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If you’re looking for a product-rich darknet market, this ASAP Market review is exactly for you. Obviously that doesn’t make it perfect or the best market in existence. Multiple factors need to be considered for that decision and that’s what we’ll discuss throughout this piece.

Just as an incentive, it’s a market which introduced a “Scam Hunter” and “Fake Review Detection” system. They basically detect scammers, and fake reviews on listings. There’s another exclusive feature we’ve discussed at the later parts of this ASAP Market review (keep reading?).

Without wasting any more of our time, let’s get started?


This ASAP Market review is purely and solely for educational purposes. Do not use it to trade illegal products. If you do so, it’ll 100% be your own responsibility.

Be sure to always use a VPN before connecting to a darknet market, or Tor in general. Even with a VPN, trading illegal products is illegal. Do not do so.

For the VPN, you can try NordVPN. It’s optimized for the darknet, is the fastest (in our experience), has an independently verified “no logs” policy and is ultra cheap.

ASAP Market overview

The market first gained our attention due to its product-stock, however, its other aspects didn’t disappoint either. Let’s have a look?

Alternative URLs:

  • Wallet modes: Centralized deposits.
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin & Monero.
  • Vending: $400.00.
  • Security features: Fund-PIN, 2-FA
  • Unique features: Scam Hunter, Fake Review Detector, DeadDrops.

Now you’re probably ready for a closer look?

User Interface

The User-Interface is basically the website layout, design, placement of buttons and everything else which you can see and feel.

Contrary to what’s shown in movies, darknet markets are actually no different to use or understand than normal (clearnet) e-commerce platforms.

Here, this is what ASAP Market looks like:

It’s very similar to most other darknet markets and yet brings in a few changes. For starters, it uses the “dark mode” as its default mode.

The top-bar offers links to profile-related pages, e.g. cart, profile settings, messages, tickets and orders.

The left-sidebar offers market-related links, e.g. FAQ, rules, vendor application, ASAP Market mirrors etc. Obviously the product-categories too are cuddled up just below the links on the left-sidebar.

And then the products are displayed on the screen-space that’s left. All in all, using ASAP Market doesn’t need you to be a rocket-scientist.

Available products

We’re sure you can guess the products ASAP Market sells if you’ve been on any other darknet market, or have done your research.

The product-stock is one of the most impressive we’ve seen in recent times, numerically speaking. It boasts over 7,000 listings as far as the first quarter of 2021 goes!

Here’s what the product-category sidebar looks like on ASAP Market.

If you look closely, you’d notice how the market extracted the products which are generally listed “inside” the “drugs” category and mentions them as individual  categories.

But, for easy understanding, let’s just say that it sells Drugs, Fraud-related items, Counterfeit items and Digital goods.

The  product-stock, combined with the different types of products being sold sure cater to almost everyone’s need, don’t they? (Hey, do read the disclaimer at the top before doing anything that may get you in trouble!)

Not available products

Back to the movies, no, you can’t buy nuclear weapons off ASAP Market, or most darknet markets. Those sure may be listed on some markets, however, ASAP Market isn’t one of those markets.

In fact, there’s a lot that’s not available on ASAP Market. The restricted products include:

  • Illegal porn (fortunately)
  • Weapons
  • Explosives
  • Poison
  • Human trafficking
  • Hitman services
  • Fentnayl
  • Lab viruses
  • Animal/human body parts
  • Animal/violent porn
  • And Western Union or Card transfers.

The list is sure a bit longer than most traditional lists, however, it’s more specific and is better both for the buyers as well as vendors.

Selling on ASAP Market

Alike most darknet markets, ASAP Market not only allows but encourages independent users to sell on the market.

That obviously isn’t free, however, it has its own unique flavour. The vendor-fee is set at 400 USD. On top of this, there’s an additional fee of 5% on each sale made by a vendor.

Remember the “unique flavour” mentioned above? It’s that the market allows for a negotiation in terms of the “fee per sale” for established vendors. They can request the fee to be anywhere between 2%-4% which is decided by the market, on a case to case basis.

Payment Cryptocurrencies

Being a darknet market, it’s pretty obvious that it’ll only accept Cryptocurrencies, isn’t it? However, which Cryptocurrencies exactly? That is the question, isn’t it?

Well, both Bitcoin and Monero can be used to make the payments. This is true both for buyer purchases, as well as for paying the vendor-fee.

Unfortunately, it’s not a wallet-less market.  As a result, there’s a minimum deposit requirement which is set at 0.0005BTC. For XMR, the smallest accepted deposit is 0.06 XMR.

But, then again, being centralized (with the wallet) it also supports withdrawals. There’s a minimum requirement with these as well, set at 0.0009BTC for Bitcoin.

The XMR withdrawal requirement is exactly the same as its deposit requirement, set at 0.06 XMR.

For the deposits, a minimum of 2 confirmations are required for Bitcoin while XMR requires 10 confirmations. Comparatively, that’s a very practical, traditional and expected requirement and hence is acceptable.


The market is pretty secure. For starters, it displays the “last login” date and time for each account. It helps verify that it was you who last had access to the account and that your account isn’t compromised.

More direct security features include a security PIN and 2-FA. The PIN is used to withdraw funds, the 2-FA on the other hand protects users against brute force attacks or password leaks.

Another “feature” (if we call it that) is the market’s aggressive auto-logout policy. After only a few minutes of inactivity, any and all tabs which have ASAP Market open are automatically logged out.

The market offers “DeadDrops” (explained in the next section) and it offers advanced security and anonymization for that as well. There’s a temporary “Authorization code” as well as  “secret phrase” that can be used for your DeadDrops.

All in all, the security features are enough to protect most users from most attacks. Can they be improved? Sure, but then again, that’s true for everything on the planet, isn’t it?

In-built DeadDrops

This is the most impressive aspect on this ASAP Market review. Primarily because it’s the only and first market we’ve seen offer the feature to begin with.

It provides market sponsored DeadDrops which can be used to buy and sell items in a more trustworthy, secure environment.

Do note that it’s an “external application” and requires JavaScript. This may to some extent compromise your privacy (especially if you aren’t using a good VPN).

ASAP Market pros and cons

Before we wrap this ASAP Market review up, let’s recap what we discussed so far?


  • Multi currency
  • DeadDrops
  • Impressive product-stock
  • Negotiable vendor-commission.


  • Not wallet-less.

ASAP Market review – Final verdict

Finally, what do we think of the market? Talking purely in terms of “quantity of products”, it’s just unbeatable. Most new (and even older) markets offer lower or just equal no. of products.

We’re neutral as far as the UI goes. The security features as mentioned earlier don’t leave much to be desired.

The payments are easy with BTC and XMR, even the minimum requirements are pretty affordable.

In a nutshell, we’d conclude this ASAP Market review saying that the market has a lot of things going for it and very few against. Totally worth a try.