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You’re searching for the best Bitcoin Escrow deep web links, aren’t you?

These are special because they do not ask for any identification.

And in most cases, allow the trade of almost everything, both legal and illegal.

We’ve tried our level best to only include the best .onion escrow services in this list.

We’ve covered the fee, minimum requirements, anonymity and T&C for most of these Escrow services.

However, after Darknet products, Escrow is the second easiest target of scammers.

Hence, it’s advised to do your own research before finalizing any one of these Escrow services on the Tor network.

Secure yourselves first

You do not wish to get hacked, or followed by law enforcement, do you?

You wouldn’t be, if you follow the steps mentioned below, exactly in the sequence they’re mentioned:

You can use any VPN. But if you need speed, a verified/audited no-logs policy, and the best security, I’d advise you to go with NordVPN. (Costs less than $3.50/mo).

  • Download Tor browser bundle.
  • Make sure Tor is on its latest update.
  • Verify that no other program/application/browser is running on your system.
  • Use a black (or any other colour) tape and mask your webcam and mic.

Optional: For hardcore security and anonymity, you can use an anonymous OS like TAILS.


Using Bitcoin escrow services is 100% legal.

You’re simply making your trade secure, and you’re paying for it.

Nothing illegal with that whatsoever.

However, “what” your product is does matter.

If you trade illegal goods (drugs/weapons/illegal digital media etc.) it does become illegal.

These best Bitcoin Escrow deep web links should only be used for legal trades.

If you involve yourself in any illegal activity whatsoever, it’ll completely be your own responsibility.

Also, we do not claim any of these Tor escrow services to be “legitimate”.

Some of them may very well be complete scams.

We can’t be held liable for any of your losses, financial or otherwise on any of the sites listed below.

It’s recommended you do your own research and based only on that should you choose one of these best Bitcoin escrow deep web links.

Bitcoin Escrow Deep Web Links

Here are some of the most popular Tornet escrow services.

http://multrylewmghuyvr.onion/Deep web Bitcoin escrow serviceMultiEscrow – One of the oldest dark web Escrow services out there. Charges a 2% fee, Payment period can be set from 3 days to 31 days. No registration required. Two emails, one for the buyer and vendor each, and two BTC addresses are the only requirements. Deposits require 6 confirmations before the Escrow deposit is considered valid. No logs kept. No govt. rules are applicable on the Escrow either.

http://safebtck4qejiero.onion/Tor escrow serviceSafePay BTC charges a 1% fee. The product inspection period can be set from anywhere between 5 to 30 days. Created “ticket ID” which can be shared with the other party to verify deposit. Escrow-creator chooses who pays the fee. Provides a “transaction key” which is basically the “release-password” for the transaction. This transaction key is also used to initiate disputes. No minimum escrow amount.

http://bbbitgkcgods6tlt.onionBitcoin EscrowBest Bro Bits – The most “professional-looking” interface. Also the most expensive of these Bitcoin Escrow deep web links. Requires a massive 5% fee and has a minimum $500 deposit requirement. The same amount ($500) is also covered against theft, losses, misplaced coins and other such issues. Is comparatively new, however, already claims to have processed over 73BTC in Escrow transactions.

http://2mbag6csiomy2e7l.onion/Multicurrency Tor EscrowBullex Escrow – Bullex Escrow isn’t just limited to Bitcoin, but also deals in XRP, DASH, LTC, EOS, ETH, IOTA etc. Primarily focuses on big-ticket products such as vehicles, real estates, jewellery and obviously, goods from the Dark web. Fee varies depending on the type of good, may be as low as 3% for antiques and art, or as high as 6% for deep web products. Minimum Escrow amount is $100.00, no maximum. No automated interface, escrow set via E-mail.

http://okjh4irka63gweyk2fjpciro7wvhfiujsst7fxopjielb7xzcaaomsyd.onionDark web Escrow serviceKrypton Escrow – Krypton seems to borrow its interface from many other BTC Escrow deep web links. E.g. it has a bit of Bullex Escrow, and then a bit of MultiEscrow. Minimum escrow amount is $50.00, no maximum. Can be used for normal deals involving cars, houses, art etc. or deep web products. Real-estate fee is the cheapest at 1%, deep web products cost 5%. A time-window can be manually set.

http://2hftxvyft7dl3fk2.onion/Deep web Bitcoin EscrowUmbrella Escrow – Is an old, established Escrow service. Allows choosing a delivery period from “immediate” (less than a day) to 30 days. Charges a 1.5% fee, and also has a calculator facilitating the same. Existing escrow transactions can be verified using a tracking number. The fee is non-refundable once paid in case of a refund. Donates any unclaimed transactions to Wikileaks.

http://btccrowosityhun7.onion/Tor Bitcoin EscrowBTC Crow – Pretty established. Demands a 1.50% fee. No registration required, only a Bitcoin address and e-mail ID do the trick. Escrow-creator chooses who pays the Escrow fee, it can be the buyer, the seller, or both (a 50-50 split). You can also choose if your product has or doesn’t have a tracking number. Shipping time and inspection period can be set individually. Minimum 1 day, max 50 days allowed.

http://escrowytu7s7rlqn.onionIllegal Darknet EscrowDark Bitcoin Escrow – Probably the most (openly & publicly) illegal Darknet escrow service. Clearly states you can use it as a gun, weapon or drug escrow. Charges 1% fee. Arguably, the most control-offering darknet escrow on this list. Lets you select your role (vendor/buyer), delivery time, automated action once the delivery time is over etc. Uses a “locker code” to release funds. Even a “picture” can be set for the escrow.

http://rocksolidyyacwsa.onion/.onion Escrow serviceRock Solid Escrow – Claims being operational since 2015. Charges 1% fee on the transaction. Shipping time can be as low as 1 day, or as many as 30 days. Claims to be powered by the official, clearnet WebMoney Escrow service however that claim hasn’t been verified by us. No registration required. Enter the amount and e-mails for each party to initiate an Escrow.

http://bescrowwc3nlocsb.onion/Darknet EscrowBitcoin Escrow – The site template is based on MultiEscrow. Has a unique fee-model, the longer you let the escrow hold your funds, the lesser is the fee. It’s 1% if funds are released within the hour, 1 day hold costs 0.5% and 2 days is charged at a negligible 0.3%, making it the cheapest Bitcoin escrow service. Has a minimum deposit requirement of 0.01 BTC. No registration.

j7qyu5hpdkj2t4sbm4z3hjfqrivxuekyevntb6tb3dijhbiwg7ryuaid.onionBitcoin Escrow deep web linksBT Crow – The site is a clone of BTC Crow. However, the two companies are individual entities and not affiliated to one another. Charges a 1.5% fee/transaction. Escrow creator gets the choice of the fee-payee, or it can be split equally between the two parties. Shipping and inspection period can be manually set. Claims to be 9 years old. “Transaction ID” provided for escrow verification.

http://sblqp5utjj3bu2ec.onion/Multicurrency EscrowBitcoin Escrow Shop – Fee is based on “number of days” the funds are held, lowest being 0.4% for 1-3 days, while the highest is 1.15% +0.5%/month for 30+ days. Fee can be split 50-50, 25-75, or 100-0 between the two parties. Isn’t limited to BTC and supports over 10 coins including DASH, LTC, ETH, OMNI, USDT, XVG, BCH and many others. Auto-release date can be set. Optional registration, offers 0.15% discount and builds trust-score.

http://4bj47f4e6m4zywv5.onion/Dark web escrowThe Escrow – Openly allows the trade of drugs, weapons, in addition to electronics, jewellery and other legal products. Charges a 1% fee. Claims of 12552+ successful escrows with 120000+ BTC in transaction amounts. Not automated, requires manual e-mails. Even claims to “verify seller credentials”, what that is or how it’s done is beyond us. Also claims that each order gets exclusive individuals from the escrow team.

http://sgjfdl42o6565wli.onion/Bitcoin Escrow deep web linksTrust BTC – Claims being 5 years old. The fee is 2%, and is always split 50-50 between the two parties. E-mail address and BTC address required, no registration. Discount code available. Covers theft, hacks and losses resulting from their fault up to $500.00. No minimum/maximum limits specified. Simple interface, one-page form and payment.

http://hpumcyqddysk54ejprdadm5hczqaeavqt6ygfnikcuwqa7u75z5vmtid.onion/escrowCrypto Escrow serviceBitscrow – Slightly more complicated interface than most other best Bitcoin escrow deep web links. Needs us to “generate” invites, payment information and everything else manually. Funds are released manually. No information on fee available. No delivery/shipping settings available either.

http://mescrowvbbfqihed.onion/Bitcoin EscrowMultiEscrow – The site is an exact clone of Multiescrow. Even the name. However, it’s on a separate domain. Hence, it’s possible that it’s a completely independent company, no official affiliation with each other found. The fee is set at 2%. Escrow-period can be set by the escrow-creator. No registration required, simply enter the e-mail and Bitcoin addresses of both parties and amount. “Invoice ID” is generated and can be used to check/verify escrow status.

http://jeuzg7g3xkslpf6k.onion/index.htmlTor Escrow ServiceBiscrow – Biscrow takes escrow one step further, you can specify not only the roles and email addresses, but also the shipping details (address). The fee too can be paid by either party, or split equally, this is set by the escrow-creator. Inspection and delivery time can individually be set from 1-60 days. Charges a 1% fee. Offers a 1-hour payment window or the escrow is cancelled and needs to be re-created.

http://escrowsseyccghvt.onion/start.phpTor EscrowOnionland Escrow – A simpler darknet escrow service. The fee is fixed at 2%, paid by both the parties equally (non-negotiable). A “secret word” can be set for authenticating the payment. Delivery time can be 1-20 days, while inspection period can be set to a maximum of 5 days. The fee is non-refundable if and when disputes are triggered. Its T&C states that the trade of illegal goods/services isn’t permitted.

http://tm47kmrvlxuibig7.onion/Escrow for marketplaces/vendorsSafeEsrow – SafeEscrow is a more advanced for of dark net escrow. It lends its functionalities to marketplaces and vendors, who can then offer escrow services for their products directly. However, Escrow can also be initiated using Safe Escrow. No fee information available for one-time, direct escrow. Marketplace and vendors can choose one of the 3 available packages for integration.

http://escrowq5tus5jpgw.onion/Deep web escrowEscrow Defence – The fee Escrow defence charges is 2%. It’s higher than most other Bitcoin Escrow deep web links, but can be split equally between the two parties. Delivery time and inspection time can be set individually. The former has the maximum allowance of 20 days, while the inspection period can be a maximum of 5 days. Immediate deliveries (digital products) too are supported. Provides cover from theft, hacks, negligence up to $750.00.

http://hp4eyjkslfxslebs.onionDarknet escrow – Best Bros Bits – The service has a simple form, it asks for information such as emails for both the parties, BTC amount and optional URLs. Funds can be verified by either party after deposit. The fee isn’t random or user-controlled, it’s set at 5%/transaction. It doesn’t require registrations. The transactions are claimed to be multi-sig. Also claims to have handled a total of 116 Bitcoins in total so far.

http://cdwq56m2lo4eilv6khjyjr6x6ym436c3gfq2hjp3wstdezbpusb5h2qd.onion  – Bitcoin escrow – Escrow Coin – One of the rarest Tor escrow services which requires registration, also provides a mnemonic for account recovery. The fee is fixed at 5%. Doesn’t charge a fee for failed deals. Public escrows listed by others can be seen, doesn’t seem to prohibit illegal items. Can be used as a marketplace for one-on-one escrow deals.

http://z37zlu6extizqugp.onion  – Escrow – Trust BTC – Claims to be functional since 2015. Has a very easy to use and desirable interface. The fee is pretty impressive at just 2%, which too is split by both the parties (1% each). Also supports discount codes. Doesn’t require registrations and is completely anonymous. Even has an insurance policy for the loss of funds covering specific scenarios.

Final Words

These descriptions are detailed.

However, the information is only based on what the company “claims” to offer on the website.

That may, or may not be true.

All in all, simply “browsing” these links isn’t illegal. Neither is using them. And they’re 100% anonymous.

All of these Bitcoin escrow deep web links are live as of May 2020.