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Did you know there’s a new player in the Darknet Market industry? Although its name totally hides the fact that it’s in any way related to the Darknet, or Darknet Markets. The market has titled itself- DarkMarket (Ah, such a subtle hint). The features, potential, numbers and facts are the subject this DarkMarket review.

 We could’ve approached this review in any number of ways, but we decided to make it a Q&A. Simply because understanding answers to questions is much easier and interesting, than reading articles about something, isn’t it?

As a Darknet enthusiast (not endorser), I’ve got a set of questions I ask before finalizing my verdict on any Darknet Market. If you agree to the questions, this DarkMarket review I promise won’t be a waste of your time. Here they are:

Let’s not beat around the bush, and get this DarkMarket review started.

Disclaimer: This article is solely for educational and research purposes. It contains no direct links to any Darknet Market. Using a Darknet Market (buying/selling) on it is illegal. Do not get involved in any such activity, if you do it’s totally and solely your own responsibility.

DarkMarket at a Glance

Every Darknet Market is made up of a number of key-features. These features are what make or break these marketplaces. Here we enlist all the pillar-points which best explain the marketplace:

This section is here to get you introduced to the marketplace. Actually, let me summarize all the primary features right here.

Alternative Mirror:

Does Darknet Market Need Registrations?

Registering on Darknet markets is always anonymous, although not registering on Darknet Markets is still a faster and somewhat more anonymous process.

I still personally prefer the registered marketplaces for the better organization and professionalism that seems to be available for those who bulk order, or place multiple orders.

DarkMarket too is a registration-requiring marketplace. Accessing the product-catalogue or placing orders requires registrations. The registration form isn’t privacy-intruding (obviously), accepts any random data, and is free.

Athough a major glitch you’d notice on the platform is, the primary URL of the marketplace is marked as “safe” on the homepage. However you click on “SignUp” from the same “safe” page, the registration page which still is on the same URL red-flags the URL!

Although fortunately,  the marketplace provides the users with a Mnemonic code. This can be used to recover accounts if and when access is lost.

What Can you Buy on DarkMarket?

To learn the types and quantities of available products, we did register on the platform.

As expected, a list of illegal and rare products were found listed. The list  of product-categories on the marketplace isn’t alphabetical, so it’s either random, or arranged according to product-stock.

If the latter is true, “Digital Goods” being listed at the very top probably is the most heavily stocked category on the marketplace. Following the same logic, Drugs would be the second most quantity-rich category on the marketplace.

Then come Services, Security and Hosting, Miscellaneous, Jewellery, Identification, Guides and Tutorials, Fraud, Counterfeit, Software and Malware, and finally Carded Items.

Let me just add that the product-organization or categorization on the marketplace is a mess and completely misleading.

For e.g. we strolled through “Carded Items> Clothing”,  the results contained anything but clothing!

So when compared to its rivals, this is something that may blowback as no one appreciates completely un-related search results.

What Can’t you Buy on DarkMarket?

Every market despite being a “Darknet Market” still has some policies and “restricted-product” list. The trade of these products is not allowed, and results in account-bans and other action from the marketplace team.

The following items are banned on DarkMarket:

  • Child Porn.
  • Animal Porn.
  • Extremely violent porn.
  • Human body part trades.
  • Animal killings.
  • Any kind of weapons.
  • Killing/Murder services.

Is Darknet Market Wallet-Less?

Again, I personally prefer Wallet-less marketplaces. These marketplaces allow a buyer to pay for each order at the time of check out.

The traditional deposit method includes the user depositing funds on the marketplace wallet prior to buying products. While Wallet-less is more real-time, and more importantly prevents surplus funds being left on the marketplace wallet.

For e.g. if I wished to order an item as shown in the following screenshot, I’m presented with a fund-deposit address right there and then. This address is only valid for the purchase of this single product.

It also confirms to the fact that there’s no minimum-deposit limit on the marketplace further minimising the risks of an exit-scam.

Which Cryptocurrencies does Darkmarket Accept?

While most Darknet Markets accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment for all the obvious reasons, an additional Cryptocurrency sure never hurts.

Especially not when it’s the equally anonymous and secure “Monero” (XMR). Any of those two currencies, viz. a viz. BTC and XMR are accepted on DarkMarket.

What is Darkmarket’s Vendor Policy?

Darkmarket accepts Vendor’s for a fee of USD $99.00. Although it doesn’t seem to be refundable, atleast no indication for the same could be found.

It  did however mention “waiving” this fee under special conditions, for e.g. for established vendors with more than 6 months of experience on the marketplace may get this fee waived.

The vendor-fee seems to be only payable using Bitcoins, and while XMR is accepted as a  payment mode on the marketplace for products, users can’t pay the vendor-bond using the same.

Also, Vendors aren’t allowed to sell anything on the restricted list (obviously).

Does DarkMarket Ship Globally?

This DarkMarket review is one of the very few Darknet Market reviews where we actually have to enlist this section.

Most other Darknet Markets do ship globally. At times, an individual product or service isn’t available in a region due to the vendor’s terms or convenience, the marketplaces generally do not restrict countries.

DarkMarket however has a universal restriction applicable on any kind of interaction or involvement of:

  • UAE
  • Russia.

So Darkmarket vendors aren’t allowed to ship products to the two aforementioned countries.

Does DarkMarket offer 2-FA and PGP?

I remember not of a Darknet Market void of these two features. These marketplaces on the Dark web are well aware of all the security problems they’re vulnerable to, and the lack of any legal support they could expect to get.

2-FA is sure available on DarkMarket. PGP too is recommended to be used for communications, however there doesn’t seem to an in-built “encryption” feature which could be used to encrypt the messages without manual encryption.

Does DarkMarket Support Escrow and Finalize Early?

Yes, DarkMarket isn’t a single-admin marketplace. Hence there are third-party/individual vendors and buyers on the marketplace.

This forces the marketplace to regulate and mediate the transactions and trade by providing Escrow.

Finalize-Early is the opposite of “Escrow”, it’s desirable only for the Vendors and doesn’t hold any practical benefits for the buyers. However if you’re a potential vendor, you’d be happy that the marketplace does offer Finalize-Early features.

Obviously only trusted vendors with a proven track-record are eligible for F.E, but it sure is available.

Is the Search-Panel Filter-rich?

Lastly for this Darkmarket review, let’s talk of its search-functionality. This may not be a question many ask, but we do. Simply because without a filter-rich search panel, it’s hard for buyers to find the exact product they’re looking for.

The search-filters offered by DarkMarket are:

  • Keyword
  • Specific Vendors.
  • Category
  • Type (Physical /Digital).
  • Min-Max Price range.
  • Shipping destination.

While the filters are impressive and help narrow down results quite a bit, it still lacks a “currency” filter. So a user can’t search directly for products which accept his/her preferred Cryptocurrency.

What are the DarkMarket Mirrors?

In case the primary URL is down, any one of the following can be used to access the marketplace:

Final Verdict:

Quantitatively speaking, the number of products, users and vendors is impressive. The product-categorization however isn’t. Multi-currency may get it an edge over other single-currency marketplaces.

For vendors, the vendor bond seems low and affordable. Country-restrictions may hinder growth a bit.

In a nutshell, the marketplace doesn’t leave a lot to chance about its future. But what the future holds is something only time will tell. That’s all for this DarkMarket review folks, do drop your questions and suggestions in the comments.