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If you’re on this Dark0de market review, you either were scammed recently by Empire Market, or didn’t find what you were looking for on the other markets, isn’t that right?

If it is, Dark0de may actually be a pretty good place for you to start. But, is it? Well, every market has its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll see  how Dark0de stacks up against its competitors, right?

Throughout this Dark0de review, I’ll compare its features with the other popular markets out there. It’ll get you an idea of where Dark0de stands.

Overall, do note that as far as “features” go, Dark0de sure wouldn’t be a disappointment.

Dark0de market overview

Dark0de brings everything that you know about darknet markets to the table, and then, its own additions to almost everything.

Here are the primary features which make the marketplace:

Is joining Dark0de Market Free and Anonymous?

Why should you care: Some markets require payments or invites for joining. Some others may require personal information.

Fortunately, Dark0de is an options-rich marketplace. Meaning, joining it is absolutely free and anonymous. However, it also gives you the option of going for paid accounts.

Even for the paid accounts, you’re required to have a free account first, and then upgrade it. Two plans are available, one sells for $15.00 the other for $20.00.  These paid accounts grant users access to the “Buyer Request” feature.

My verdict: As far as registration goes, it’s fast, easy, and free. No issues there.

How easy/hard is it using or understanding Dark0de?

Why should you care: Any marketplace with a complex interface is basically useless. If a user can’t use it, the features don’t matter.

Now, the Dark0de homepage boasts a very different interface than most other darkweb markets.  It has no left-sidebar. The top-bar is where product-categories and all other options/links can be found.

As for product-listings, the vendor’s level and rating, Escrow status, number of views, and pricing is displayed.

Even on the order pages, a very detailed overview of the product is displayed. This includes the amount of stock available, shipping location and other such data.

My verdict: The entire marketplace is pretty easy to use and understand.

What products are and aren’t available on Dark0de market?

Why should you care: If the market doesn’t have the right products, you’d just be wasting your time on this Dark0de market review.

Dark0de is the one darknet market that truly sells “anything and everything”.

Most other darknet markets sell drugs, cards, fake documents etc. All of this is available on Dark0de. But, it also sells products which aren’t found on most other darknet markets.

The list includes motor vehicle theft, illegal gambling, escort networks, cam girls, intelligence, money-laundering services etc.

Furthermore, the market has a “Buyer Request” feature. This is why I said it sells “everything”. So, just in case a product isn’t available, buyers can request it and it may be available with one of the vendors. The current product stock is just shy of 5,000.

Fortunately, it’s not completely without restrictions. You can’t purchase (or sell) underage porn, fentanyl, and terror-related products/services.

My verdict: With its current product-categories, and the “Buyer Request” feature; Dark0de is “the” most accommodating darknet market in terms of products.

What are Dark0de’s vending policies?

Why should you care: Strict (and expensive) vending policies indicate a more legitimate darknet market.

Dark0de’s vendor-fee for now is $200.00. Now, it’s cheaper than what Empire Market was asking for, also, it’s still the industry-standard. Most new markets start at around this range.

The  fee-waive policy does exist like it does on almost all other darknet markets. Established vendors on other markets may ask for this vending-fee to be waived.

My verdict: The pricing is exactly what I expected anyway, no judgement here.

Which Cryptocurrencies does Dark0de market accept?

Why should you care: The Cryptocurrencies define your transition fee, transaction time and anonymity.

So, Dark0de market accepts Bitcoin and Monero for payments. There’s no deposit fee and no minimum limit.

Monero however can only be used after a 1% conversion fee which is used to convert the XMR to BTC (in-built coin shifter available). The market for some reasons doesn’t allow direct XMR payments.

Withdrawals are currently priced at 2.5% for each transaction, for each Cryptocurrency.

My verdict: In my personal opinion, it’s just confusing and expensive that XMR can’t be used directly. However, Bitcoin still functions normally. I’d just avoid XMR payments for now.

What are the security features on Dark0de market?

Why should you care: If a market isn’t secure, your account may be hacked, your funds stolen, or you may be scammed.

Dark0de lets users secure their accounts using 2-FA via PGP in addition to the passwords.

It also has a mandatory security PIN set up during registration. It secures the funds. Even when the password and 2-FA both are compromised, the funds can’t be used or spent without this security PIN.

The market uses a very unique “dual username” mechanism to protect against phishing attacks as well.

Obviously traditional Escrow, as well as F.E (for trusted vendors) is available. The marketplace even has a multisig transaction mode.

My verdict: Overall, no traditional security measures seem to be missing.

How transparent are Dark0de market vendor profiles?

Why should you care: Good vendor-transparency helps buyers determine the legitimacy and verify the history of vendors before making a purchase.

This is one of the most impressive aspects on this Dark0de market review. For each vendor profile, Dark0de displays:

  • The vendor’s location.
  • Feedback and rating from other marketplaces.
  • Joining date.
  • Vendor level (Basic/Gold/Diamond etc.)

My verdict: Dark0de doesn’t show the number of sales for vendor profiles. This I believe is a major metric which needs to be displayed.

 Does Dark0de mixer have an in-built mixer and exchange?

Why should you care: These are additional features which may impact your use of the marketplace.

Dark0de does have an in-built coin mixer. You can use it to clean your coins and mask your source and destination for the coins.

As for the exchange, it sure has announced plans to integrate that in the near future. When done, users will be able to trade on the marketplace directly and even deposit/purchase funds using fiat modes.

My verdict: Both the features are currently non-operational so I’ve not personally used them.

Is it illegal to use Dark0de market?

Before summing this Dark0de market review up, it’s imperative that you understand the involved legalities.

No, it’s not illegal to visit, or browse Dark0de market. It’s also not illegal just to trade on Dark0de market “as long as the product/services involved are legal, and are legally sourced/obtained”.

Hence, the end-use of this Dark0de market review and the market depends on your own actions. You are not to use the marketplace for any illegal activities such as buying/selling illegal goods/services.

We do not know if all the products on Dark0de are legal, or they aren’t. Hence, it’s best you do not trade on the marketplace. Also, we aren’t sure if the vendors are legitimate or scammers.

If you do choose to trade, do note that all of your actions are solely your own responsibility. If you purchase or sell an illegal item/service, or are financially scammed, it won’t be our responsibility.

And, it’s best you use a trustworthy VPN service when accessing the market. It’ll keep you safe.

Is Dark0de the best darknet market?

No, Dark0de isn’t the best darkweb market yet. It only has around 5,000 products and those are spread through very few categories. Most other categories are empty for now.

Also, the market isn’t wallet-less which is another downer. Furthermore, XMR can’t be used for payments. So, no, it’s not the “best”.

However, if it gets rid of the current problems, the features sure hold the potential to make it the best dark web market.

The market has plans to integrate more Cryptocurrencies in the near future, more languages, an autoshop and some other features. Then, it may win the crown.