Bitcoin Fog Review

If you’ve been with any of the other best Bitcoin mixers, Bitcoin Fog may not exactly impress you. However, that’s exactly the scope of this Bitcoin Fog review. To get you as transparent and honest a review as possible of the same.

Fair warning though, if fancy interfaces (probably with lots of colours and sliders), or advanced options are more your thing, show a bit more acceptance to Bitcoin Fog. Because none of those things seem to be its focus.

However, the Bitcoin tumbler isn’t completely without its surprises. So rest assured, this Bitcoin Fog review wouldn’t be a waste of your time.

Here’s everything we’re covering throughout this piece:

The Final Verdict

Bitcoin Fog isn’t for those seeking a lot of “control” over the mixes. The time-delays aren’t fully user-controlled. While there’s absolutely no control over the fund-distribution and fee, they’re both randomized.

On the other hand, if you prioritize anonymity more than control it’s perfect. With 5 deposit addresses and 20 output addresses they do anonymize the coins pretty good.

The company’s back-end is run on Dedicated servers of their own. And they also monitor their servers manually for threats and suspicious activities enforcing security.

Pros and Cons

Here’s a run-down of everything good and bad with Bitcoin Fog:


  • 5 deposit addresses.
  • 20 output addresses.
  • Time-Span and “Delay” (partial) control available.
  • One of the oldest, most well-reputed Bitcoin tumblers.


  • Minimum control provided.
  • Registrations mandatory.

Bitcoin Fog Overview

Here’s an overview of the mixer before you get into the finer details of this Bitcoin Fog review:

  • Tor URL:
  • Website: http://foggedd3mc4dr2o2.onion
  • Supported coins: Bitcoin.
  • Total deposit addresses: 5
  • Total output addresses: 20
  • No logs policy: Yes
  • Minimum confirmations: 6

Does Bitcoin Fog require registrations?

Yes, it does. It’s one of those very few Bitcoin mixers out there which took the road less travelled-by.

While we generally tend to avoid registration-requiring Bitcoin mixers, the sheer experience and age of Bitcoin Fog is what makes it worth the effort.

Moreover, the registration in no way hinders privacy or anonymity. No personal details are asked for. Here, we present to you the registration-page:

You simply choose an username and a password. That’s all that’s required to create your Bitcoin fog accounts.

Is the User-Interface good?

Doesn’t matter how tech-savvy you are, everyone appreciates an easily understood User-Interface, don’t we?

Well this is where Bitcoin Fog has its own rule-book. The website looks as plain and basic as possible. It simply comprises of a top-bar which offers the following options:

  • Home
  • Deposit
  • Withdraw
  • Support

We’re positive you already know how to use those links.

Apart from this, Bitcoin Fog doesn’t have the traditional mixing-interface you’d expect Rather, it uses a simple “deposit-withdrawal” process to mix your coins.

So as soon as you deposit your coins, you should consider them mixed/cleaned. No further steps required. This coins are stored on the address you sent them to, unless the company starts running really low on funds.

On the other hand, users get to initiate a simple withdrawal at any time they choose. Your original coins are untouched, and the withdrawal is processed from the company’s fund-pool. As a result, providing you with clean coins.

Here’s a sneak-peek into the withdrawal-interface that’s offered:

Note that this is where you configure your withdrawal. Well, it’s not completely different from what the other mixers offer. The only major difference is, we as users get to customize these settings not while depositing funds, but later when withdrawing them.

Does Bitcoin Fog offer fund-distribution?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

So you can not manually break down the amount of funds you wish to receive in each individual address.

However, this doesn’t mean that the mixer will send exactly the same amount of funds to each output address.

Rather, the funds are broken down “randomly”. So while you as a user do not get to control the distribution, an uneven, random distribution sure exists.

This however reduces the mixer’s functionalities in comparison to the other best Bitcoin mixers out there. You can’t use Bitcoin Fog if you wish to send multiple anonymous payments to users other than yourself, as you wouldn’t know which address receives how much of the total funds.

Does Bitcoin Fog offer Time-Delays?

We all know (I suppose) how time-delays add to a mix’s anonymity, don’t we? In fact, it’s one of the best ways to de-link the unclean transaction from the clean coins.

While Bitcoin Fog “does” offer time-delays, there isn’t as much control as we’d generally like.

Here’s the time-delay interface that’s available on Bitcoin Fog:

So it offers two options:

  • Time span
  • And Delay.

Time Span is the “spread” for your transaction. This is the maximum time, by which you’re bound to receive all your clean outputs. It also is the total time in between your first, and the last output.

The minimum value for this is 6 hours and the maximum 96 hours.

However note that, because the “Time-span” only comes into effect after you’ve initiated a withdrawal (the first withdrawal), the actual delay between your initial, unclean deposit and your clean outputs can be much longer.

E.g. if you do not initiate a withdrawal for a week, regardless of the time-span you set for the withdrawal, the one-week gap already exists between your deposit and withdrawal.

The “Delay” option on the other hand is the amount of time the mixer waits after you’ve initiated a withdrawal. E.g. if I set a delay of 6 hours and click on “Submit withdrawal”, the first withdrawal will be processed 6 hours after my submission.

In other word, the “Delay” controls the “first withdrawal”, while the “time-span” controls the final delay.

However, a minimum of 6 confirmations are needed before a deposit can be withdrawn.

How many addresses does Bitcoin Fog support?

Probably the one brighter side which can be mentioned on this Bitcoin Fog review is its support for multiple addresses, not just for the outputs but also the unclean inputs.

We as users can generate up to 5 deposit addresses for the unclean coins. Most other best Bitcoin mixers do not offer such luxury with their deposits.

Why should only the “outputs/clean” coins be broken down, right? Using these additional deposit addresses further anonymizes coins to a whole new level.

As for the output addresses, Bitcoin Fog outperforms its competition by far! It’s the only mixer to offer as many as 20 output addresses for each transaction. So each of your withdrawals can be broken down into 20 different transactions, to 20 different addresses.

What is the Bitcoin Fog fees?

Bitcoin Fog charges an acceptable, industry-standard 1-3% for each transaction. If you’ve been with any other best Bitcoin mixers, you’d agree this is the industry-standard as of now.

The lack of fee-control however sure hurts. Most other best Bitcoin mixers allow choosing a fee manually, Bitcoin Fog doesn’t.

The fee is randomized, so it may be 1% or it may be 3% for your transaction. Note that your transaction amount doesn’t matter, so going low or high doesn’t mean you’ll get the lower fee.

What is the minimum withdrawal requirement?

So when Bitcoin Fog first came out, it required the deposit to be a minimum of 0.035BTC.

However recently they lowered this requirement to a mere 0.01BTC. This is one of the lowest withdrawal requirements we’ve ever seen with any Bitcoin Tumbler.

Is Bitcoin Fog available both on the Tor network and the clearnet?

It’s beyond us why someone would wish to risk mixing coins on the clearnet. But this being a Bitcoin Fog review, it’s just fair to cover all the angles, don’t you agree?

Well, Bitcoin Fog technically “is” available on the Clearnet. However, the clearnet version is more like a dummy/informative site.

As in, it works more like a F.A.Q. You can’t actually use the site, or mix your coins using the clearnet version.

For actually mixing the coins, you must use the .onion version of the site. So Bitcoin Fog is functional only on the Tor network.

Does Bitcoin Fog keep logs?

No, they don’t.

This however isn’t the most impressive aspect on this Bitcoin Fog review. Most established mixers don’t keep a log either.

Moreover, Bitcoin Fog doesn’t offer users any control over the logs. As in, you can’t delete the logs manually. Rather, it’s automatically deleted after a 7-day retention period.

What is impressive however is that Bitcoin Fog purges, and re-installs all its Bitcoin clients every 7 days. This makes sure the addresses and other information involved with a mix is purged as well making them ultra-anonymous.