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These are some drug sites on the dark web. The drugs are very sensitive products and you can’t buy most of the illegal or legal drugs without a doctor’s prescription, But the dark web has multiple deep web drugs sites and stores that deal in all type legal of illegal drugs and controlled substances.

If you are still looking for a place where you can find these drugs without a prescription, then this piece has a few hundred darknet drug sites. But this is only for educational purposes, not for buying or selling.

Below listed drugs marketplace and store only deal with bitcoins and other crypto coins like Bitcoins cash, Monero, DASH, etc. Means if someone wants to deal with these marketplaces then he needs to any crypto coins which marketplace prefer for dealing (Bitcoins, Monero, Dash, LTC, etc).

Disclaimer- Proceed only if you read and agree 100% to our DISCLAIMER provided at the bottom-right corner of this page, and on this page.

.Recommended: For full privacy (Double Layer) Security or anonymity, always use Onion over VPN + Tor Browser while accessing the deep web drugs links.

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Onion Over VPN – Category of those type servers that transfer your all internet traffic from Tor Nodes, This simply means, you don’t have any footprints on the internet.

Warning: Before buying any type drugs from below listed deep web drugs links or any other .onion drugs sites, always check site status like as website reviews, previous users experience, and money refund policy.

Below I am giving you some deep web drugs related links only for education or research purpose; I am not recommending you to visit these sites. This is your choice; you will need to visit these sites or not.

Given deep web drugs stores have some illegal products which are not allowed on clearnet, If you are involving in these type action like selling or buying task, then we are not responsible for you. It’s all your decision.

Note: Security always matter on deep web, if you are searching and exploring deep web and planning to visit below-given onion drugs sites then make sure you have active premium VPN service and your NordVPN connected to any Onion over VPN server then run your tor browser and check your browser javascript option, that should be disabled mode.

Note: If you want to know. How to create a high-security environment for access the deep web then you can check my another step by step tutorial how to access the deep web.


If all are correct, then you may ready for visit below given deep web drugs links.

Note: Here I want to recommend you one thing, that can help you to save your money from various deep web fraud, If you are highly motivated for buy drugs on the deep web then always prefer any trusted deep web drugs marketplace, don’t prefer self-hosted sites because some are the scammers. Still Darknet markets offer high-security service, Fee always escrow protected, and seller or buyer also verified. You also can check seller or buyer profile reviews. All these things can help you to filter right person for your right deal.

How do people buy drugs from the dark web

Are you beginner and first time on the dark web, and want to know how do people buy drugs without prescription?Here I’m giving some quick points that can help you, but If you don’t know anything about the deep web then my recommendation to you, must read how to access the deep web guide for all type information or tor setting.

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  • Connect your NordVPN with Onion Over Server
  • Run Tor Browser on Your Computer
  • Disable your JavaScript in your Tor Browser
  • Check your browser security setting; it should be the safest level
  • Select any darknet drugs store after good research like review checking, Reddit question, and answers, friends recommendation.
  • Register your account on the dark web drugs store or marketplaces, but must use virtual information, don’t use your physical information.
  • For drugs delivery, don’t give your home address, office or any relatives address, use any social place like coffee shop, playground, parks or etc. make sure place doesn’t have any CCTV camera or any other surveillance system, don’t carry your phone or any other tracking device at the delivery package getting time.
  • For payment must use Bitcoins or any privacy coins.

Deep web drugs store links 2021

http://t5h72uz4hvyvwx6xyiyy6kpdoqyvyrg5yhe2ffxetb4lhn53onva5bad.onion  – Dark web marketTor2door – A deep web drug site with over 11,000+ listings solely in various drug categories. Common items include Cannabis, Ecstasy, Opioids, Stimulants, Benzos etc. Bitcoin and Monero accepted. Advanced centralized deposits to the on-market wallet required, not wallet-less. Requires $500.00 vending fee. Established vendors get a free vendor account. Non-drug items such as counterfeit items, software, jewellery etc. available as well

For Alternative Mirrors Visit Here>>

http://darkmat3kdxestusl437urshpsravq7oqb7t3m36u2l62vnmmldzdmid.onion/ – Darknet MarketDarkMatter – DarkMatter Market is a dark net market with over 35000 listed products, probably the maximum number of products on a market today. Isn’t wallet-less. Accepts BTC, LTC and XMR. 1% deposit fee and 2% withdrawal fee required. 2-FA, PIN, login phrase and mnemonic offer security. Private links can be bought for more security. Vending fee is set at EUR 500, non-refundable.

kingdomm7v6yed55o2rbspvs4exn5bzfxdizqaav27tw6gw4zc65vdad.onion – Darknet MarketKingdom Market  It’s a darknet market with over 27,000 drug listings. All the trades are secured via escrow. Non-drug products available as well. BTC, XMR, LTC, and can be used for payments. Not wallet-less. Vendor accounts cost EUR 500.00, this is non-refundable. Meth, Cocaine, Weed and basically all other types of drugs available.

Alternative Mirror:

i2p Mirror:

  • http://kngdmbfjfb4ry5jjn7mqphi3pzzxc37bro5gpcitcpmt5piflpva.b32.i2p
  • http://kngdm77i2e4o2dl7tchkhx4qtrwcjfuchf322i62fragbtvlpuea.b32.i2p

Extra Mirror:

hn2paw7zaahbikbejiv6h22zwtijlam65y2c77xj2ypbilm2xs4bnbid.onion Drugs MarketWeTheNorth – The market has over 2600 listings in the drugs category which makes it a deep web drugs site. Of course, it has about 2500 listings in other categories as well which makes it a full-fledged darknet market. It’s a third-party escrow and lets anyone buy/sell on the market. Selling rights need a $300 one-time fee. Apart from drugs, also has autoshops for cards and profile information. Anonymous payments accepted via BTC and XMR.

moyorfugdelhxl4vsuunpxi4b4shvoy2utd6q2f5dkrwjcs6ybmikfid.onion Drug darknet market – NarcoShop – It’s a drug-exclusive market and is completely admin-controlled. Claims to have sold on Wall Street, Dream, Hansa, Agora and many other markets. Categories include Meth, Ecstasy, Weed, MDMA, Heroin, Cocaine, Ketamine etc. Accepts both BTC and XMR. Registration mandatory for purchases. Is wallet-less. Claims of having “best” stealth solutions and user data encryption.

mcityef3eueeh26mo2e7jn6yypgnvtbu2w57kcka6g3zu7u4xv5cgkid.onion Onion drugs market Midland City – As the name suggests, it’s a “clinic”. As in, it sells pills and tablets. The categories include anxiety pills, insomnia, pain relief, weight loss and even extremes such as date rape drugs etc. Completely automated. Doesn’t accept independent vendors, admin controlled. Accepts Bitcoin for payments. Traditional interface, left-sidebar for categories, centre-screen for displaying products. No registration required for browsing.

e5fc3et2gcsvmii4f6mrjgapd22azni6iu6pm54m44aewfmohvvnnpid.onion Drugs NamasteLSD – It’s a single-admin market. Products are dedicated to drugs and include Ecstasy, Psychedelics, Stimulants, Cannabis etc. Both BTC and XMR accepted. 2 and 10 confirmations required for BTC and XMR respectively. Registration mandatory. Security PIN available and required during withdrawals. Advanced search filters. Ships globally. Both with, and without tracking ID orders possible.

drugsednqhasbyoyg2oekzbnllbujro54zrogqbf3p6e7qflxti5eeqd.onion Drugs Drugs Empire – It’s a single-admin marketplace and yet is pretty professional. Access is granted only after registrations which is free. As of now, has 15 items listed. Multiple weight-brackets for the same product are available. Bitcoin is the only Cryptocurrency that’s accepted. It’s not wallet-less and hence funds require advance deposits. Totally automated.

phamsgrqsxfs7ius264evgwtvgacv5etidb5fww3x4ghtsfg67azjuid.onion Drugs Multi Pharmacy Store – This darknet site sells pills exclusively. Morphine, Percocet, Dilaudid etc. are available. Accepts BTC, XMR, BCH, and LTC. It’s not automated and hence orders require manual e-mails to the vendor. Single-vendor. Shipment originates from the U.S and there’s a $15.00 shipping fee on products. Tracking ID provided if item doesn’t arrive in 7 days.

4wmicvgfju43ejudk2km3a7jhkwyewtgwwxbttcquca4fm3tilmtocyd.onionDrugsDrugazon – Drugs is the most common Darknet market commodity, while Guns are just as rare. Although this store exclusively sells just these two products, i.e. Guns and Drugs. Drug categories include – Psychedelics , Stimulants Prescription and Weeds. Guns of all types from Snipers, Shotguns, Handguns to Assault Rifles are available. Ships worldwide. Accepts Bitcoin payments.

chemica6ctvnblxew7fqwl7xdbxldy7opdiv3bhfnu6fmlz6nhmsrrad.onionDrugsChemical Drugs – A marketplace dedicated specifically to Marijuana and Weed. Does ship worldwide except UAE, Spain, Israel and India. Accepts only BTC payments. Offers support from 9:30a.m to 12:00 P.m. Has around 16 individual listings. Also displays reviews from other users. Prices can be customized for USD, EUR, GBP and BTC. Stealth packaging using Mylar 7.1mm bags.

lxgbffibchcvrp7k633uwrjlrrbfnwkysnpw2xcf5vb32oyeczdmnvid.onionDrugsAlpha Money and Drug is a Darknet market dedicated exclusively to “Pills and Tablets”. No registration required for browsing, mandatory for orders. Has a ton of categories such as Hair loss, Reproduction, Sleep, Steroids, Eye-care, Blood pressure, Anti-viral, Weight loss, SSRI etc. Users get to select the “source warehouse” from where it’ll be shipped. Does provide tracking for most orders. Order process is automated. Payment only accepted in BTC.

oirolrkrppy6sei6x6bvkkdolc4cjqzqfhxisfzu6exqblahwrrvktyd.onion DrugsDarkDock marketplace has devoted over 50% of its total stock to Drugs alone! It has a total listing of as many as 36368 products in the Drugs category, sub-divided into Ecstacy, Opioids, RCs, Weight-loss and everything else. Features 2-FA for login, 2 of 3 Multisig transactions for payments and an Escrow for overall transaction security. Ships Worldwide except to UAE countries. Drugs can be bought using Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and even ZCash.

acva7mfu6busthnqeh5lsklra2lavc6twyevswjwx4kzuuqjexqu7eyd.onionDrugs – AbyssPharma If it’s drugs you’re looking for, look no further. Abysspharma is a specialist in just this commodity. Its product-arsenal is full of Drugs such as Cannabis, Narcotics, Psychedelics, Pharma, Dissociatives etc. Weed however is the most heavily stocked product with 1088 Individual listings. Even though other products are available such as fraud, they’re fewer in number. Offers multiple shipping choices. The marketplace doesn’t even needs pre-deposits, rather functions on a wallet-less infrastructure. Payment won’t be an issue either; it accepts Bitcoin but just in case you don’t have those, Monero is accepted as well. 2 or 3 Multisig is a layer of protection in addition to the automatic encryption (PGP) provided for the messages. Are you a drug vendor instead? You can sell on the marketplace for a vendor fee (non-refundable) of 0.01995600 BTC as well.

lkbp4mwcptpce6ywqqxfcpyxnevgrap7m5c53jbn6a6jzxt5quwja2ad.onion – DrugsFun Pharmacy – Genesis is another Dark web drug stores which is getting popular. Even though currently it only has around 400 listings in Drugs (the total listing however is near 2,000 including other products). These drugs are categorized into various categories such as MDMA, Stimulants, Opioids, 2CB, Emphatogens etc. If you’re a vendor you can vend on the marketplace for a vendor bond of USD $179.00. Or get a free account provided you meet some of their requirements. Is limited in its payment modes though and only accepts Bitcoin. No deposits required. Also offers Escrow. Reputed vendors can be handpicked from the “Best Vendors” section. Also offers 2-FA using PGP for account security. It’s set to soon launch “marketplace to BitMessage forwarding” in the near future.

kx6hftcujl3se23u3kjsjgdto72mtbykertyvjcnawyn4aspwko3c6yd.onionDrugsAmaDrugs, Diazepam, Lorazepam and all other such controlled or completely illegal drugs which your local chemist won’t sell to you, where do you get your hands on them? EU Benzos! Like most other Darknet markets it too is a marketplace on the far end of the Deep web, and sells just what you ask for without asking a lot of questions. It’s completely dedicated to Pharama products, or Tablets and meds in other words. Has a top-bar with all the product-categories and even a price-filter to make things easy for buyers. Available products include Orals, Injectables, Opoids, Sexual Health, Insulin and so on. Ships only to EU countries, and only from Monday to Friday, hence orders made after Friday would be shipped only next Monday. Payment can be made in all Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

psyshopshweetovp4em654waimmcjsf7eqifwe2d4qhnluk2b24r6dqd.onionDrugsPsyShop – Dark web drugs store that deals in Weeds, Cocaine, Hash like as Amnesia Haze, Big Buddha Cheese(Hybrid, 50% Sativa – 50% Indica, THC: 18%+). PsyShop also deals in 87% Pure Fishscale Flakes Cocaïne. Here anyone can buy weeds in minimum quantity 1gm. If you want to test. That site is legit then you can text his service and take your decision based on your experience. According to site policy, they only deliver weeds in Europe. PsyShop accepts payment in BTC, XMR, LTC, ETH, that you can select what you want..

uhqqhaq4keya7deng26ejmwdbty4brod4zj4nrydtteaw4yhroeeeqad.onionDrugsZion Pharmacy – looking trusted drugs vendor store for Benzos, Cannabis, Opioids, Stimulants then Dr.Bob’s can help you, but this site has some requirements like the buyer only use darknet email services like protonmail, tutanota, torbox, etc. only send PGP encrypted message.

orc52yt3qnatcmwwbiht4n6qvbxdeapzzvp6xaiwnuta2c2lqn4afdad.onionDrugsElChapo – Global Dreams is a Darknet Market which sells products such as Hash, Weed, LSD, Mephedrone among a few others; a total of 100 products are currently listed on the marketplace. Only Bitcoin is accepted as the mode of payment, does ship worldwide and has a refund policy as well; although it’s more liberal for customers from the EU as compared to the Non-EU residents. No expedited shipments; or tracking codes provided. Doesn’t keep any logs and everything’s deleted after a successful shipments.

darkbayx7a4sosoo4hqvoljqelgkusjlrqmt237ls6hndbplmel55oad.onion – Darknet Market DarkBay – It’s a darknet market which sells many items, out of which drugs are pills are the most abundant. Categories include Cannabis, Opioids, Prescription, Stimulants, Fentanyl etc. The product stock stands at around 50. Does accept third-party vendors but the policies can only be known after getting in touch with the team. Ships globally, also claims “stealth” packaging.

dbayuapytcowfz2nnfik3jayno4njibl45t77r3eartihtq6igtaqtqd.onionDrugs – DrugsBay – A very professional looking marketplace that’s drug-exclusive. Sells cocaine, MDMA, speed, morphine, prescriptions etc. Registration is mandatory for purchases. Has a total 128 listings on the market. Payments are wallet-less directly on the checkout page. Also publishes a warrant canary. Is single-admin and doesn’t accept independent vendors.

tomjejezyhisqf4cqzhtjoqtwdf7slb46eprudl4dyt2gmbpvsqmzkyd.onionDrugsTom & Jerry is a store with established repute on Dream Market and specializes in Xanax. Ships worldwide with 100% success rate for almost all the countries regardless of the custom rules. Guarantees ultra stealth packaging and even offers 100% refunds in case of seizures. Orders require a mandatory registration on the marketplace. Bitcoin is the accepted mode of payment. Shipping to UK is the fastest and doesn’t take more than a day, USA however may take upto a week; other countries too have different time-requirements based on their distance from UK. Shipping charges too depend on the destination, are cheapest for UK (EUR 10) and most expensive for Australia (AUD $80).

odcfcjifmtpivvkip2lkd4tamznwwrz74w6girkdiduz5kotkc5umbad.onionDrugsArchPharmacy – If you need an alternative to viagra on the dark web, this is where you get it. Tablets are only sold in batches. Smallest batch consists of 4 tablets. Multiple batches can be ordered at the same time. Both tablets and oral jelly available. Only accepts Bitcoin for payment. They do provide a tracking number for the orders. Orders can only be placed after registration. No other Cryptocurrency except Bitcoin is accepted for payments. The site claims all E-mails are answered within 24 hours. Even for first-timers, detailed description of each product is available helping them choose better.

apu54lid4g46zzafhdxq63gsvppcri7nb7qobs53jnyx3nbqz45e4lad.onion – DrugsThe Secure Plug Drug – Another drug site on the darknet however it’s not just limited to tablets. It also sells oils, cracks and even stamps. The market is extremely basic, however, it accepts new, third-party vendors as well. The vendor bond is also refundable. We did see some reputable vendors on the market, such as DutchDrugz however the legitimacy of these profiles isn’t guaranteed. Registration is mandatory for buying or selling.

5agip6vfsp2ogg4cobsxqtwg7iwndcvtnimmtvxteyi2ouk7dyjgb5yd.onion Drugs – Inter Continental Drugs – The site is dedicated exclusively to the sale of drugs. It’s admin-controlled and doesn’t accept independent vendors. Current listings include MDMA, Cannabis, Ketamine, Psychedelics etc. The total stock stands at less than 100. Accepts both XMR and BTC. Even hosts weekly and monthly lotteries. Does require registrations. Doesn’t ship to Norway, Croatia, USA, Australia, Morocco, Iran, Canada and New Zealand.

kvmwil3i5rnqp5kuaxwsw3gmjz7qn6x2otrlzhtaznfeujry4fd5jeid.onion Drugs WalGreens – As the name hints, the site sells weed. Current listings include Purple Kush, Marokk Hash and BubbleGum. A dozen or so listings available. Only accepts Bitcoin. Ships globally. Ships only Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The site can be accessed in 5 languages so language or region isn’t a barrier either.

cc365rfnwxcmeizmlxo2unibbodwqykjrxvaawjj6ofs5clondovalid.onionDrugsColorado Cannabis – As the name hints, it’s a Mushroom darknet market. More specifically, the seller specializes in Penis Envy Mushrooms of the Psilocybe Cubensis species. Multiple weight-categories are available. There’s also additional shipping fee which may range from $9.00 to $18.00. It’s claimed to be highly potent and 100% organic. There’s also a PGP canary. It’s only shipped within U.S. International shipments aren’t possible. Only Bitcoin is accepted. Tracking ID is available if the item isn’t delivered within 7 days of being shipped.

hunteromrfg77ztej7ban4adowvorx5ut4wtcf53ik54dse25okp3pqd.onionDrugsHunter for Drug – Probably a single-admin darknet drug site. Was founded in 2018 and is still live. It’s dedicated exclusively to drugs. Some of the available listings include Cannabis, Ecstasy, MDMA, Meth, Kush, LSD etc. Doesn’t ship globally, USA/Canada/ EU and Africa only. Not automated, manual deposits then emailing required. No registration/signup required. Claims to have had sold on Alphabay, Dream and Wallst. market.

b5bhz6y2khwija7xznmejxqd2hhxkkaa4rcdqxmnfvqwqeqtlxkuljqd.onionDrugsWestern District – Only has Peruvian Cocaine in stock. No samples, photos provided. Two variants, both the solid and liquid for the Cocaine available. Multiple product-batches available. You can purchase from 250g to 1000KG in a go! 4 shipping options available, charged extra. Not automated. Deposit funds > send email/Wickr. Ships from the U.S and Peru. Vending/selling not allowed.

kjsba5xg6vb7gvtzu7eecpwvsggem6qbvmw3h5enj3b4viqvksvktuyd.onionDrugsCJ  Home Purity – Another site owned either by an individual, or a group. Doesn’t accept individual vendors. Product-stock includes Cocaine, Heroine, and MDMA. Order quantity can be a minimum 1 KG or a max 10 KG. Only ships these bulk orders. No orders in grams. This too isn’t automated, manual emails required for ordering. Doesn’t require registration.

wy5euy7j7zayx6xpgzczqdvidl7dtmrm5bwqzhnhapmwfxhbk4kbklqd.onion – Drugs Coke City – A Pharma-store on the Darkweb. Sells various restricted or illegal pills and tablets. Products can only be ordered in batches, no manual quantity-specification allowed. No automated orders, manual e-mailing required for ordering products. BTC-only. Single-admin marketplace.

qmoneylgkppz4forni2z5vuyzzrgt4ydprzi76ptqgdcvuxt6jqy2gad.onionDrugsDope King is a single-admin drug marketplace. Hash, DMT, Cocaine, Cannabis, LSD, Meth are some of its products. It does require registration for ordering products, browsing is free for everyone. The market only accepts Bitcoin payments. Despite being single-admin, it’s fully automated. It offers a 1-hour payment window for making the payment, else the order is auto-cancelled.

ntx3iidrjvqcs5m6ifcft7izmlt7xwj6j6ntcdov266ssh54fsekabad.onionDrugsE-shopper – This is a single admin market that sells drugs exclusively. Cocaine, LSD, Meth, Cannabis etc. are some of the items up for sale. The payments are automated, only Bitcoin is accepted. No registration is required, simply the delivery address and e-mail is required. Being single-admin, it doesn’t have many products, only about 50 or so items are listed.

2dr2hqrtj7mnipcjjpw6jjwkkyvfk5ew4kopprkjazf3gorysy2w2pqd.onion deep web drug site cmoney345 cocaine & meth shop – It’s a darknet drug site in the true sense. Meaning, that’s the only product it sells. All the most common drugs including Meth and Cocaine are listed for sale. Products can be browsed without registration. The admin can be contacted over e-mail or using Wickr.

ermiqnrw7ygijtoo5li5cs3sguqo3e67plpqbptczq7jrgy4pwmsg4yd.onion Tabs and Pills – New Shit – This is a darknet link to drug site that only sells tablets and pills. The primary product being LSD. It sells sheets with a few dozen tabs in each. Seems to be a single-vendor market, only around a dozen listings available so far. Is completely automated, accepts BTC payments. Doesn’t require registration.

potshopk4eov76aciyranqyq2r3mszuvfisvneytodfxo56ubha7doqd.onion Drugs The Pot Shop – The name makes it clear, they sell Pot. It’s a single-admin market with about 15 individual listings. No other product except “Weed” is available. Ships globally, shipping fee required, differs based on country. Free shipping on $100+ orders. Claims to have shipped 750+ products so far. Payments can be made using BTC, LTC, Doge, BTCH, and Potcoin.

skingykcpkkenvhhlg5vdsitvdoefkbo7frfiv3gscue66ynvuqq7bid.onion Drug market Steroid King – There are a ton of shops with the exact same name on the dark web. This one has about 100 listings. It sells tablets and pills. Is completely automated, doesn’t require registration and demands payments only via Bitcoin. Is single-admin and doesn’t accept independent/third-party sellers.

fw7p3n7dvwkxvgjtiw2ij6ljxxp5aaajcadcwhgblwrjnolsu2fbbqyd.onionDarknet Drug MarketDrugs Shop– The market uses a very common, almost oversaturated interface. It’s a single-vendor market. Some of the available listings include LSDs, Meth, Cocaine, Cannabis and so on. Doesn’t require registration. Accepts payments via Bitcoin only. Multiple delivery options available. Ships globally. An escrow (Safe Escrow) is accepted but it’s third-party and pre-decided by the shop.

csbyoyg2oekzbnllbujro54zrogqbf3p6e7qflxti5eeqdDrug shopDrugs Empire– This darknet drug market is dedicated exclusively to Cannabis. The market only accepts payments via Bitcoin. No registration required. No deposits required either, direct payments from external wallet accepted on the checkout page. Regular shipping is free, overnight shipping costs $30.00 and delivers overnight. Even boasts a 100% refund policy in case the order isn’t up to your liking.

orange36te7f62wgdl55lvswtibjiuxji4f62tlxvdgmwtwedvrczlid.onion Darknet MarketThe Orange– This is a multi-vendor and multi-product site. However, it has over 41,000+ drug listings. Vending is allowed, $1000.00 vendor-fee. Very advanced features such as multisig and even deaddrops are available! Even has in-built mixers for more anonimity. Registration not required for product-browsing. Not wallet-less, requires advance deposits. Accepts payments via both Bitcoin and Monero.

bqeqzgon2s6jurdreiwzn4eesbow626dmiyvtaxjvwa3nlv7mxje2tqd.onion DrugsBulkBrigade– It’s a darknet drug site that ships from Germany. The primary products include XTC pills, hash, meth, MDMA and a lot more. The site looks very basic and hence no automated orders are accepted. After making payment to a displayed wallet, an e-mail needs to be sent to confirm the order. Does offer 100% refunds if item is seized and can be proven.

7au74367cn6peqgxh3t2ldiioaa3boc6kc3af5f7rnbwzpc72ajtrwad.onion Darknet drugsMaghreb– The market claims to have sold on Empire, Alphabay, Nucleus, Evolution and many other markets. Claims of some serious stealth packaging. Only accepts BTC. About 5 different types of drugs listed. Independent sellers not accepted. Doesn’t ship to NZ, Australia and Scandinavia. Both refund and reship available depending on the problem, 5-day window.

cpuvhkcluw4vbgbhh2bck5esfa2idk4wrn6qyomsz2qz2jivqp7mjaid.onion Darknet Cocaine shopLos Urabenos– The site says it’s being operated out of Spain and Colombia. Accepts payments via both BTC and XMR. Payments must be made in advance. Claims the product is completely uncut. Only 4 items listed so far, completely admin-controlled, no third-party sellers. Doesn’t require registrations. Not automated, email/wickr required for order confirmations.

sokm37fvacv5lp65cbzrbfcjepzn6fqkjhgr2j5axupogiyjnp5bvtqd.onion DrugsCJNG– It’s a darknet market that claims to be the most trusted bulk Cocaine seller in the industry. Doesn’t accept independent sellers. Actually has some very legit-looking proof snapshots on the website. Accepts both BTC and XMR for deposits. Doesn’t require registrations. The team must be manually contacted after payment for order confirmation.

btbgrd2bupbfkcbdydsgaah3kzolnq3udav35oqoqlnmx2udku2owyqd.onion Tor network drug siteAuspost– Cocaine, Meth, MDMA and Heroine are sold here. Claims to provide tracking ID with each order. Multiple quantities of the same product can be ordered. Semi-automated, product selection and checkout is automated, order is confirmed only after manual emails though.

m3dcxlvs4beh4neyvuojz6ndf2svyy4gchqmovqgn4zkl2uejeuobuqd.onion Cocaine Tor shopCalaouport– The site claims to be based out of U.S and Peru. The shipments are supposedly sent through Air and Ship cargo. Stealth packaging without fingerprints, smell is assured. Is also vacuum sealed. Primarily sells Peruvian Cocaine. Accepts BTC deposits. Even generates an “invoice” for payments. Screenshots with hand-written proof-notes available on the site.

gh5gewziqmm5twfn2dpwap6t4dwp44emi4smzmw3f5lqc3natfbcpuid.onion Drugs Smart – This is a drug darknet market that seems to be run by a single admin or group. By drug, we mean mostly factory-manufactured tablets and pills, not plant-based narcotics such as Weed or Cannabis. Does require registration for orders. Is wallet-less. Accepts payments via Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Stellar, Tron etc. Completely automated orders.

fmqrdslsqr7fmnaxrtdi5htnocyj6llf4cwp3rupcqtp57uorunz2iid.onion Drug shop/forum Top Korea – The tagline reads –“just another weed shop”, so it’s pretty clear what they’re selling, isn’t it? The site has a forum-like interface. Two posts currently exist, all in Korean. Seems to accept independent sellers as it does have a “restriction list”. It has 397 registered users and 192 posts as of today.

weedpysa7je6nhwy2iepqet4umtccigqvurp3syrfnjwp3wuwkdnread.onion Weed The Best Weed – It’s a basic-looking weed shop. Claims to be selling weed for 3+ years. Has both an automated payment interface, and a manual order procedure. Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis etc. are the available weed types. Can be purchased via post and courier. No registration required, only accepts BTC.

wms5y25kttgihs4rt2sifsbwsjqjrx3vtc42tsu2obksqkj7y666fgid.onion Drugs DCdutchconnectionUK – It’s a darknet drug market that ships drugs from the UK. Guarantees same day shipping. Cocaine, Haze, LSD are just some of the available products. Is completely automated but requires registration. Also, payments can’t be sent from external wallets directly, must be first deposited to the account wallet. Only Bitcoin is accepted.

cbtzjyzkpdj6tjw3fjy7klqvkjb4majkkn2gt73hgbvqsgunaaudkpqd.onion Drugs MillerMall – It’s a darknet site that sells drugs. Mushrooms, Cocaine, Weed, Indica, Wax, Rove are just some of the available product categories. Guarantees 100% refunds. Free shipping for $1K+ orders. Only Bitcoin is accepted. Has an altcoin option but only BTC is available on the menu. Does work without “registrations” but a very detailed form needs to be filled.

6kqmut3dvu47kvsdkjhn4atroxipl6grtnmkrr3w5wnnnvcjaevgkmyd.onion Drugs Tom & Jerry 2021 – It’s a site that sells Cocaine, LSD, Ketamine, Weed, Hash, MDMA etc. Orders aren’t automated, manual e-mails/Wickr messages required for ordering. Only accepts payments via Bitcoin. Same-day shipping. Shipping is always free. Claims to have made 4000+ sales in a year. Ships everywhere, minimum 2 days max. 10 days required.

hanf4u6men5b2ral2uxez2ut2aqgjfye6ovsq77wacso5xsqewel42qd.onion Drugs – Hanf4U – This is an unique darknet drug site because it doesn’t require registration for placing order. It ships from Germany and ships only to the EU. Obviously doesn’t use a market wallet and is wallet-less. Both Bitcoin and Monero accepted. Seems very active and has over 1M total hits so far. Doesn’t accept independent vendors. Has very few listings.

jppr7cpe7m5fndlehgz2c76qgsgi4p4yrwrusqkdcsu76gtd7wpr5fid.onionDrugs Market UnderMarket Reloaded – This actually is a full-fledged marketplace which sells everything including drugs. Currently, 9 drug listings are available. It accepts third-party vendors for a fee. Two vendor accounts (levels) available. Isn’t wallet-less and requires advance deposits. Only accepts Bitcoin for payments.

3yugyknbuxezuzz5spfiv7vd6by6sdwnnss6rkw3wurultdhlucldiyd.onion Drugs ADS Research Chemicals Supplier – This site sells drugs. It’s claimed to be imported from China. The sample thumbnails have paper notes proving authenticity. Not automated. Orders can be placed only after contacting the team. Wickr and E-mail contacts provided. They only accept Bitcoin. Tracking numbers provided for all orders.

jum6g3qos5xx7nwrb4r24juaxnxoxdarutvdyc5q2zjpns6jkily2pad.onion Drugs Marie-Bio -This is a darknet drug market. Is single-vendor and doesn’t accept individual or independent sellers. It primarily sells Cannabis-related products. Currently 4 products are listed. 50g/100g and 500g quantities can be ordered. Accepts BTC, ETH and XMR. Isn’t automated, orders are placed only via Protonmail. The website is in French with no English alternative.

rbcxodz4socx3rupvmhan2d7pvik4dpqmf4kexz6acyxbucf36a6ggid.onionDarkweb Market 420prime – It’s a darknet drug market which ships from the UK. Only sells Cannabis. Claims it’s “legally grown”. Additional 5GBP fee required for shipping if the order is less for than 300 GBP. 7g/15g and 30g quantities available. It’s completley automated. Does require registrations and advance deposits to the account-wallet. Only accepts Bitcoin deposits.

cannabmgae3mkekotfzsyrx5lqg7lj7hgcn6t4rumqqs5vnvmuzsmfqd.onion Drugs Cannahome – It’s one of the most popular darknet drug sites, primarily dedicated to Cannabis. Categories include flowers, shrooms, edibles, concentrates etc. Nearly 2500 listings available. Has the most unique & professional interfaces. Accepts independent vendors. Requires massive previous vending experience before offering vendor accounts. Is wallet-less. Even has multisig escrow. Accepts both BTC and LTC.

pt2mftbxeczbzufi2v7b3ekmsun4khq6hi7bdjo7w23fsx3easvr73ad.onionDrugsSmokerCo – SmokersCo is a Darknet market dedicated exclusively to Weed and Hash. The website design is pretty advanced and just better as compared to most other Darknet markets out there. It currently has 11 listings in its Weed section, and 3 in Hash. Payments can only be made using Bitcoins. The site also provides support from 9:30 A.M to 12:00 P.M everyday. Registration is mandatory. The order process is automated and orders can be placed without having to manually E-mail or contact the site admin. 100% re-ship policy.

gukm6235mhmwbauv3xtfz3llqm22uaaac57pmqnauxtqr67otxymx7yd.onionPills and Tablets Wain Pharmacy – Because it’s a “Pharmacy”, it sells pills and tablets. As of today, it has 118 listings in over 50 different categories. For most items, multiple “packs” available. Surprisingly, provides Whatsapp support! Payment accepted via BTC, LTC, XRP, ETH, TRX and half a dozen other altcoins. Even accepts WU, bank transfers and other fiats for some orders. Requires registrations but is wallet-less.

www.u2v7szaqxilvbqi7dq65d35w3xjx5hhszlnrk53knhwhw6d3f4rf5zad.onionCorona Vaccine COVID-19 Vaccines – As the name suggests, the darknet market claims to sell vaccines for COVID-19. It has listed Sputnik, Moderna, Janssen, Pfizer and many other vaccines for sale. Even sells masks and COVID vaccination cards! Has a 2-day 100% refund policy. Provides support via WhatsApp. Note that we haven’t verified the legitimacy/authenticity of these listings, proceed at your own risk.

dmt4allz7lniccvzpp6jm6axf4kfq6l362yqmnv2phuzfskgnogxjgqd.onionDrug Marketplace TMT 4 all – It’s a market which sells a very specific type of drug. Currently, 11 products are listed. Registration is not required for browsing products or adding them to the cart, purchasing requires registrations. Doesn’t accept third-party vendors and is individually owned.

c5xoy22aadb2rqgw3jh2m2irmu563evukqqddu5zjandunaimzaye5id.onion Drugs Tom and Jerry Store – This is another darknet drug site which sells MDMA, LSD, Heroin etc. It’s a single-admin market which doesn’t allow third-party vendors. The items are shipped from Netherlands. Registrations are mandatory. Isn’t wallet-less and requires advance deposits. Only BTC accepted for payments.

Conclusion and Disclaimer

We’ve included a long list of Deep web drugs site. They sell both legal, as well as illegal drugs. Buying and selling drugs without proper licensing is a major crime in most parts of the world. Hence, note that we at no time are promoting, encouraging or supporting Darknet trades of any kind.

All links (if any), tutorials, advises and tools provided are purely for educational purposes. An answer to “how” these activities are conducted in general. Movies show how to get away with murder, books may teach how to nuke a country but that doesn’t mean those activities should be carried out. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do here. This article at no times means you should use any information variable on this page or anywhere else on this site to conduct Darknet activities.

Note that even when you use Tor + a good VPN you aren’t 100% safe. There’s still a minor chance of you getting caught provided you offend the wrong people or are on the wrong list.

If and when you do need drugs, we recommend obtaining the proper prescriptions, and/or license. In a nutshell, any activity conducted by you, anywhere on the internet (including Dark web drugs site) is completely and solely your responsibility. You need to establish the legalities of your actions before getting involved in them. We shall not be held responsible for any of your activities. This extends to any scams you may be exposed to on the Darknet.