Bitcoin Mixers Review – Is It Scam or Legit?

Bitcoin Mixers have been gaining popularity left & right, and why won’t they? With governments tightening their Crypto policies, the average user needs to start protecting their privacy, don’t they? That’s something this Bitcoin Mixer review should help you with.

When we say “Bitcoin Mixer”, we don’t mean the term in general. Rather, there’s this company called “Bitcoin Mixer” which we’re reviewing today.

I’m pretty confident you’re well aware of what a Bitcoin Mixer is, and how it works. What you may not know is, why is Bitcoin Privacy as important as mixers claim them to be.

Is Bitcoin Mixing really Important?

It’s not just the govt. you need to protect yourselves from. Every single Internet user is a threat, here are the primary reasons why:

  • Bitcoin Transactions reveal every single address involved in the transaction. Hence, your total net worth in BTC can be traced back to your address if you do not mix your coins.
  • Once people know how rich you are, you’re literally painting a target on your back. Would you want to get Kidnapped like this Crypto Exec?
  • Other more traditional reasons still apply. For e.g. not letting the govt. trace the source/destination of your coins.
  • Or, letting your BTC shopping spree, both legal and non-legal in any way being linked to you whatsoever.

Infact, you don’t even have to a very rich individual in order to use a Bitcoin Mixer. Check the section dealing with “Additional Addresses” on this Bitcoin Mixer review to see how else you can use the platform.

Bitcoin Mixer at a Glance

Let’s dive deeper into this Bitcoin Mixer review and see how it weighs compared to other similar companies.

  • Onion URL: btcmixnqyq7kljrr.onion
  • Accounts/Registration: Not Required.
  • Additional Addresses: 5
  • Time-Delays: 7 Pre-Specified Delays.
  • Fund-Distribution: 100% User-Controlled.
  • Lowest Accepted Deposit: 0.0002 BTC
  • Number of Confirmations Required: 1
  • Fees: 0.25% + 0.000001BTC/Address
  • Logs: Not Stored. User-Controlled Deletion.

Does Bitcoin Mixer Require Registrations?

Nope! Not at all. The Bitcoin Mixer can be used instantly, without having to register, or provide the least of Personal information.

Because accounts aren’t used, a “Mix ID” is rather provided. This acts as your identification as the owner of the deposited Bitcoins.  So even without accounts, you can check the status of your mixes or get support related to them.

Does Bitcoin Mixer Allow User-Controlled Time-Delays?

Fortunately, it does. The user gets to control the delay for every output address. Although the time-delays aren’t as extensive as we’ve seen with some other mixers.

There’s a drop-down menu using which you can select one out of the 7 provided time-delays for each output address.

The fastest delay being “Instant”, which basically is the same thing as no delay. Or, you can delay the output by a minimum of 1 hour, to a maximum of 24 Hours.

How many Output Addresses are Supported?

The total number of Output Addresses supported by Bitcoin Mixer is 5. Each address adds three extra layers of anonymity to the mix, so in total I’d say 15 layers of anonymity can be applied!

How so? Each address first of all is a new and separate address which is an anonymity layer by itself.   Because the output is split between various addresses, the amounts in each address vary. So the total input, and the output to each of these addresses can’t be linked to one another either.

And finally, the outputs needn’t be received all at the same time. The user applies some delays to each of the addresses individually. And hence, there’s no way to link that single, unclean input you sent in, to these completely different and random outputs you’ll be receiving later.

We did mention earlier in this Bitcoin Mixer review of another use of a mixer apart from “anonymity”, didn’t we? Well because Bitcoin mixer supports additional addresses, you can use it when you need to send funds to more than one people, in one go! It’ll add anonymity, as well as reduce the task for you by a 1/5 ratio!

Does Bitcoin Mixer Offer Fund-Distribution and Control?

Yes, it does. We’ve also mentioned it in the section above. Users get to distribute the funds manually, to each individual address.

The exact % of funds you want to be sent to each address too can be controlled by the users. This is one of the anonymity layers we talked about earlier.

The more addresses result in even smaller chunks of funds for each address which further result in more anonymity

Can these Mixes be Tracked Back to You?

If that was the case, the entire purpose of a mixer would be defeated. There’s no point in mixing your coins if ultimately they can be linked to you, or your unclean coins.

We went through the fine-print on Bitcoin Mixer’s “No Logs Policy”, and fortunately it’s pretty tight-knit.

For starters, the company offers a No Logs Policy which only stores logs for 7 days, purely for support reasons. Once the 7 day period is over, the logs are auto-deleted.

In case you’re as paranoid as me, even the 7-day period may seem like a lot. In that case, the mixer offers manual control to the users over the logs.

You can simply delete the logs manually as soon as a mix is complete, without having to wait for the 7-day period.

What is the Smallest Deposit Allowed?

Bitcoin Mixing isn’t something that most people would do in “bulk”. No one mixes their entire wallet or all the fund they have.

In most cases, we wish to mix smaller amounts, adequate for  one or a couple purchases.  In that case, it becomes a requirement for a us to go with a mixer which allows ridiculously small amounts, doesn’t it?

Bitcoin Mixer is one such mixer, it allows deposits as small as 0.0002 BTC. This literally is one of the smallest deposits we’ve ever seen being accepted.

The maximum limit depends on the mixer’s reserves at any given time. In most cases it’s between 1-2BTC.

How much Fee is Required for Bitcoin Mixing?

The fee is the amount of money which gets deducted from your initial unclean input. This money isn’t sent out, and is rather kept as a fee for facilitating the mix. In most cases it’s extremely small.

Talking of extremely small, Bitcoin Mixer seems to go even smaller. It charges only a 0.25% fee as its standard fee. In case it’s news to you, know that most other mixers have a starting fee not less than 0.5%.  Comparatively, one of the cheapest mixers so far.

Each additional address too costs a bit of extra funds. Exactly 0.000001 BTC is charged for every address, being honest even with BTC @10,000 USD/coin; this fee is negligible.

When are my Deposits Confirmed?

Blockchain uses “Confirmations” as is probably know to you. Bitcoin Mixer seems pretty liberal with its requirements, and sends out outputs with just 1 confirmation!

The only exception is if you’re mixing 20BTC+ in one single transaction. In which case, 6 confirmations are required.

Can a New Bitcoin User use Bitcoin Mixer?

Absolutely. One of the first things we noticed with Bitcoin Mixer was its simplicity. On the homepage, it simply asks you for an output address. Specify that, select the delay if you want (it’s optional) and you’re almost done.

The next page would look like this:

Simply send your unclean Bitcoin funds to the displayed address. Once your set time-delay has been reached, the funds are then automatically sent out. Could it be any easier?

Closing Words on BitCoin Mixer Review

Wrapping this Bitcoin Mixer Review up, all I can say is it does offer everything that most other mixers offer. Infact, at a much cheaper price.

Can there be improvements? Sure, nothing is perfect. More addresses could be added, more control over fee could be provided and so on.

But in my personal opinion, it has enough features to warrant a try in the least. Although sure you may or may not agree with this Bitcoin Mixer Review, in which case the comments are all your. Lay down your opinion and feedback.