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22 Deep web Bitcoin tumbler links is what you’ll find on this list.

If you need to mix Bitcoins, this is where you find a service to help you.

Bitcoin while isn’t completely anonymous, can be de-linked from your real-life identity with these mixers.

Note that we aren’t compensated, sponsored or gain any other favour from any of the listed Bitcoin mixers.

This list is completely objective.

We’ve used certain terms throughout this article. They may be new to some of you, well here’s the breakdown:

  • Warrant Canary: A list of all the notices and requests received by a mixer from law enforcement or other third-party agencies.
  • Fund distribution: The sharing of the funds to the different output addresses.
  • Letter of Guarantee: a PGP-signed letter which proves that the deposit address indeed is generated by the mixer.
  • Mixing code: A code, unique to each mix. Is used to prevent your own previous coins from being sent back to you on subsequent mixes.

Security tips

The entire point of using a mixer is “Anonymity”, isn’t it?

Well, your anonymity goes down the drain unless you know how to secure yourself.

Even on the deep web, you’re vulnerable to a number of attack vectors.

Simply follow the following steps and that wouldn’t be a problem anymore:

  • Launch the NordVPN and connect to any secure server.
  • Download TOR browser.
  • Already have TOR? Update it to its latest version.
  • Launch TOR > increase its security to “safest” from the settings > privacy tab.
  • Get black tape (or any other tape, opaque) and mask your webcam and mic.

Feel free to mix your coins now.


Mixing Bitcoins isn’t illegal.

Mixing illegal Bitcoins is illegal.

As long as your coins aren’t gained from illicit sources, simply adding anonymity to them isn’t illegal.

Legal or illegal, any and all use of any of these crypto mixers provided below is solely your own responsibility.

Although beware that Bitcoin tumblers are one of the most common scams on the deep/dark web.

Hence, do your own research before going with any of the listed mixers.

Financial, or any other kind of loss will solely and completely be your own responsibility as well.

Best Deep Web Bitcoin Tumbler Links

We’ve compiled 22 dark web Bitcoin tumblers in this article.

Details about each of these links have been mentioned as well.

You can pretty much make your pick without having to visit each one of these individually.

mixeroyubx5g5yxaucsxcd767vn2lnujuuz2dh53quwabukhrok2ekid.onionBitcoin – This Bitcoin mixer takes a minimal 0.7% fee and lets you control it completely, can be set as high as 4.7%. Has an optional “advanced” mode for BTC > XMR > BTC conversion. 5 output addresses are supported. 0.002BTC minimum required. Fund-distribution for each address is manually controlled as well.

sinbadiovkigdbafpqvwfwjh2tfrisahtxmrskiovt62nirragcnkcad.onionCrypto – Another deep web Bitcoin tumbler link that lets you clean your Bitcoins. As many as 8 output addresses supported for each transaction. Very low deposit requirement, even 0.001BTC can be mixed. Very low fee as well, just 0.5%. Full control over the fee, can be increased up to 2.5%. Additional 0.0001BTC fee for each extra address. Complete delay and distribution control. No logs.

http://blenderiocpxfema.onion/Dark web Bitcoin mixerBlender – One of the oldest deep web Bitcoin tumbler links in the industry. Allows 8 output addresses. Minimum mix amount 0.001BTC. 3 confirmations required. Manual fee selection between 0.5%- 2.5%. Additional addresses charged at 0.0005BTC. User-controlled time delays, minimum 1hour, max 7 days delay possible. Clearnet version available. No logs stored. No registration required. Users control fund-distribution.

https://www.bitcoinmixer.euDarknet BTC mixer – Bitcoin Mixer – This mixer has a 0.010 BTC minimum requirement. The maximum allowed transaction is 50BTC. It requires 1 confirmation, however, depending on the amount it can go up to 5 confirmations. The source of the coins is claimed to be from mining pools from China, USA, and Europe. Averages 700+ BTC mixed/day. Output can be sent only to 1 address. Outputs are instant, unless, manually increased, which can be set from 0hours-48 hours.

http://espzhvsyakchs677z2n7vx6umqn2yhddzh4io22ei5aucarrrjipflyd.onion  – Bitcoin Mixer – Adobe Bitcoin Mixer –  It’s a mixer which only allows Bitcoin mixes for now. A total of 5 output addresses are supported. Time-delay can either be fast (<1hour) or delayed (+1 hour). Fee is randomized, minimum 1% maximum 2%.  Smallest possible mix is 0.001BTC, maximum 8 BTC. No logss kept, no registration required. Minimum 2 maximum 24 confirmations required, chosen based on the delay you’ve set.

http://mymixerxtukle6mo.onion/ –  Bitcoin Mixer My Crypto Mixer – A very advanced and fancy-looking mixer. Maximum 5 outputs possible. Manual time-delays, fund-distribution and fee-control. Minimum 0.5% fee maximum 5%. Offers a Letter of Guarantee as well as mix-code. The first helps verify deposit addresses, the latter helps avoid receiving the same coins back.  Clearnet version exists. Mentioned on reputed websites. 1 confirmation required for <1BTC mixes, 1BTC+ mixes require 3 confirmations.

http://mixerpkpxev6qruk.onion  –  Manual Bitcoin Mixer Dark Mixer  –  The most basic Bitcoin mixer on this list. Requires registration and then offers a deposit wallet. No automation. The deposited funds can then be withdrawn in parts, at regular intervals. Obviously the output funds are different from the deposit. Doesn’t charge a fee except the network fee. (Do note that it’s almost too good to be true and we haven’t verified its legitimacy).

http://foxmixer4dw2zluv7gy4pgqrpp2ab6p323s5clcyt7i5csbpk2pzezid.onion/ – Bitcoin Mixer FoxMixer – The mixer allows mixing Bitcoins for a 1% fee, with an additional 0.0007BTC fee per additional address. Maximum 3 output addresses are supported. A total 6 confirmations are required for all deposits. It doesn’t keep logs. The smallest possible mix is 0.002 BTC and the biggest mix you can do is 200 BTC. Bitcoin Tumbler UltraMixer – The mixer allows mixing Bitcoins for a low fee that’s set by the users. Anything between 0.5% to 3% can be paid. Only 1 output address is supported though. Time-delays are possible for each output. There’s a strict no logs policy combined with a Letter of Guarantee as well as a mixing code.

http://mixtum5lbuslyow2.onionBitcoin Tumbler – MixTum – The mixer offers almost no control. You can’t set the amounts, or the time-delays for your mixes. However, no registration or signup required. The fee is pretty high, and randomized. May go up to 5%/transaction. Transactions smaller than 0.005BTC can’t be cleaned. Offers a free trial (on the fee). Maximum 2 output addresses can be set. Each deposit address is valid for 7 days. Does provide a letter of guarantee.

http://k2bscss2k4uxjsxe5bcfxsxtfansa4y3gqnemk3bhyrwc2tsk2ijfhad.onion/Bitcoin Mixer – Mixo Exchange –  For a negligible fee of 0.0002BTC, XiMo will wash your dirty Bitcoins and send you clean XMR. Dirty XMR too can be cleaned for a clean BTC output at just 0.03442XMR/transaction. No KYC required, no logs kept. 0.0003BTC and 0.05XMR minimum required for cleaning. Only 1 confirmation required for deposits to be considered valid.

http://aa7oyok6dxgyedeteldaumqjernm5ai7dnpqayy3p4q7solc6dxi5vad.onion/Crypto mixer –  Probably the most coin-supportive tumbler in the industry.  Allows exchanging Bitcoin to 50+ different cryptocurrencies and vice-versa. Fee paid manually and can be paid separately apart from the mixing transaction. Also publishes warrant canaries. Minimum 0.02BTC. Fee between 1.5%-2%. Only allows 1 output address, this also leads to no fund-distribution feature. No manual time-delay available.

http://bitmixeqlpdbdrw2xvquvaxgjkscuzvt4rwovhgcsnqrgnueko4j4jad.onionOnion Bitcoin Tumbler –  High Volume Bitcoin Mixer – The mixer allows 10 output addresses. Hourly time delays can be set. Percentage of funds for each address can be set manually as well. The fee can be a minimum 0.2% or a maximum 3.19% (or anything in between) depending on your choice. Smallest mix amount must be 0.01BTC.

http://bitmax4yhrhizcuqbyrjzqdpuvmoliyugmcfxeqz22c5lh5j66r7sxad.onion –  Bitcoin mixer Bitmax –  This is a Bitcoin tumbler which offers almost no control, but also has no restrictions. Meaning, you can deposit any amount, however small or large, as long as you cover the txn fee. But then, it only allows 1 address and offers no control over time-delays. The fee too is fixed at 0.2% and can’t be changed. Claims holding over $1.2m in its reserves.

http://2ovmq6sfab6u4ucr.onion/- TOR Bitcoin Mixer – Wallixer – The mixer has a pretty basic interface. Allows up to 10 addresses. It’s 2 years old and hence probably not a scam. The fee is randomized between 0.5%-1.2%. A time-delay “bracket” can be set, but, the delays for individual addresses can’t be manually set. 0.01BTC is the minimum mixing amount. 1confirmation required for <0.5BTC deposits, higher amounts require 6 confirmations. Bitcoin Tumbler – ChipMixer – It uses “chips” which are basically like Bitcoin wallets. Wallets are funded with chips and stored prior to any user depositing unclean coins. The company then sends out the keys to these chips in return of unclean deposits. This leads to 0 connections between a deposit and the new coins (because these are pre-funded.) Uses a “pay what you like” model for fee. Chips can also be “wagered” for a double or nothing wager. No limits on output addresses, time-delays or fund-distribution. 100% control

http://cryptomixns23scr.onion/BTC mixer deep web linkCryptoMixer – Cryptomixer gained popularity because it proved its reserves of over 2000BTC+ publicly on Bitcoin Talk. Also publishes warrant canaries. Doesn’t store logs. 10 addresses can be added. Fee is semi-user controlled, has to be minimum 0.5%, max 3% possible, minimum possible fee depends on the no. of addresses. Complete delay and distribution control offered. Letter of guarantee available.

http://btcmixnqyq7kljrr.onion/Tor Bitcoin mixing service linkBitcoin Mixer – It has a minimum 0.0002 BTC mixing requirement. Charges 0.25% + 0.000001BTC/address. 1 confirmations required for <20BTC. For 20 BTC+, 6 required. Total 5 output addresses can be added. Manual time-delay control, minimum 1 hour, max. 12 hour delays possible. Instant outputs possible as well. Fund-distribution for each address can be specified manually. Manual log removal, or 7-day retention period.

http://bmcmix4soyfddcvqone5nj6za3ezil3rlbdcndlzr6ajlvux4p4sdzyd.onion/Multi currency mixingBMC Mixing – BMC mixing is one of those extremely rare deep web Bitcoin tumbler links which allows “deposits” to be made to 5 different addresses as well. Doesn’t offer full time-delay control. Only “max delay” can be set. The fee is randomized between 1-4%. No fund-distribution control offered. Optional registration available. No logs stored. 10 output addresses supported. Doesn’t store logs.

http://mixerqpxchohuxlf.onion/Clean Tor Bitcoin tumbler linkBest BTC Cleaner – The mixer claims to not use a “user coin pool” and rather sends cleaner funds directly from Miners. Allows 10 output addresses. Minimum 0.001BTC, maximum 100BTC mixes allowed. Fee is randomized and is always less than 1%. Doesn’t keep any logs. Doesn’t require registrations. No letter of guarantee provided. No fund distribution control offered either.

http://smrtmxdxognxhv64.onion/Multi-currency mixerSmartmixer – Smartmixer is one of the best deep web Bitcoin tumbler links because it allows mixing LTC and BTCH in addition to Bitcoin as well. It has 3 coin pools instead of one. Fee is user-controlled, and depends on the selected pool. Minimum 1% max 5%. Time-delay & fund-distribution 100% user-controlled. 8 output addresses. Max 72hour delay possible. Does offer letter of guarantee.

http://btcmixhnpqlpfacx.onion/Bitcoin mixerBTC Mix – The minimum amount that can be mixed is 0.001 BTC. The fee is static and fixed at 0.5%. Logs are retained for 48 hours, can’t be deleted manually prior to that. Requires minimum 3 confirmations before cleaning coins. Does allow multiple addresses. Absolutely no time delay or fund-distribution control. The interface is pretty basic. Support is provided via mail if contacted within 48 hours.

http://blndr4azlwf3674g.onion/Deep web Crypto mixer linkBTC Blender – It only allows 3 Bitcoin addresses. Time delay can be set for each address, but the same delay is applied throughout all the addresses. Randomized delay can be selected as well. The fee can be manually set, minimum possible fee is 0.5% while maximum being 3%. Doesn’t store logs. Claims to be hosted and registered offshore.

http://btcwash7jmra3hgm.onion/Bitcoin mixerBitcoin Wash – Charges a 0.2% fee, static and can’t be changed. Claims to have mixed over 700BTC. Has a minimum requirement of 0.01BTC. They publicly and openly support Darkweb coins. Only 21 output address supported. Extremely basic interface. No time-delay or fund-distribution control available. No logs stored. Doesn’t require registration.

http://bitmixbizymuphkc.onion/enTor Bitcoin tumbler linksBitMix – Bitmix allows mixing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash. Doesn’t store any logs, has a 72-hour retention period. Requires only 1 confirmation. Offers mixing code. Advanced, slider-based interface. 5 output addresses supported. Absolute control over time-delays and fund-distribution. Service-fee too is manually-set, minimum 0.4% maximum 4%. Has a “equalize” button to equalize all the metrics, on the contrary a “randomize” button is available as well.

http://coinpigih6i444lm.onion/Bitcoin wallet cum mixerCoinPig – Coin Pig is a hybrid Bitcoin wallet. It’s actually a wallet which doubles as a mixer. Being a “wallet”, there’s no limit on the total addresses as such. The fee is set at 0.5% with an extra 0.0001 BTC for each additional transaction (address). The private keys are encrypted client-side hence ensuring complete control and privacy. Even pays “interest” for storing funds on CoinPing.

http://penguinsmbshtgmf.onion/Bitcoin MixerPenguin Mixer – Basic, one-page interface. Allows 5 output addresses. It’s only the second Bitcoin mixer Tor on this list which is “open source”! No fund-distribution control offered. Time-delay is offered but not controlled, just a random delay possible. The fee is randomized between 0.5% and 1%. No. of confirmation depends on the “delay” choice. 2-5 confirmations required for instant payments, 6-24 for delayed.

http://gekwnkzxh7yxeg7v.onion/Dark web Bitcoin tumblerBitcoin Laundry – Offers arguably the cheapest mixes by charging just 0.1% /mix. Additional 0.00008 BTC/address. Total 5 output addresses possible. No registration required. Time-delay and fund-distribution completely user-controlled. Doesn’t store logs. Allows users to manually delete logs, or it’s auto-deleted after 7 days of a successful mix. Beware, it may be a phishing site (the interface seems copied).

http://bitmixergv5vvbza.onion/Deep web Bitcoin mixerBit Mixer – Claims to have over 40BTC in its reserve. Minimum 3 confirmations required. Minimum mix amount must be 0.02BTC. Charges fee up to 0.2% (randomized) + 0.0005 BTC/address. Slider-based interface. Offers ultimate control over funds and time-delays. Maximum 10 output addresses supported. Letter of guarantee offered. No logs stored. Output address details deleted after 12 hours.

http://buybtcstbl2d3igz.onion/Deep web Bitcoin for USD/EUR ExchangerSell your Bitcoins – This website differs from all the other deep web Bitcoin tumbler links on this page. It lets us “sell” our Bitcoins either for USD or EUR. So, it does help us mix Bitcoins but the output isn’t in BTC. Registration is mandatory. Requires 3 confirmations. Output can be requested in PayPal, Qiwi, Webmoney, Payeer, Perfect Money, MoneyGram, or SEPA bank transfer.

http://xxlmixleiayifyex.onion/Deep web BTC mixerXXL Mixer – This BTC tumbler link is unique because it claims its coin pool originates from “Stock exchanges”. No registration required. And, it doesn’t store logs. Just 1 confirmation required. Minimum 0.005BTC, max. 50BTC/transaction limit. Is pretty expensive, uses randomized fee up to 5% + 0.0007BTC /address. Randomized delay and distribution. Has a “free trial” feature.

http://easycoinsayj7p5l.onion/Bitcoin wallet cum mixerEasy Coin – It’s a wallet. And, it’s free. There’s no “mixing fee”. The wallet simply lets us deposit funds, and withdraw them as we normally do. The only difference being, the output coins are always new and different from the ones we deposited. Time-delays are controlled, the fund-distribution too is controlled this being a wallet. No fee is charged. Claims the funds are stored in a cold wallet.

http://bitcloak43blmhmn.onion/Bitcoin TumblerBitCloak Mixer – Offers a form-like, basic interface. 10 output addresses can be selected. Delay can be set but not for each individual address. Minimum 0.01 BTC deposit required. The fee is randomized and is approximately 2% of the transaction. 0.0004BTC fee required for each new address. Does offer a mix-ID to check mix-status. No registration required. Letter of guarantee attached.

http://foggeddriztrcar2.onion/Bitcoin mixerBitfoin Fog – One of the oldest Bitcoin mixers in existence. Has a wallet-like function. Deposit coins, withdraw at will at any later time. The new coins are clean and not attached to the deposit. Registration is mandatory. The fee is randomized between 1-3%. Even supports 5 different deposit addresses. Has a minimum withdrawal limit of 0.001BTC, hence that also becomes the minimum deposit limit. Manual withdrawal and distribution.

http://bitblndrmoom55lc.onion/Bitcoin TumblerBitBlender – BitBlender is considered among the most well-established deep web Bitcoin tumbler links in the industry. Unlike traditional mixers, it has wallet-like function. Randomized fee between 1-3% is charged. Deposits can be made to 5 addresses. Output can be requested in any number of addresses as it’s manual. Time-delays too are manual. Doesn’t store logs. 0.5% bonus offered for mixing 10BTC+ within 7 days.

http://5ifblitg2ywjjo2t.onion/Dark web Bitcoin mixer – This is only the second open source Bitcoin mixer on this list. 5 output addresses are allowed. Has 4 delay modes, not very exact. Also can be delayed based on no. of confirmations. Randomized fee, minimum 1% max. 3%. Smallest possible mix is 0.001 BTC. Logs are retained for 3 days then deleted. Claims to have Bitcoin reserves worth 19BTC. This one looks like a clone though, hence proceed with caution.

http://smartmixnjmuoixj.onion/Bitcoin mixerSmart Mix – SmartMix is currently one of the most established Bitcoin mixers in the industry. Available both on the clearnet and the .onion network. Charges 0.5% + 0.0001BTC/mix. Also supports Bitcoin Cash mixing. Supports 5 output addresses. Doesn’t store logs. No registration required. Minimum 2 confirmations required. Time-delays can’t be controlled by “hours” and are rather chosen by “no. of confirmations”. Fund-distribution can be controlled.

http://5kpq325ecpcncl4o2xksvaso5tuydwj2kuqmpgtmu3vzfxkpiwsqpfid.onion  – Bitcoin Mixer – Virgin Bitcoins – A user has to buy “plans”, which start at 0.00536 ฿ and go up to 0.05184 ฿. The outputs are 100% clean because they’re “Virgin Bitcoins” which are just mined, and sent directly to the users’ address. The fee differs but is around 5%. Unlimited output addresses as well as time-delays supported. Registration mandatory.

http://sazyr2ntihjqpjtruxbn2z7kingj6hfgysiy5lzgo2aqduqpa3gfgmyd.onion  – Bitcoin Miner cum Mixer – Dark Mining – This one is pretty unique, it doesn’t directly clean your coins. Rather asks you to invest in their datacenters, which supposedly uses free (stolen) electricity to mine Bitcoins. The company claims to pay monthly returns on your investment. Plans start at $750.00 and this plan offers 30% interest up to 12 months.

http://74ck36pbaxz7ra6n7v5pbpm5n2tsdaiy4f6p775qvjmowxged65n3cid.onion  – Mixabit Darknet Bitcoin Tumbler – One of the rarest Bitcoin mixers which allows for 100% free (except the txn. fee) for BTC mixes lower than 0.01BTC. Registration mandatory. No additional addresses supported. Time-delays and fund-distributions are completely manual. Mixing fee of 0.5% levied on mixes more than 0.01BTC. Also offers a txn. PIN for added security.

http://gekwnkzxh7yxeg7v.onion/Bitcoin Loundry – Crypto mixer – They offer extremely cheap mixing rates, priced at 0.1%/mix. It also allows up to 5 output addresses. Additional 0.00008  fee required for each extra address. Time-delays are available as well. It obviously doesn’t store logs. 7-day default log retention time and instant manual deletion possible. 0.001 BTC is the minimum requirement while 150BTC is claimed to be the max.

http://jaslzi3nsom7amtlzb575turfv2tytgv2v7j3ywgg5vso5citxmbwdid.onion/– Bitcoin Mixer – Darkweb mixing – Claims to mix over 500 BTC everyday. 0.010 BTC minimum deposit limit and 50 BTC maximum possible/mix. 1 to 5 confirmations required depending on the amount. 0.1% fee, not manually controlled. Time-delays  possible, minimum “instant” maximum 48 hours. Only 1 output address supported.

http://anonymixerpolbpy.onion/– Anonymixer – Dark web crypto mixer – Offers a pretty modern interface! 1-2% random fee charged/mix. Allows as many as 20 output addresses and even 10 deposit addresses/mix! Letter of Gaurentee provided. 100% control over fund-distribution. Claims of having a 100% “no log” policy. Does allow time-delays. Even allows mixes as small as 0.00000001 BTC. Also publishes a warrent canary.

How to ensure maximum anonymity while mixing Bitcoins

I’ll be quick. Make sure you check for the following factors before mixing your Bitcoins. They’ll help you avoid scams and privacy-breaches, and also to get maximum anonymity for the mixes.

  • Letter of guarantee (LoG): It’s better if you pick mixers which provide a LoG. This makes sure they’ve a reason to pay you else they may risk their reputation.
  • Go with mixers which let you manually choose the time-delay, and fund-distribution for every single address.
  • Break your total output into as many parts as the mixer allows. It may cost you a tad-bit extra, however, it’s totally worth it. Sending funds to one single address after cleaning is the least-anonymous way of mixing Bitcoins.
  • Randomize your delays. Even when manual control is offered, do not set the same delay for each address.
  • If and when possible, convert your coins to other Cryptocurrencies before withdrawing them.
  • Go with Bitcoin mixers which do not require registration.

Final words on deep web Bitcoin tumbler links

So, that shall be all folks.

Note that we haven’t verified the “legitimacy” of these Tumblers.

Some of these may very well be scams.

All the details and other information mentioned is only deduced from what the website has presented or publicized.

It may or may not be true.

Bookmark this deep web Bitcoin tumbler links page, we’ll be updating it soon.