Deep Web Books Links | Dark Web Books Links

19 deep web books sites links are what you’ll find here.

These book sites on the Tor network are uncensored, liberal, and host books without any legal or political interference.

You can find the most successful, popular and famous books for free.

However, books which are censored, banned or considered against social norms too are available.

That’s the whole point of these sites being on the Tor network, right?

Some of these deep web books sites links allow only reading, while some others may also allow downloading the books for offline reading.

Additionally, not all of these links may offer “books” specifically.

Some sites also offer individually published articles, or confidential/secret research papers.

Comics, illustrations, and diaries are some other things some of these Tor books links offer.

Almost all the sites are 100% free.

They don’t even need registration (except Zlibrary, but it’s worth it).

Security Precautions Before Accessing These Deep Web Books Sites Links

Most of these links allow downloading the books in a PDF format.

However, that’s extremely risky. Downloading anything off the Tor network is.

It’s totally plausible and even expected for some of those files to be viruses/malware/spyware or maybe even ransomware.

Hence, if you truly wish to be secure on these sites, the steps mentioned below must be followed to the letter:

The VM will prevent your entire system from getting hacked or infected.

The VPN is important because you never know when you stumble across something illegal. Better safe than sorry, huh?

  • Launch the VPN and connect to a server. NordVPN exclusively offers “onion over VPN” servers. Extremely secure.
  • Download TOR browser, or update it to the latest version.
  • Increase TOR’s security to the “safest”.



Note that most of these darkweb book sites may be illegal.

Illegal simply because these mostly host copyrighted books.

Downloading/reading them without buying them is illegal.

Do not do so.

Also, we haven’t verified the files on any of these deep web books sites links.

So, we aren’t sure which of these are viruses and which are legitimate books.

Try not to download any content off any of these sites.

If you do, you risk getting hacked or infected.

Either way, any technical, financial or any other loss, which may or may not be a direct or indirect result of this article is 100% your own responsibility.

By proceeding further you acknowledge that you understand these risks and take 100% responsibility of your actions.

Best Deep Web Books Sites Links

Some of these darknet book sites offer more books than even the largest online book retailers!

The only issue? It may be illegal to download/read them.

Anyway, we’ve only verified the link-status of these links, and they’re all live as of June 2020.

http://kx5thpx2olielkihfyo4jgjqfb7zx7wxr3sd4xzt26ochei4m6f7tayd.onion/best deep web books linkImperial Library – One of the best darkweb books library. Currently offers over 495950 books to choose from. The best part? Offers books from multiple languages, and genres. You can either download the book, or read it online. The author’s name and ISBN mentioned as well just in case you’d like to do your own research. Completely free, no signup required.

http://zlibraryexau2g3p.onionDark web booksZlibrary – The only darkweb books link which requires registration. Most professional interface and is also the most content-rich, has 5,161,597 books and 77,518,212 articles as of today. Advanced search-feature available. Classics/most recent, ultra-successful and popular/ underrated books; everything is available. Also offers “related books” for every search, or on every individual book page. No online-reading possible, only downloads offered.

http://ibgk7stvp6bov6x6.onion/Censored/restricted booksAnonymous Library – This library truly depicts what a darkweb library is. Most of the available books are either legally banned or are considered socially unacceptable in most countries. They’re considered too extreme, conservative or just “unfit” for society. Some examples include Communist Menifesto by Karl Marx, Descent of Man by Charles Darwin, different versions of the Bible, the Quran, and even the Indian Panchatantra. No downloads possible.

http://libraryqtlpitkix.onion/library/Informative booksThe Library – It’s more of a “directory” rather than a website. The homepage lists a number of subjects/categories to begin with. These include Physics, Space, Chemistry, Computing, Math, Biology and so on. Clicking on any of these will take you the book list. These are all PDFs and can be downloaded in a single click. Is updated very frequently. No ads, no book of illegal or even illicit nature found either.

http://52wdeibt3ivmcapq.onionRare booksLiberated Books and Papers – The site lists books which are rare, paid, or maybe even banned/restricted on the clearnet. Books from Julian Assange, Salman Rushdie and many other notable writers available. Not very well-organized, has a single table of contents which lists everything. Clicking on the PDFs directly initiates downloads. Also offers the Bibtext of each book, which contains the Title, author, year, publisher, and edition of the book.

https://5h5ps743nnqsjq4l.onion/Commercial booksCalibre Web – The most professional-looking site of all these deep web book links listed so far. Displays a thumbnail of the books’ cover, and the writer’s name. ISBN, language, publisher, and publishing date is mentioned as well. Books can either be downloaded directly, or read online in the browser. No registration required. Detailed preview available. Most of the books are Russian.

https://5h5ps743nnqsjq4l.onion/Books/papers on Internet censorshipThe Internet Censorship Bibliography – The site offers research papers and books on the “Internet censorship” topic. Note that it doesn’t offer “censored” books ,rather, books which explain, or offer ways to circumvent the censorship. Files can be downloaded in a single click. BibTex records too available. Also has a “link” button which can be used to cite the books. In case the primary link isn’t working, also offers a “cached” link.

http://clivl6rf3vft7ihw.onion/BooksДобре дошли в Моята библиотека! – This means “Welcome to my Library”, well that’s what the title of the site is. It’s completely in Russian, and only Russian books available, most of the books are by Robert Shackley. Obviously, works from other writers available as well. The books can be downloaded directly, without registration. Details about the books such as print, publishing year, publisher and a lot more is displayed for each book.

http://clockwise3rldkgu.onion/Deepweb books linksClockwise Library – A library which clearly indicates that no extremely illegal content is available or supported. It’s also compatible OPDS and hence can be accessed from reading devices. Books of any and every type are available. Does allow reading directly, no downloads mandatory. No payments/registrations; donations however are accepted.

http://hackerw6dcplg3ej.onionHacker/Tech booksHackerplace – Differs from all the other deep web books sites links mentioned so far. Isn’t dedicated exclusively to books, however, they sure are available. Two primary book categories available, “hacker books” and “tech books”.  Books on programming, server administration, and various types of hacking/encryption are available. Around 200 books listed in total. Download links are only offered after those frustrating 5-second ads. Files hosted on third-party, clearnet servers.

http://papyrefb2tdk6czd.onionDarkweb books linksLibros Para – Libros Para has exactly 30,791 books as of today. The books are categorized in categories such as Science, Humanities, Poetry, Theatre, Narrative etc. The site is completely in Spanish so non-speakers may have a hard time. The genre, year, publish year and other details are mentioned. An alphabetical scale too is available  which can be used to find books. Files are hosted on third-party servers. No download options, read online.

http://nv3x2jozywh63fkohn5mwp2d73vasusjixn3im3ueof52fmbjsigw6ad.onion/ComicsComic book library– Love comics? Who doesn’t? If you wish to read some free comics on the deep web, , this is where you find it. Currently hosts 2052 comics. Very neatly categorized, alphabetically. The date-range is extremely impressive. I found  nearly 100 year old comics (1937) as well as those as recent as 2017! Can’t be read online, only downloads possible. Is updated once every few weeks.

http://dembtxt2izv4tnpb.onion/ –  Adult booksDEMB – Demb’s tagline says “dark and extreme boy stories”. It’s a darkweb site which publishes illustrated, fake, violent boy fantasies. There’s no download option, the books must be read online. No registration required. I’m not sure of the legality, but being an art of creativity, it probably isn’t illegal. Over 100 such stories/books available. Hasn’t been very frequently updated since 2016.

http://avaxhome5lcpcok5.onion/Download books darkweb linksAvaxHome – This isn’t a book-exclusive dark web site, but among other things, it does offer books and comics. Also has a number of Audiobooks in its catalogue. Most content is free, however some may demand a payment. The content is hosted on third-party servers and domains, on the clearnet. Not a lot of the successful  works available, most of the available content isn’t worth much.

https://muflax65ngodyewp.onionBlogLies and Wonderland – It’s not exactly one of these deep web book links. Seems like a personal blog, which posts stories, articles, and content on various topics. Polyglottery, morality, crackpottery are some of the available topics. No registration required, no downloads possible either. Click once on the links and you can read the article. Not very “interesting” for most of us.

http://biblvmvpxvyygpxz.onion/Religious dark web books linkBible – This is just the Bible. In countries or regions where the Bible is banned or censored, this site can be used to read the Bible over the Tor network. Offers over 20 different versions of the Bible. Similarly, you can select from over 30 different languages to read the Bible in. No signup/payments required. Very basic interface. Search-filter available for chapters.

http://sblib3fk2gryb46d.onion/ –  Tor network books libraryСловесный Богатырь – The English translation of the name is “Word Warrior”. Well yes, the site is completely in Russian, however, books from all the languages are available.. There’s a search-bar which can be used to find books. Ignore everything else, and type-in the name of the book you wish to read. Impressive and recent catalogue. No downloads possible, read online. No ads, no signups. Chapter-wise links available.

http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/Darkweb books linksExample rendezvous points page – The link hosts two specific books/papers, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and The Federalist Papers. Basic interface, no signup. Doesn’t offer chapter-links or search options. Click on a paper, start reading. Perfect for those who fancy the classics (I sure do). I did read the “Common sense”, does offer a glimpse into the 1700s.

Final Words on These Deep Web Books Sites Links

Not every darkweb book site is illegal.

Some just publish restricted/censored content.

Hence, feel free to browse the links.

Just be sure to either not download anything, or follow the security steps mentioned above before initiating a download.

Also, you must verify the legality of the sites and their content from your end.

Even though we’ve just listed 19 links, I assure you the combined number of books between these 19 sites is over 1,000,0000.

Do finish these million books by this week, and bookmark us. We’ll update this deep web books sites links by then!