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This Corona Market review will discuss everything that Corona Market brings with itself.  Going through this piece will get you a detailed insight of the market in the next few minutes.

Do note that this isn’t an endorsement. We aren’t encouraging darknet activities, or the supremacy of Corona Market over any other market.

This is purely a feature-based review. Is the market better than others? You be the judge of that once you go through the details.

Before we start, here’s an overview of the market.

Corona Market Overview:

Corona Market is one of the most “innovative” markets we’ve crossed paths with. That’s a statement that will prove itself true as you slide through this Corona Market review.

Here’s an overview:

Alternative Market


Corona Market probably has one of the simplest, most straight-forward interfaces in the planet.

For starters, it looks cleaner than what we’re normally used to. The basics remain the same. The buttons at the top let us browse through the different pages on the market. These include our accounts, wallets, cart etc.

There’s a search-feature below the top-bar. This lets users search for required products right from the dashboard. Just below that are the product-categories.

The rest of the screen-space is used to display products. There’s no sidebar or additional information which most of us need to ignore anyway.

The product-listings are pretty detailed as well. Each listing will tell us the exact Cryptocurrency the vendor accepts, minimum & maximum possible order, shipping source and destination and other details about the vendor.

Point being, you get almost all the required information at a glance.

Available products

As the time of writing this Corona Market review, the market has exactly 3120 total listings.

We’ve done a chart to help you understand the product diversification better.

Contrary to tradition, “Digital Goods” have the maximum number of products on Corona Market. “Drugs” generally see the maximum product-stock on Darknet Markets, don’t they? The difference isn’t very wide though.

“Guides & Tutorials” is the category with the third-highest number of products. Other categories with fewer listings include “Carded items”, “Security & Hosting”, “Software & Malware”, “Counterfeit items” etc.

Obviously, each of these categories have their own sub-categories. E.g. “Drugs” hosts Benzos, Opioids, Ecstasy, Steroids, Weight Loss, Cannabis & hash etc.

“Digital Products” as the name hints offers products which do not need physical shipments. Some of these products include note templates, social media likes/followers, hacked/ illegal databases etc.

Guides &  Tutorials” offer informative or educational content but mostly on the other side of the law. Available listings include guides on fraud, carding, Cryptocurrency scams etc.

Although, “not so illegal” guides such as Instagram verification, hidden refund loopholes, (supposedly) risk-free investments etc. too are listed.

In the “services” category, you can find hackers, carders, credit fixers and other individuals offering their services. The “Counterfeit items” offer duplicates primarily for money and documents.

Point being, as far as “products” go, the market doesn’t disappoint darknet buyers.

Restricted products

Just like available products, the restricted products too strongly define a market, don’t they?

Corona Market has just 4 restrictions, it doesn’t allow trading:

  • Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Poisons
  • And underage porn.

Selling on Corona Market

This is “the” most unique aspect on this Corona Market review. In fact, it’s the first and only market to offer the kind of vendor accounts it does.

For starters, it offers a 100% free forever vendor account! The fee on this account is 8% per sale.

What’s really exclusive is its “monthly” vendor packages. It offers 3 paid plans for the vendor accounts.

The cheapest plan is the “Bronze” plan and it starts at $30.00/month. This one demands a 5% fee for each sale. The “Silver” plan next costs $50.00/month and requires 3% fee off each sale.

Finally, the “Gold” plan despite being the most expensive at $125.00/month, only requires a 2% fee per sale.

Apart from the fee, the plans also offer different withdrawal intervals, free promotions and other features.

Now, comparatively, the plans are extremely cheap. However, they’re recurring and need to be renewed each month.

Payment modes

This is the second most unique feature that’s being mentioned on this Corona Market review.

It offers both a “wallet-less” mode, as well as a centralized deposit mode. The wallet-less mode means no advance deposits are required. Users can pay for products directly on the checkout page. This is the most similar to clearnet e-commerce shopping.

However, some users, especially those who buy more frequently may like a wallet on the market. Corona Market offers that as well. Funds can be deposited in advance, and then can be used for all future purchases.

As for the Cryptocurrencies, payments aren’t limited to just Bitcoin but Monero too is accepted.

There’s no minimum deposit requirement. The minimum allowed withdrawal however is BTC 0.0005. The withdrawal fee for each transaction too is exactly the same.

The minimum withdrawal for Monero is 0.1295XMR. The fee however is much lower and is set at just XMR 0.0010.

An additional unique feature is its “optional new address” for each deposit. You can either choose to use the same address for future deposits, or, deposit to new addresses each time.

Obviously, going with new addresses is more anonymous but users still get the choice and that’s commendable.

All in all, the payment Cryptocurrencies, policies and modes are some of the best we’ve seen in the industry.

Security features

When we said earlier that it’s one of the most feature-rich markets, we weren’t exaggerating.

For starters, it offers an auto-logout timer. It can be set during each login. A time (e.g. 6 hour, 12 hours, never etc.) can be set after which the account is automatically logged out.

Then, a self-destruction timer can be set for all messages on the marketplace. It can be set to minute, hour, days, weeks, months and even to never expire.

It obviously does allow 2-FA which can be enabled via PGP.  Just after registration, it also offers a mnemonic code. It can later be used to restore lost accounts.

Sure, we aren’t impressed with Corona Market per se, however, the security features sure are acceptable for now.

In-built coin exchange

Finally, another very rare if not completely unique feature is its in-built coin exchange/ mixer. It allows users to interchange BTC to XMR and vice-versa.

BTC mixes have to be a minimum 0.005 BTC and for XMR the limits is 3 XMR.  The fee isn’t “very cheap” but it’s at par with the Bitcoin mixing industry. The market charges 5% for BTC to XMR and 2% for XMR to BTC mixes.

This adds a bit more anonymity to market deposit and withdrawals and clearly offers the market an edge over other rivals.

Corona Market pros and cons

We’re closing in on a conclusion for this Corona Market review, let’s get a quick recap then? Here are the pros & cons for the market:


  • Dual payment modes
  • Dual cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Forever free vendor accounts
  • Coin shifter


  • A few security features are missing.

Corona Market review – Final verdict

Let’s sum this Corona Market review up then? It most definitely is one of the most feature-rich and innovative markets in the industry.

As for products, the available products are pretty good and the restrictions keep the moral compass straight. The in-built mixer further makes things positive.

Obviously, there’s a lot that can be improved. But isn’t that true for almost everything on the planet?

All in all, for now, we’d say it’s a market to be watched. It may or may not succeed in the future but for now that’ll be all for this Corona Market review.