Anonymix Review – Is It Legit or Scam

Is Anonymix one of the best Bitcoin mixers? That’s what we’ll look at in this Anonymix review. Every feature and aspect that the company is made up of will be discussed in the most detailed manner.

Although you’re under no obligation to go with the company. That shall completely be your own decision. Our only goal here is to get you the most transparent and informative Anonymix review possible.

Sneak-Peek: Anonymix has a couple “additional features”, features which aren’t common even to the best Bitcoin mixers. Those are actually what appealed to us in the first place, before we actually used the company.

Anonymix at a glance

Here’s an outline of the company, if you like what you see scroll down for the complete Anonymix review package:

  • Tor URL: anonymixtnq67qer.onion
  • Website:
  • Registrations: Not required.
  • Minimum confirmation: 1
  • Minimum amount: 0.002 BTC.
  • Maximum amount: 120.00 BTC
  • No logs policy: Yes
  • Letter of Guarantee: No
  • Free Bitcoins: Yes

Does Anonymix need registrations?

No, it doesn’t. Anonymix is a non-registration requiring Bitcoin mixer. As the name suggests, Anonymity seems to be its priority and hence the no-registration model.

The only requirement to start mixing funds is the URL of the company. It’s accessible both on the Clearnet as well as on the Tor network further enhancing the users’ anonymity.

Is Anonymix user-interface easy?

That would depend on what’s your definition of “easy”. All we can do is get you a sneak-peek into the mixer’s UI and let you decide the level of ease for yourselves.

So this is what the mixer’s primary mixing interface looks like:

In my personal opinion, the text could probably use a more stark, darker colour. But apart from that, it’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

There’s the “Add address” box which is meant for the output addresses where the user wishes to receive his/her funds. To its left is the delay-selector, and finally the “Begin mix” button.

The interface remains the same even if more addresses are added to the mix. So all in all, I’d say there’s not a lot you’d be confused with.

What is the total number of output addresses possible with Anonymix?

If you’re asking this, you probably have already used some kind of best Bitcoin mixer previously. On the off chance that you haven’t, Additional Addresses are a layer of anonymity that mixers provide.

So instead of sending all your clean/new coins to one address, the mixers send it to multiple addresses. This has more than one benefits.

  • First, any third-parties will now have to link your deposit to not one, but many different addresses if they wish to snoop.
  • Then, because of the additional addresses the total amount in any one address varies greatly from your total unclean deposit. So even if the deposit and output are theoretically linked, it’ll be much harder to prove the connection.

Anonymix supports a total of 3 output addresses. This essentially means the whatever you total amount is, it can be fragmented in 3 pieces and then sent to you.

Note that this number was considerably higher a couple months back and the mixer allowed 10 addresses. But now it has been trimmed down to just 3.

Does Anonymix support multiple deposits?

This is one of those rare features we mentioned in the introductory section of this Anonymix review.

Anonymix is one of those few mixers which do support multiple deposits. Meaning, you can use more than one addresses to deposit funds in more than a single-go to the mixer.

So alike additional output addresses, this too helps a user’s anonymity. The total amount you’re be sending would vary from the amount sent using any one address.

Hence, the link between smaller fragments of unclean coins, and completely unmatched clean coins is not very obvious.

What is the Anonymix fee? Is it user-controlled?

Anonymix charges a standard 0.3% on all transactions. Comparatively the fee is neither super cheap, nor ridiculously steep.

0.2%-1% is the standard industry fee anyway. The lack of fee-control however is what didn’t sit right with me.

Generally, the other best Bitcoin Tumblers do allow users to set a custom-fee of their own accord. In those cases, a minimum and maximum amount is pre-specified, however the exact fee is user-controlled.

But not with Anonymix. The fee is pre-specified and can’t be changed on Anonymix.  This further hurts anonymity, as a fixed-fee is more of a pattern on the Blockchain than a user-set fee which would vary for each individual.

Each additional address on Anonymix is charged at a 0.0001 BTC fee/address. This is one of the lowest fee we’ve seen till date.

*Note: If you need a “technically free” mixer, you should take a peek at our Bitcoin Laundry review.

Does Anonymix store logs?

Probably the most important question on this entire Anonymix review, isn’t it? Well fortunately no, Anonymix doesn’t store logs.

No logs pertaining to your unclean coins, deposit address, output address, delays or anything else is stored permanently.

These logs are only stored by default for up to 7 days in order to provide support with the mix. However, users are provided with the ability to delete logs manually at any time prior to this 7-day period as well.

So it essentially means, the no logs policy is user-controlled. You can delete your logs as soon as a mix is successful.

What are the Time-Delay options with Anonymix? Are they user-controlled?

Time-Delays, alike additional addresses aid in increasing the anonymity of the mixes. We weren’t super happy with the delays offered by Anonymix, but they seem acceptable.

It earlier offered 7 different time-delays. Although for some reason unknown to us, the number has been significantly reduced and as of now, Anonymix offers (just) 3 time-delays:

  • 1 Hour
  • 3 Hours
  • 5 Hours.

There is a “Quick Mix” option as well. It’s the parallel of “no-delay”. Meaning if this is selected, the funds are sent out as soon as the minimum required confirmations are met.

What pinched us was the fact that users can’t manually set a delay. They can just “choose” from one of the available 3 delays. So you can’t set a delay other than the available options.

Although on the brighter side, it does allow time-delays to be set individually for every single output address. This is a desirable feature. Users get complete control over the delay for each address.

What are the fund-distribution options with Anonymix? Are they user-controlled?

The fund-distribution is as good as it gets. There are no pre-specified brackets. Users manually set the exact % (percentage) of funds each address ought to receive.

Moreover, this can be done for every single address individually. So yes it’s completely user-controlled.

As long as the total % entered equals 100%, the mixer doesn’t mind what brackets you’ve used for the distribution.

What is the lowest and highest mix possible?

Currently, the lowest mix-amount possible is 0.002 BTC. The maximum amount is pretty accommodating as well, set at 120 BTC currently.

Although note that these values keep changing on a number of factors, such as the mixer’s Bitcoin reserves.

However, the limits are always displayed on the deposit page and should be confirmed before making a deposit.

What is the minimum number of required confirmations?

Anonymix isn’t a very “demanding” mixer. It requires just 1 confirmation for the deposit to be considered successful. Comparatively, this is the lowest number of required confirmations we’ve seen with any of those other best Bitcoin mixers.

If you go through our Smartmix review, you’d notice it requires more.

Does Anonymix provide a “Letter of Guarentee”?

No, it doesn’t. But it does provide a “Certificate of Origin”. And it shouldn’t be confused with “Letter of Guarantee”.

The Certificate of Origin proves that the coins you receive are sent to you from Anonymix. So it comes in handy after you’ve received your clean coins.

The Letter of Guarantee on the other hand if provided, could be used to prove that you sent funds to a deposit address indeed controlled by Anonymix, but it doesn’t.

What is Anonymix free BTC raffle?

It’s an unique and exclusive feature with Anonymix. Every 100th mixer (user) to use the platform receives a 10% bonus on their mix-amounts.

There’s no public list or chart displaying the “number of mixers” obviously, rather this reward is sent out internally. It’s nothing that you can intentionally use to your benefit.

But using the platform sure guarantees that more frequent users have a higher chance of winning.

Conclusion – Anonymix Review

So is Anonymix a good mixer? Good, yes. The best? Maybe not, yet. Good because the minimum requirements are low, it maintains a strict no logs policy and allows multiple deposits.

Not the best because the number of time-delays and additional addresses isn’t impressive.

We’d love to hear what you think of it. Do use the comments-section of this Anonymix review to drop your two cents of the mixer? Or just share your experiences (if any) with Anonymix or even any other mixers.