Deep Web File Hosting Links | Dark Web File Hosting Links

Over deep web file hosting links are what you’ll get in this piece.

I’ve made sure all of these .onion file hosting links are working and live as of July 2020.

If you need to upload files, anonymously, this is where you start.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin?

But, wait?

Security Precautions Before Accessing the Deep Web File Hosting Links

Why do you wish to use a Darkweb file hosting link?

Anonymity, obviously, isn’t it?

Maybe you’re uploading something very sensitive? Controversial? Even illegal I suppose? (Please ,don’t).

Would you like leaving even the tiniest loopholes which can be traced back to you? I suppose not.

Follow these steps and you will pretty invisible on the dark web:

  • Download a VPN. You can use any VPN. But, NordVPN is one of the cheapest, most secure, and “verified no log policy” VPN.
  • Connect your VPN. With NordVPN you get the more secure “Onion over VPN” settings, connect to that if you’ve got Nord.
  • Download TOR browser. Update your TOR browser if you already have it.
  • Go to the settings of your TOR browser, and update the security to “safest”.
  • Close any other running programs.
  • Use a black tape to mask your mic and webcam.
  • Done

Just one last thing before we begin?


These websites and links allow uploading almost anything.

This also includes extremely illegal content.

However, we do not know if these sites truly do not keep logs.

Neither do we know if your files are stored on their servers or are truly deleted when you set the deletion time or manually delete them.

(Hence, you should use the VPN, just as a failsafe.)

More importantly, none of these Tor anonymous file hosting links should be used for illegal purposes.

Uploading illegal content is illegal, and we do not support or encourage it.

Any and all activity on any of these sites is 100% your responsibility.

We can’t be held responsible for any of your actions, or profit/losses because we do not control any of these onion file server links.

Best Deep Web File Hosting Links

These darkweb file hosting sites allow uploading files anonymously.

They do not ask you to register.

Most often, there are no restrictions either. So, you can upload literally anything.

Some even offer advanced features such as self-destruct, password protection, limitations on the number of downloads etc.

Some of these sites even let you “collect payments” for your downloads.

Other times, they may facilitate uploading files to third-party, clearnet file hosting servers, via the TOR network.

Either way, if you wish to upload and share files with others while keeping your identity a secret, these will let you do that.

Let’s (finally) get you the sites then?

https://secrdrop5wyphb5x.onion/WhistleblowingSecureDrop – The best use of anonymous deep web file hosting links. SecureDrop doesn’t let you share files third-party users of your choice. Rather, it lets you upload sensitive, confidential or controversial documents, directly to major publications such as The Guardian, The Intercept etc. Provides a secure “communication code” for further communications, no registration required. No third-party mediators, file directly reach the servers of the publications you wish to send the files to.

http://jusfileobjorolmq.onion/Darkweb file upload serverJust Upload Stuff – The perfect dark web anonymous, self-destruct file hosting server. An impressive 300MB file size is uploaded. Files deleted after 1 download, without download, retained for 1 week. Can upload everything except what’s illegal in the EU or your country. Has an advanced option, when checked, strips image metadata making them more anonymous. No registration required. Provides both TOR + Clearnet URLs for the uploaded files.

http://2twthbypxj5ljdypmdyukm2p3galq5xrx6khprkbnsvkuorzbkjsu6ad.onion/File lockerFile Upload – This is a darkweb file selling platform. You can upload any file, and set a price. The download URL is auto-linked to a payment gateway. Your downloaders need to pay the price to download the file. The payment gateway is linked to your wallet. The payment is directly received in this wallet. No registrations and is 100% anonymous. Clearly mentions “no rules”. Your wallet address isn’t visible to downloaders.

http://uppy4t4ogdxugac2pf53xk77jnqkxfhaw2rgfiawxrkx4olwjwlnqbid.onion/Multi host file uploaderUPPY – It’s a multihoster, so, you can upload files to nearly 6 different file upload servers. Has different options for image and file uploads. By using a multihoster, you can upload files to clearnet hosters without using clearnet browsers and rather from TOR. Hence, you retain 100% anonymity, and the professionalism/features of clearnet hosters.

http://turbod44gwmvxnu3.onion/Anonymous file – This is another “file locker”. You can upload your files, and get paid for downloads. Also allows remote uploads using URLs. A description can be written, is auto-encrypted. Deletion time can be set. Can be 1hour, 1day, 1week, 1 month or 40 days. All types of files supported. Metadata is auto-deleted wherever exists. Creates a “delete link” which can be used to delete the file manually.

http://dwtqmjzvn2c6z2x462mmbd34ugjjrodowtul4jfbkexjuttzaqzcjyad.onion  –  Offshore Anonymous Hosting CockBox – It offers offshore servers, in Romania. Is completely anonymous and allows payments via BTC and XMR. Only local (Romanian) laws applicable. Only offers VPS and Dedicated servers. SSD and HDD servers available. Requires e-mail for registration, however, it’s not “verified” (working e-mails recommended for problem and support reasons).

http://comhostdymd5dd3v4d57mn363iamvqvmade7arsed7objrjldmgesdad.onion  – Free hosting OnionCommunity hosting – Completely free hosting, based in Germany. The AUP is valid only for “German” laws which makes it an offshore hosting as well. Unlimited space, file manager, .onion addresses (3 of them),  SFTP Access etc. available on each plan. Only allows “not for profit” sites (no markets/shops). Verified to be not scam, already hosts 50+ sites.

http://bcloudwenjxgcxjh6uheyt72a5isimzgg4kv5u74jb2s22y3hzpwh6id.onion   File Upload BlackCloud – It’s a file-upload service, not a website hosting rather a service for uploading individual files. Also accommodates very large files, and allows for automated e-mail notifications when opted for. Completely anonymous, no registration mandatory. Instant share URL as well as BBCode URL is generated after successful uploads.

http://5figq755l7c55eopjphypkpfj5b4ap5nm6rvie2tygcwtafbjhv3p3id.onion/Anonymous file upload serverPedoBum – Despite its name, there’s no other indication that it’s a “Pedo files hoster”. As a matter of fact, it only allows photo uploads. You can set the thumbnail height manually, the max allowed height is 800. The provided hotlinks are auto-disabled after some time, rather it then links to the photo page. The album can also be named.

http://felixxxboni3mk4a.onion/felixxx.php?page=uploaderImage uploader and PastebinFelixxx – Felixxx isn’t just an anonymous file uploader, but, it also is a darkweb anonymous pastebin. The max. allowed file size is 5MB on the image uploader. Images are retained for 30 days and then deleted permanently. Allows JPG, PNG and GIF file types. No registration required, just solve a captcha and done. Sure, it lacks advanced features, but also is void of rules and hence allows uploading almost anything.

http://matrixtxri745dfw.onion/neo/uploader.phpImage UploaderMatrix – This anonymous image uploader is pretty advanced. It allows you to upload an image with a maximum file size of 5MB. Advanced? Well, it allows password protection, time-based deletion, download limits, and metadata deletion. Without manual settings, images are deleted after 30 days of being uploaded. No registration required. Only files larger than 10KB are accepted.

http://6zc6sejeho3fwrd4.onion/Darkweb file uploderRiseup – Riseup offers a number of Darkweb tools for freedom of speech, opinion, privacy etc. Its file uploader is a similar venture. It has a very basic “upload” interface, one-click uploads. Everything that you upload, is automatically encrypted. A link is then instantly generated. The file is also displayed on the browser. You can then either download the image, view in browser, or delete it.

http://pedofilesbzzxkvxjurbiub6fqussxkgfwfbacdx2q2jtsq7gbo3ccyd.onion/MultihostPedofiles – It’s a multi-host darkweb file uploader. Using this site, you can upload files to 6 clearnet file hosts. However, this offers an upload via “TOR” and hence 100% anonymity, no registrations or possible traces are some of its benefits. Note that you get a clearnet URL for the file. However, the host-website can’t trace you. The site claims to allow “anything” and that “no one cares” what you upload.

http://ec7yptcpai4dtebe.onion/Paid downloadsCryptofile – Cryptofile is another file-locker. You can get paid for uploading files and allowing downloads. Keeps a 5% commission, 95% goes to you. Doesn’t require registration. Acts as a mediator, your Bitcoin address isn’t visible to others. Requires 1 confirmation. Maximum allowed file-size is 100MB. Set a nickname (optional), a price, a description and the Bitcoin address, done. Generates a “control page URL” for deleting the file later.

http://bcloud2suoza3ybr.onion/File UploadBlack Cloud – One of the simpler deep web file hosting links. Has a basic “upload” button. Allows entering an E-mail ID, the upload URL is sent to the E-mail once upload is complete. Obviously, direct links are obtained without the e-mail as well. No registration/signup required. BB Code as well as direct .onion link for the file is generated.

http://teenxxxbtl7wsllp.onion/File & Image uploadTeen XXX – The site allows uploading both images and videos. It even supports “remote” uploads, via URLs directly. Does allow specifying a height and width for the image. It claims of not storing IP logs, server logs file logs. A “description” can be set for the images. Multiple images can be uploaded in a single batch, they each get unique URLs. Images can be set to “private”, else; uploaded to the public gallery.

http://psupload34nbfv6q.onionAnonymous file uploadProject Sphere – Unique darkweb anonymous file upload site. Allows uploading files of almost any size without restrictions. The files are added to the public directory only if they’re found worth it. Maintains a large directory with categories such as car jacking, hacking, malware, tutorials, tools etc. No rules, but probably wouldn’t allow illegal files. A name and description can be set for the files.

http://anonmwrlmrd3drx6.onion/Creative WritingAnonymous Texts – This differs from all the other deep web file hosting links included so far. It doesn’t let you “upload and share files” with anyone of your choice. Rather, you can upload “creative” content, poems, stories, and others of the like, with the group behind this website. They then publish it and you’re allowed to reveal yourself later, but not at the time of submitting the content.

http://sellfilefk6j7d4i.onion/Paid downloadsSell files for Bitcoin – As the name hints, it lets you upload files, lock them behind a link, and get paid for downloads. A maximum file size of 150 MB allowed. Charges a 8% commission on sales. Requires registration. Only facilitates Bitcoin payments. A delete-feature is available for deleting the file later. Also provides detailed stats regarding the file and its downloads.

http://cryptoge55423uvh5cah2eo7rqs5xz5pymhrfaljrw7iqfpmi3nksryd.onion/- CryptoPay – Sell files – A simple interface which lets you upload files, and lock it behind a payment wall. Users only get access to the files after making payments. Charges a 0.5% fee on all sales. Lets users pay using many different Cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, DASH and so on. All received payments are future converted to BTC before being released for added anonymity.

http://torpress2sarn7xw.onion/- TorPress – Free WordPress hosting – The site lets anyone create a free WordPress website, on the Tor network. Custom domain aren’t offered and these sites are hosted on a subdomain. Only requires an username and E-mail for registration, recommends using anonymous E-mail IDs. The E-mails must be on the .onion network. The service is functional for over 4 years and is backed by TorVPS.

kaizushih5iec2mxohpvbt5uaapqdnbluaasa2cmsrrjtwrbx46cnaid.onion/page.php?q=hosting – Anonymous hosting Kaizushi’s Little Onion Server – More than a “file host’, this is a complete web server. It allows users to create their own websites on the Tor network. The hosting is Gentoo and is best-suited for those who have at least some knowledge of server management. Prices start at $15.00/month. BTC and XMR accepted, other Cryptocurrencies can be negotiated.

codeepfrnqizm3mkl5thkc2s7vbp2enl4oik2fmivgrbkyyjfdru2bid.onion – Readymade Marketplace CoDeep – Technically, it sure is a “file hosting darknet link”. Practically, it’s a done-for-you marketplace on the darknet. You only need to upload your images and description and start selling. The markets also feature an in-built Escrow system. Prices start at $100.00/month. Direct BTC wallet integration to receive payments. Supports PGP.

hzwjmjimhr7bdmfv2doll4upibt5ojjmpo3pbp5ctwcg37n3hyk7qzid.onion –  Anonymous web hosting Ablative hosting –  Arguably one of the most anonymous file and web hosting links on the darknet. 100% anonymous. Offers up to quad-hop servers for better anonymity. Is ultra-cheap, starts at EUR 10.00/YEAR! There’s even a free plan even though it only offers 128MB space. Payments can be made via BTC and XMR.

Final Words – Deep Web File Hosting Links

I do believe that should solve your anonymous file-hosting problems?

Just note that, all the descriptions and information mentioned above are heresy.

As in, we’ve only mentioned what the site claims to be offering.

We aren’t sure if those claims are actually true.

Get going, upload your files using these deep web file hosting links.