Deep Web Extra Links [Music, Torrent, Image Board, Identity Generator]

I’ve posted so many deep web links on this site, but, the deep web is huge, isn’t it?

There are many sites which do not fit into a “category”.

That’s what this deep web fun links list is all about.

You’ll find random deep web links in all the categories. Most of them will enable you to have fun and enjoy the deep web.

Some of these are deep web image board links, TOR music site links, dark web confession links and even sites on quotes.

Most of these are completely legal as well, though some may be controversial.

I’d like you to secure yourself before visiting any of these links.

How to Stay Secure on The Dark Web

The dark web may not always be illegal, but it’s sure a nasty place.

You never know who’s trying to track you, link one of your comments or posts to you or hijack your session altogether.

Hence, it’s of utmost importance that you make yourself as secure your possible.

Here are some steps which will keep you secure and anonymous on the dark web:

  • First of all, get a VPN. I’d recommend NordVPN. It’s the fastest, most secure and has proven its no logs policy.
  • Then, launch the NordVPN and encrypt your connection by connecting to any country. (NordVPN will offer the more advanced “Onion over VPN” servers as well.)

  • Secondly, either download TOR browser, or, update your TOR browser if you already have it.
  • Type “about:preferences” in your TOR browser’s URL-bar and select “safest” as the security setting under the “Privacy and Security” tab.
  • Close the other running programs on your system (except the VPN and TOR).
  • Get a black tape and mask your webcam and mic.

Done! But for step by step complete steps, check out how to access the deep web guide.


Before accessing these deep web links, I’d like you to understand a few key points.

I have no affiliation, connection, relation with any of these deep web links.

Hence, I have no control over the content that’s published either by the admin(s) or other users on these sites as well.

And so, I can’t guarantee that all the content will always be legal. I’ve only included the deep web sites with legal content so far.

Yet, they may post illegal content in the future which I won’t be aware of.

Secondly, I’m not sure that these sites are safe from a technical standpoint. As in, some links may promote viruses/malware or other harmful content.

And third, some of these may be complete scams as well when financial transactions are involved.

The crux of this disclaimer is, I’ve only checked the “status” (online/offline) of these deep web links.

Nothing else is guaranteed. Also, any and all action on any of these .onion site links will 100% be your own responsibility.

I can’t be held responsible for your loss of money, you getting hacked, or any other positive/negative outcome whatsoever.

Best Deep Web Fun Links

As mentioned earlier, these are mostly fun links.

As in, there may not be a lot of practical benefit on these Tor sites, but there sure is emotional, mental and social benefit if you look at it that way.

Do check any of our other posts if you need the best of the deep web links which are active in 2020.

http://confesshbghw5vky.onion/ConfessionTime to Confess – Lets you either make a confession, or view the confession of other people. Even has a “rating” system, you can rate the confessions of others and vice-versa. Also shows the no. of views and the “posted on” date for each confession. Comments are enabled on these confessions as well. Completely anonymous, no signup required. Has about 100 comments and 1,000 site visits a day respectively. Can’t find your own comment once it’s posted.

http://shhhhhh27fl6qr4b.onion/ConfessionSecret Storehouse – Another anonymous confession deep web link but with an advanced and colourful interface. Upvote/downvote available. Shows the total vote-count to everyone. Does offer a “bookmark” feature to find the same confession again. Voting is disabled for second-visits to the same confession. Comments enabled. The site says “anything is allowed” except illegal porn. No registration required but a captcha needs to be solved for posting, which is self-generated and hence anonymous.

http://gamcored5widhilqmnyv7msosxpcqsvyunyljk6sx6swnzmzy2km2oyd.onionGame siteGamcore – It’s an adult game site which has a game in almost all the porn categories. This includes action, bondage, brunettes, casino, cards and over two dozen other similar categories. Do note that you’ll need to mostly enable JavaScript to play the games, which isn’t recommended. Users can also comment on the games as well as upvote/downvote. Also shows the total no. of times each game has been played.

http://marxist7mbr3mbaj.onion/subject/art/music/index.htmMusicMarxism and Music – A site completely dedicated to Marxism. Has history, Encyclopaedia information and music. Most Marxism topics can be read in brief. Offers detailed accounts on selected Marxists. All the music is related to “Marxism”. May day music, Che Guevara music etc. are some of the available categories. Offers one-click downloads, no registration required. Most music is in mp3 format, however, .au, .midi, .rm formats available as well.

http://songstems5d5b6y3.onion/MusicSongStems – It’s a site  dedicated to music of all kinds. You can find instrumentals, multitracks,  and many other forms. It clearly states that it’s impervious to DMCA takedown notices. Allows uploads, but requires registrations. After logging in, you also get a chat-box which is global so you can chat with anyone on the platform. Downloads are one-click. Comments enabled on the download page.

http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/ – ForumKiwiFarms – If you wish to have fun on the deep web, this forum delivers. It’s a “deviant” forum, you can talk of everything from health, food, business, finance, art, literature and everything in between. Most threads approach topics from an interesting, non-standard point of view which makes it interesting. Basically, an informative forum, learn some laugh some.  Extremely active, will keep you busy with its near 50,000 members and 6million+ messages.

http://avaxhome5lcpcok5.onion/ – Download PortalAvaxHome – It’s a portal which offers downloadable files in almost all the categories. It can be TV shows, movies, magazines, deep web software links, games, graphics, audio books, comics, and everything else. Note that some download links may redirect to third-party websites. No mandatory registration required. Multiple mirrors are available for most files. Detailed descriptions also share minimum requirements and other information required to run/install/use apps and files.

http://wyrgx7vaq7rj4tbp.onion/QuotesMach, was wirklich zählt – It probably is a quote-site, but has just one quote on the homepage which says –“Do what really counts … don’t go to the armed forces!” when translated from German to English. There’s also an image of a shadow-arm breaking a gun. So, basically it’s a peace-keeping site without any monetary goals. The site has 2 other pages but because they’re in German I couldn’t make much of them.

http://qkndirty6fifcrdk.onion/Identity GeneratorQuirky and Dirty Name Generator – Despite the site’s name, there’s nothing dirty about it. It simply generates a random name, date of birth, and full address. Basically, a full identity. This is perfect for darkweb identities which you can use on darknet markets, deep web forums and other such places. No registration/signup required. The generated info is probably random and not linked to someone in real-life.

http://tinyib3eidonezb5loyenqdio63xopxlafify43o3iknh4emuuad5hqd.onion/ – Image BoardTinyIB – The “IB” in the name stands for “Image board”. It doesn’t have many boards though, the homepage has a centralized board where everything is posted. Completley anonymous, does allow embedding Youtube videos. A password can be set for file-deletion at a later time. Allows files up to 20 MB. JPG, PNG, WEBM, MP4 and even MP3 files are supported. Currently, there’s some nudity but mostly it’s memes.

http://oweeh6jcqx3aoey2.onion/sci/Image BoardThe Archive – It probably is just an archive of an image board. It has boards such as VIP, Science, Cute male, Video games etc.  I couldn’t find an interface to post new posts which means it’s truly an archive, however, I see posts less than 3 days old and that confuses me.  There’s a text-search box which can be used. The advanced search-box doesn’t work.

http://ydt6jy2ng3s3xg2e.onion/Image board archive – We’re talking of deep web image board links so this is another. It’s not the actual board, but an archive of the popular imageboard 4chan. It seems identical to the link listed above, but, the posts do seem to differ. The boards here are “science and math”, “VIP”, “Anime and Manga” etc. Doesn’t allow new posts. Most of the content is 18+.

http://bchan46hwn7fxf67hav7khj3ca7v4avg7yhieahqyocgnaolazgi6tqd.onion/ – Image boardBChan – One of the most popular deep web image board links. Has over 100,000+ individual posts in all the boards combined. Boards for food, writing, drawing, sports, Hentai, weapons etc. are available. Is anonymous. Allows uploading files up to 100Mb. 3 files/post can be uploaded. Deletion-password available. Dual delete-modes, either delete just the file reference, or the actual file. Minimum or no adult content found.

http://frchano4z7wr37nlzogiboypoc7hvwrtskkexk2chtjmbioysevmetad.onion/ – Image BoardBoards – Yet another image board with boards on nearly all the topics. These include politics, music, wrestling, cooking, movies, toys etc. The interface may look similar to BChan, but it has different content and policies. The maximum allowed file-size is 16MB and up to 5 files can be attached to each post. Password can be set for deleting the file later. Very active, every board has posts no older than a couple hours.

http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion/Image BoardAnother extremely popular Image Board with 224872+ posts in total. It boasts a total of 691 boards. The most popular boards see over 120 new posts every single day. Not very adult-centric, however, it’s not restricted. Boards on all the imaginable topics are present, anyone can create a board as well. Completely anonymous and liberal, says it priorities “ideas over identity”. Beware, I found some extremely controversial (racial/religious) posts.

http://torrentzwealmisr.onion/TorrentTorrentz2 – Looks like an identical mirror of one of the most popular clearnet torrent sites. Claims to be a “search engine” and that it fetches content from other sites. No content hosted, neither are uploads allowed. However, you totally can search for torrent files and download them in a few clicks (these redirect to clearnet domains.) May have one of the biggest torrent link databases.

http://jy62d5adro3cnktb.onion/ –   OTP GeneratorOnion OTP Generator – This generates an instant OTP. There’s also a tutorial on “How to build TOTO”. Has a few scripts and codes on the site detailing the same. Unless you’re into codes, this wouldn’t make a lot of sense to you. The OTP generator in general can be used when you need unique, random OTPS and you need them fast.

Conclusion – Best deep web fun links

These links depict the lighter, entertaining side of the deep web/onion network.

It’s not always about mixing Bitcoins or buying weapons off the dark web. Sometimes, it’s just casual internet browsing, right?

Do be careful though, these seemingly harmless sites may at times still be illegal or harmful to your system.

Either way, go have fun, or stroll around on the other articles we’ve posted for some of the best ever darkweb links you’ll ever find. (Just make sure you take note of the security precautions I’ve mentioned above.)