CryptoMixer Review

When talking about the best Bitcoin mixers, CryptoMixer without doubt deserves a seat at the table. That’s what this CryptoMixer review is about.

Note that we aren’t endorsing CryptoMixer. It’s just that, it’s the only Bitcoin mixer we’ve seen so far which has publicly proven its Bitcoin reserve to be over 1700 BTC (in 2016). So that sure builds up a bit of trust.

Also, the support offered is truly a never-before experience.

We’ve used the mixer and got an idea of its overall features and potential. However, we’d urge you to go through this CryptoMixer review and then form your own opinions.

Here are the questions we’d be discussing in this CryptoMixer review:

CryptoMixer in a nutshell

Here’s a bite-sized overview of the entire mixer before you go through the fine-print:

Impressed? Intrigued at least? Let’s get going

Does CryptoMixer keep logs?

The very first and arguably the most important question you should ask is, does it keep logs? Well, it doesn’t.

Although it doesn’t offer the “manual-deletion” feature which some other best Bitcoin mixers do. But then again, it has been in the industry long-enough to build itself enough credit to keep getting traction and clients even with a couple downers.

How good (or bad) is CryptoMixer’s user-interface?

The mixer was one of the very first Bitcoin mixers in the industry which started offering a colour-coded, and slider-based interface.

Here’s what the mixing interface at CryptoMixer looks like:

The options are pretty self-explanatory. You add more addresses by clicking on the “Add Address” button.

Every other aspect of the mix can be controlled and set using the provided sliders. Each address-box is provided with a unique colour. On the sliders provided below, there’s a knob for each colour. Moving these knobs changes the values (time-delays and fund-distribution) for each address.

It also displays the “anonymity” for your mix, which is divided in three tiers: Standard, Silver and Gold. The more delays, fee and addresses you add, the more anonymous your mix becomes.

You also can go through our SmartMixer review which offers almost an identical user-interface.

How much fee does CryptoMixer charge? Is it user-controlled?

If you’ve gone through our other best Bitcoin mixer reviews, you’d find this CryptoMixer review section to be unique.

Well yes, the fee is user-controlled for starters. So you (the user) may choose how much fee you’d like to pay.

The lowest fee you can pay is 0.5% while the maximum being 3%. Each additional address is charged at 0.0005 BTC/address. It’s not the “cheapest” mixer out there, but sure isn’t any more expensive than most of its other contemporaries.

You should peek at our Bitcoin Loundry review for a cheaper alternative.

What’s unique is, the fee controls all other aspects of a mix. How much fee you pay decides how many addresses, delays etc. you can add to your mix.

How many output addresses does CryptoMixer support?

CryptoMixer technically supports 10 output addresses in total. However note that this depends on the “fee” you choose to pay.

For e.g. you can’t add more than 2 addresses if you choose the lowest fee. Or in other words, as soon as you go for 2+ address, the minimum-fee automatically becomes 1%.

Or, when you add 5+ addresses, the fee becomes 2% and can’t be reduced further.

In our personal opinion, it’s a much better fee-model. Simply because then users only pay for what they use. So if you only use 2 addresses, you only pay a fee set for the 2 addresses.

User-interface Problem: In some cases, you can’t reduce the fee even if you remove your extra addresses. So be sure to always refresh the mix-page before moving further or else you’d be paying a much higher fee than you actually need to.

How many incoming addresses does CryptoMixer support?

This probably is the most unique, exclusive and impressive feature mentioned on this entire CryptoMixer review. It’s the first Bitcoin tumbler we’ve seen which allows multiple addresses even for “incoming” deposits.

In other words, you do not need to send your unclean coins just to one address. Just like outputs can be broken down for more anonymity, CryptoMixer allows even the unclean deposits to be sent in multiple parts.

When we gave it a try, there didn’t seem to be a limit on how many incoming addresses they allow .We added as many as 21 but I’m pretty sure it allows more.

Does CryptoMixer offer time-delays? Are these user-controlled?

The mixer for whatever reasons doesn’t display a “time-delay” slider by default. Rather, it needs to be activated/revealed by clicking on the “Set delay” option.

But, it most certainly does offer time-delays. The delay can be set for each individual output address.

This adds quite a bit of anonymity to your mix, simply because now your outputs don’t get all set out at once. The time-delays make them look more distant and de-linked.

However again, this is controlled by the fee. The lowest fee only allows up to 24 hour of delays, 1%-1.99% fee offers 48 hours of delays while 2% or more fee allows delays of 96+ hours.

Who controls the fund-distribution for addresses on CryptoMixer?

You (the user) 100% controls the fund-distribution for each output address. It can be set for up to 2 decimal points which I’d say is pretty precise.

This is one aspect which isn’t dependent on the fee. So how much funds you send to which address remain the same, regardless of how much fee you choose to pay.

Is CryptoMixer available on Tor?

Yes it is. Infact, we’d urge you to only use its clearnet version. One of the reasons is, despite their “No Logs Policy”, you can’t ever be “too cautious, can you?. Using the Tor version ensures your IP address remains hidden regardless of the mixer’s claimed log-policies.

In light of recent events, such as Best Mixer being seized it became clear that IP addresses and other logs may be stored by mixers. CryptoMixer may be as anonymous as it claims to be, but it doesn’t hurt just to be safe now, does it?

What is CryptoMixer mixing code?

Alike the mixing code on most other best Bitcoin mixers, this too is an “identification mark”. It’s assigned to each user, at the start of each mix.

You can (and should) enter this mixing-code on your subsequent/future mixing operations. The mixer then is able to identify your old coins, and makes sure you don’t receive those for your new cleaning request.

This mixing-code is also used to avail discounts. Discounts up to 2.5 BTC / USD $3000+ can be availed provided you meet the mixing-requirements. This table explains things better:

What are the minimum/maximum limits and confirmation-requirements?

The smallest mixing limit on CryptoMixer is 0.001BTC. As for the maximum limit, it’s always dependent on the mixer’s current reserve at any given time.

As of writing this CryptoMixer review, the mixer allowed mixes as large as 574 BTC+.

Although it’ll almost certainly change by the time you read this piece, or mix your coins.

The number of required confirmations depends on the mixing amount. For mixes below 25 BTC, only 1 confirmation is required. 25-250BTC requires 3 confirmations, 250-1000 BTC demands 4 and finally 1000 BTC+ mixes need 5 confirmations.

Does CryptoMixer offer a Letter of Guarantee?

Yes it does. The Letter of Guarantee serves dual purposes. First, it’s used to contact support in case of problems with the mix.

Secondly, because it’s signed by the mixer it can be used to prove your deposit to the right address. In case the mixer refuses to acknowledge the deposit, the letter can be used as verification as it contains the deposit address.

How to contact CryptoMixer support?

Another exclusive and impressive feature on this CryptoMixer review is its support. We’ve never before been with a Bitcoin tumbler which offers live-chat support. Well, CryptoMixer does.

Sure, it’s not actually available 24X7, but for the most part is. The replies aren’t super-fast but do not take more than a couple minutes.

Wait! Make yourself untraceable before mixing Bitcoins, anywhere.

Did Cryptomixer impress you? It probably did. However, do note that the mixer (and, any other best Bitcoin mixer) can only be trusted to a certain extent. Hence, you need to make sure that your identity remains safe even when some mixer decides against it.

Also, even when the mixer doesn’t keep logs, you’re probably using Cryptomixer’s “clearnet” version, for added accountability, right? Clearnet activities are tracked extensively. Your ISP, browser, the previous website you visited, and the next website you visit after Cryptomixer, they all know where you’ve been.

And, with the right amount of analysis and equipment, anyone can put 2 and 2 together and still link you to your unclean coins.

So, get yourself a VPN. What this will do is, mask your IP address even after Tor already does it on the dark web. And, on the clearnet it’ll be your guardian angel even without TOR. (And, it has a ton of other benefit!)

So, your browser will have no idea who you are. Neither will the websites be able to track you. You can’t blame Cryptomixer if you get linked to your unclean coins because you weren’t cautious-enough, right?

CryptoMixer final verdict – is it the best Bitcoin mixer?

It sure offers everything that the best Bitcoin mixers do, and then some. For e.g. multiple deposit addresses and live-chat are unprecedented.

However, the lack of a manual log-policy deletion sure requires some adjustments. Apart from this, the limits, user-interface, user-control and everything else is more than impressive.

So all we can say is, it totally could be the best Bitcoin mixer out there. Although, what you think matters more. Use the comment-box on this CryptoMixer review to drop your two cents.