Deep Web Counterfeit Currency Links | Dark Web Counterfeit Links

Deep web counterfeit links are very real, and do sell fake/counterfeit notes.

We’ve included 21 of such darkweb fake currency shops in this list.

Some of these shops claim to sell legit, govt-printed currency notes.

In this case, the notes are claimed to be obtained just before they’re dispatched for “shredding”.

While majority of these deep web counterfeit links sites claim to sell outright fake notes.

They do however assure that the notes are 100% undetectable and can be used anywhere.

Some of these accept Escrow, most don’t.

The way these notes are shipped too varies from site to site.

Some ship it in carved books, others in iPhone boxes and so on.

You may notice multiple sites listed below which look and feel exactly the same.

Only their name seems different.

That’s because most of these sites use the same website template.

Or, at times, they’re phishing clones of the original site.

Either way, let’s get you some security before browsing these deep web counterfeit links.

Security tips

Browsing these darkweb fake note sites isn’t illegal.

However, you need to secure yourselves nonetheless.

Follow these security steps exactly in the sequence listed below:

  1. Download NordVPN. (Any other VPN works, but only Nord offers a independently verified no-logs policy and “Onion over VPN” servers).
  2. Connect to the “onion over VPN” server on NordVPN, or any other server on your VPN (these may be less secure).
  3. Download Tor browser. Already have it? Update it to its latest version.
  4. Increase Tor’s security to maximum (preference > security > safest).
  5. Close all other programs except NordVPN (or your VPN) and Tor browser.
  6. Use a black tape to mask your webcam and mic.

If you followed the steps exactly as listed above, you’re ready to dive into the world of these deep web counterfeit currency links.


We earlier said “browsing” these Tor fake shop links isn’t illegal.

“Browsing” being the keyword.

Using them (buying/selling) counterfeit notes is 100% illegal and is punishable by law.

Never do that, if you do so, it’ll completely be your own responsibility.

Also, we haven’t verified the legitimacy/claims of these sites.

Hence, they may be pure scams.

Or, just sites created by trolls/pranksters or even the law enforcement to find people who order such products on the darkweb.

We can’t be held responsible if you indulge in the illegal activity of buying counterfeit currency on the dark web.

Deep Web Counterfeit Currency Links | Dark Web Counterfeit Links

We’ve only included those darkweb fake note shops which sell “currency notes” exclusively.

All links are live as of May 2020.

https://tgs5dkeqkg5hrjjk.onionDark web fake notes linkCash God – One of the very few Darkweb fake note sites which accepts Escrow. Claims that it can acquire cash before its “shredded” from govt. reserves. Sells USD/EUR and GBP notes. All orders are manually processed only, no automated orders. The profit-margin isn’t massive and is around 3x for smaller transactions. Overnight shipping costs an extra $50.0. Only BTC accepted. Tracking number provided.

http://istanbt2l2vu6arn.onion Fake notes – Istanbul – The only fake note site on the dark web which offers “video proof” of its stock. The provided proofs do seem to be legit and trustworthy. It also accepts payments via Escrow. Claims to be completely anonymous. The cash too is shipped “discreetly”. Also claims to PGP-encrypt all messages/shipping info. Registration mandatory. Lists multiple features why the banknotes are reliable or undetectable.

http://chjjo7df5flha62f.onion Financial marketplace – Counterfeit center – This is more like a marketplace, but not just limited to counterfeit money. Rather, it has cards, money transfers, documents, degrees. hacking and everything else. It primarily sells Australian dollars, sterling, euro, and US dollars. Single notes can’t be purchased, obviously. Claims to accept third-party escrows. There’s a minimum order amount, orders below 0.29 ฿ aren’t accepted.

http://cashflip6434deqb.onion/Accounts, Cards and CashCash Flipper – The site sells everything finance-related. However, our attention goes to its counterfeit notes listings. It has EUR/USD and GBP bills for sale. Multiple product batches available for each currency, each starting with $250.00 and going up to around $1200.00. There’s even a “trial package” priced at just EUR 20.00. Payment can be made both with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Registration is mandatory. Automated.

http://fakebillkelmwaos.onion/Counterfeit notesFake Bills – The company sells “fake” notes. As in, these aren’t obtained or produced legally. These are just outright fake. However, it’s claimed that they seem and feel 100% real and that no one can spot the difference. They offer three sources, U.S, France or Germany. Only Bitcoin accepted. Manual orders only, not automated. The watermark, color-flecks, strip and everything else is claimed to be present. The profit-margin is directly proportional to the total order.

http://webaqp4igb7miec7.onion/index.php/fake-money/- Counterfeit notesSpencer Mart It’s a one-page more than a darkweb fake note marketplace. Most of the page talks about the note-production methods, where to use them, the technicalities behind the notes being authentic etc. Hence, orders can’t be placed on automation. A phone number (what?) and a Protonmail E-mail ID is provided at the footer. Manual E-mails need to be sent requesting a quote in order to make purchases.

http://webaqp4igb7miec7.onion/index.php/fake-money/- Fake money Hood Market This is an identical dark web fake money site to the site listed above. However, the contact info and the owners probably are different. It may be a complete scam, or just a legitimate fake darknet site using the same template. It too talks of its note-production methods and authenticity. And, again, the process isn’t automated and requires manual contact for orders.

http://countfe766hqe4qd.onion/Documents/cashCounterfeiting centre – This darkweb site sells many other things, however it also sells counterfeit notes. GBP, USD, AUD and EUR notes available. Only notes in the “50” denomination available (50USD/EUR/GBP/AUD). Discounts offered on 1BTC+ orders. Only manual orders. Surprisingly, supports third-party Escrow and probably even lets buyers choose any Deepweb Escrow service links of their choice. Has a minimum order-value requirement of 0.29 BTC.

http://counter5y4he3hny.onion/Darkweb fake banknote linksCounterfeit USD – The site is pretty old, and exclusively sells 50 USD notes. No other products entertained. Requires registration. Semi-automated order process (add to cart > make payment > email). 3 product-batches available, allows buying either 25 notes, 60 notes or 120 notes. Only Bitcoin accepted. These notes too are fake notes and not pre-shred, or stolen. Instead, are produced by the website admin(s).

http://counterfxhjvtrlw.onion/Fake USD/EUR note siteEURO and USD Counterfeits – The site offers a few more options than most other options on this list. It sells notes in the 20/50 and 100 denominations. 4 separate product-batches too are available. Orders need to be placed via e-mail. The notes are said to be shipped in iPhone boxes (not a very smart move though). Discounts increase as the total order value increase.

http://cfactoryxecooa6l.onion/Counterfeit currency linksCounterfeit Factory – The most options-rich site on this entire list of deep web counterfeit links. Sells currencies which include USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, SGD, RUB, CHF, and even CNY. No orders can be placed from the buyer’s end. Enter a mode of contact (email/Jabber/Bitmessage etc). and the site initiates contact from its end. A “verified photos” page exists. Ships within 72 hours. Only BTC accepted.

http://fakenotefzutekmq.onion/Counterfeit notesFakenote factory – A very basic, one-page interface available on the site. Sells USD and EUR notes. 20/50 and 100 denominations available. The order-process is completely manual, an e-mail needs to be dropped for placing orders. Accepts BTC/ETH/ BTCH/ XRP and LTC. Honestly mentions that the notes may not pass UV checks. Surprisingly, allows Escrow and lets the buyers choose any escrow they see fit!

http://queencdcguevwedi.onion/Fake notes linkQueens Cash – The site sells USD/GBP and EUR notes. Claims the notes are legit and pre-shred. Accepts both BTC and XMR. XMR prices however are higher than BTC’s for the notes. Also accepts Escrows. Express and overnight shipping available for additional prices. Has a 1order/6week purchase limit. No automated orders, manual emails required. Displays “comments from buyers” which may or may not be legit.

http://gbpoundzv2ot73eh.onion/Tor fake note linksCounterfeits GBP – The site claims to be run by British individuals. It only sells £20 GBP notes. Website seems more professional than most others. Discounts offered, directly proportional to the total order amount. Ships in carved books, or bags. Orders can only be placed manually. Only Bitcoin accepted. No escrow entertained. Minimum 1 day, maximum 7-days shipping required depending on the exact destination.

http://bnruxuk34pu5l37h.onion/Tor fake note marketplace link – Buy Real Money – Isn’t limited to USD or EUR, rather, also sells CHF and GBP. Three packages based on profit-margins. You can either buy the 261% package, 565% or 1150%. Accepts only Bitcoin. Doesn’t require registration. All orders are placed via emails. A form is generated and needs to be filled. 100% advance payments.

http://financo6ytrzaoqg.onion/Darkweb counterfeit note siteFinancial Oasis – Another one of those sites which claims to sell notes marked for shredding. Sells USD/GBP and EUR notes. The order process is manual. 3 shipping modes available, regular, expedited and overnight. Accepts BTC, BTCH, XMR, and ETH. Available denominations include 10s, 20s, 50s and 100s. Ordering a “mix” of these denominations is possible as well. If ordered above $35,000 20x profit margins offered.

http://tc46cpvii3z6xw2j.onion/Fake notesHQER – The name stands for “High Quality Euro Replicas”. It only sells one specific type of fake note, i.e. 50 EUR bills. Requires registration. A contact form is displayed after making the payment. 25, 60 or 120 notes can be ordered in a single order. Ships from France. The notes aren’t legit bills and are produced. Claims all security features to be present.

http://r74gs5cowo75smo4.onion/Tor counterfeit note linksBestShops – The interface looks like a marketplace, Sells many other products except counterfeit notes. However, it seems to be individually run by a single admin. Product-description says “they sell all types of notes”. Offers tracking number on shipments. Express delivery is available and charged extra. Only 1 product worth $2000.00 is available for $450.00. Registration mandatory.

http://xqxf2ggcud2kntck.onion/Darkweb fake note printersCounterfeit Money – This probably is the most hardcore darkweb fake money site. They “print” their own money, and not only sell to individual customers, but also allow other darkweb sellers to sell their products. Only EUR notes available. Profit margins start at about 85%! Orders can only be placed via e-mail. Multiple emails mentioned. Only BTC accepted. Requires 2-4 weeks delivery time.

http://countermltd42g4x.onion/Darkweb fake notes shopCounterfeit USD – Sells only 50 USD notes. The interface is identical to many other deep web counterfeit currency links on this list. Requires registration. Sells 3 batches of products, 25 notes, 60 notes and 120 notes. Only Bitcoin accepted. Funds need to be deposited in advance to the shop wallet. Orders details can only be sent after registering and making a payment.

http://o6klk2vxlpunyqt6.onion/Tor counterfeit notesCheap Euros – As the name suggests, the site only sells fake EUR notes. And only 20 EUR notes are sold. The available batches seem available, you can order as few as 5 notes, or as many as 30. It doesn’t ship globally and only Europe deliveries are possible. Manual emails required for placing orders. Says that all notes are made from premium cotton fibre and complete with watermark and hologram.

http://qkj4drtgvpm7eecl.onion/Darkweb counterfeit note shopCounterfeit USD – If you’ve gone through the above deep web counterfeit links, you’d agree that this almost looks like a clone. It isn’t. These shops simply use the same website template. This darkweb fake note shop only sells USD notes, and only for the USD denomination. 25, 50 or 100 notes can be ordered at a time. Again, mandatory registration required. And only Bitcoin accepted for payments.

http://cashgodr53umth4z.onion/buyusd.phpTor fake notes shop link – Cash God – Sells USD/EUR and GBP counterfeits. Express shipping is free. Overnight shipments cost $50.00. Orders can ojnly be placed by manually emailing the team. Ships within 24 hours. Non-US deliveries cost an additional $60.00/time. Has exactly 5 packages for each currency. Even accepts Escrow. Offers tracking code after shipping package. Has a number of reviews on-site, legitimacy not verified.

http://amhs4xg67nanmhtr.onion/Fake USD notes siteCounterfeit USD – Another counterfeit USD shop link which uses a very familiar template, however is operated by a different team/individual. Requires registration. On-site wallet created after registration. Delivers within 2-4 days in the U.S, for other regions a maximum time of 10 days demanded. Only Bitcoin accepted. 3 product-batches available, however multiple quantities of the same batch can be ordered.

http://newmc6lrymun3tqm.onion/Tor counterfeit shopNew Money – The site sells CHF, USD, EUR, and GBP. 3 product-batches available for each currency. Profits start from 261% in the smallest package, up to 1150% in the largest. Has a 1order/month limit. Tracking number provided. Only accepts Bitcoin for payments. Shipments are masked to look like eBay or Amazon orders. No automation, email-orders only.

Final words on deep web counterfeit currency links.

Browse these deep web counterfeit currency links.

Learn what you can.

Laugh maybe. (If you discover that some of these are pure pranks).

But, do not order (neither sell) fake notes on the dark web.

That’s as illegal as it gets. And you’re devaluing your country in the process.