21 Deep Web Blog Links 2020

If your last search was even remotely related to “deep web blog links”, “Tor blog links”, or “.onion blog links”, you’re at the right place.

These blogs are on Tor because most of their topics and articles are sensitive.

“Sensitive”, mind that. Not always illegal.

There may be conspiracy theories, weird ideas, ideas about religion, even sexual desires or confessions.

Sure, illegal blogs on Tor network exist as well. Such as those which teach how to devise a bomb, or hack/card/harm others.

In most cases, these dark web blogs share what may be considered too extreme, against-religion, too advanced, or outright crazy on the clearnet.

Quite a few reputed, established and popular media outlets too use the Tor network to host their blogs. Allows them a lot more wiggle-room and censor-free publishing rights.

Although, because these blogs are mostly non-profit, they go down quite often.

However, rest assured, every single .onion blog link on this list is working for 2020. I’ve also made sure to only include those deep web blog links which are in English, so yes, each of these .onion blogs can easily be understood by you.

Security warning

Accessing the Tor network should always be followed up with some precautions.

Did you know the Feds actually “monitor” Tor use? And, it’s not as anonymous as most perceive it to be?

So, simply follow the following steps before browsing any of the provided links:

(For the VPN, I recommend NordVPN. Its “No log policy” is verified by independent third-parties, it’s extremely secure, the speed is arguably the fastest in the industry, and, it’s dirt-cheap).

(NordVPN is the only VPN I’ve used which offers “onion over VPN”, that’s the best protocol to connect to for accessing these deep web blog links).

(Enter this in the URL bar: about:preferences#privacy > scroll down to the “security” section, choose “safest”).

Now, you may proceed.


Visiting most of these dark web blog links is 100% legal and safe.

However, that’s not always the case.

Also, we do not know what content a blog publishes over time. Neither can we vouch for “all” of a blogs’ current content.

So, be sure to never get involved in any illegal activity on the deep/dark web.

If you do so, it’ll completely and solely be your own responsibility.

Best deep web blog links 2020

We’ve covered religious Tor deep web blogs, scientific blogs, technological blogs, conspiracy theories and even sexual (legal) .onion blogs. Dive right in.

sonofgod5u4eafyv.oniondeep web blog linkThe Holy Gospel! Bringing Light to the Dark Web – It’s a blog which provides translated versions of Bible. It’s made for those countries and regions where reading or possessing the Bible is a crime. Currently, the Bible is available in Arabic, North Korean, Mandarin, Somali, Khmer, Punjabi, Vietnamese, and many other languages. No downloads required. Simply clicking once gets us takes us directly to the Bible. Also has links which can be used to reach various sections of the text directly.

beautyboysj2sgq3.onionPicture blogBeauty of the boys – One of the most popular deep web links in the “photo blog” category. Posts photos of underage boys. Semi-legal, as in, it’s not exactly illegal. No direct nudity shown, rather, stickers and other elements used to hide any such potentially-nude photograph. May still be illegal in quite a few countries. Also has “stories”, mostly sexual or abusive and are claimed to be real. Comments allowed. Nearly 9000 photos and posts published so far.

beehive6ratfqulk.onionPicture blogBeehive – The site posts non-pornographic girls of girls. Most of them do not seem to be 18 or above, yet the photos do not contain any nudity. The site publicly accepts being a spinoff of the Beauty of the boys. Even the website layout is exactly the same. However, unlike Beauty of the Boys, it doesn’t host any stories yet. A total of 356 images are available so far. It has tags such as “Swimsuits”, “cute”, “Brunette” and hundred others which let users find exactly what interests them.

http://konkretzdxpqygow.onion Business blog Konkret – This is a blog for the German magazine Konkret. The last update seems to be in 2015 which does tell us that it’s not very active. Its clearnet counterpart however is updated daily. There are two archive files, dating back to 1974 which can be downloaded off the blog. It’s completely in German. It’s more like an “about us” section for the magazine more than a blog.

http://stormgm7blbk7odd.onion/blog/– Tech blog – Cryptostorm Blog – This is a blog that primarily talks about anonymity, digital privacy, VPNs and other such things from a technical perspective. You can also find a few anonymous disposable email services, and other not so technical posts. Doesn’t have a ton of posts, only around a dozen articles currently published. The last update too isn’t very recent.

http://v65ngaoj2nyaiq2ltf4uzota254gnasarrkuj4aqndi2bb5lw6frt3ad.onion/Tech blog – Ctrl blog – This is a blog that has articles about networking, DNS, mobile apps, Linux, HTML, WordPress, browser extensions, monetization etc. It’s owned by Daniel Aleksandersen without any “anonymity” or controversial air to it. It has hundreds of posts and is updated very frequently, probably even daily, just like us here (self-promotion alert!)

http://zgeajoabenj2nac6k5cei5qy62iu5yun5gm2vjnxy65r3p3amzykwxqd.onion/– Anonymity/privacy blog – Darkweb Blog This is a blog that’s available not just on the Onion network, but also I2P, Freesite, and Clearnet. It primarily has articles which are very technical and deal with GCE VM, Jekyll, hosting tutorials for Android devices etc. The first and last posts were both made in 2018. The admin does say that it’s his/her attempt at “speaking freely”.

http://potatoynwcg34xyodol6p6hvi5e4xelxdeowsl5t2daxywepub32y7yd.onion Personal thoughts Go Beyond – The admin shares his/her thoughts on cancel culture, taxes, violence, FreeBSD, Idaho, software, women and basically everything else. Most of the articles are pretty controversial and igniting (to some). There are over 50 such topics/articles. The last update on the blog was less than a week ago, signaling its kept active.

http://reycdxyc24gf7jrnwutzdn3smmweizedy7uojsa7ols6sflwu25ijoyd.onion Personal blog Outer Space – The name is stylized as 0ut3r Space, owned by a grey hat hacker. He shares articles on hacking, security, tools, gadgets etc. It’s not very active, however, the last post was about a month ago and hence it’s not completely dead either. A few personal posts shared as well.

http://hdiqojewplgup6iomlxwadocpmqkydv5imws7n72nsyup53olvfiyfqd.onion/Guide Tor Guide – This entire website is dedicated to just one article. The article teaches us how to shop safely on the darknet. It doesn’t seem to promote any specific service (except an Escrow link) or even be for-profit. An e-mail has been listed which can be used to ask additional questions as well. Says all  mails are answered by about 1- 6hours.

http://xdsmnn4jreo6z43yr2rixiiiom32rr6jcpzlojzd3lgx64gwtqbbgvad.onion/Personal blog – Stories and Bitcoin – This is a blog that’s primarily in French. It’s for-profit and created with the intent of selling the admins books. The admin wishes to be paid in Bitcoin for his books. The name of the novel being sold is- L’HISTOIRE CRUELLE ET DÉSOPILANTE D’UN ÉCRIVAIN MAL ENGAGÉ. It translates to THE CRUAL AND DISOPILING STORY OF A BAD WRITER. Both a PDF and a paperback version available.

http://meynethaffeecapsvfphrcnfrx44w2nskgls2juwitibvqctk2plvhqd.onionBooks & Poetries Welcome to MayaneDay Studios This is a blog, as well as a download centre for books and poetries authored by the admin. The poems are good, very good indeed. The books can’t be read online, they must be downloaded first which is instant, free and one-click. The blog has the admins personal thoughts on weird topics.

yip2pklv6nivtzrq.oniondark web blogS.Dock – The name is an abbreviation for Shadow Dock. It’s a blog on the .onion network dedicated to carding, hacking financial accounts, privacy etc. It has carding tutorials, tips on security, flaws with TOR, scam alerts and so on. The last update was around a month old, so it’s not updated everyday yet isn’t dead. Comments are allowed so you can interact with others and vice-versa. Beware though, the available content can easily be used illegally and that would be a crime.

jesblogfnk2boep4.oniondeep web blogJames Stanley – A personal blog by someone (supposedly) named James Stanley. 100% legal. Includes topics which include Cryptography, programming, stereography, privacy, API, programming and many others. Wouldn’t make a lot of sense to you unless you’re a code-geek. No sales-pitch, hence, the information is probably legit and solely for knowledge-sharing. Some categories include Bitcoin sternogrpahy, Chess sternography, Hardbin etc.

psychonaut3z5aoz.onionDrug Tor blogPsychonaut Wiki – A Wikipedia-styled blog which purely deals with the effects of drugs on the body and consciousness. Sections include Cognitive effects, Visual effects etc. A variety of drugs have been covered, including Cannaboids, Stimulants, Deliriants, Psychedelics etc. In-depth details such as route of administration, dosage, injection material, stimulations etc. are available. Also has a “tutorials” section. Completely legal to visit and read, and does tell us the “responsible use” of these drugs.

writeas7pm7rcdqg.onionDeep web blog linkDefcon 201 – Who hasn’t heard of Defcon? It’s without doubt the largest hacker convention on the planet. This particular blog on the Tor network belongs to the North East New Jersey DEFCON Group. The group meets once a month to work on hacking projects. The blog can also be used to get in touch with the team and submit collaboration requests. Locations, timings, accommodation details too are published on the blog.

http://jgsddmoydcdgspb3amzsk4ejt2jphn25cdmps2hf6wba6gfbzgj5nqid.onion  – Survival Guide Patriot’s SHTF Library –  This blog has over 10000 articles, all detailing how to survive. It claims that almost nothing exists on the planet which can’t be better survived using the guides/articles on the website. It’s 100% free. It includes important software, gun education, eBooks, articles on Photoshop, doing business in China, working after retirement and other information suitable for “all” ages and industries.

http://3m2tlhjsoxws2akz.onion  – Conference Debconf5 –  It’s a blog completely dedicated to the Debian Conference. You can either register for the conference, check schedules, read about accommodations or even contact the staff using the link.  It not only offers directions but also practical information on VISA. Other important stuff such as emergency numbers, vehicles, climate information etc. too is detailed.

http://guideeedvgbpkthetphncab5aqj7dp5t74y7vxsoonnvmaeamq74vuqd.onion   – Blog Tor Guide –  This one is a very basic yet detailed guide on Tor. You get to learn what is Tor, its legality, who created it, how Tor works, setting up of nodes, darknet, how to access Tor and a ton of other information. Note that the tutorials are more on the technical side and may require a bit of know-how for you to fully understand them.

p53lf57qovyuvwsc6xnrppyply3vtqm7l6pcobkmyqsiofyeznfu5uqd.onionMedia outletPro Publica – It’s the first ever digital publication house to have ever won the Pulitzer. They love privacy and a censor-free world. Topics include Healthcare, Politics, Labor etc. Most of the news is focused towards corrupt governments, stupid laws, and other such topics which most other media outlets dare not touch. A well-backed project, professional journalists and editors mean this isn’t your everyday “opinion” blog. It is a news blog at the same level as The Guardian, The New York Times etc.

writeas7pm7rcdqg.onionTor blog publishing platformWrite.as – It’s an anonymous, blog-publishing platform. Any user can start writing right away, and publish the content. No registration whatsoever required, however these posts are deleted within 1 hour. But, if you sign up for a free account, the posts are forever. Shows the number of views for each posts as well. For $6.00/month, additional features such as a custom domain, static pages and custom themes can be availed. No ads whatsoever are ever displayed on any of your blogs. The readers never know who you are if you choose to publish “anonymously”.

6zdgh5a5e6zpchdz.onionPersonal blogBentasker – Bentasker.co.uk is the clearnet domain of the blog. It’s a single-admin site, run by an individual who seems almost “aroused” by complex problems. However, the blog explores numerous topics such as Law, Security, Privacy, Software development etc. The admin also shares his programming and server skills, tips and tricks and any new methodology that he comes up with. There also is a shop where he sells extensions, e-books etc. The blog seems to be over 11 years old.

bfnews3u2ox4m4ty.onionNews outletBuzzfeed – Buzzfeed is one of the largest digital media and news outlets on the planet. This is the onion version of their clearnet domain. Completely legal. The journalists even post their true addresses and names. And no, it’s not as outspoken as ProPublica, but if you’re searching for deep web blog links which serve news and information, Buzzfeed totally qualifies.

bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onionNews outletBBC News – Who hasn’t heard of BBC? If you wish to access their .onion Tor blog, this is the link to do that. It’s legal. It’s a complete mirror of the official clearnet BBC blog. The good news is, the links do not redirect to clearnet domains, rather the entire website has been mirrored on the .onion network. So, you can click on any link, additional news article or section of the blog and you’ll still be on the .onion version.

ctrlblog22jqra2dgqvc55oatjlikwpih5av2ym5oiq4whnfj6zu6ayd.onionPersonal blogCtrl blog – This is one of these web blog links where a smart person decides to share his knowledge with the world. In this case, the person being Daniel Aleksandersen. A plethora of topics have been covered, including Security, Networking, Open standards, Hardware, DNS, Gaming, HTML, WiFi, Email, VPN, browser extensions, deep web search engines etc. Legal and free to visit. Over 300 individual articles published.

dnpscnbaix6nkwvystl3yxglz7nteicqrou3t75tpcc5532cztc46qyd.onionHacker and political groupHappy blog – Is one of those semi-legal deep web blog links which has both the good, and the bad. A number of articles regarding elections, and some “data” related to Mr. Donald Trump is available. Other articles include databases, and probably hacked files from a number of corporations. Most articles include download links to these files, however I’d say do not download the files, they may be extremely illegal and confidential.

fncuwbiisyh6ak3i.onionProduct blog – It’s the official Tor blog link for Keybase. Keybase is a secure messaging and file-sharing platform. The blog wouldn’t be very helpful to you, unless you’re a Keybase user, or at least, into Cryptography. The blog has articles demonstrating the use of Keybase. FAQ questions related to Keybase too are available. If you’re interested in encryption and privacy, it may be a good place to start.

y2u2kktykfwba7offqeynxsthsbaiznnmysew2so34fxgh6moss5taqd.onionPolitical Tor blogParltrack – Parltrack is an European political blog which aims to increase the transparency of the European parliament and the legislative process. It does so by publishing data from dossiers, vote results, committee agendas etc. As of today, 17, 517 dossiers, 22, 922 votes, 704 MEPs, and 748, 862 amendments are monitored. A completely legal project, and specially helpful if you’re from the E.U. Live vote tracking, GDPR changes, are some other uses topics it covers.

xjfbpuj56rdazx4iolylxplbvyft2onuerjeimlcqwaihp3s6r4xebqd.onionPersonal blogS-config – It’s a personal blog which talks of music, art, and well, rants and personal thoughts. It has different sections such as Cellar door (which is basically a link-directory), stream, gifts, colour portfolio etc. The site didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but it may to you, if you’re into art, music and RANT. It’s extremely popular as well. You can even request a link-back to your site, if you send out a link to the site first. Drivers and game mods can be downloaded as well.

atlayofke5rqhsma.onionSocial media blogAtlayo – Atlayo is a deep web social network, but the link I shared is for its “blogs”. Anyone can create and share blogs with Atlayo. Currently available topics include phone-sex numbers, Cryptocurrencies, working mechanism of washing machines, IT, security etc. Because the blog is user-curated, it has articles on almost everything. It’s not updated very frequently, but nearly a dozen new post are published every few months.

ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstad.onionGovt. Tor blogCIA – More than a blog, this is the entire CIA website, on the .onion network. Sure, you can find blogs, article, news and other information there. You can read about the CIA history, the new acts, information on headquarters, etc. even without visiting the actual blog. However, there sure is a “blog” link at the footer of the site. The blog includes posts on UFOs, spy stories and other such interesting content.

mcretro4lov3ycyvikjdeer3dgl5wel5aer6xakj5mxa26a3qvrp22qd.onionDeep web blog – Arguably, one of the oldest Deep web blog links on this list. The blog has been here since 2012, making it 8 years old today. Despite being old, it’s update nearly every single day. For the most part, it seems to talk of hardware. However, Gaming is another popular topic spread throughout the blog. Even a couple anime live streams seem to be available.

kpz62k4pnyh5g5t2efecabkywt2aiwcnqylthqyywilqgxeiipen5xid.onionPersonal blogRustic Cyberbunk – The blog has the following tagline- “Coffee. Code. Cabin”. And, that’s exactly what it’s all about. It seems to be run by someone who likes to camp outdoors. It’s not just “thoughts” though, the owner shares 3D models and guides on how to make some really cool things, e.g. a cooking stove. The blog is updated pretty frequently, the last update was just 3 days ago at the time of writing this piece.

http://45tbhx5prlejzjgn36nqaxqb6qnm73pbohuvqkpxz2zowh57bxqawkid.onion/Personal blog – Parckwart’s Website – It’s a blog where the admin posts his own thoughts of just about everything. It mostly however is about codes, new (and old) web architectures, the Tor network etc. The last article was in 2017, but, the blog is still live though may not be as active today. As a darknet user, you’ll sure find something of interest over there (we sure did.)

http://55uiisia4xo5tyua.onion/Shapes and symbols – How will you tell the world – This blog looks like a plot from a Nolan movie or The Matrix. It has very weird shapes and patterns all over the site. Also, sentences which sound like the call of destiny or voice of gods are posted, mostly positive. There’s a link which initiates the download of an audio file.

https://www.dwnewsvdyyiamwnp.onion News – DW It’s a news portal on the dark web, pure and simple. Its clearnet counterpart is pretty famous as well as authoritative. News categories include everything including science, politics, sports,environment etc. The sources seem pretty good too, meaning, the news is actually from legit sources and worth reading and it isn’t just a hobby blog of some basemen t blogger. Available in 30 languages.

http://ebthewsq7cc4dhwarqsp25fodgki7ooaynipgib7q3a6r5y4vibgtiyd.onion/Blog Rustic CyberPunk – It’s primarily a personal website, which also has a blog. The blog reads like a novel, diary, journal and everything in between. It also details some of the architectural plans of the author/admin. It’s pretty active as well.

http://k56fvg3kwldqyx3gv2zgumst7qimiql2fg55l7hhoshquhx5raeiibid.onion/- Personal Blog – Graffen.dk – It’s a blog run by someone named “Jesper”. The individual shares his/her crypto keys and fingerprints. These can be used to get in touch in case the need arises. Twitter, KeyBase and other links for contacts are provided as well. I’m not sure why these have been shared.

http://cosmistljwunnzgr.onion – Blog – ilcosmista – This seems to be a blog about everything. Some of the categories include Bitcoin, democracy, alienation, capitalism, consciousness, ethics, existentialism, The blog is in Italian. It has a ton of posts however the last post was in 2019 and hence it isn’t exactly active. It also has a “Deep web radio” embedded.

http://rvy6qmlqfstv6rlz.onion/news.htmlBlog – C3D2 – The complete name of this blog is Chaos Computer Club Dresden. It’s completely in German. It seems to talk of radio, hacker tools, lockpicking and other such topics. You’ll also find a few files which can be downloaded, the contents of which are still a mystery to us. It won’t be much use though unless you’ve got a handle on German.

http://jqs44zhtxl2uo6gk.onion/- List – Tor Repository – Tor is open-source and that’s public knowledge, isn’t it? Well, this is just the repository for all the git on the bundle. And, it’s not all from Tor either. It also includes gits from other owners. The oldest git goes back around 2 years. There’s also a description with each git making sure it’s understandable.

http://ibpj4qv7mufde33w.onion/- News blog – Taz – It’s a news blog which publishes articles about politics, sports, environment and everything else. It however is in German so wouldn’t mean a lot to those foreign to the language. Despite being German, it covers global news. The articles are well-researched, complete with images and other data. The blog sees multiple updates and new articles every single day.

http://mphvik4btkr2qknt.onion/- Blog – Diymedia – This is a very basic looking blog, almost looks like a one-page website. Covers topics such as internet activism, racism, military, culture, education and everything else. Has nearly 30,000+ individual posts published. It’s updated very frequently. Anyone can publish articles instantly, no registration or personal data required. 20MB image files can be uploaded.

http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/- News blog – DStormer – It claims to be the “most censored publication” in history. It’s majorly focused towards anti-govt./ anti-censorship news. However, conspiracy theories, and news which the govt. doesn’t let out is leaked as well. Majority of the news is U.S censored however global and other social aspects too covered.

http://2222ry3ivwykjufv.onion/Forum – Darknet Forum – It’s not a darknet blog and rather a forum. Claims to be for “everything and everyone not censored”. Some of the categories include porn, Cryptocurrencies, drugs, extremists, murders etc. Has over 70 million posts and nearly 2 million users. Also serves as a dark web marketplace for almost everything.

http://7pd3i34noxnxolha.onion/- Privacy and Encryption blog – cYpherpunK.at – The blog has the tagline “encrypt-protect-private-information”. Some of the content there includes topics such as smartphone, security, Windows, Linux, WordPress, FreeBSD etc. The articles are actually worth reading, with easy-to-understand guides on network and privacy protection. The blog isn’t updated very frequently however does have over 50 articles for now.

http://digdeep4orxw6psc33yxa2dgmuycj74zi6334xhxjlgppw6odvkzkiad.onion – Privacy blog – Dig Deeper This is a blog which uses the darknet for its true purpose, of avoiding and speaking against govt. restrictions, censorship and tips to stay off the radar. Anonymous browsers, anonymous chatrooms and emails, darknet search engines, social problems, and even video games are among the included topics. It’s also available over Freenet and I2P. Articles available i over 7 languages.

http://2cndnuufyzgwkcct.onion/– Darknet and tech blog – Fragment x6 – The tagline reads “Dark tech-high life”. Sure, it’s a blog which has a few articles about the darknet. Some other articles talk about police interrogations, Cryptocurrency etc. It’s not an anonymous blog though, The author is Tatjana Adamov and has publicly listed his/her Twitter profile. The last update was nearly a year ago so isn’t big on recency either.

http://axo6wll7qszvny5uksdmq6x6r2i7gfkbmc3vhxbgopor4fwlh3btqfyd.onion  – Blog – Reason – It looks like a personal blog which is designed like a timeline. The first timestamp dates back to 1970s. Most of the snippets are about drugs or drug related markets/forums. The last post was in 2020, in which the admin claimed that he/she hacked Pax Romana market.

http://f2tfsob4btdpitpi.onion – Personal blog for business Logand – It’s a personal blog but the primary purpose is to offer personal services.  The admin builds websites, shops, custom CMS etc.There’s also a separate blog however it only has 3 articles, with a date-gap of nearly 10 years. The first article was published 10 years back. It has a few screenshots displaying previous work.

http://f2tfsob4btdpitpi.onion  – Darkweb blog link – Darknetlive – It’s one of the most popular blogs on the darkweb, about the darkweb. It primarily posts articles about darknet markets, vendors being arrested and other similar news. Non-market related articles too are available, primarily dealing with Cryptocurrencies, Darknet feuds, Anonymity etc.

http://alienswjstz7elk6v3x7trrbqmtkcocipqregx7kwzzu44rvs7kaftid.onion  – Blog –  Alien Forum – It’s a blog that talks extensively about Aliens and other related topics. Some available articles include sighting hoaxes, Area 51 raid, proof on why aliens exist etc. The blog was launched in 2018 and has since seen over 700K hits. It’s also free for all so anyone can start posting articles.

http://currencyyphgehc7.onion/blog/all  – Blog Cryptocurrency  –  The site has a very faint touch of a Twitter-like interface, however, it’s primarily a blog (among other things,  such as a place for groups and pages and files). Very detailed articles can be found on Bitcoin, programming, onion routing and a lot more. No anonymity angle here, writers publicly publish their names and identity. It’s nearly 3 years old now  and has decent number of pieces to read.

https://sfimaert4c4xqd7h5bh4jqrhkxvuwmprsts2ytfdlxsi4f3cwziuryqd.onion  –  Darknet blog Dark Web Official –  It’s a blog that primarily has topics related to the dark web, Tor, markets etc. Not many articles seem to be available. Can also double as a darknet link directory however we can’t vouch for the links listed on the site (or, on any site to be completely honest).

Final Words

I believe that’s 21 deep web blog links so far folks.

Even if you consume text with the speed I do, I’d say that’s enough food for an entire month, wouldn’t you agree?

Especially because, I’ve only (for the most part) compiled the practically useful, or at least interesting .onion websites.

Lastly, do not use these deep web blog links for any illegal purposes. By ignoring this warning, you may be committing a crime for which neither this article, nor its creators can be held responsible.