweb.

Moreover, a majority of these may be fake and scams.

They’ll rip you of your funds, and not deliver any items.

Again, we do not claim or guarantee the legitimacy of any of these sites.

All transactions must be legal, and 100% your own responsibility.

The information/description attached to each link is based on the “claims” made by these sites.

They may or may not be true and haven’t been verified by us.

19 Best Deep Web Gadget Links

It’s surprising how devices worth thousands of dollars are claimed to be sold for pennies on these dark web gadget sites.

Here are the 19 top sites which claim to sell discounted gadgets.

http://cardedlxzxsphu5y.onion/Gadget storeCarded Store – Oldest deep web gadget links. Sells a number of other products, however, gadget-inventory includes devices from Apple, Samsung, and many other brands. Phones, Smart TVs, Smartwatches, laptops etc. available. Not all products ship globally. Hand-written notes uploaded for trust-boosting. Even places custom orders, directly at and at 50% of the original price. Buyer-chosen escrow accepted. BTC and PerfectMoney accepted.

http://electronz2gpfyz5.onion/Gadget storeElectronion – The name suggests “electronics on the onion”. It’s a store which sells Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony phones. Custom orders for other brands accepted as well. All the most recent (and expensive) device models are offered at dirt-cheap prices. Asks for a mode of contact (email/Jabber/ Wickr etc). then a buyer deposits funds, further instructions sent to mail. Only accepts Bitcoins. Doesn’t ship globally but most countries covered.

http://fwrgiihsuqivvykxpottouraa54yhgtbvyqco3gww4e6mjatnm43ozad.onionDevices Premium Market – The site sells iPhones. Models such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone XS Max etc. are available. Express and Overnight shipping available. Payments can be made only via Bitcoins. Doesn’t require registrations, has a completely automated order process. Is single-admin, doesn’t allow indepdent sellers to sell on the market. All devices are boxed and brand-new.

http://ejm5voiqttcs6o5jy7hl6gxid4o77opiwetaqtw7wtx4gfzp2wxew7id.onion – DevicesTrinixy– Users can buy iPhones, game stations, iPads. Laptops, and phones from other (non-Apple) brands here. For most products, choices are available in terms of space. If it’s legit, the prices sure are massively (more than 80%) discounted. Orders can only be placed via e-mail. Only Bitcoin can be used for payments.

http://ceyt3r2jnxzufrtaqcbizjqkjte6cvxlsgxa3k2oxlzd27q7fi2r7qad.onion/iOS gadgets Apple Store – One of the rarest darknet Apple shops which claims to sell legally purchased iOS devices. Also offers a bill for the purchase. Surprisingly, also accepts escrow. Has tons of photos on the site, probably to prove legitimacy. Accepts Bitcoins. Listed products include Apple watches, iPads, Airpods Pro etc. While it’s completely automated, orders can also be placed manually via e-mail. Does offer colour choices.

http://zmxjnwvwiddpudmkrypt2ym7boiacsmxordmddeyf3762hbktjkdsnad.onion/ iOS DevicesApple Shop – This darknet gadgets link is exclusively dedicated to iOS devices. It sells iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and everything else Apple makes. Bitcoin is the only accepted mode of payment. It’s completely automated, you aren’t required to register. There’s no mention of these devices being stolen/carded or otherwise illegally acquired.

http://itiudb2i3ecy3jz2onzj3n3kkprcaemw6gql5qtkgxfgpi345jyqs5ad.onionApple Shop Buy Apple Products – The site seems to sell almost everything that Apple makes. Prices are about 60% discounted from retail. Automated payments, enter shipping information and make the payment. No e-mails required. Offers free/overnight and express shipping, faster shipping costs more. No other cryptocurrency except Bitcoin accepted.

http://chrna3wzpeouuwxo.onion/- Darkweb Apple market – Apple Shop – The site has a list of categories which include iPhones (X/11/XS Max/7/8/ 7 Plus/ etc.), Macbooks, smart watches and everything else Apple makes. No registration required. Prices seem to be heavily discounted. Ships worldwide using DHL, UPS, TNT and EMS. Has separate source location for EU customers.

http://2mwvkqvuhapqp3op3ieqzwnxnw55c34pfgpy7dq2avj33u6imiqmtlid.onion/- Discounted Samsung devices Samsung Store – Seems to be a legit Samsung wholesaler. Says devices are purchased directly from official Samsung stores. No mention of carding, hacking, stealing or anything else found. All Cryptocurrencies accepted. Escrow can be engaged for a smooth and scam-free transaction. Not automated, orders can only be placed via e-mails. Devices start as low as $279.00

https://2rgxdk7qtawadebofm6jurur5v5ee26o23uwvbmit23uhsledpy6cbyd.onion – Buy Apple devices darknet – Apple Shop – iPhones, Macbooks, Apple Watches, iPads and everything else Apple can be found here. Completely automated. Bitcoin payments accepted. Devices are heavily discounted. Seems to accept escrow however a pre-selected Escrow service must be used. Products are claimed to be authentic, original and unlocked.

http://bitss2ujkesszaf7.onion/Gadget storeBitStore – Not limited to phones rather sells everything including PSPs, laptops, tablets, iPads, and mobile phones. Ships worldwide. Offers 35% discount on 3 or more orders. Sale-days claim to offer over 60% discounts. Does accept Escrow however the escrow company is pre-determined and can’t be chosen. Only accepts Bitcoins. All deliveries are promised within 7 days.

http://mobilqyad6npycbx.onion/Mobile shopMobile Store – The name does say it’s a mobile store, doesn’t it? Only phones from iPhones and Samsung are available. Not very stock-rich, 2 iPhone models and 4 Samsung phones available. Registration mandatory. Only accepts Bitcoin. Advance deposit required. Doesn’t accept Escrow. Ships from the US and EU. Requires a $5.00 shipping fee. Source of devices not mentioned, may or may not be carded/stolen.

http://samsunjcwoqgz4kr.onion/Darkweb gadgets store linksSamsung Store – Only sells mobile phones from Samsung. A realistic photo is available as proof (however, may still be a scam). A total of 7 Samsung devices currently listed for sale. Each movel has multiple units in stock, the total stock is around 20. Not automated, requires manual emails for orders. Only ships to U.S and Europe. Shipping time of 2-5 days demanded. Any Cryptocurrency is accepted for payment. Even accepts Escrow.

http://iphonegwasqieryi.onion/Darkweb Apple StoreApple Love – This darkweb store is dedicated exclusively to Apple phones, no other Apple devices available. No shipping fee is charged. Delivers worldwide, no restrictions. Claims all phones are original and unopened. Also accepts escrows. Many photos uploaded with hand-written proofs. Also provides tracking number. Source of the devices is mentioned as stolen cards. The devices even come with the company guarantee. Automated order process.

http://35flt6ifv2kxiset.onion/Darknet device store linksDeepTech – The market sells every kind and brand of device. This includes phones, cameras, laptops, game consoles, tablets etc. Automated process, buyers fill a detailed order-form and then make the payment. 1-hour payment window offered. No shipping charge on orders above €400. Ships after 72-hours of placing the orders. Doesn’t ship globally, but most major countries covered. The only deep web gadget links on this list which allows returns.

http://35flmpspwpnarbos.onion/Apple devicesApple World – A darkweb gadgets marketplace which sells every Apple product. Macbooks, watches, iPhones and everything else available. Even offers custom-made devices. Semi-automated order-process. The site sends a confirmation mail before shipping orders. No payment required before receiving the confirmation mail. Completely manual orders can be placed as well by mailing the team. No shipping or refund information available.

http://applei7nkshrsnih.onion/Tor Apple storeApple Merch – It too is dedicated to Apple, however, not just to phones. Additional gadgets such as Smartwatches, iPads, Macbooks etc. sold as well. Pretty professional interface. Also offers colour-choices on almost all the products. Automated order-process, enter shipping details, and make a payment. Does accept Escrow however it’s chosen by the site. Extra $20-$30 shipping-fee required depending on the destination. Custom orders accepted.

http://2wkwv7m4hetvqo3d.onion/Gadget storeZ33 Shop – Claims to be a professional carder. Worldwide shipping offered. Even accepts Escrow. Has a “proof” section where real photos with handwritten notes on devices can be found. Only accepts Bitcoins for payments. Primarily sells phones. Common brands include Apple, Samsung, OnePlus etc. Order process isn’t automated, manual emails required.

https://63jhzz5w3flwbcstmt6grrgmm2qembekcj4yugyyktlxnispcfw7guyd.onioniPhones Team Premium – If you need to purchase iPhones on the dark web, this site may be worth a peek. It has about 3 dozen different iPhone models up for sale. On faulty products, offers either a 100% moneyback or product replacement warranty. Factory seal guaranteed on all iPhones. Payments can be made using BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH and DOGE. Requires 3 network confirmations and offers a 30-minute payment window.

https://lzogc3coyafxtfir3u6w7cms6t3zgyldgvwtw7lmq6e5pdfy5vqu57id.onionDarknet market Deepsy – Devices can be found under its “Electronics” category. Available listings include iPhones, Macs, iPads, Samsung phones, scooters, etc. Payments accepted via BTC, BTCH, LTC, DOGE, ETH. Market escrow enabled by default. Independent vending allowed, but vendors accepted via invite-only. Previous ratings and reviews available. Three different shipping modes available. Claims all data is encrypted and never stores data after a deal is completed.

https://puyr3jb76flvqemhkllg5bttt2dmiaexs3ggmfpyewc44vt5265uuaad.onionMarket UnderMarket 2.0 – It’s a multi-product market. The “Electronics” section is what sells gadgets and devices. Currently two vendors with over 145000 combined sales sell these gadgets. Offers extreme vendor-transparency. Express and Overnight deliveries available. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash can be used for payments.

http://appleufeaitkezth.onion/.onion Apple marketplaceApple Store – Only sells Apple iPhones. Does accept Escrow. Offers tracking ID after 24 hours of the order being shipped. The documentation and official guarantee is claimed to be valid. Ships within 5-6 business days (outside US). 1-hour payment window allowed after order-creation. All payments are routed by default via Escrow, the Escrow service is pre-chosen.

http://etrokn275haxgxzf.onion/Darknet gadget storeE-Tronix – Xbox, Playstations, iPhones and iPads are available. Colour and storage-options available for most products. Orders are completely manual. Only accepts Bitcoins for payments. Has a “feedback” page showing comments and reviews from previous buyers. The source of these cards is mentioned as “carded”. No registration required. No information on Escrow or refund policies is made available.

http://bestshop5zc7t3mf.onion/Carded gadgetsBest Shop – The name of the site is “best shop” (doesn’t mean we’re promoting it). Is single-admin, who claims to have 12 years of carding experience. Worldwide shipping. Accepts Escrow. BTC/ETH/DASH and NEM accepted for payments. Tracking information provided. Custom shipping modes allowed as well. Primarily iPhones and iPads available for sale. E-mail orders only.

http://applepbjdlxmftw5.onion/Darknet Apple shop linksApple Store – Yet another deep web gadgets links dedicated exclusively to Apple. Again, sells more than just phones, including Apple watches, Macbooks and iPhones. Airpods, iPads, TVs and everything else has its own category. Even additional accessories and earphones can be purchased. Completely automated order-process. Only accepts Bitcoin. Also accepts Escrow. Ships orders within 24 hours of being placed.

http://d7boduac6wzrdrcz.onion/Apple productsApple Market – The interface is again a clone of another site (or vice-versa). Available products include iPhones, iPads, MacMini, Macbooks etc. Europe, Asia and Africa need an additional $20.00 shipping fee, shipping to America is free, other regions charged $30.00. Claims having alternate warehouses so the device-models are compatible with charging outlets in different countries. Only Bitcoin is accepted. Completely automated. Provides tracking number.

http://shop5kvkb3ijaoex.onion/Chinese Apple StoreApple Store – The store is primarily in Chinese, however, the name and product make it clear that only Apple products are available. Again, iPods, iPhones, Airpods, and Macbooks are available. The buy button and prices are still mentioned in English. Order process seems automated. However, I’m not sure of the shipping sources, modes, payment options or other details (I don’t speak Chinese).

http://2hplreuabqlyf44e.onion/Apple StoreApple Shop – This shop only sells Apple products. Most Apple products available in addition to Phones. Multiple colour choices available. Does accept “SafeEscrow”, however, the Escrow domain may or may not be legit. Automated order process. Doesn’t require registrations. Only accepts Bitcoins. Devices are claimed to be purchased directly from retailers. Express and Overnight shipping modes available for extra prices.20% discount on purchases worth $2000+.

http://35flt6ifv2kxiset.onion/Gadget storeApple World – The site has a very basic interface and sells every kind of Apple product. All products are claimed to be original, new and unlocked. The shipping too is claimed to be unrestricted and worldwide. Does offer colour choices on most products. The “add to basket” button may not always work and orders then require manual e-mailing. Probably on BTC accepted, custom payment may be negotiated. Comments from other users are displayed, however they may or may not be legit.

http://dfhomholfinjwfvy.onion/deep web mobile shop linksMobile Store – Almost an identical clone of another deep web gadget links site mentioned above. The shipping source is US and EU. Doesn’t mention any additional shipping fee. It too requires registration. All devices are claimed to be unlocked, and in their original packages. Even the additional cables and accessories are promised. Deliveries take 4 days in the U.S and 10 days everywhere else.

http://2rgxdk7qtawadebofm6jurur5v5ee26o23uwvbmit23uhsledpy6cbyd.onion/Darkweb Apple Shop – Buy iPhone 11– This is a darknet marketplace which exclusively sells Apple devices. Available products include iPhones, Macbooks, iPads, and also Apple watches. It also accepts Escrow but it’s pre-defined and only that Escrow service can be used. All devices are unlocked. Express and overnight shipping is available and costs extra.

http://cwszufwmvdwymrzo.onion/Darkweb Apple Store Apple Shop -As the name suggests, this too is an Apple shop. In fact, it’s identical to the darkweb gadget shop listed above. However, the products, prices and policies differ. It too sells iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches. Fully automated. Ships worldwide with varied delivery times depending on the location. Accepts Bitcoins for payments.

http://zteusicamug52i7q.onion/Apple Market Apple World– Yet another Apple Shop although it only sells iPhones and MACs. Fully automated order process. Only accepts Bitcoin on automation .DASH payments can be negotiated via mail. Surprisingly, only accepts bulk orders. Single iPhones can’t be ordered. The products are unlocked and can be shipped worldwide. Does mention that all the devices are carded (and, hence illegal.)

Final Words- Deep web gadget links

Most of these links seem to sell Apple products.

However, some do sell products from other bands.

Either way, only “browse” these links.

Buying/selling devices may be illegal and if you do so, will solely be your own responsibility.