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Before proceeding with any of the red text on this site, check the following to make sure you truly are protected with military-grade encryption and security:

  • Your TOR browser is updated to the latest version.
  • You’re using a “No-log policy verified” VPN, such as NordVPN.

You need a VPN because simply using TOR isn’t enough. Tor has been hacked by the FBI in the past, and you never know who’s running an exit-relay.

The reason I’m recommending NordVPN is, its “No logs policy” has been independently verified by third-parties. Meaning, it “truly” doesn’t keep logs. There’s literally no VPN more secure than this.

Then, NordVPN offers “onion over VPN” which is like an additional layer of security crafted just for dark web users. Nord also is the fastest VPN I’ve ever been with (now even supports WireGuard protocol for even faster speeds), the perfect partner for the otherwise slower Tor browser.

Would you risk your anonymity and security when NordVPN costs just $3.49/month? I sure wouldn’t!

Additional security tips

Simply installing Tor and a NordVPN isn’t enough. If you truly wish to disappear, follow the following steps, exactly in this order:

  • Make sure NO OTHER program is running on your computer, except Tor browser and the NordVPN Software.
  • Disable your webcam or mask it with black tape. (Mark Zuckerburg does it, if a person with his wealth and power is scared of the big brother , I suggest we follow).
  • First launch NordVPN Software > connect to a “onion over VPN server” or Connect your Internet with Any NordVPN Country Server, Prefer (Netherland, Germany, Sweden and Various Remote Location) Never Use USA and UK and Tier 1 Countries.
  • Then, launch Tor browser.
  • Increase Tor browser’s security -> (Disable Javascript/ increase the security level to “high”).

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Explanation-> If a link-category/site name or description says “Gun shop” in this list, it only means the site markets itself as a “Gun shop”. Whether it really sells guns, or it’s just a scam/ attention grabbing technique/ or towards any other end, isn’t known to us.

So, all direct statement on this article, e.g. “The site sells guns”, “Cards can be bought on the site”, etc. are only based on the “claims” by the site and aren’t our personal experiences or opinions.

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Dark Web Marketplaces

These are dark web sites which facilitate buying or selling of (primarily illegal) products and services. They’re generally not limited to a single category, rather offer a number of different types of products. They mostly act as a mediator, facilitating trades between two parties. However at times, single-admin marketplaces also can be found. Payments are made with Cryptocurrencies.

t2didmjqj7yqzlc44oiqmwr3u62xdg4pvzfrtxdy2wsewgrt2zelwhyd.onion  – Darknet MarketTor2door market – Tor2door market is one of the most product-rich markets in the industry today, with more than 20,000 products listed. It accepts BTC and XMR for payments. Isn’t wallet-less, market wallets must be used. It does offer multisig escrow for payments. Also has a very advanced search panel. Vendor fee is set at $500.00 (one-time) and 5% commission on each sale.

Alternatives Mirrors:

bbzzzsvqcrqtki6umym6itiixfhni37ybtt7mkbjyxn2pgllzxf2qgyd.onionForumBreaking Bad –  This dark web link will take you to a forum that’s different from most other forums. It also has an in-built marketplace. There’s also a list of scammers that have been caught on the market. The forum has 10,174 registered members. An escrow exists that charges a 5% commission. The market can be used even without the escrow.

http://worldehc62cgugrgj7oc76tcna45fme47oqjrei4d4aa7xorw7fyvcyd.onion  – Darknet Market – World MarketWorld Market sells drugs, counterfeit products, digital items and services. It also features an autoshop. Not wallet-less, only accepts payments via Bitcoin. Withdrawals are possible for a 0.5% fee. Coins can be tumbled before mixing via an officially sponsored mixer. Seller accounts cost $50.00. No weapons, illegal porn, killing services or prostitution is allowed.

yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd.onionMarketplaceTorrez Market – Torrez is a darknet market with 4600+ listings. It accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, ZCash and Monero. Offers both wallet-less and on-store wallet modes. 2-FA, Security PIN, and one-time OTPs available. Has 376 vendors. Vending-bond is priced at $250.00, can be waived in specific cases. Both Escrow and Multisig Escrow available. Doesn’t allow illegal porn, weapons, fentanyl and a no. of other products.

liberty6o7lubin4t2nzyebylmk4l4xfw6kk2o5xhg3fahqoatfiprqd.onionDarknet Market Liberty Market – It’s a growing market with around 500 individual listings for now. Products include drugs, digital items, services, software, fraud items etc. Both XMR and BTC accepted. It has multiple dark web links which are its mirrors and mentioned below. All the basic security features including 2-FA and fund PIN are available.

pt2mftbxeczbzufi2v7b3ekmsun4khq6hi7bdjo7w23fsx3easvr73ad.onion  – Drug Marketplace SmokersCo. –  It sells weed and hash. Currently has 14 individual listings. Is single-admin. Completely wallet-less. Only Bitcoin accepted. PGP is used to automatically encrypt all entered data. Browsing is open for all, orders require registration (free). 2 shipping modes offered. Completely automated. Offers 100% re-ship if the product is lost in transit. Even offers a “price-match” guarantee if lower prices found elsewhere.

coronhls55k7oo3mzzwf3xlketww6rgdpxtpoxv3yogtvjiboohytuqd.onionMarketplace – Corona Market – With 34000+ users and nearly 300 vendors, Corona Market is one of the fastest growing DNMs. It has around 3500 products as of Jan 2021. BTC and XMR payments accepted. Wallet less mode available. Account wallet available but optional. 4 vendor accounts available, one of them is free forever. Only restrictions include illegal porn, weapons and poison.

p5eg3xsssjglu6tvwfazp2nqqwfpah55wr3ljil2bezp5shix5ruqsqd.onion  – Marketplace – DarkFox Market –  A market lets people buy everything including drugs, digital items, counterfeit products, services, malware, hosting & security etc. using Bitcoins. Funds need to be deposited to a market wallet before they can be used. Vendor accounts cost $150.00. Multisig escrow available. Autoshop too available for cards. Global shipments, no geo-restrictions.

hshlpewgid57veduk7k6d6rt2rmyl5d4juif3ncb5oqc6ko6qdkas4id.onionMarketplaceDeepSea Market – With nearly 1,000 individual listings, there isn’t a lot you wouldn’t find on DeepSea marketplace. Especially, if “Drugs” is what you’re looking for, DeepSea wouldn’t be a disappointment (offers many other product-types as well). Interested vendors may obtain vending-rights after paying $150.00. Only Bitcoin accepted. Deposits are charged at 0.3%. 2-FA, Escrow, Mnemonic, 6-digit PIN and login phrase available. Can only be accessed after registration.

asap2u4pvplnkzl7ecle45wajojnftja45wvovl3jrvhangeyq67ziid.onionMarketplace ASAP Market – The market sells everything that a darknet market generally sells, this includes drugs, fraud and counterfeit items. BTC and XMR accepted. Anti-scam measures available. $400.00 vendor fee. 5% fee per sale levied for the vendors, can be negotiated in some situations. Security PIN secures funds, 2-FA via PGP secures password.

agarthaourmnyhq3.onionDark web marketplaceAgartha Market – Agartha Market is arguably the oldest, most popular and product-rich marketplace in existence. Nearly 100,000+ individual listings available. Surprisingly, doesn’t allow any porn, cards, personal info, and some specific types of Drugs. Has a 0.04 BTC vendor fee. BTC, XMR, BITCOIN CASH, DASH, and VERTCOIN.

m5dpljs3yu7dyw5uajko52dtywyt5nrhry4fgzzv7sv4y5jg7afam7ad.onionDarknet MarketBit Baazar (Scammer) – One of the very rare marketplaces which grants access to the product-listings without registrations. Accepts BTC, BTCH, ETH, XMR, and DASH. Has an acceptable search-filter, Escrow available.

tjfr4vfwmq6df4hc.onionDark web marketplaceIcarus Market – The newest, yet fastest-growing Darknet Marketplace. Is a month old, already features 3,000+ individual listings. Everything allowed except illegal porn and weapons. PIN, 2-FA, and PGP available. Vendor bond is either free, or costs $100.00 (depending on user creditability). BTC and XMR accepted.

namastehtkkctyoa.onionSingle-admin marketplaceNamaste LSD – As the name suggests, the marketplace primarily deals in LSDs, pills etc. No registration required to view the product-stock. Seems to be a single-admin marketplace, no vending allowed. Only Bitcoin seems to be accepted. Has around 7 individual products listed.

http://kw4zlnfhxje7top26u57iosg55i7dzuljjcyswo2clgc3mdliviswwyd.onion/faq/- Darkweb market (Digital) Digital Thrift Shop- As the name suggests, the site sells “digital” items. Does sell “guns” though. Multiple cryptocurrencies accepted including BTC, XMR, BTCH and many others. Product-browsing is open for all, purchasing requires registration.  400 or so product listings available. Independent vendors not accepted for now, will be accepted in the future.

idnightkt43f3fk.onionDarknet MarketplaceMidnight Market – Extremely basic interface. Allows independent vendors to sell on the marketplace. No. of sales and individual listings from all vendors displayed transparently. Multiple shipping modes available. Available products include money transfers, high-end devices, drugs, hacking etc. Vendor fee priced at $200.00. Escrow available. Doesn’t allow prostitution, illegal porn or hitman services.

lg7iwjj3ajzz2cmd.onionDark web marketplaceCC Fullz Shop – A lesser-known darknet market primarily dedicated to financial-products. Has categories such as cards (physical/digital), money transfers, dumps, PayPal accounts etc. Accepts vendors. Offers Escrow. Has an autoshop.

queeniooaa7sziqo.onionDarknet MarketplaceQueen Galaxy – A darknet market which claims to be 8 years old. Run by female admin only. Primarily deals in financial products, specifically WU transfers, bank transfers, PayPal accounts etc. Worldwide shipping, multiple shipping methods.

bmarketnauheimxv.onionDarknet MarketplaceBitMarket – A seemingly popular Darknet Market. Registration mandatory. Has around 600 products listed as of today. Not wallet-less. Illegal porn, Fentanyl and weapons are banned. Vendor fee costs EUR 60.00 + 2.5% commission on each product. Only Bitcoin accepted.

pqqmr3p3tppwqvvapi6fa7jowrehgd36ct6lzr26qqormaqvh6gt4jyd.onionDarknet MarketplaceVersus – Registrations mandatory, offers Mnemonic for account recovery. Unique interface. Top-vendors featured on homepage. Vending allowed, free for established vendors, else a fee is applicable. BTC and XMR accepted.

wms5y25kttgihs4rt2sifsbwsjqjrx3vtc42tsu2obksqkj7y666fgid.onion  – Darknet Drug Market DCDuthcConnectionUK – It’s single-admin, doesn’t allow third-party vendors. Ships from U.K. Product stock includes Cocaine, MDMA, Ketamine, Ecstasy etc. Payments via Bitcoin. Not wallet-less. Saturday orders take longer. Prices comparatively high. Placing orders requires registration.

c5xoy22aadb2rqgw3jh2m2irmu563evukqqddu5zjandunaimzaye5id.onion  – Drugs  Tom and Jerry store – The market sells MDMA, Heroin, Cocaine and other drugs. Payments only accepted via Bitcoin. Not wallet-less, deposits required. Registration required as well. Quantities as low as 2g or as high as 500g available. No additional shipping charges. Multiple quantities of the same (or different) batches can be ordered.

rbcxodz4socx3rupvmhan2d7pvik4dpqmf4kexz6acyxbucf36a6ggid.onion  –  Cannabis Marketplace – 420 Prime Any user who owns Bitcoins can purchase Cannabis on the marketplace. Selling isn’t allowed. Probably ships only to UK, the source is the UK as well. Only Bitcoin is accepted. Minimum 7g maximum 30g batches available. Registration is required for purchases, is instant and anonymous.

darkoddrkj3gqz7ke7nyjfkh7o72hlvr44uz5zl2xrapna4tribuorqd.onionMarketplace – Darkc0de Market (Scammer)- Dark0de seems pretty unique, on multiple fronts. For starters, it has an unique interface. Then, it sells items which are rare even for darknet markets. Then, it charges a 3.5% fee not just to vendors but also to buyers. And then, it offers in-built Bitcoin mixer and coin shifter (coin changer). Withdrawals too are possible, if you pay a 1.5% fee/withdrawal. Payments can be made both via Bitcoin and Monero.

Cards/PayPal/Western Union/Bank transfers Tor dark web links

While most Darknet Markets allow the sale of these products, these dark web card links specialize in selling ONLY these items. These also in most cases are single-vendor marketplaces. These are less trustworthy, but due to the elimination of the vendor-fee and commission, often offer cheaper products than those found on Darknet markets.

http://vigzrzf6gzw4bemi.onion/- Financial Market MayMarket – The market sells Western Union transfers, PayPal transfers, cards and Moneygram transfers. PayPal transfers can either be requested to PayPal accounts, or to Bitcoin. Accepts payments via Bitcoin and Litecoin. Registration is mandatory. Doesn’t accept third-party vendors.

http://tj2dl4f4piiyke4i.onion/- Financial Market FastMoney – The market is popular because it accepts “any escrow” which is pretty rare. Cards can be purchased in both physical, or digital forms. PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram transfers too are sold. Only Bitcoin is accepted. Website only works after enabling JavaScript which is a bit suspicious.

http://c5vzsgmjnmtvrfk4gof7lpqrwk3kpucfi5m5776ijgpeud5asnvufmqd.onion/- Transfers PayWay – This marketplace doesn’t sell cards or accounts. It’s limited exclusively to transfers. PayPal, MoneyGram and PerfectMoney transfers can be purchased. Orders need to be placed manually.

http://bfpma74qdqjrd5rb6b5fqbp5rerofjkbrmtbd6rjxrw4eycimu2h67qd.onion/- Transfers QF Market – The market sells transfers for Western Union, PerfectMoney, MoneyGram, and PayPal. Escrow is provided, it’s chosen by the market and has a minimum purchase requirement of $500.00.No registration required. Manual orders.

http://azr62p3xhd7beu4k.onionPayPal Accounts & cards netAuth – The market exclusively deals in PayPal accounts (no transfers available) and cards. Socks5 proxies offered with each account. The buying-process is completely automated and doesn’t require registrations. An E-mail is needed to receive the details. Only Bitcoin is accepted.

bitccmch47v3xypb.onionPhysical cardsBit Cards – Bit Cards sells real, physical cards. All the cards are either from VISA or American Express. The balance ,and daily withdrawal limit is mentioned transparently. Has a discount-system based on number of orders, highest possible discount is 40% on 20 cards.

uujpz6aszhnrxyix.onionPayPal accountsTor Vendor – The site sells specifically and exclusively PayPal cards. The accounts come with free socks5 proxies, and 15 withdrawal methods. Clearly mentions the balance, price and the profit for each account. Automated order process. Only BTC accepted.

lyelcemnqsgdfjlpvlaoxc3575d4irrdkhjmio6u46jpbj3t73hbkoqd.onionWU TransfersWestern Union/WU – Even though the name says so, this isn’t the legit/official WU site. This is a Darknet carding site which sells WU transfers. Has 3 packages, with different levels of balances. Discounts increase with each level. Orders via E-mails and BTC only.

accsaphx55wcxaxd.onionAccountsACC Market – The name stands for “Accounts Market”. It sells PayPal accounts, eBay accounts and accounts from Bank of America. Around 12 (4 in each) products listed. Payment only via BTC. Registration mandatory for orders.

aannwx6fzpwniruq.onionCardingBe Rich – An older, slightly more established carding Tor site. Sells everything including W.U transfers, Bank wire, PayPal and Cards (ofcourse). Long story posted about the origin of the site. Has been running “Buy one get one free” promotions for nearly 6 months. Registration mandatory.

d5ubjv46kownm4jl.onionCardingDark Lab – Sells everything including PayPal, W.U, Cards and Wire transfers. Registrations mandatory. PayPal orders offer three options- Self cashout/Bitcoin cashout or PayPal cashout. Semi-automated order process. Vending not allowed, wallet-less.

sn2vwdleom47kzqp.onionCardingEshop – The name stands for “Evil shop”. Products include wire transfers, BTC to Card, BTC to WU, BTC to Bank etc. Registration mandatory. Has this unique interface, you type in any amount, tell them where you want it sent and they’ll make it happen. Express and Overnight shipping available for cards. BTC-only.

2vubhoy75ppk6mxu.onionPP and CardsDumps PP & Cards – The site sells hacked PayPal accounts and cards. Account type, card linked (or not linked), country, and balance displayed for PayPal accounts. Cards aren’t shipped physically, only digital card-data provided. Includes everything including name, address, expiry time etc. Automated ordering.

57xp2dnuuen25bpwe6q3cbmuazbpjwenj67qt2ws3jgj4coztpjazdqd.onionCardingShop Card – Shop card sells PayPal accounts, Physical cards and Western Union transfers. Cards are sold at a fixed price of $280.00/card. They each have a balance of approximately $3500. 00. Prices vary for other items. No account needed. E-mail orders.

4c6unyysw25lw6hvpycs4s35ry7hvpawq32qnoerlgtkatu22wnvprad.onionCardsVendor CC – As the name states, the site only sells Credit Cards. They also sell all their cards at a pre-specified price of $15.00/card. The order process is entirely automated and instant. Refunds available for dead cards.

vetaa7rpvy5vo2uz.onionCardingInstant Money – Instant Money claims to sell cards, PayPal accounts and Western Union transfers. The cards are physical and it’s not just “data” being sold. Uses a pre-determined Escrow (Safe Escrow) for all transactions hinting it may be probably legit. PayPal delivery time is 2-hours after payment. Automated orders. No registration required.

2qmcjragvxbtkb4p.onionCardingBlack Shop – Black shop sells cards, Western Union transfers and PayPal accounts. Around 12 products in total available. Orders only via e-mail and payment is only accepted in Bitcoins. Automated order process, no registration required.

cardshopffielsxi.onionCardingCard Shop – it’s exactly like the “Card Shop” listed above, almost a direct clone, however the prices are much cheaper (nearly 50%). It’s possible that both the marketplaces are using the same theme/template. It could’ve been a Phishing attempt, but the logo, name and URL look much legit, authentic and related in this case so probably the earlier site is a Phishing attempt, although they both may be legit as well.

nmvcspg745u52xbf.onionCardingSale CC |PP | WU – The site claims to sell all the normal carding-related goodies, including Cards, Western Union transfers and PayPal accounts. Cards are all physical. Refunds available if the card doesn’t work. The products seem to be ripped off other carding sites (or vice-versa).

Anonymous E-mail services

Clearnet E-mail services aren’t safe. Infact, Gmail admitted that third-party apps can read your e-mails (so, would you believe Gmail can’t?) Similarly, clearnet e-mail providers are bound by law, subpoenas and a lot of other privacy-infringing problems. The anonymous e-mail services enlisted below are legal to use, and they offer a lot more anonymity, freedom and privacy for your e-mails.

https://protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion/ – Anonymous emailProtonmail – Protonmail is without doubt the most established anonymous e-mail service. It’s based in Switzerland. Is completely open-source. It offers End to End encryption, and publishes a frequent warrant canary. Free basic accounts available. E-mails can be sent to any e-mail ID.

http://tp7mtouwvggdlm73vimqkuq7727a4ebrv4vf4cnk6lfg4fatxa6p2ryd.onion Disposable ID – Alt Address – The service allows creating disposable e-mail IDs, instantly. Custom username of your choice and 9 extensions available. @spamzero.net and @hidefrom.us are just 2 of the creative examples. Is 100% free, no registration or password required. Optional registration possible for more features (e.g. password protection). 3-day retention on non-registered mails.

http://jitjatxmemcaaadp.onion Anonymous messaging – JitJat – Not exactly anonymous e-mail, but, it’s close. Instant, free and anonymous registrations. Pick a username, anyone can send you instant messages and vice-versa. Completely encrypted, no logs stored. All messages are deleted after 2 months (8 weeks). Open-source, personal webservers can be installed.

http://clgs64523yi2bkhz.onionEmail client Mailpile It’s an End-to-End encrypted email client which can be hosted on personal systems and servers. There are no ads, it’s 100% free and open source. Existing e-mails can be used with Mailpile without requiring new signups. It’s non-profit, controlled by you and hence Pro-privacy.

secmailw453j7piv.onionAnonymous emailSecmail – After Proton, arguably the most popular dark net email service provider, used by many darknet admins and vendors. No personal info demanded. However, emails from Gmail or Yahoo don’t always reach the inboxes. Is free.

eozm6j6i4mmme2p5.onionMail forwardingMailCity – MailCity is primarily an e-mail forwarder. So, you get a MailCity ID, and share it around with everyone. Your primary e-mail is linked to this MailCity ID. Even when your primary mail changes, you don’t have to resend the changed ID to everyone, simply change your MailCity settings and connect your new email ID.

ctemplarpizuduxk3fkwrieizstx33kg5chlvrh37nz73pv5smsvl6ad.onionAnonymous EmailCT Templar – Uses 4096bit encryption for encryption. Hosted in Iceland. Allows anonymous accounts, no personal details required. Free accounts available. Also has a “dead man trigger”, delayed delivery, self-destructing e-mails and other advanced features.

http://tormailpout6wplxlrkkhjj2ra7bmqaij5iptdmhhnnep3r6f27m2yid.onion/login.php – Anonymous e-mail Tormail – This is the login page for Tormail. You can login by entering your e-mail ID and password. One of 4 modes can be selected, basic, dynamic, mobile and mobile minimal. The website is available in over 20 different languages. It’s powered by Horde. There are no indications as to where you can register for the service.

zrwxcayqc4jgggnm.onionAnonymous emailOnion Mail – Offers email addresses on the Tor network. Emails are auto-deleted after a few days. It’s been running since 2015 and is pretty well-established. Absolutely free accounts available.

torbox3uiot6wchz.onionIsolated emailTorbox – TorBox allows sending to, and receiving e-mails from only other Torbox users or a few other handpicked services such as Secmail, Elude, Cyberguerrilla etc. Free IDs have a 25Mb space. Donations increase this to over 1GB+.

eludemaillhqfkh5.onionAnonymous emailElude – Another pretty well-established Dark web email service provider. No personal info required. End to End encryption. Permanently purging of data possible. Free accounts available. Offers two e-mail IDs, one with the normal elude.in and the other with a .onion extension. Aliases supported as well.

vola7ileiax4ueow.onionanonymous emailVolatile – Not as feature-rich as Proton or Elude, but still a Dark Web email service provider. Doesn’t change/hide metadata though (IP Address, headers etc). Isn’t exactly free and requires donations, however exceptions are made often if you send an email explaining your need of Volatile.

grrmailb3fxpjbwm.onionDisposable temporary emailsTOR Guerrilla mail – Lets us generate temporary emails instantly, valid for 1 hour. Perfect for combating spam, or even private communications. No password, the username is the password so choose wisely. 9 different email extensions available. Completely free.

nzh3fv6jc6jskki3.onionAnonymous emailRiseup – Offers services primarily to people fighting for social change and liberty. They claim full disk encryption on their physical servers, the mail servers are encrypted using the users’ encryption keys, in some cases can also delivery mail over TOR. No IP addresses logged, neither is it shared in the outgoing mails. One-click data purge possible.

ozon3kdtlr6gtzjn.onionEmail service providerO3 Email – The provider is mentioned on quite a few dark web e-mail provider articles/sites. No information offered officially, a login/signup page is all that’s displayed. Account creation is free and instant. 100% anonymous, no payment, personal information or anything else demanded.

Porn TOR links

These are links to Porn/Adult sites on the Dark web. These Tor dark web porn links may either be video streaming sites, image-boards, game sites, illegal porn Tor links, or may offer hiring of Escort services on the Dark web. Most of these links are free, however at times payments may be required. Also, the geographic-restrictions on clearnet Porn sites do not apply to any of these .onion porn Tor links.

vsdfdtkr5mh6y33p.onionimage boardThe Permanent Booru – A free imageboard which lets users access and upload all animated porn images. You wouldn’t find any real people or animals, however graphically designed, anime-like porn photos are available. Has a massive database of over 2562854posts. Also lets us read free animated adult comics. Primarily free.

2adult2xfruzeron.onionGameAdult Puzzle – Lets us play a “puzzle-piece” game made up of animated adult gif-fragments. Players can chose from “Anal porn”, “cumshot gif” etc. The image is broken down into multiple pieces, the mouse is used to move the puzzle-pieces around till the complete image is formed successfully. Completely free to play.

dosug4rea4kvnk5f.onionEscortDosug – A dark web escort site which lets users hire escorts. Site available in 7 languages. Complete physical description available before hiring. Also lists services offered by each individual. Prices transparently mentioned. Phone numbers available for each individual escort as well.

w7dwxilmiwidztza.onionFamily pornHappy Family – The site offers real photos and videos from a family. Seems like a family business, also seems legal. A father, mother and two daughters (seemingly). Homepage displays proving photos. Videos need to be purchased for 0.003618 BTC.

deeppornx5rnxn5j.onionPaid illegal pornDeep Porn – A porn website, primarily run by, or involving someone names Valeria Knot. Extremely illegal (do not visit). Claims to host content including illegal porn, snuff, torture, revenge porn and much more. Claimed database includes 1500+ videos, 4600 photos and 200+ stories.

brutalmuv5rbwfnf.onionPaid pornBrutal – Shows an image of a tied, naked girl on the homepage. As the name suggests, probably features hardcore, violence-involving porn. Maybe staged, maybe illegal we aren’t sure. Demands a 0.0193 BTC payment for account-creation. Needs 3 confirmations, provides PIN for login.

sadoavmxp3gm3zr3.onionPaid pornSado AVM Hard collection – Homepage is filled with a collage of tied, tortured girls. Seems, and hopefully staged. However mentions “real” multiple times. Claims to have a 60GB+ database. Costs $34.00 in payment for the entire database, or has other packages for $50.00.

slavegl5jgdo2pbk.onionPaid real sexSlave girl – Fortunately, unlike the name suggests there are no real “slaves” involved. It’s just a marketing gimmick. A girl can be hired for either 15 or 30 days, each package priced at $1590.00 or $2980.00. Even accepts escrow. If you’re hiring, make sure to check the age and verify it’s legal.

dogsexa2ra5a4wml.onionAnimal pornDog Sex Rookies – A pretty old site, claiming to offer dog sex videos. A payment of 0.0058 BTC is demanded. May host illegal content as it mentions “You will find youngest girls”. Legitimacy not verified.

snuffqtsxrtwuhmm.onionSnuff CinemaPaid snuff – The site has a title saying “What you will see you will not forget”. There’s a door-image nearby, clicking on it takes us to a payment page. A payment amount of 0.0048086 BTC is displayed along with a Bitcoin address. Address valid for 24-hours.

Deep/Dark web Search Engine links

These links take you to Dark web search engines. These websites crawl and index .onion sites. Some even emphasize on displaying illegal content only. However, I’ve also enlisted search engines which may not display .onion links, but are on the TOR network and help boost your anonymity and privacy.

3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onionClearnet anonymous search engineDuck Duck Go – Duck Duck Go doesn’t index .onion links. However, is the default search engine on the Tor browser. Is extremely anonymous and doesn’t track or sell its user-data.

dnmugu4755642434.onionDrugs search engineKilos – Dark web search-engine focused exclusively on “Drugs”. Displays a direct “featured drug-listing” on the left-sidebar. As of today, has 629,250 forum posts, 94,267 product listings, results from 9 marketplaces and 3,965 vendors. Extensively-detailed filters help find exactly the product users are looking for.

hss3uro2hsxfogfq.onionSearch EngineNot Evil – Extremely popular Dark web search engine. Offers two search parameters, the query can either be searched in the “Titles” or “URLs” of the results. Last response time, ping, and meta-description displayed for results.

oss7wrm7xvoub77o.onion – Anonymous search engineOSS – Stands for “Onion Search Server”. Has an unique interface, displays multiple indications and “popularity” rankings for each search result. Is completely uncensored and displays everything on the Tor network.

msydqstlz2kzerdg.onionSearch-EngineAhmia – Ahmia is one of the oldest, most well- established and best .onion search engines. It exclusively indexes .onion links but actively monitors and deletes illegal porn links. Onion site owners can also manually add their sties to the database. Site-description in the results is pretty limited.

haystakvxad7wbk5.onionSearch EngineHaystack – Another dark web .onion search engine. Claims to have a database of 1.5 billion pages and 260,000 onions. The meta-descriptions it provides aren’t very legible, but the links do work. Also provides cached and historical versions.

searx7gwtu5rh6wr.onionSearch EngineSearX – SearX is an anonymous, privacy-respecting search-engine which does index .onion URLs however the results are confusing. Features an advanced user-interface. Map, music, images, social media, science, videos etc. are some of the available features. The results can be downloaded.

tgs5dkeqkg5hrjjk.onionMulti-search engineTornet Global Search – Tornet Global Search is one of the best darkweb search engines because it allows us to search on multiple search engines using this one URL. Simply enter your query, select the search-engine you wish to use and search. Over 10 search engines available.

tordex7iie7z2wcg.onionSearch Enginetordex7iie7z2wcg – A simple search engine, which also features the “I’m feeling lucky” button like Google does. Also can be used for advertisements. All .onion and illegal links are displayed. Also has a “best markets”, “best e-mail services”, “best markets” sidebar.

3bbaaaccczcbdddz.onionSearch EngineOnion Land search – Looks much similar to Tordex as far as interface goes. Seems more advanced with features. Displays a “related searches” snippet for your keywords. Displays a few sidebar ads. Also features I2P search even though that’s on a different domain. Indexes .onion links.

b7cxf4dkdsko6ah2.onionSearch EngineMeta Ger – Meta Ger doesn’t index .onion links. But it’s a privacy-respecting browser on the Dark Web which doesn’t trace or track you. Also has its own app which can be downloaded on mobile devices. Being a non-profit, it’s completely void of ads or any other commercial elements.

5u56fjmxu63xcmbk.onionSearch EngineOnion Search Engine – It has two modes, the “onion” mode and the “standard” mode. The former indexes and displays .onion links only, while the latter can be used for clearnet searches. Does display a couple banner and other ads, however they’re related to the searched keyword and hence act as additional results.

qhhunyjzmdyx4i4d.onion – IRC Search ixIRC/XDCC Search – The name makes it clear that this darknet link will let you search through IRC channels. As of today, it has 16 IRC networks and 24 channels on its database. It’s pretty active specially when it comes to file uploaders. IRC channels can also be added manually.

ggonionvhfq7brmj.onion  – Search Engine Google.Onion – The site has an interface that’s almost identical to Google, even the logo. It obviously doesn’t offer maps/news/images or other features. However, the website database is pretty decent. There are absolutely no ads. One of its primary features is that it displays both .onion as well as clearnet results for any give keyword.

searchesqafmar2ocusr443hnolhmrxek5xu3hrw3wliwlzmdywvjtqd.onion  –  Darkweb search  –  Tor Search Engine  – Another website that mimics Google’s interface with the blue headlines and green URLs. It’s unique in the sense that the meta-descriptions for each URL are limited to just a few words hence resulting in a much cleaner interface. The database is pretty small for now. It does display ads on the right-sidebar, can be purchased by anyone.

Hitman/Killers for hire .onion dark web links

These links “claim” to offer “Killer/hitman” services. Extremely illegal, if they truly offer what they claim to offer and aren’t just scams. If the services do indeed exist, they’re anonymous, untraceable, and in no way lead to the person ordering them even if the actual hitman is caught. Caution: Feel free to browse for research, or just a laugh; but never actually use (pay/order a service) them.

ygrqgcnoodnqdmlc.onionHitman for hireHitman Connect – Claims to have operatives in over 37 countries. “Skills and intelligence” of these supposed Hitmen is highly marketed. Torture/Kidnapping/Killing/Paralyzing are some of the available “services”, each have their own varying prices.

darkmambawopntdk.onionHitman for hireDark Mamba – Claims to be formed by ex-military personnel and ex-special forces. Payment is only made via BTC. Surprisingly, they accept full escrow for the advance. Offer over 10 different kinds of kill-profiles, common people, VIPs, VVIPS can be targeted. Blasts, poison, accidents, kidnapping etc. offered.

vanettirrjkqgoth.onionHitman for hireThe Vanetti Mob – Offers services since 2017. Not an “organization of killers”, rather acts as a mediator, escrow, facilitator of these services. Anyone can apply to be a “contractor” (killer), and buyers may then hire them. Multisig escrow available for payments. Payment accepted via BTC/LTC and XMR.

assassinuyy7h425.onionHitman for hireAssassination Network – One of the more professional-looking sites on the dark web. The homepage displays a slide with photos of deceased people, and their date of death, probably as a “portfolio”. Has an additional “Portfolio” page enlisting name, location, method of killing, date of death for all their victims. Services start at $40,000. Accepts Escrow.

marak2kjeehrao5s.onionHitman for hireMara Salvatrucha Marketplace – Another mediator/escrow which facilitates trades between the contractor and customer. Also have their own contractors. Payment only in Bitcoin. Advance deposits required to the central wallet on the website.

hitmenb7tvinpyf7.onionBlogHitman guide – Is an informative blog/website which collects and publishes proof of which hitman for hire websites are legit, and which are fake. Has a “real cases/fake cases” page. Doesn’t seem to offer its own services, hence the site seems to be legal.

ecwfwtffiimgqeab.onionHitman for hireKiller for you – An extremely basic site with 0 info on what or how things are done. A gun-thumbnail is displayed, and the site says –“ I kill everyone for you, even yourself, if you want it”. Limited to central and western Europe. Surprisingly, offers a “yahoo mail” contact ID!

hitmanalfc6c75hj.onionHitman for hireMurder Incorporated – Markets itself as the eBay of crime. Vendors can register themselves for hitman jobs, or customers can place orders. Prices start at $5,000, and then there are add-ons, such as setting the car on fire costs $1000 extra, or making it look like an accident costs $4000.00. BTC accepted.

zsyvom262oiaoc6es7bgg66xieyil6nqkh7jn5ntraghpqgudbcl3vad.onionHitman for hireBesa Mafia – Claims to have operatives in Europe, Asia, Africa and in Albania. Also claims to have ties to the Albanian Mafia. Also offers “Hire a hacker” services. Services start at $5000 going up to $100,000.

Hacker for Hire Dark Web Tor links

These links claim to offer “hacking” services. While “less illegal” than killing someone, still illegal. Some sites offer basic hacking services such as Social media/ E-mail hacking while others may be more serious and may offer hacking corporate databases, placing digital evidence and so on. Do not use, it’s illegal.

zjuhnrnaz573362iwpqm2peoozwd37yfeohyzdymmn2xlewr5li3zpqd  – Hacker group Mitnicklens Hackers – If you want to hack someone’s phone, social media, computer, website, email, or even school records (even your own), this group claims being able to do it. They offer 100% anonymity, and have a “no data sharing” policy. Orders can be placed by emailing the team at the provided ID. “Reasonable prices” promised.

huomyxhpzx6mw74e6jfxtj5kmxov6wdmc62ylk6oc7feht5gntuawaqd.onionHacker for hireHacker’s Bay – Claims to be a “group” of hackers. Offers everything including social media hacking, e-mail hacking, PC hacking, DDoS attacks etc. Has a specialized service at premium prices for advanced requirements. Prices start at around $300.00

ytteyiazq2xyazjws45lxjpqie5krxdcoe4nr5vysldu54olnbtrg5qd.onionHacker for hirePseudo Harmer Hacker – The website admin claims to have a team of hackers. Phone hacking, social media hacking, school database hacking etc. are some of the available services. No specific prices have been listed. Orders need to be placed via E-mail.

vscvkdcnjpwkdumrrnxsfhmx5shkztqzehnkvelpfrzj7sqkra7bcjid.onionHacker for hirePundit Hackers’ Group – A long list of hacking services are enlisted, including govt. databases, e-mails, reputation damage, changing grades, expunging records, hacking websites, and other services. No prices mentioned. E-mail contact required.

ehf3ngn76afurbd4.onionHacker for hireHacking Social Networks – Even though they misspelled “Start” for “Strat”, the site claims to be able to hack into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and VK. Facebook is priced at $40.00, Instagram and VK at $30.00, and Twitter at $25.00. Maximum time of 32 hours is demanded. An automated form can be used for orders.

2ogmrlfzdthnwkez.onionHacker for hireRent a hacker – One of the oldest Rent-A-Hacker dark web sites. No team, individual hacker. Technical and social engineering skills mentioned. 3 hack-packages, and one faster-reply add-on available. Automated order form. Registration required.

hackerrljqhmq6jb.onionHacking/Digital servicesHack Group – A dark web site which offers both legal (locating missing persons, recovering accounts, removing links, background checks etc). as well as illegal services (password cracking, hacking) etc. Seems to mask “hacking” services as “recovery”. Only BTC payments accepted.

xhacker5hwtbehcv.onionHacker for hireXHacker – Independent hacker and isn’t a group. Lists all his technical and people skills, as well as a list of offered services. Seems pretty identical to “Rent-A-Hacker” except the theme-change. Orders can only be placed via mail, and Cryptocurrencies are the only form of payment.

crackerbuplauso3.onionHacker for hireCracker SCC – A surprisingly pseudo-transparent site, claiming to be based in America and founded by one “Jonathan James” in 2005. Offers all of the hacking services such as changing grades, websites, social media websites and so on. Only Bitcoin is accepted.

hacker5quf443wtg4n7hi6m3l4xpcyasknjvhhrb6pcbgakhu7bblhad.onionHacker for hireHackSE – Enlisted services include, E-mail, Whatsap, Websites, Social media, 2-FA, DDoS attacks etc. Also claims to be able to build custom ransomware. Claims the “Wannacry” ransomware was bought from this site. Prices start at a low $30.00.

icio4gt4dfldre3y2ao45hjyn2akqbjl2k5a6nxsnzvx2aavnwqp7lad.onionHacker for hireS4ndb0x3d (Sandboxed) – A simple hacker for hire site listing around 20 hacking services. An e-mail is provided for contact. Functional since 2018. Only Cryptocurrencies accepted.

nfs6e454oyvajfro.onionHacker for hireDHS (Darknet Hacking Services) – The site claims of extremely high reputation on now-defunct Darknet marketplaces and now sells services directly. Also accepts independent hackers on the team. Multiple certifications and degrees claimed. No automated orders, e-mails required.

kxesodo3c6cid7mp.onionHacker/Hitman for hire The Chapel – The Chapel accepts Escrow. Claims being active on multiple Darknet markets. Offers both hitman and hacking services. Only BTC accepted. GIAC/CEH/CISSP certifications claimed. Registration mandatory.

Counterfeit Documents/ Currency/ Databanks TOR links

These links claim being able to forge documents such as Licenses, VISAs, Passports, National IDs and much more. Both digital and physical versions are sold. Some sites also sell fake/counterfeit currency notes, while others sell “information” or databases containing personal information or e-mail IDs.

onionidtormtotxm.onionDocumentsOnion Identity Service – Sells Passports, ID cards and Licenses specifically. Specific countries covered, such as The Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Lithuania, UK, Norway etc. Mandatory registrations required. Does need a real photo and scanned signature.

en35tuzqmn4lofbk.onionFake licenseUSA Fake IDs – As the name suggests, only covers the states in USA. Only forges licenses. Claims these are scannable with original UV, laser engraving and all the other fancy stuff. Each license is priced at $200.00, paid in Bitcoin. All the major states covered.

cmarketsiuhtiix5.onionInformation databaseCMarket – CMarket not only offers documents, but also sells personal information. These information packets contain not just name, age and other basic data but also health info, govt. documents etc. “Blanks” of legitimate govt. documents too are available.

77oxqa24eyjbsfkhya2r6y2krj26ouaxxbczdp4y2xjjguzzrli4fcqd.onionInformation databaseDeepweb Data Bank – Primarily has two categories, “Magazine database” and “E-mail database”. Over 50 popular Magazines and E-mails from over 100+ different niche (adult/ shopping/ security/ outdoors etc). are available. BTC, LTC, XMR, ETH, and BTCH accepted.

xfnwyig7olypdq5r.onionDocumentsUSA Citizenship – A complete, all-in-one document package containing licenses, birth certificate, SSN, and Passport is available for purchase. The package costs $1000.00 in advance, and an extra $2000.00 after they provide the photo and video proof. Additionally, bank accounts with cards too are available for an extra $1000.00.

scant5xpeodjzgno.onionDocument generatorScan generator – An advanced, automated document generator. Choose the document you need (passport/ bank statement/ credit card etc). upload the photo, specify dates, and other info and it automatically and instantly generates a document with the data. I must say, the generated preview is surpassingly authentic-looking. Only BTC payments.

fakeidnyv3st7tpu.onionDocumentsFake Passport – The site sells Passports from Australia, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, Finland, Belgium, Austria, and UK. Extra add-on for pre-affixed VISA from your native country for easy immigration too is available. Average cost $1000.00. Manual E-mails required.

mppegdk6kmrr53p7.onionFake currencyCounterfeit USD – The site sells fake U.S notes. Only $50.00 USD notes available. 3 product-batches, each consisting of 25/50 or 100 notes. Automated order-process, however requires registration. Only accepts Bitcoin.

fakenotefzutekmq.onionFake currencyFakenote Factory – A single-admin site which claims to sell USD and EUR notes. The amount a buyer pays depends on the total order-size, the larger orders bring in better discounts. Allows choosing any Escrow of the buyer’s choice (at an additional 20%). BTC, BTCH, ETH, XRP, and LTC accepted.

qjarpqn5gli3ygenbl3l34wulzirpkj5ygjdloak6dbmlcgtyxa5bcad.onionFake currency – Sells many financial products, counterfeit money is one of them. EUR or USD notes available. $20.00 and $50.00 bills available. Escrow available. Multiple product-batches available. Automated order-process.

vfqnd6mieccqyiit.onionDocumentsUK Passports – As the name suggests, the site claims being able to produce real, authentic UK passports. Pre-stamped with the immigration VISA. 50% advance (EUR 1000.00) required, the rest demanded after photo & video proof provided. Bank accounts and card available as well.

replicaf6cjadwxs.onionFake currencyHQER– Stands for “High Quality Euro Replicas”, and hence only sells EUR counterfeits. Claims to pass all the tests. Only EUR 50 bills offered. 3 product-batches available. Registration mandatory. Payment only via Bitcoin.

74eyqusdwdsbfkeb.onionDocumentsGerman Passport– The passports are claimed to be “officially” issued by a German embassy. The total fee is $2500.00, paid in 3 instalments over the course of the entire process (which the site says will take 6-weeks). Payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash accepted.

torc5bhzq6xorhb4.onionInformationTurkish Citizen Database – The site has a database of 49,611,709 Turkish Citizen, amounting to nearly 6.6.GB. It contains the person’s Kimlik no. Name, parents’ name, city of birth, D.O.B. address and a lot more. Absolutely free. Direct download links available.

Cryptocurrency Escrow dark web links

Cryptocurrencies do not have a regulatory body, and hence they’re the ripest, low-hanging fruits for scammers. Especially on the Dark web, users need a guarantee that the other party wouldn’t scam them. These Cryptocurrency Escrow services make sure both parties fulfil their ends of the bargain before releasing the funds.

2hftxvyft7dl3fk2.onionEscrowUmbrella Escrow – The Escrow is created by the seller. The buyer’s are sent a link via E-mail, delivery-time can be manually set (max 30 days), charges a 1.99% fee on all transaction. Inspection-period too can be set by the seller, again not exceeding 30-days. The order is auto-finalized if not disputed within the inspection period.

2mbag6csiomy2e7l.onionMulti-currency EscrowBullex– Bullex has a pretty professional website, and facilitates trades not just for Bitcoin but also ETH, XRP, IOTA, XRP, BTCH, EOS, DASH etc. Markets itself on high-end trades, such as Cars and Houses. Minimum Escrow amount is $100, max may exceed $500,000+. The fee varies depending on the type of product being traded. No automated form, manual order-creation.

tm47kmrvlxuibig7.onionEscrow software/pluginSafeEscrow– Safe Escrow is a product which can be installed on e-commerce stores and marketplaces for safe escrow. However, smaller, individual Escrow transactions too can be created. The fee isn’t pre-specified.

tijujphrkfchbzy7wg5zqi5j5k3lue5sluuyurrgr3th5ry5m2lcbcqd.onionEscrowMulti Escrow – Despite its name, the platform only supports Bitcoin Escrow transactions. A 2% fee is charged on all transactions. Escrow is generally created by the buyer. Funds can be transparently verified. Max Escrow period of 31 days supported. Minimum 0.01 BTC Escrow supported.

sgjfdl42o6565wli.onionEscrowTrust BTC – Trust BTC too is a Bitcoin-only Escrow company. They charge a 2% fee, which is split 50-50 between the buyer and the seller. Either party can create the Escrow. Deposit addresses valid for 2 hours. Insurance up to $500.00 provided.

okjh4irka63gweyk2fjpciro7wvhfiujsst7fxopjielb7xzcaaomsyd.onionEscrowKrypton – Krypton seems to copy in-part (or vice-versa) the interface from Bullex. It clearly mentions that it can be used for Dark Web transactions, in addition to cars, houses, Jewellery and other such items. The Escrow can be created by either party. Fee differs, for Dark web transactions it’s 5%. Only BTC escrow offered.

middle2d7bkn7mdy.onionEscrowThe Middle Man – A Bitcoin-only Escrow, allows buyers to create the Escrow. 2% fee charged. Escrow-period can be from 3-31 days. Sellers have a 5-day window to respond to dispute requests. The minimum allowed Escrow amount is 0.01 BTC.

3bd7kkf7xm2fcthbm6ynqwg6i5crl46o4hfmllbgtkpwhlzkbdsju6id.onionEscrowNucleus Escrow – A basic-looking Escrow service, with an extremely basic interface. Only holds BTC (Bitcoin). Not many options provided, a pre-determined 14-day Escrow period can be set. Even though it says “custom fee”, it’s set at 5%. Claims to be functional since 2013.

escrowytu7s7rlqn.onionEscrowDark Bitcoin Escrow – Probably the only outright illegal Dark web Escrow service. Openly allows the trade of Darkweb products. Offers many options, either party can create the Escrow. Job completion time, consequences upon completion or not completion of the job, automated refunds, a lock-password available. 1% fee.

safebtck4qejiero.onionEscrowSafe Pay BTC – Charges a 1% fee. Offers a 5-day resolution period for sellers. A “Transaction-key” offered to release funds. “Ticket ID” offered and can be used to verify transactions. Who pays the fee can be set by the Escrow-creator. 5-30 day Escrow window available.

btccrowosityhun7.onionEscrowBTC Crow – BTC Crow facilitates Escrow at a low 1.5%. Fee can be paid by either party, or split equally. Shipping-time and Escrow period can be set manually. 48-hour payment window after an Escrow has been created. Also supports Multi-sig escrow.

Games/ Crypto Casino

The Dark web isn’t all that illegal. It totally has a few legal game sites. They either can be direct browser-based games, or professional Bitcoin (or other Crypto) casinos. Some illegal game sites exist which help “fix” games, and post the results of these games beforehand.

casinou2gs2xlkfw.onion.onionCasinoCasino Royale – Many games such as blackjack, Horse racing, Bookmaker, Lotteries etc. are available. Completely anonymous. Seems legal for the most part. Has varying rules for different games. Currently, only BTC and BTCH accepted.

sntfgwfami5fdbn5.onionGameSonic and Tails – A perfectly legal game-site. Based on the cartoon character Sonic. Is basically a roam-game where you control Sonic through a 2D world. Probably developed by a fan and not the Sonic official team. The game can be downloaded and played offline.

bettorzztykidrx2.onionGame resultsBettor – Bettor is a dark web illegal website which claims to publish results of games before-hand. The offered services cover Football, Tennis and Basketball. Claims to offer 95% winning bets. BTC accepted. Multiple packages available.

5p6dpc344vsbigv7.onionCasinoPhD Casino – A crypto casino Tor links which allows us to play Baccarat, Poker, Roulette and many other games. Accepts BTC, Zcash, USDT, ETH, BTCH, DASH, DOGE and even fiat deposits. Licensing information not provided.

betcoinahk4j27yb.onionGameHidden Betcoin – A fairly simple game yet with huge rewards. Basically involves the players’ Bitcoin transaction ID. Rules can be understood from the site. The winning prize is 95% of the deposit. Only BTC accepted. 6 confirmations required.

hg5km4y37lgir6r3.onionBrowser game – Even though it’s a harmless browser game, it’s quite disturbing. You control a tank, and have to fire at commercial airlines flying above. The aim is to make as many dead-bodies call on the Tank as possible. The score is called “Passports collected”. The audio too of people dying isn’t pleasing to the ears.

xmatchesfmhuzgfb.onion Bet resultsXMatches (Scammer) – Another match-result site which allows buyers to purchase results beforehand. Claims the matches are fixed and the results are 100% correct. BTC and ETH can be used for payments. Light, Medium and VIP plans exist.

6gua6qlq3scz7jam.onionCrypto CasinoClockplay Gold Games – Seems like a replica of Casino Royale. Accepts multiple Cryptocurrencies, this includes BTC, BTCH, ETH, XRP, DASH and many others. Fiat accepted as well. Markets “instant deposits and withdrawals”.

by5oe7gmrt3pmn7p.onionCrypto CasinoPerfect Money Casino.onion – Another Dark Web crypto casino which looks and feels exactly like some other casinos mentioned on this list. It too accepts a wide range of Crytpocurrencies and fiat deposits. Games include Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker etc.

d7shwhjlrs45ooux.onionCrypto CasinoNinja’s LR Casino – Another Cryptocurrency casino. No licensing or fairness info made available. Deposits can be made with 5+ different Cryptocurrencies. Has a contact-form (not live) for support.

4uswvjcisj6r3te2.onionGameBitcoin Minesweeper – A simple minesweeper game, which accepts Bitcoin deposits only. Requires 1 confirmation. Play the game, and if you manage to win your money increases, else you lose. Simple eh?


These are just links to a number of blogs. You may be interested in the topics, but more importantly these prove that not all links on the TOR network or the Dark Web are illegal, or bad. Various topics, from scientific research, news, to personal opinions are voiced.

tapeucwutvne7l5o.onionBlog/NewsTape – A pretty professional-looking blog. Shares news related to Cryptocurrencies, Dark web, arrest of vendors etc. Also has a few marketplace links. Seems to be updated every few hours. Has a discussion forum as well.

writeas7pm7rcdqg.onionWriting platformWrite.as -A simple blog platform on the Dark Web. Simply click on “Start writing” and you’re presented with a text editor. The written content can be published anonymously if you choose so.

keybase5wmilwokqirssclfnsqrjdsi7jdir5wy7y7iu3tanwmtp6oid.onionCrypto blogThe Keybase – Keybase is a Crypto base blog. Not “Cryptocurrency”, but Cryptography. It deals in encryption, decryption, chat algorithms and everything else related to Crypto. Hosts a few applications which can be downloaded as well.

ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstad.onionBlogCIA – The CIA needs no introduction, however if you wish to follow the news, or read the blog without giving up your anonymity, this link will help you do it. Also can be used to access the entire CIA site and not just the blog.

under4qzsx7v4qfl.onionPhoto blogUnderview’s Candid Photo Blog– A photo blog which seems to focus heavily on capturing girls’ asses from behind. However, also has photos of girls’ on the beach, changing clothes, and even some nudes. I’m not sure if the photos were consented or just snapped from a hidden camera.

clgs64523yi2bkhz.onionBlogMailpile – Mailpile is an e-mail client, which needs to be downloaded and then used to send private and secure e-mails. The blog talks of multiple vulnerabilities and basic privacy related concerns.

cyruservvvklto2l.onionSecurity BlogYRUSERV Blog – It’s a blog which shares article and info on security, OPSEC and counter-economics. Basically, if you’re someone who loves a free and secure world, you’d have a good time. Talks of VPS, their true security, Cryptocurrencies and a lot more.

xmrguide42y34onq.onionCrypto blogXMR Guide – The site walks us through the setup process of XMR wallets on Tails and Whonix. Also provides a list of exchanges which accept Monero, the best Monero wallets, and advanced security tips.

e2byufqft24mg4wm.onionInfomarketKnowledge 4 Everyone – The site sells “guides”. All illegal, and related to carding, hacking, scamming, marketing, weapon-making guides etc. Claims to be purely for “educational” purposes. The refund policy offers a 80% refund.

recipeshtx3vpqjy.onionFood blogRecipe Roulette – Pretty creative name, every time you load the blog you’ll get a different recipe. You never know what the recipe will be of, but it’s new on each refresh. Ingredients, and a preparation method is published.

psychonaut3z5aoz.onionBlogPsychonaut Wiki – Arguably, one of the most informative, educational and best dark web blogs for drug users. It deals exclusively in “drug”. You can find articles about the effects of specific drugs, read experiences of other people, and even learn about the dosage.

superkuhbitj6tul.onionPersonal blogSuperKuh – A personal blog which shares topics such as particle acceleration, heliophysics, lipid bilayers etc. The guy seems to really know what he’s talking about. So if you wish to learn about spectral antenna, broadband antenna, bandwidth throttling etc. this is the place to go.

potatoynwcg34xyodol6p6hvi5e4xelxdeowsl5t2daxywepub32y7yd.onionPersonal BlogGo Beyond – A minimalistic blog which shares everything from Bitcoins, Idealism, immigration, to Area 51 and everything else. Seems to be a “mechanic” and sells modified/self-created products such as chains, end caps etc.

Anonymous Paste Tor Links

Need to share text with the world anonymously? These links help us do exactly that. Features mostly resemble that of Pastebin, but with the added privacy and protection of the TOR network and the Dark Web.

5b6kg6vyo4uk2w7y6eibyuhvpoxnkyaxkjqo72pomcbgbqfmenas3eqd.onionAnonymous pasteSystemli Paste – Advanced text-page, offers an expiration time to be set, you can choose to self-destruct the note or to remain permanently (max 2 years )available. Allow or disable comments manually. Password can be set.

enotegggr635n4lw.onionAnonymous pasteEnot – No advanced features. Notes are self-destructed when read. Here’s an example of a note I created (but you can’t read it because someone else probably already read it). Unlimited notes can be created. Absolutely free, no registration required. Only fit for one-user sharing.

tornoteqjerqldnk.onionAnonymous PasteTor Note – Tor Note isn’t super-advanced, but offers most basic features. E.g. you can choose to self-destruct the messages once they’re read. A password can be attached as well. And the expiry time is manually set. It however doesn’t allow discussions (comments).

4m6omb3gmrmnwzxi.onionAnonymous PasteDeep Paste – An anonymous pastebin-like site however with very limited features. No passwords or expiry-time can be set. Self-destruction can be enabled/disabled after being read. Pastes can be made private or public. Public pastes from others can be accessed as well.

nzxj65x32vh2fkhk.onionStronghold Paste – Expiry time can be set from 30minutes to 1 year. Password can be set. Self-destruct after being read for the first time too can be enabled. Can be “marked as private” so only those with links are allowed access. Doesn’t allow sharing illegal content. Private pastes auto-deleted after 90 days.

zerobinqmdqd236y.onionAnonymous PasteZeroBin – One of the oldest Pastebin-like Dark web sites. Offers all the fancy fireworks, including the expiry-time, comments, password, self-destruction etc. Is zero-knowledge, the server has no access to the data.

6zc6sejeho3fwrd4.onionAnonymous filesharingRiseup share – Slightly more advanced than simple text-pasting. Allows uploading and sharing files anonymously. Max file size 50Mb. Files are also auto-deleted after 12 hours. However, Text-paste too is available just in case.

cryptorffquolzz6.onionAnonymous pasteCrypTOR – CrypTor too allows pasting and sharing text anonymously. Does allow setting an expiry time. “Burn after reading” is basically the self-destruct feature. Passwords can be set. “Open discussions” when enabled allows replies and comments from users.

Anonymous Deep/Dark Web .onion Hosting services

Ever wondered where those Darknet markets and other similar platforms are hosted at? These .onion hosting services let users host almost anything, without any restrictions or legal compliances. However, they can be used for legal purposes as well. Some companies may only allow hosting of legal content, they only provide servers for the Tor network.

mgibojrlzdfoajbn.onionHostingTor Shops – Tor Shops is the complete, all-in-one package which builds, hosts, integrates wallets and order-trackers, maintains backups,designs logos and does a lot more for Darknet marketplaces. Many popular DNMs are built and hosted using Tor Shops. $100.00 setup fee + 6% of all sales.

prometh5th5t5rfd.onionVPS hostingPrometheus – Only sells VPS servers. Doesn’t have an AUP policy, or any publicly mentioned restrictions. Rather, has images of weed on the site-banner hinting at not being very “by-the-book”. Plans differ, however have a € 34.99 setup fee. Clearnet add-on available separately.

spore64i5sofqlfz5gq2ju4msgzojjwifls7rok2cti624zyq3fcelad.onionVPS hostingSpore Stack – Another .onion hosting company which sells VPS servers only. Plans can be customized as far as RAM, Cores, Space and OS go. 9 locations can be chosen from. BTC, BTC Cash, BTC SV, XMR can be used for payments. No accounts required, API-based.

dwebc5skmvqfr5g2.onionShared hostingOnionLand Hosting – It provides Shared or WordPress hosting. Best for users with low traffic-expectations. Plans start at$9.95/month. Doesn’t log IP addresses or store files without permission. Unlimited bandwidth.

7sk2kov2xwx6cbc32phynrifegg6pklmzs7luwcggtzrnlsolxxuyfyd.onionHostingSystemli – A basic-looking website which only allows the hosting of legal content on the Tor network. Contact information mandatory on the sites. Best for hosting blogs/ Wikis/ Analytics etc. Doesn’t allow custom-code/scripts. Orders can be placed via E-mail. Free subdomains offered. “Donations” of 50EUR/year/website requested.

aivnsjq66nqvedxe.onionManaged HostingDark Web hosting – Sells only 93 slots of hosting/batch. Free .onion) domain name included. Files need to be sent via e-mail, no root/server access provided. 4 plans available, no free/trial packages. Completely anonymous, however only 100Mb space offered.

shyserversmg4gfe.onionVPSShy Servers – Anonymous, privacy-respecting hosting. No personal identification, contact or data required. Cheapest plans start at $7.00/month. Only BTC payments accepted, accounts need to be funded in advance.

torvps7kzis5ujfz.onionFree VPSTorVPS – Unique in the sense that doesn’t offer any paid services. Only those types of sites are allowed which do not currently exist on the .onion network, in that case the site is hosted free of charge on their VPS servers. No root access provided. The site is over 5 years old. Linux/Windows servers available.

v7avmdv2l6dio3cg.onionHostingImpreza Host – Offers Shared/VPS/Dedicated hosting servers. Server locations include Romania, Iceland and Finland. 100% anonymous and private. Free .onion address included. Plans start at a low $8.00/month. Also has its own VPN service.

ezuwnhj5j6mtk4xr.onionHostingWeb Hosting – Shared and VPS servers available. Free .onion domains available, users get to choose the first 8 letters. Doesn’t allow illegal porn, anything which may harm others, assassination/hitman related sites. Only BTC accepted. Send the funds and then an e-mail to get your servers.

bitvpsj2ojxo7faned27wmpqiss3pny7m7bptwtnegl7fswjrxwtmxid.onionVPSBitVPS – Only sells VPS servers. Over 10 different plans available. 10+ locations available. “Lifetime” can be manually chosen. Payment only via Bitcoin. OS-choice doesn’t seem to be responsive.

hostingcgcxnxadi.onionVPS and Dedicated hostingOnion Hosting – One of the more expensive onion VPS hosting companies. Plans start at $12.00. Both VPS and Dedicated servers offered. There doesn’t seem to be any restriction on what you can and can’t upload. 100% anonymous, doesn’t keep any logs.

Image/ Single-file Hosting Services

Just like Pastebin (for text), these let users host any image or other individual files, mostly for free and anonymously. The files/media can then be shared with the world. The specific control on the image/shared link depends on each individual site.

twlba5j7oo5g4kj5.onionImage HostingImage Hosting – The category of the site, and its name are exactly the same. A maximum file-size of 3Mb is allowed. Excessive nudity, gore, or just those simply considered “illegal” aren’t allowed. No registration required. Description can be set for each image.

felixxxboni3mk4a.onionImage Hosting and PastebinFelixxx offers both hosting an image, and a pastebin-like service. Images are stored for 30 days before being deleted. Not many options available, upload an image, get a link, share the link and done. Max 5Mb allowed. JPG, GIF and PNG supported.

teenxxxbtl7wsllp.onionIllegal Image HostingTeens XXX – The site clearly mentions that it doesn’t keep any server or IP logs. It’s completely anonymous. It also servers ads for illegal porn and hence probably even allows such images to be uploaded. Files can either be uploaded locally (from the HDD) or remotely (from a URL).

candytubsw7ouisr.onionAdvanced file-sharingCandy Tubs – Allows people to share their files and receive files from others in return. Meaning, users can upload any file (18+), instantly the uploader receives another file about the same size and of related content. Completely anonymous.

bcloud2suoza3ybr.onionSingle file upload Black Cloud – Allows users to upload any file not just images, no file-sizes mentioned. For large files, the links once generated can be automatically sent to the uploaders’ Torbox e-mail. Seems popular, the URL goes down pretty often.

3b6clio4syptsnvvtzyxifqvtizyazgyowpp3v5f7dj3mzmfhyoy4iyd.onionImage Hosting HDDRO – Only allows hosting images. A generous file-size of 40Mb allowed. No registration required, completely anonymous. Only JPG and PNG images allowed.

pic2torxpvv5qxqp.onionImage Hosting – A site which has both onion and clearnet versions. Every generated URL must be used atleast once in 60 days or it’s deleted. Explicitly mentions that all types of images allowed, no rules whatsoever. 20Mb is the max allowed file-size. The site is mostly in Russian so wouldn’t make a lot of sense unless you speak the language.

dropperibhaerr2m.onionFile hostingFile drop – Anonymous, encrypted, permanent file-hosting. Files can be saved for up to 1 minute, 1day, or this can be extended up to 1-year (or “unlimited”). 50Mb is the max file-size. No registration required. All files encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.

ftp2torqnjono3nb6qjudrn3pfohmiwf75cqjzithcwt3xigdoxw56yd.onionFile hostingGolden Club – It clearly is a file hosting server. However, requires some kind of authorization I do not have. The register button isn’t clickable. It’s only being shared because it’s clearly a file-hosting service and can be used by anyone with the know-how to gain authorization.

Social Networks .onion links

Social networks on the onion network offer the privacy and anonymity that clearnet networks are void of. These also allow users to discuss and share topics which may not exactly be legal on the clearnet. Most of these are free, however there still are private, elite clubs which require payment.

facebookcorewwwi.onionSocial NetworkFacebook – Still needs an introduction? Well yes, it’s the legal, official, onion version of Facebook, the most popular social network in existence. Identical as far as features go. Still not the “most anonymous” company, but if you’re Facebook-addicted a plausible alternative.

destrojfqh3impre.onionControversial Social NetworkDestroy Psycho Club – It’s a social network for those who love torture, rape, and other similar content. Isn’t free, costs 0.01BTC to join. Automated username and password generated in advance, can be used only after payment. May be a scam.

lfbg75wjgi4nzdio.onionForumRaddle – It’s a Reddit-like forum. Users can post almost anything, the upvote/downvote feature available. Random content, however, invite codes to Darknet markets or even legal sites, information on leaks and other such threads do exist. No registration mandatory.

society44nlbxqdz.onionSocial networkSociety – A social network which primarily seems to be dedicated to porn/nudes/adult content. Has a public-feed, hence no registration required to view public posts. There are networks and groups you can join. Or just browse the “popular” feed. Beware though, not everything you see may be legal.

connectkjsazkwud.onionSocial networkConnect – Anonymous social network. Can be used only after registrations. Has a somewhat Facebook-like interface, although not identical. Pretty advanced, supports emoticons, hashtags etc. Isn’t spammed to death with nude or other such content, is pretty family-friendly for the most part (not always).

socialxnedgivnc4.onionSocial networkOnion Social – Seems to be using the same theme as “Connect”, hence it looks and feels exactly the same. Again, registrations mandatory. Features are almost identical. The user-database however differs and hence you’ll be meeting new people. The type of content too differs.

atlayofke5rqhsma.onionSocial networkAtlayo – Has a slightly different theme/template than Onion Social or Connect. Features include poll-creation, media upload, hashtag trends etc. The content mostly seems to be dominated by drug-listings or sale notices of illegal animal parts (tusks/horns etc). Registrations mandatory

sechatqpscuj2npx.onionAnonymous social networkSeChat – SeChat clearly mentions that it’s 100% anonymous and privacy-respecting. No personal data is required. It even allows people to “be anyone they wish to be”. There are “pods” you can join, or create your own. Registration mandatory.

Guns/Weapons Tor Dark Web links.

Most Dark Web Tor links or Dark web Tor marketplaces do not allow the sale/trade of guns. Hence, the traders who wish to sell guns and weapons in most cases set up shops independently. These are single-admin marketplaces so a lot less trustworthy, but the supply & demand has been created and hence they flourish.

drksefgigt7reygx.onionGun shop Drkseid – Sells exactly 4 types of products, “Rifles”, “Handguns”, “Silencers” and “Body Armour”. Accepts only Bitcoin. Ships worldwide and does provide a tracking number. The prices start at a low $400.00. 100% advance payment required.

ijr246luczc74cgm.onion – Gun shop – UK Guns and Ammo Store – The marketplace has exactly 2X2 products listed. 2 handguns (Glock 19 Walther P99) and the extra 2 listings are for their ammo. Registration mandatory. Only accepts Bitcoin payments. An extra 5GBP shipping fee required.

5xxqhn7qbtug7cag.onionGun shop BMG – Stands for “Black Market Guns”. It has nearly 15 different product listings, and these also include night vision equipment and ammo. Pretty detailed information provided for every listing. A basic order form is provided, only BTC accepted.

pistolcqex2ecr5r.onionGun shopEuro Guns – Has 3 products listed for sale, which are the Walther, Desert Eagle, and SIG Sauer P226. Ammo can be purchased as well. Ships from Germany and The Netherlands. Ships worldwide, but guarantees delivery only within EU. Free shipping.

armoryohajjhou5m.onionGun shopArmory – Can only be accessed after registration. Has 12 products enlisted as of today. All orders come with 50 free bullets. Ships worldwide. Also claims to offer a refund if the product comes out faulty.

luckp47s6xhz26rn.onionGun shopLuck 47 shop – One of the largest gun shops on the Tor network in terms of products, has around 50 listings to be exact. Isn’t limited to “Guns”, but also sells several different rocket launchers, hand grenades, scopes etc. Requires 100% advance for the first purchase, subsequent purchases accept a 50% advance.

gunsganjkiexjkew.onionGun shopGuns and Ganja Club – A registration-only marketplace. Has exactly 44 listings. Categories include Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotgun, Ammo, Optics etc. Extremely detailed product-pages. Multi-vendor marketplace, needs a $500 vendor-bond and the vendors pay 4% commission on each sale. BTC-only.

gunstry2lzpvf47i.onionGun shopGun Shop – Gun shop too can only be accessed after registration. Has 6 listings as of today. Rifles, SMGs and handguns seem to be available. A 30-minute payment window provided for payments. Automated order-process.

firarmskx2moyhk7.onionDark Web weapon shopFirearms 72 – Specializes in Rifles and handguns. 13 guns in total available for purchase. Ammo too is up for sale. The serial numbers have been scrapped off all the weapons. Manual orders via e-mail only.

gunshopzpqbe4kgl.onionGun shopTrusted Gun Shop 2020 – That’s not our opinion, that’s the literal name of the shop. Has 12 individual products listed. Handguns and Rifles found, SMGs seem to be missing. Provides support via Wickr/Kik and surprisingly Whatsapp! Worldwide shipping.

walkeryjiuzluicrmo3oikbfwcp7h7evl6fhovtk52rzxgbbpk3tk6ad.onionAuction gun shopWalker’s Gun – This site is auctioning off a Beretta M9 Pistol. It currently shows “Auction expired” but the listing and the site still exist. Maybe manual orders are still shipped, we aren’t sure.

Dark Web Bitcoin Mixer Links

Bitcoins aren’t all that anonymous. In most cases, they can be traced to their first point-of-purchase, and from their the link is pretty easy to follow all the way up to the final destination, and everyone involved in-between. Bitcoin Mixers are services which mix your Bitcoins with the coins of other users, or with coins from their own private reserves, and send you anonymous Bitcoins which aren’t linked to the previous coins we sent in to the mixer.

sinbadiovkigdbafpqvwfwjh2tfrisahtxmrskiovt62nirragcnkcad.onionBitcoin tumblerSinbad.io – This tumbler offers both clearnet + Tor access. No logs/registration. 8 output addresses. Complete control over delays and distribution. 0.0001 BTC / extra address + 0.5%/transaction fee. Can be easily increased for faster transactions and more privacy. 0.001 smallest possible mix. 100 BTC + largest possible mix. Very easy single-page, slider-based interface.

smartmixnjmuoix.onionMulti-currency MixerSmart Mix – Allows mixing both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Charges a0.5% fee, and an additional 0.0001BTC fee for each address. Doesn’t need registrations. Supports 5 total output addresses. Doesn’t keep logs and offers manual log removal. Time-delays and fund-distribution are user-controlled. Minimum mix amount- 0.001BTC.

anonymixtnq67qer.onionBitcoin mixerAnonymix – It only allows mixing Bitcoins. The fee is pre-defined and has to be 0.3% with an additional 0.0001BTC for every address. 10 Total additional addresses supported. Smallest deposit of 0.001BTC possible. Offers absolute control over time-delays and fund-distribution. No registration required.

btcdryi67te57itq.onionBitcoin MixerBitcoin Laundry – Bitcoin Laundry only allows mixing Bitcoins. It’s the only mixer which doesn’t charge any fee for transactions, only an “address-fee” is charged, 0.0002BTC for each address. A total of 5 additional addresses supported. No log policy exists. User-controlled time-delays and fund-distributions available. Minimum deposit of 0.0015BTC accepted.

smrtmxdxognxhv64.onionMulti-currency mixerSmart Mixer – Smart mixer allows mixing BTC, LTC, and BTCH. Complete user-control of every aspect of the mix, including fee which can be set from 1% to 5%, time-delays and fund-distribution. No registrations required. 8 additional addresses supported. Smallest accepted amount is 0.001BTC.

blenderiocpxfema.onionBitcoin mixerBlender – One of the older Bitcoin mixer Tor links on this list. Offers a user-controlled fee-setup, minimum 0.5% maximum 2.023%. Smallest deposit of 0.001BTC accepted. Requires 3 confirmations. 5 additional addresses supported. No log policy exists.

foggedd3mc4dr2o2.onionBitcoin MixerBitcoin Fog – The only Bitcoin mixer Tor link which requires registrations. Offers 20 additional addresses. The fee is randomized between 1-3%. No log policy exists. 6 confirmations required. A bit of user-control offered over fund-distribution and time-delays.

chipmixerwzxtzbw.onionBitcoin mixerChipmixer – Has the most unique concept of Bitcoin mixing. Offers “chips” in return of deposits. These chips can be withdrawn to Bitcoin wallets. Extremely anonymous and almost offers “time-travel” (interesting, eh?). Even the fee isn’t fixed, pay what you see fit or can afford. Minimum deposit of 0.001BTC accepted.

cryptomixns23scr.onionBitcoin MixerCryptomixer – Supports mixes as small as 0.001BTC. 10 Additional output addresses supported. Doesn’t keep any logs. Works with confirmations as low as 1, although sometimes may need up to 5 confirmations. The fee is controlled by the users, can be anything from 0.5%-3%. No logs stored.

bmcmix4soyfddcvqone5nj6za3ezil3rlbdcndlzr6ajlvux4p4sdzyd.onionMulti-currency MixerBMC Mixing – The company allows mixing Bitcoin and Monero. The fee isn’t user-controlled, rather is randomized from 1-4%. Does have a no log policy. Allows 10 additional addresses. Minimum deposit of 0.0028BTC accepted. Time-delays or fund-distributions aren’t 100% user-controlled.

Legal Tor Links

The next time anyone says to you “The Dark Web is completely illegal, it’s bad, it’ll kill you”, so them these sites. These are hosted on the Tor/.onion network, and perfectly legal. Heck, some of these are even govt. –backed!

(We’ve already mentioned the CIA and the Facebook .onion links earlier in other categories, those too are legal Dark Web Tor links).

ncidetf3j26mdtvf.onionLaw Enforcement – NCIDE – A task force centred around crimes involving Darkweb marketplaces and Cryptocurrencies. Has a list of “Arrested vendors” and “Identified vendors”.

asocialfz7ncw5ui.onionBlogAsocial – Probably stands for “Anti-Social”, or maybe not. The site has a number of posts related to Hazing, Online ads, Privacy etc. No illegal content seems to be available. The site is pretty old, but is only updated twice a year or so.

politiepcvh42eav.onionLaw EnforcementNPPPS – National Police and Public Prosecution Service of the Netherlands set up this site to share list of arrested/identified vendors and buyers. Hopefully, it’ll scare away a few of those darkweb aspirants.

secrdrop5wyphb5x.onionWhistleblowingSecureDrop – The best dark web Tor link to share information with major media outlets like The Guardian, The Intercept, The Washington Post etc. Completely anonymous. Can be used to expose govt officials, people in power, VIPs etc.

propub3r6espa33w.onionJournalismPro Publica – The first-ever online publication to win a Pulitzer. Major supporter of free speech and a censor-free world. Totally legal to visit, read and share.

bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onionNewsBBC – BBC, arguably the most popular news outlet on the planet is available on the .onion network. Browsing or using the site is no more illegal than watching BBC on the television, or reading its clearnet articles.

i5kjii2y2jumlye6etmouksvdhech357urmj4txctrneedl4vkfjbsqd.onionDark web marketplaceEmpire Market (Exit Scam) – Currently one of the most established Darknet Market in terms of no. of products (over 50,000+ individual listings), popularity, security-features and user-base. Allows vending. 2-FA/ Escrow and Mnemonic code available. Extremely transparent with its vendor-details. All and any kinds of products available. BTC, XMR and LTC accepted. Has an autoshop and a “lottery” feature.

http://a3lfvi25b732nf4djou63nw7k4fnzwfe753gva6zxew2ygj3e43ff3ad.onionMarketplaceDarkMarket (Seized) An impressive product-stock of 34446 listings is boasted of. Vendor bond costs a huge $400.00. Waivers available in special cases. The market isn’t available in the UAE and Russia. Also is wallet-less, so no advance deposits to any centralized wallet required. BTC and XMR accepted.


We haven’t used any of these sites personally. The extent of our knowledge is limited by what the website shares/claims it can do on the website. Whether those claims are legit or a farce isn’t known to us.

Also, this just is a links’ directory. We aren’t promoting/encouraging or asking you to browse any of these sites in any way possible.

Some of these sites may be extremely illegal. Any and all activities on these websites will be solely your own fault. We will not be responsible for any of your actions.

If you see a link which you think is outright illegal, and that has been verified (that it’s illegal), please contact us at deepweblinks@protonmail.com. We will remove the link within 24 hours.


Let us answer a few of the most asked questions related to the types of links shared above.

  1. Are these sites anonymous?

Well, that truly depends on which site exactly you’re talking about. Largely however, because these are on the TOR network, these are indeed anonymous.

However, at times, some sites may demand identification and that takes all your anonymity to the grave. E.g. document forging sites.

  1. Is using these Cryptocurrency Escrow sites illegal?

The act of “Escrow” is never illegal. It’d depend on what you’re trading/buying/selling. If you’re buying a legal car, with legally owned Bitcoins, Escrow is perfect. But, If you’re buying a stolen car with stolen Bitcoins, that’s illegal.

  1. Are Tor Escrow services safe?

No. Nothing on the Tor network is “safe” or 100% trustworthy for the most part. However, we’ve made sure to only enlist those links which have been here for a really long time, or have positive reviews.

  1. What is the difference between vendor “bond” and vendor “fee”?

We’ve mentioned the vending price using both the terms. Well, vendor-bond is a “bond” and is generally refunded after certain terms are met. The vendor “fee” however is mostly non-refundable and is a one-time payment.

  1. Are these gore/torture sites and social networks real?

Unfortunately, yes. Infact, a social network “PSN 1.0” (psycnets7z6tvqpa) was recently seized by law enforcement. We can only but wonder, why would it be seized if it truly was only a “marketing gimmick” and wasn’t sharing any real content related to its original claims, don’t you agree?

  1. Is ordering from the Tor links illegal?

No, the act of “ordering” something off the dark web isn’t illegal by itself. It’s only illegal when you order something that’s illegal. E.g. guns/drugs etc. It’s also illegal if the ordered item is illegally procured, e.g. stolen/carded etc. In most cases, a buyer doesn’t get in trouble for ordering “legal” items, as long as he/she knows the item isn’t illegally sourced. However, you can never be sure of the source or the seller on the dark web. Hence, it’s best not to order items or services.

  1. Can I access Tor links without a VPN?

Technically, yes. You can access any Tor link simply with the Tor browser. However, the Tor browser has been hacked by the FBI in the past. Hence, why take chances? Tor itself claims it’s not 100% secure or anonymous. This is why you need a no-log VPN to protect you. VPNs like NordVPN even reject govt. requests because they’re based in offshore jurisdictions, such as Panama.

  1. Will a darknet market/Escrow service run away with my money?

That’s totally possible. Empire Market just exit-scammed. That should be a pretty big lesson. Similarly, any darknet platform which “stores” your money, may run off with it. This is why, it’s best never to deposit large amounts, or to keep residual funds on the platforms. Withdraw them to independent wallets such as Electrum.