DarkMarket Review – Alternative of Empire Market

This DarkMarket review will get you an in-depth insight into the marketplace. Every feature, aspect, factor that the marketplace is built of will be discussed, in detail.

With Empire Market exit-scamming, the search for new Darknet markets is the talk of the town. Obviously, there aren’t many that can be trusted.

Can you trust DarkMarket? Well, I’m not the one to judge. I’d urge you to go through this DarkMarket review and then make your decision.

On the surface though, the market does seem worthy of at least a peek, if not of permanent loyalty.

Let’s get started then?

DarkMarket Overview

This section is here to get you introduced to the marketplace. Actually, let me summarize all the primary features right here.

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If you feel the features above are what you’re looking for, the rest of this DarkMarket review will be insightful.

Legal and financial disclaimer

Accessing DarkMarket is legal. But, buying/selling on any darknet market isn’t (in most cases.)

We do not support/promote or encourage the buying/selling of illegal (or, any) goods on darkmarkets.

Any and all of your actions are solely and exclusively your own responsibilities.

This also includes financial decisions. We do not guarantee the legitimacy of these markets and the vendors on them.

By continuing further, you acknowledge that you’ll not use this DarkMarket review for any buying/selling or any other kind of gains. It’s purely for educational and research purposes.

Tip: Using NordVPN to browse Darknet Markets will keep you the most secure. The VPN is the first VPN in the industry to have its “no log” policy independently and publicly verified. It even offers a specialized “onion over VPN” option.


A very traditional interface greets you. It consists of the top-bar, the product-categories on the left and the centre-screen.

The top-bar, as is expected, holds links to the other pages/sections on the marketplace. E.g. wishlist, orders, settings etc.

There’s also a search feature right there on the dashboard. It lets you search using min.-max. price filters, and the source /destination of the products.

I personally am not a fan of its product-display. Meaning,  the product-listings only show the name of the vendors. No other info (e.g. no. of sales/ vendor levels etc.) are shown.

But well,  there’s no rocket-science. It’s easily understood and can be used by anyone.

Available Products

Obviously, this matters, a lot, doesn’t it?

As of today, it publicly lists its product-quantity to be 53968. Going by the sheer numbers, this is more than impressive. Isn’t it?

Obviously, “drugs” is the category with the most number of products. It has as many as 21030 products as of today.

It has a long list of sub-categories. These include Benzos, Opiates, Tobacco, Steroids, Ecstasy, Cannabis, Alcohol etc.

Then, there’s “digital goods”. Currently, it stocks 2738 products. This hosts products such as E-books, software, Serials and keys, Erotica etc.

The one other category with an impressive number of products is  “Fraud”. For now, there are 2357 products listed. The sub-categories offer products such online accounts, bank drops, credit cards, dumps etc.

The other categories include Services, Jewellery, Identification, Carded items etc.


While darknet markets generally are known to be without restrictions, that’s not the case with DarkMarket.

DarkMarket has both “product-restrictions” as well as “geo-restrictions”.

Product restrictions mean it doesn’t allow the buying/selling of weapons, violent or animal porn, murder/killing services, trade of human organs and obviously, illegal porn.

As for geo-restrictions, it doesn’t accept users from UAE and Russia. Now, while Tor may protect your location from the marketplace, it still doesn’t allow dispatches from, or deliveries to the two locations.

Vending/Selling on DarkMarket

The market already has a vendor-base of 1713 vendors. So yes, obviously, anyone else can apply to be a vendor as well.

Vending requires a $500.00 vendor bond. However, established vendors with at least 6 months of positive feedback may request this fee to be waived. That isn’t guaranteed and is rather considered on a case-to-case basis.

The vendors only have two sets of rules to follow. First, they shouldn’t be selling the restricted items, and second, they shouldn’t be from the restricted regions.

It does allow F.E (Finalize-Early), however, it’s only offered to vendors who have at least 6 months of experience on DarkMarket. Or, those who have 1,000+ reviews on other (established)darknet marketplaces.

Payment currencies and policies

This is arguably the most impressive aspect on this DarkMarket review.

For starters, the marketplace isn’t limited to just Bitcoin. But, it also accepts Monero. The latter (XMR) is considered by some to be even better than XMR.

Either way, this offers more options and choices both to buyers and vendors (yes, a user can also pay the vendor-bond using XMR).

The more impressive aspect however is its “Wallet-less” policy. Meaning, there’s no “wallet” on the marketplace which requires a deposit.

Rather, you pay for each order individually, on the checkout page. The fund is directly sent to DarkMarket Escrow. This is similar to how you pay on most clearnet E-commerce websites.

At times like these, when even the most successful and established marketplaces such as Empire Market exit-scammed, there couldn’t be a better thing to ask for.

Simply because, wallet-less marketplaces are a lot less likely to exit-scam. This is because, there’s no extra, residual or advance deposit in wallets. Hence, the overall sum in the marketplace Escrow is always a smaller amount for which the marketplaces wouldn’t burn their entire businesses.

Security features

This is one of the less-impressive features on this DarkMarket review.

The marketplace only offers 2-FA via PGP for security. Now, comparatively, it lacks a security PIN or the login phrase that most other best darknet markets offer.

But then again, if I’m being fair, that’s not unacceptable. Specially because it’s wallet-less, hence, there are no funds in your account. So, even if your account is compromised, no funds can be stolen.

This makes it less prone to hacks as well. Why will a hacker hack your account if it doesn’t have any money, right?

Obviously, the marketplace uses Escrow for all transactions just in case a trade goes sideways.

There’s another security measure which demands a user’s password in order to access “messages”. Well, it’s not a “security feature” but still does restrict unauthorized access to an extent.

It does publish a public warrant canary, encrypted with the admin’s PGP every 7 days. If it’s there, it means the market isn’t seized. While it too can be forced under extreme conditions, it still is a security measure even if a bleak one.

Bitmessage integration

It’s one of the only darknet markets which allows users to integrate their Bitmessage IDs with the marketplace.

Meaning, you get notifications, messages and other important information directly in your Bitmessage account.

This also means you do not have to repeatedly log in to your DarkMarket account just to check on things.


This isn’t exactly a “feature”, but, it’s something I look for in a darknet market.

It just is the level of information the marketplace shows about its vendors. The more information is shown, the better, more transparent I consider it to be.

It’s important so that buyers may vet a vendor and his/her legitimacy before making purchases.

So, I visited a vendor profile to see what’s displayed. Here’s a glimpse:

So, it shows the experience points a vendor has. The higher it is, the more trustworthy the vendor is.

The vendor-level too is shown. It too indicates experience and legitimacy.

Also, some vendors have “Trusted Vendor” seals (as shown in the screenshot above). These too are least-likely to scam.

The more impressive aspect however is that it pulls stats from other marketplaces, such as Empire Market.

In the screenshot above, the vendor has 764 sales on Empire Market. It clearly means he’s a serious darknet vendor.

If I scroll down on the page, it also has “feedback ratings”. These are basically ratings for quality, communication and shipping.

The date of account creation, date of becoming a vendor, no. of disputes, and completed orders too is displayed on this page.

All in all, I’d say the vendor transparency is as good as can be expected and I’m impressed.

DarkMarket Pros and Cons

Like everything on the planet, DarkMarket too has its good and (not so good) sides.


  • Extremely product-rich
  • Wallet-less
  • Dual Cryptocurrency support
  • Impressive vendor-transparency


  • Lacks traditional security features.

Final Verdict – DarkMarket review

Is DarkMarket the best darknet market in the industry then? Well, considering that Empire Market is gone, there aren’t many other trustworthy, established and well-aged marketplaces left.

If I consider marketplaces which are least-likely to exit-scam, DarkMarket certainly is the most prominent answer (because it’s wallet-less).

Now, based on its features, I’d say it totally qualifies as one of the, if not “the” best darknet markets today.

It has one of the most product-rich markets, has an easy user-interface, and offers two payment choices.

Although, at the end, it’d probably depend on your personal needs, goals and preferences. And that, will be all for this DarkMarket review folks.