Bitcoin Laundry Review

Bitcoin Laundry as the name suggests is something that cleans Bitcoins. Well that’s exactly what it does. However, is it worth your time? And what differentiates it from its peers? That’s what we’ll look at in this Bitcoin Laundry review.

Bitcoin Laundry is a Bitcoin mixer but so are there a dozen others. Our idea here is to get you a transparent idea of its features and potential. So by the end of this review, you’d know if the platform serves your needs, or you’d rather go with some other best Bitcoin Tumbler services.

Here are the questions we’d be addressing throughout this Bitcoin Laundry review:

  • Does Bitcoin Laundry need registrations?
  • Is the User-Interface easy and newbie friendly?
  • How many address does the mixer support?
  • Does it offer time-delays, are they user-controlled?
  • Do users control the fund-distribution?
  • What fee is charged for mixing Bitcoins?
  • Does Bitcoin Laundry store logs?
  • Does Bitcoin Laundry offer time-gapped mixes?
  • Can you access Bitcoin Laundry on the clearnet?

I’m pretty sure once we’re through, you’d have a pretty neat idea of Bitcoin Laundry as a Bitcoin Tumbler.

Bitcoin Laundry In a Nutshell

A brief yet detail-rich insight into the company:

Let’s talk about each of these features in detail in the next sections of this Bitcoin Laundry review.

Does Bitcoin Laundry need registrations?

It’s important because if it does, that’s basically a footprint. Registering would mean more IP-logs, an account attached to you and many other such breadcrumbs.

Fortunately, it doesn’t! You can head over to the mixer, and start mixing right away. Absolutely no registration / signup / accounts required.

Is the User-Interface easy and newbie-friendly?

You may not be a  tech-geek just because they’re trying to mix Bitcoins. While there are mixers out there which require slightly more advanced understanding of Crypto, this mixer doesn’t.

The interface even resembles most other mixers out there. So if you’ve had any prior experience mixing Bitcoins this should be familiar grounds. Even without experience, the process is self-explanatory-

Don’t you already know what needs to be done? Enter the address, % of funds you want in that address, and the output delay.

The one problem we did find with the UI was in its links. Clicking on “Add Address”or “Remove address” doesn’t feel like a click. The mouse-cursor doesn’t change to the normal link-clicking icon. So initially it appears as if the click isn’t registered, and then suddenly a new address-box appears.

Note that the deposit-address assigned for each mix is valid for 48 hours, or 2-days within which the deposit has to be made. Even this time-frame is impressive giving new users ample time to send their funds without hurry.

How many addresses does Bitcoin Laundry support?

I like to split my clean coin output into as many parts as possible. As a result, I always make it a point to go for mixers which support maximum number of output addresses.

As for Bitcoin Laundry, it supports a maximum of 5 output addresses for a mix. It’s not the highest we’ve ever seen, but totally gets the job done.

Breaking your initial input into 5 parts means 5 different denominations/sets of transactions. Linking them all together, and then to the first input of unclean coins won’t be a walk in the park.

Does it offer time-delays? Are they user-controlled?

So we just learnt that the mixer allows for 5 different output addresses. What about the time-delays? As in, when are the funds sent out to these addresses? Can you set the delay manually for each output addresses?

Fortunately, yes.  Bitcoin Laundry does offer time-delays, and users do get to control it manually. You get to set the delay for each individual address. It can be set to a minimum of “Instant” (requiring just one confirmation), or a maximum of 24 hours.

It’s a pretty impressive feature because most other mixers do not offer as much control.  Most other mixers only let users select one specific delay which is either used as the initialization (after which the outputs are initialized at random intervals), or the conclusion (within which all the outputs are sent).

Do users control the fund-distribution?

Fund-distribution is the amount of fund going into each output address. Obviously because the mixer supports more than one output addresses, the funds will be split into many parts.

But the user-control on these amounts is what’s crucial. Bitcoin Laundry provides users utmost control over the distribution as well. So you get to select a % out of the total fund for each individual address.

This also helps facilitate “multi-send”. Meaning, if you need to send Bitcoins to many people at once you can use the mixer to do so in one click. Because you control the output of each address, you can send exact amounts to each recipient.

What fee is charged for mixing Bitcoins?

This section on this Bitcoin Laundry review would make you the happiest. It’s one of the very few, and arguably the only Bitcoin mixer which doesn’t charge a “Service fee”.

Rather, only an “address fee” is charged, depending on the number of addresses you use for outputs. It’s fixed at 0.0002/address.

Note that most other best Bitcoin mixers also charge an additional service fee, which is a % of your total input. That isn’t the case with Bitcoin Laundry, and it “technically” is free.

What are the minimum & maximum mix amounts?

Can you mix USD $1.00 worth of Bitcoins? No, you can’t. Every best Bitcoin tumbler has its own minimum and maximum mixing limits.

With this mixer, the minimum you can mix is 0.0015 BTC. At BTC’s current rate it’s just USD $11.00 which I’d say is a pretty low bar.

The maximum limit keeps shifting depending on the mixer’s reserve of coins. Currently, it’s 230 BTC.

Does Bitcoin Laundry store logs?

I doubt we’ve ever come across any Bitcoin mixer worth our time which stores logs. Parallel to the same, Bitcoin Laundry too is completely log-free.

Not just that, the company also offers users the option to delete logs manually. The official log-retention time is 7 days, so support can be provided in case there’s a problem with the mix.

But the manual-deletion makes it possible that you delete the log as soon as you send in your coins!

Although if and when the logs are manually deleted, future support regarding the mix may be a problem.

Does Bitcoin Laundry offer time-gapped mixes?

Time-gapped mixes mean the ability for you to initiate a mix, close the browser for a couple hours, come back, deposit the funds, again close the browser and still be able to receive your clean coins.

In simpler words, time-gapped mixers do not require users to keep a tab/window open for a mix to go through.

Well yes, Bitcoin Laundry does allow you to close your browser altogether once you get a deposit address. The mix-status can always be checked using the “Session-ID”  provided on the deposit-page.

There even is a support team which can be reached out in case things go wrong. Provide them this session-ID to prove you are the owner of the sent coins and the mix and they’ll help you out.

Can you access Bitcoin Laundry on the clearnet?

The clearnet is the normal internet, accessed using standard browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox etc.

The mixer does have a clearnet URL. So it technically can be accessed on the clearnet. It’s completely functional as well, meaning you can initiate as well as complete a mix on the clearnet.

But, it’s literally suicide for your anonymity or privacy. It’s best to only use Bitcoin mixers over TOR. The clearnet domains can be used for information but never for mixing or anything related to it.

Final Verdict on Bitcoin Laundry Review

So is Bitcoin Laundry the best Bitcoin Tumbler out there? That’s debatable, and primarily depends on each user’s individual needs, requirements and preferences.

But, it’s the only mixer charging a 0.00% service fee. Then, it offers 5 addresses and extreme control over the mixes. No logs are stored permanently, and the user-control over the temporary logs makes things even better.

The minimum limit is affordable, and the maximum more than enough even for millionaires. And the UI is as simple as can be. I do not see a lot of reasons to be critical about the mixer, do you?

Disclaimer- This Bitcoin Laundry review is only to highlight the potential of the mixer. Using the mixer for any illegal activity is neither encouraged nor supported. If done, it’ll be completely your own responsibility.